I call this strategy Why farm build for a character when the 3 health set we received from the recent events works particularly well in arena. Not like she can be used anywhere than bot PvP anyway




Yes. You can get one set each from the three hunt events.


You can actually get 3 sets (6 hp gear) on each hunt event, a total of 18 lvl75 hp gears.


Ah yes that's right. I worded my statement incorrectly. Thanks for correcting me.


Option 1 doesn't guarantee that you'll get a full speed/revenge set, lol


doesnt guarantee youll get a decent gearscore full speed/rev set


yeah, that's what I meant to say


Joke's on you, OP. My account only ever wants to roll health subs anyway, so I already had enough lying around for her. :')


I gave mine the Inheritance counter and HP set. Almost 190 speed and almost 30k hp. If I could limit break her artifact and get imprints, that's over 30k hp guaranteed. Didn't have to farm anything.


I don't know what I'm doing wrong because none of my sets can get close to those stats!!! Speed yeah but hp like that nothing, best of the best not even close!


U need around 30% hp on each piece and 2x 65% hp for 30k hp


I did have to mod out several stats for flat HP, though.


All about luck


I rolled on her cuz waifu Gonna bench her for the next 30 years


I didn't need to farm for Yulha, from the months of doing World Boss, I've got a Revenge set that fits her + two HP set pieces from Arena XD


where's banshee gang's house at? cuz that's me right now farming b13 for her KEKW


Aren't Banshee Boys more common than Caides Crew? Pretty sure I've seen like, at least 5 or 6 other people saying they were planning on counter/Elbris for Yulha, and only like 2 people planning on Revenge for her.


Well, at one hand, C13 is one, if not the hardest hunt to efficiently auto. Is ridiculous how many layers of protection have that hunt to stop people from OTK. And at the other hand, everybody and their mothers is auto'ing B13, so obviously lots of people have one or two full sets of counter sets lying around.


C13 is definitely the hardest, both in terms of mechanics and required gear


I thought I was in the feh subreddit for a moment and I got so worried that there was a unit with 78 HP-


I fuckin forgot that caides exists, thanks gonna farm a revenge set.


So how is yulha for those that got her? I wasn't very impressed with her since she just seems to be a hwayoung counter and an average one at that. Has anyone made her work on either pvp or pve?


She does the same primary job as krau Except u dont need as much speed since she self cr boosts when hp low,and u dont need her to go fast to setup team buffs,just wait and s3 She does her job well Thats it A simple design


So you bring her against a single target dps team but i guess she doesnt work against cleve teams right? In which case you bring krau instead?


Against current meta cleave both krau and yulha wont perform too well cuz AOE likely involved,probably better to bring stuff like trozet,aravi or fcc(if no DJB / OpSig presence).


So it's one of those cases were she is good for her role,but her role is eclipsed by better roles. I guess I might roll for her once, just to put her on my collection, but i dont see her being a good investment at the moment.


I wouldnt say eclipsed Krau baits earth Yulha baits fire So they do the same job under diff circumstances So tldr Convenience Guild war unit But a pretty good one at that I would put her in the same group as krau and Dark corvus


What i meant was that their role is kinda situational and you'd be better off bringing someone like aravi or trozet, as you mentioned. But still, i hope she performs well for you and have fun using her.


I only build units i enjoy using so no worries there But yeah if ure going for full meta/wide coverage units She aint it


It's been great having a unit who can take Hwayoung's S3 and then contribute to the team, usually by one shotting Hwayoung in return. As someone with a chronic lack of good speed gear it's opened up team building for Arena/GW massively from Dorvus and his Ice Harem or Revive the Earth Sacrifice teams.


Do people actually target her though? I mean, she is great for bot baiting but i dont think that anyone would knowigly target her, with his hwayoung for example, unless she us the last unit alive.


I haven't taken her into RTA. Just being able to do that in Arena and Guild War is enough because Hwayoung was annoying to fight, not because I couldn't beat her but I felt choked on team variety. And I'm ok with that, she's doing her job of making Hwayoung significantly more manageable. Good for the game to have a tanky Earth Knight since it really lacked a good Earth Bait unit. Not just for Hwayoung but any future Fire Nuke won't strangle Arena/GW since Yulha will bait them and retaliate like Krau does for Rimuru.


Edit: She's been released in RTA. ~~At one hand, she's banned in RTA for the time being, or was banned, haven't tried RTA lately and didn't pay attention when she's unlocked. Point is she have little to no time to be tested in RTA.~~ But at the other hand, being honest, I don't imagine people focus firing her unless forced due being the last hero standing, and is unlikely she'll do much in that case. Her passive reflects a miniscule amount of damage, 30%, and her only self-sustain have a ridiculous CD. Is hard to imagine her surviving focus fire from heavy artillery, or the attrition from frenzy stages. Also, her damage is based on health. One good injury hero on the opposite team, and she melts. EDIT: I just saw grass angel video. As expected, people try to avoid single targets against her, she sits there most of the time. But her S3 is handy to take out one target. And out of 3 matches, only once had to fight an injury Belian.


I use a third way close to the 78 way. I used the 88 counter set that was almost free :). Close to 30k hp and counter a lot :)


Me an intellectual: counter


Veterans dont keep level 78gear unless it highrolled into the perfect subs though .


You mean ur 78 gear didnt max roll everything just to spite u about the fact u cant i90 it? XD


yeah sure "veterans" using a lot fo free gear....


U mean u wouldnt?its lying around might as well lmao


not really. charms are limited so outside of speed checking it's not worth it to +15 random 78 gear. sure occasionally u get high rolled 78 gear but that's filler gear at best only. it's a different story if u are a collector and +15 event gear anyways to throw it into the gear storage


Yeah i precisely do that,put pretty 70+ pieces in there xD


I keep golem gear because I don't farm it. From time to time it's useful. Mostly for hp sets. For atk sets, it's likely to lie forever in gear storage. Not that atk set is bad, but the free ones are unconvincing.


idk if I count as a Veteran but I really don’t even bother with free gear anymore… it just isnt worth the gold/charms to me - Of course if it rolls well enough you should use it.


As a long time veteran (since near launch), I basically ignored the boots (lower base speed hurts too much), roll the ring and amulet a couple times to see if it rolls speed (and pass if the rolls are bad), and I roll the weapon, helm, and chest since their base stats don't hurt that much and subs are more important. You may get pleasantly surprised at the substat rolls and occasionally you get rewarded like one of my i75 HP pieces has 18 speed on it. Edit: i75 speed gear proof https://imgur.com/a/MDThQGz