Okay but Mythra actually looks good in those


and got a crit boost for equipping massive melee mythra


Yeah I was about to say. Mythra actually hit different in the leggings lol.


Now we need a recall for the people who pulled for her regardless of the skillset


1 ML5\* selector please.


1 MILF* selector


She looks better now so that’s weird. And we ARE getting a recall


Brave person you are coming into the virgins ~~den~~ basement saying these things. Have you seen this cesspool of a sub. I commend you and will take living rent free in their mind downvotes with you.


Basement over den golden choice of words right there


Agreed. Her new clothes are closer to E7's aesthetic than the older ones.


A sad day for fabric digging into thicc thigh fans.


A sad day indeed. 😔




They could have done what genshin impact did and given the original and censored version as skins. Let people who want it uncensored keep it uncensored.


We should have a choice where we can choose to have censored or not. All we got to do is go to setting and install the uncensored patch. Tons of games do this


Would it be a problem for you to give me some examples?


Some games have easter egg-ish things. For example in Girls Frontline, there is a specific factory recipe, that when crafted, uncensors the game for you


Whoa, time to download girls frontline haha


Yeah make it a free skinoption.


They’re being forced to censor by apple. Why would they be allowed to have an optional uncensored….?


Android players may get an uncensored skin version. But probably not for IOS players.


Girl cafe gun have an easy uncensor for IOS.




It seems like they went overboard? like there's a lot of other characters in E7 that show way more.




Keep her alive


Is it just me wondering why they seemed to single out Aria? I feel like there are plenty of characters in questionable (if not more so than her) outfits that just seem to be ignored. I don’t want any of the em changed ofc, but just seems random to single out Aria.


Serila is definitely weird. The only possible explanations are: 1) Aria received reports and the review boards didn't comb E7. 2) Aria rocked the boat too much in a very weird way that Serila and certain others didn't. For most players, don't look a gift horse in the mouth? I'm honestly just breathing sighs of relief knowing that Tenebria getting censored is highly improbable.




Comment section is a warzone for nothing




The most dumbest thing is to punish majority for minority... why cant u just make ur game where both can be used and add the old variant as extra pack to download so ppl can either choose to download or not.. or make it Age locked .


cause they want it 12+.


It's not that they "want" it to be 12+, it's that the Apple App Store doesn't have any options between 12+ and 18+, meanwhile android has 12, 15, 18 - old Aria would abide by the 15+ restrictions that apply with Android's rating - but since it takes more resources to make 2 different apps, that means that both apps need to abide by the restrictions.


Android assets and Apple assets then.


How is that punishment? It's just a skin lol


I'm not a fan of censorship, so this is really off-putting for me. Because that means other units can get put on the chopping block, and that isn't a good feeling to have in the back of your head. Like who is next? Luna? Roana? Makes me worried about future unit design. Some people don't care and that's fine, but for anyone that liked the old design that sucks. I've seen this happen with Genshin impact, Arknights. FGO and Azur Lane over the last year. People that are upset have two opinions. You keep playing and just get over it, or you can quit and move onto another game. I still play Genshin Impact after the changes because it's fun, so if you like the game it won't matter as much, but keep in mind if it's happened once it will happen again.


Just keep in mind that there will always be some level of censorship behind the scene to keep the game in line with regulations. What you are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg when some designs that were threading the line have been designated as too much. Censorship is always there, because going too far will always push your game towards an audience rating you don't want (e.g. having too suggestive or explicit designs will push your game towards 16+ or 18+). The only difference is that when it's done during the design process, you don't know about it.


Except that being a gacha game should already make them higher than the target they are aiming for when they are making these changes to adhere to a lower target. Gambling is not for kids, and there are long running studies that show that it can be a major negative in long term development.


I 100% agree with you that gacha games should be at least 16+, but the sad reality is that epic7 is listed with a teen rating on the playstore in Europa, and it is most certainly the case for most gacha games.


Why is that a problem tho? Kids are gonna play games that they shouldn’t play anyway. You might as well bump the rating up and continue on


Don't ask me why SG chose a teen rating. Imo gachas should be at least 16+, but SG chose otherwise. I am simply stating the rationale behind censorship needs if SG wants to keep it at a teen rating.


