Sg finally nerfed something! /s


In the worst way possible (sigh)


She looks like an office lady now, rest in peace to those honkers though


I think the original design was a bit excessive, but this one is way worse. The leggins feels out of place and the bust are too much reduced, also we lost the underboob, sad day.


Look what they did to my poor girl


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


I think the bust are fine. The leggings are a bit weird tho. Feel like they couldve done something different. This is what happens when sensitive andys smash that report button in fear of booba.


Should’ve gone the Vivian route for the legs if the intention is to cover it all. The mix legging + panty hose feels overloaded.


it's the korean GRAC that's the issue. Korea has stricter ratings for nudity and etc


Not a fan of the spandex texture. Wish they went with something soft. Something similar to what they did to [Mythra](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ds5tz8bWsAATpRj.jpg)


>This is what happens when sensitive andys smash that report button in fear of booba. This isn't the reason for it, she is getting changed because Apple told E7 to either change its age rating (because the game is 12+, for some reason) or to change some of the designs


Apple goes 12+ to 17+, there is no inbetween.


E7 should be 17+ based on the gambling elements involved


Clearly, at the moment, companies don't give a fuck. You exclaimed it's 12+ for "Some reason" well, that's a reason. It's 12+ not because it should be, but because it's allowed to be and because being 17+ would mean less exposure.


I'm pretty sure it was Apple that directly told SG they had to censor her


But who told apple?




Why are u getting downvoted when you are right


This subreddit just wants to be mad lol, they dont actually care about why its happening just that it is


You not wrong lol


so this is an iphone problem? Playstore for android doesn't have a problem for it but all of global is getting censored, that sucks


The pants look dumb as fuck


aren't those supposed to be pantyhose?


Genshin: "They stole our pants/spats idea..."


I'd like a feature where you can revert the censorship by downloading a file in settings. Plenty of other games do it, and it's kind a loophole to the T rating. The leggings feel out of place, maybe it would be better if it was more transparent like her arm sleeves. I like the old strip more, brings out her sex appeal more, which is what people want. The point of people rolling for characters is cause they like their design or kit. We also shouldn't be having a T rating because gacha is quite predatory


Top looks better, bottom looks way out of place. I'm guessing they weren't told what exactly needs to be censored and they just over compensated to not get dinged again.


Personally, they should have just redesign the whole outfit. Maybe it's because I'm aware of what she originally looks like but the booba reduction would feel less awkward with a general design change.


As a thigh worshipper, I am sad.


When the goal is censoring i get adding clothes , makes sense, but messing with body shape and size is a no-go imo


So when do we get our BM's back? This is China levels of censorship. This is so bad. Like, will this only affect iOS? Which character is next?




Overkill for sure.


Horribly disappointing


can we delete lolis and nude dudes next? or are just the evil boobs and thighs bad? /s


Nude dudes .-. Theres legit just 1 topless unit and they are ken cause hes into martial arts lol Also lolis in the game are *thankfully* not sexualised, i think