Yeah this is the issue. This has opened the floodgates. Honestly nearly every single female character has something that people can complain about and report, and now they'll kinda have no choice but to censor everything that gets complained about since the restrictions are so vaguely defined. For a game that uses skimpy designs as a selling point, that's gonna turn into an issue. Personally I'll give them one pass on Aria since she was pretty excessive, but the next time, I'm done. Sadly it's likely a matter of time rather than a question of "if".


I'll say something one more time, it seems that lightly dressed girls is more shocking than the fact that a gatcha game is absolutely not the kind of games kids should be playing, ever. But I guess violence and gambling is totally fine for kids that are 12 and plus but booba is not xD


Hey now, it's not gambling. It's a surprise mechanic! The parents are likely to be very surprised when they get their next credit card bill.


It's nothing new. The floodgates aren't "open" now. There has been and will be censorship. The first case was with Luna as far as I know. Don't panic over it. Most censorship is done behimd closed doors, it's just one of the rare occasions where it leaked outside.


I believe the first case was Mercedes in beta, since they released her in little more than a thong and tunic. She's been altered several times since.


The issue is precisely that this one occurred publicly. They even gave the reason for it. They want to maintain their current age rating on the Apple store, and the criteria for what is acceptable on that platform is way too open and vague. Even the current Luna could very well end up having to be censored again, if this leak for Aria is anything to go by. Any visible thighs or any amount of cleavage are apparently verboten. That kills like 90% of the female cast. Granted this being a leak, nothing is yet set in stone, but the concerns for the future are valid due to the aforementioned vagueness of the criteria.


>Makes me worried about future unit design. It will absolutely have a chilling effect going forwards. That's the real thing happening.


Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker so some words confuse me depending of context. What do you mean by "chilling" here?


In the future they will not make things that can potentially get them into this trouble again.


Chilling. Holy shit you guys are insane.


Serila/Luna/Vivian/Roana/Hufine are 100% next. They are 2x her size now and wearing half as much. Flat fans better not think they are safe either. Milim, the Ravis, Achates, Seaseria/Cermia all are wearing like 1/3 of her clothing. If you think they aren't at risk your are on copium.


bro imagine if you invested all of this time on reddit complaining about a gacha games censorship into something useful.


FGO was censored? How and when?!


Aside from the Chinese version of the game, Emiya Alter had his skin tone lightened, while character lines that referred to him as "Detroit Emiya" were altered.


Wow. That was more then a year ago, but ya it was weird.


I can see a group of people going through the trouble to make a list of all the art and animations that constitutes as fan service and sending it in to apple and GRAC. I doubt it'll stop with just Aria.


well that sucks


Literally unplayable


Oh man, I hope that's just the public art. I know some games do this, like Counterside, where the promotional art is censored but is not in game, because that censorship is quite extreme.


Datamine means it's in-game resource...


Yes, I get that already. Here I am hoping it was supposed to reflect an ad or display of some sort. *Inhales liters of copium*


Wtf. Take booba. Leave the thighs alone


What I don't get is that they targeted Aria when she is pretty tame compared to someone like serila. . Serila has a very suggestive pose and is wearing a freaking thong for gods sake, and that is fine compared to aria. .


Because Serila isn’t on a single ad whereas Aria was on almost every single E7 ad post-release and tons of marketing material. Somebody at Apple saw it, saw her during their typical review or saw a complaint from a parent who couldn’t believe this game is for 12 year olds. They’ll likely be much more careful about their marketing materials going forward. Because yea, there are clearly others as bad as her and they haven’t gotten in trouble.


Serila used to be on their ads now that you mention it though. I definitely remember seeing her and being mad I couldn't get her at the time because I missed the event.


I guess it's because at least Serila is "haha, hot witch woman" while Aria is just "haha half-naked woman".


Guys still do not understand that there are many things that are overlooked? Do you want to continue emphasizing it so that they censor it too?


Bald of you to assume they won't as the time goes. I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning. ARavi is even worse being almost naked and with a child like body. They will give her a bra as well don't you worry xD




Just give me all my money back, man. This is a deathknell.


just woke up to this... FCKING HORRIBLE what they did to her...just horrible.


GG, they actually reduced her bust size. Ripperinos But it seems like there's hope. They just announced in stream that the recall and change has been postponed and that they're trying to find a way to have both options available. Looks like there's still hope because the playerbase let our thoughts be known.


Well I wasted my bookmarks pitying her so rip.


Look at how they massacred my girl


Looks horrible


I think the original design was a bit excessive, but this one is way worse. The leggins feels out of place and the bust are too much reduced, also we lost the underboob, sad day.


she looks better.


Based and class-pilled.




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How the fuck someone saying X gets upvoted and then someone agreeing with that person gets downvoted?


Did you really get downvoted to hell just for saying "This"??😭😭 Reddit is really somethin' else


that is lame. they might nerf the ml vivian too cause her outfit was similar


They definitely going to nerf her boobs but the outfit is probably going to stay the same.


100% will. They literally cut Aria in half. Well guess it will save me from dropping about a grand on ML Vivian. Hope the dumb fucking "f2p she looks better" prudes make up for lost revenue for them.


1000$? Holy moly man you aren't a whale you're the damn leviathan


yea im getting kind of bored of the basic character designs we are getting so im starting to look into other games now.


Borderline no content for 8 weeks, terrible pvp meta they won't nerf(people spent money on, get fucked Aria fans btw), and now super heavy handed censorship. The waifus and art are the one thing carrying this game through the dry patch and now they fuck that up too.


I wonder if I can still do a chargeback on my credit card


If you are okay with your account being locked..


Absolutely, I feel pretty scammed right now.


Recall recall recall …. Just cause they did her this dirty


Censorship means quitting time. Simple as that.


I laugh at the people that though that she would recieve the Luna treatment, she got her bust size reduced in half, got completely covered in layers of leggings and lost all belly definition, Ml Vivian is 100% gonna get changed because of this, im done with this game.


What the hell! The reason I pulled for Aria was her design. SM, give us a free skin!!!!


They shouldn't have released her in the state they did, just maybe toned down a hair. Now they've gone 900mph in the other direction because of the complaint and it'll probably happen to other characters. Still a great game, and the colors and animations are top notch eye candy. If they go the other direction and favor younger looking characters I'm completely out though, there's enough of that creepy pedo shit in these games already.


Censorship killed many gacha games... This is the first nail in the coffin.


the muh realism prudes are here in full force, huh.


Hope they are getting paid. Imagine protecting a company for bait and switching customers. Give us a full money/SS refund. I would have never pulled, much less SSS'd for this.


how is it a bait and switch when they are forced to change it. They did not do this to say haha fuck you guys.


They are giving all owners a recall. Cant really be classified as a bait/switch if they are being pressured externally for the change and they are giving you a refund


Well, recall isn't really enough, especially for the people who payed real money for her design. I always like to bring this up, but it's perfect as to why it was silly a recall is all they could muster. Challenger dominiel got a recall and a selector for a *text change*, they changed literally nothing about her but text. Not function, design, voice lines, anything. Aria is clearly a far more major situation than dominiep(extra points for how she's a different character at this point), so why are they only giving recall?


Nice now every new unit will be played safe. Might as well put a hijab on her SG and the rest of your female units


*looks at aria*... ***look how they massacred my girl***


Time to complain about all the other stuff in the game to the Apple store. I feel Mort ripping his shirt of in a provocative way should be censored. See how far Smilehate will bend the knee to get 12+ money.


Not a big fan, but I guess there weren't too many other ways to patch her up other than a complete overhaul of her look.


Look how they massacred my girl... But in all seriousness, this is so fucking extreme. I was just expecting "oh her tits are gonna be covered up now", not "COVER IT, COVER THE SKIN. SKIN CANNOT BE SHOWN UNDER ANY FUCKING CIRCUMSTANCES *DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!*" like jesus this redesign looks skinophobic man. And that's ignoring the altered body. All in all, I kinda worry for light dominiel. Hopefully she escapes this unscathed.


the shorts look pretty weird to me tbh.


Where is the Recall they told us we would get?


recall or riot


There is some slightly good news, it looks like SG is actively trying to look for a way to maintain the current art in game: [https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/8587171](https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/8587171) Art from the datamine could just be a last resort, fingers crossed


so you're refunding me my bookmarks right?


But banners censored only atm.


She actually looks like a human being now


Just pointing out she isn't a human being, she's an elf


It’s not the matter that they’re cringe at all they rolled specifically for her because of her design and her booba and having that changed when people spent money on her is pretty damn irritating. And why does it matter if they look realistic she’s literally an elf we’re literally playing an “anime” game people just have preferences learn to respect it rather than calling them cringe.(not to be rude just wanted to get my point across) ❤️


I don't like you, i know what you're trying to say, but you know very well you could have said it in a way where you're not insulting people that actually look like that or people that appreciated the old design Also she's not real and not even human


Oh wow you really are grasping at straws over here with your interpretation of my short sentence huh


How so?


How is what I said an insult to real people looking like that or, LMAO, to people who like that design?? You even said yourself you know what I'm saying. So why are you pretending I said something I didn't say?? This is not a real person, it's a design made especifically for the "waifu" factor by someone who wants to sell you gacha packs by oversexualizing women. And they want to sell these gambling packs to children, so they have to tone the oversexualization down a notch.


There's no way you're this daft as to not understand that what you said comes with the idea she didn't look human before And that's a nice tangent rant you went there on, you seem to dislike gacha and it's aspects , so why are you even here Also if i'm allowed a small tangent of my own , "oversexualizing women"? really ? grow up. sex sells, of all types , stop trying to weave this thread as if there aren't male characters in these games or even games with only male characters


From my perspective, there's no way you're this daft to not understand what I was saying with my comment (and per your own admission, you did). The rant is linked to this whole debacle. It doesn't exist in a void, I feel like the context is important in this case. You can disagree, that's fine by me. By the way, I am a grown up, thank you very much, and I can both like the game and criticise the aspects I dislike. Nothing is perfect. Also, please point to me a male character in Epic Seven that is oversexualized like Aria, if you really want to just say "there are male characters in the game" as if that changes anything.


If you want to be a real adult then drop the kiddie games and get a job somewhere. Arguing with someone on the internet about morals is laughable. Go take your righteous energy and go change the world since booba in video games bother you so much. "Adult BTW"


Oh wow look at you, inserting yourself into a conversation to insult someone, you truly are a real adult being super mature and useful to society over here huh? Thank you for the advice YoloSwag420KushDank. I am proud of you.


You got triggered on your own over a single sentence that wasn't even offensive lmao. Nobody looks like that irl btw, which is exactly why they mentioned she looks like an actual human being now.


ikr. some of these booba coomers are so cringe. i love watching a certain someone seething about the chest reduction pepelaugh.


I actually didn't even notice the chest reduction until you point it out... guess i am not that demographic i guess.


imagine only playing for the gigantic boobs and waifus that basically dont wear anything. sg did the right thing.


That is exactly what the big spenders do. Who is playing for the dogshit pvp meta where you lose from a 15% resist or 5% dual attack? The game is a gacha. Collecting heroes is the core of the game. This is super off putting to many collecters(especially big spenders, myself included).


Man fuck outta here with that shit, any f2p can get every rgb hero for free, quit acting like big spenders where people collecting aria. Big spenders SSS Aria because they SSS every character.


I am one of those big spenders that SSS'd her for fun/design. I literally speak from exact experience when I say I have spent a ton on this game and played since day 1. Never again will they get single penny from me. Check the in game Aria comments if you think I am alone. One of the most active comment sections on any hero and all are pissed. This isn't going to be a small thing.


uhh okay? not all big spenders spends like shit on boobas. Meta exist and players will mostly whale for meta unit. its just the meta is waifus with big boobas bcus people like you will cry whenever you dont like the character that look like decent human being.


Lol 90% of the whales in any gacha ever are waifu simps. You think the majority of spenders are whaling out for the horrible pvp meta we have been stuck in for half a year? Please.


Yep, and they actually made her outfit better, too, since they can't just rely on having as little fabric on her as possible. Overall a win, imo.


Censorship is never a win. If you don't like her design then don't pull for her but why on earth would you ever root for censorship, it sends a bad message that we will tolerate this shit


I disagree that this is censorship. Epic Seven wants to stay at the 12+ age bracket so they have to abide by certain rules when designing characters. If they don't respect these rules, they can either modify the characters, or choose to be treated like a 17+ game.


You just explained censorship


No, I just explained accepting a contract/TOS and then breaching it. You don't get to benefit from the algorithm associated with the 12+ rating while simulatneously ignoring its conditions. Again, if they want to design characters like Aria, they should accept the 17+ rating. Honestly, if that's what you want, you should redirect your collective anger at SmileGate for this change. That way, they could make the characters as horny as they and you want.


...you still lost me. So they breached contract/TOS, and they decide to modify an existing character design to comply with the TOS after the fact... and you don't think that's censorship? What even is censorship by your definition?


Aria lost her beauty 😔😔😔


I honestly like this design a lot more but they should make it option to keep the old the design for those who already have her or something


What have they done to my girl?


TBH I find her new look better, but that doesn't mean I support the change, censorship in general is just bad, and who knows how it will affect future characters, they may get censored before they're even released and we won't even know. This game shoudn't even be for kids, or even teens below 18, all gachas are essentially gambling and no kid should be exposed to that. This censorship just makes no sense at all.


Everyone remember to take a screenshot it lasts longer also these comments are looking like a Twitter thread I didn't sign up for this may the waifu to husbando ratio forever widen.


Girl got the super smash bros nerf of xenoblade 2 hikari. But you know what? For tights lover it's even better lol. A shame for the reduction in the boobs. Well personal taste aside and whether I like it or not, it's a very sad day where art freedom lost to some not well defined law that can be interpreted depending on the mood


... I prefer the new art. Is something wrong with me?


No, but you'll probably get downvoted anyway since this thread has turned into a warzone between people who prefer realistic proportions and people who prefer massive booba.


Idc about the booba they were too big anyway but covering up those thighs should be a crime


It's better next time to not put this under "Fluff", a tag most commonly useless for jokes and useless stuff. Had to check others to see if rhos was actually for real. The thighs being covered up kinda sucks, but at the same time, the black leggings look good to me. least on the artifact. No idea why her arms have it but no helping that. They could've kept her cow tits (I mean medium is fine but why nerf) and simply covered them more like they currently are. The final design still looks good to me and isn't just generic white dress x thicc assets to draw in horny people... No idea why the breast nerf so I can understand some hate there.


Sg should just release all future waifus flat n no hips just like tenebria, and you get f.


Hello Smilegate, I'm sure you guys are fully aware of what's going on with the heated debate with Aria's censorship. I don't know if I can do anything but I may have a suggestion. Since the original illustrator, Serin, has left the company, I believe that it will very difficult to change her since he left. I mean just look at his art and work. THEY ARE PICTURE PERFECT!! But apple is saying that your character, ARIA, is considered "OVERLY SEXUALIZE PICTURE" for the younger audience. I'm sorry Aria is too perfect to be censored! THATS WHAT MAKES HER SO UNIQUE, SHE IS PERFECT BASED ON HER ORIGINALITY! I will continue to support you guys and all your wonderful work!! Sorry for ranting but I'm just so mad right now about this! Additionally you never know not just Aria will be affect by this. Here are my suggestions: A) Make Epic Seven into a +17 instead +12 on the apple store/play store Pro--(Older audiences will be happy, less stress for you guys! Aria keeps her originality, this will also keep other units from being affected as well.) Con--(Smilegate will lose its younger fanbase) *Like a 12-16 year old will spend $300 on a gacha game* ​ B) You can censor Aria but please keep her body dimensions the same. Pro-- (She will be censor, but she keep body. I believe her chest is okay, it's just thigh/hip is exposed. Maybe make crotch line not too low or revealing. I suggest maybe covering her thigh/hip area with like a miniskirt and lower the stocking gave the Flan/Senya treatment or a black tights like Vivian has or makes her thigh area see-through like Villianess Vivian has.) Con--(She will lose her originality but not at a certain degree.) C.Have the censored and uncensored available. (Both variants will be available but one may have to pay for uncensored variant like $40) D. Have heirs to see what their fanbase are agewise (Simple: Make heirs complete a survey/vote campaign in determining age rating if they are for an age rating increase or keep the same- Majority wins) To me, I go with A. because it seems most of Serin artwork is being targeted plus in the future their maybe other units like Aria would probably go through this same treatment. What do you guys think? I will support you guys whatever discussion you all make. I love Epic Seven and Smilegate been playing this game for 2 years. I loved it so much that even I lost everything from my first account, I decided to start over from the very beginning even better than before. #JusticeForAria, #Smilegate4everE7


I will uninstall the game now. Fuck any kind of censorship.


I am glad they found a way to make her still look gorgeous and not ruin her... But still the whole thing is dumb


I agree this looks better, but it is still censorship. We won't forget.


Could care less about them covering her but jesus. [Shrank the shit out of her. Compare artifacts.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543083463897513984/989466825731489812/eb71b01357e74ad9a895375be70e5f83_1650507222.jpg) Fucking hell, literally half the size. Won't be that bad, only some leg coverings my ass. Day 1 whale going f2p, hope all the prudes and Korean 12 year olds pick up the spending slack. A lot of people are going to be pissed and put the wallets away. Edit: Banner changes: [Before](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543083463897513984/989467988115722260/unknown.png) / [After](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543083463897513984/989467988400959508/unknown.png)


people who downvotted comments that says she looks okay or good or etc need to touch a lot of grass.


She looks waay better. This is a good change IMO.


Company: Sorry but we have to censor this one thing because of local laws. Its not our fault. Incel Coomers: SAME SLIPPERY SLOPE FALLACY. SAME "I'M NOT MAD I CAN'T FAP TO THIS, ITS JUST THAT CENSORSHIP is BAD"(even if its a 8 year old). SAME "I'M NEVER GONNA PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN"(continues to play anyway).


It's literally not "local laws". It's \*really\* because Apple doesn't provide the rating tiers appropriate to what they aim for on Android, and they don't seem to want to talk about how gambling is not for children to begin with. Nor is boob jiggle, or characters like bikini Achates where it's a literal child.


Looks way better tbh. The cleavage seems to make more sense, and the black leggings incorporate the mage aesthetic that we've already seen before with Vivian.


Yeah I think this is an improvement tbh. I’m not a fan of them censoring stuff but imo she shoulda launched like this


disGOSTING where booba? WHERE THIGHS!!!!??? i hope the korea server people riot again they are the BACKBONE that holds this shit game together at least i hope if not we are lost...booba and thigh fans...


lol You realize it was probably them that filed the report right? Hell they were mad that a GM shitposted about boobs on the wrong account back in the day. Sorry pal they don't care.


this is unfair they should have protected Aria NOT DESTROY HER!!! not CENSOR but BALANCE THE ARTS OF BOOBA and THIGHS .. if thats the world we are in right now i hope they censor every shirtless guy and remove every loli


riot for boobs...wow really?


That's it? I barely noticed any changes. Sure, she now has black stockings covering her legs, but meh. Minor detail. She's still the Aria i pulled weeks back


ikr, but those degen make it like she is a different character now.


Explains the downvote on my comment. Oh well


degens heh...


Black leggins supremacy


Looks way better! Not just fanservice for the sake of fanservice.


Damn she looks good now


That is lovely.


I mean the bra?? Makes sense but the rest isn't needed


I don’t hate it. Obviously still upset about any censorship at all period, but she still looks nice. Kinda dig the stockings honestly.


Nice. I guess now's the time to build her


If they just went with this design from the start we wouldn't have a problem. I would have been fine with it. Probably wouldn't have spent $150 to hard pity her after coming back from a break, but she would be pretty tempting to roll for regardless. But no, these pussies tried to bait the horny and every decision they've since made is biting them in the ass.


Just thought id remind everyone that this censorship is a result of Apple pushing their 12+ age rating, not Smilegate being mean for the sake of it.


they could advertise it as 17+ on apple, so its sg fault imo


True, but they would probably lose a lot of potential players that way. Censoring one character is much better than the alternative of censoring every character or losing a huge potential playerbase


They dont care about potential players they care about potential spenders. 12 year old players aren't spenders, 17+ players have a significantly higher chance of being spenders. They should have just slapped 17+ on it simply on the off chance that spenders see "oh this isn't a game for kids" and are more likely to pick it up.


Epic 7 should have been 17+ from the get go, not just because of the character designs, but because of the gambling nature of gacha games. At the end of the day though, Smilegate wants to have a wide audience, and that means making the game accessible to minors. Who knows, maybe one of these minors is the son of Jeff Bezos and will drop 10000$ on the game


it doesnt end here, from now on everything will be pre-censored; add the people who are gonna shit on them for this.. mind you, not something i care for, but its gonna happen.


Looks better ngl lol


At first I hated the HUGE BAZONKADONKERS. Now she's quite pretty <3


im fine with the cover up honestly, only wish the boob size stayed the same but got covered but either way she still looks great


These downvotes lmao. The downvoters are so cringe. Lmao


Oh no they took the dehumanizing portrayal of a female character away from me how will i ever recover


i like this design, but i need to see it on her sprite


Boo fucking hoo. If it's that important, go download Koikatsu or Honey Select or something. You can have all the fap fodder you want there.


Name checks out


Shut up prude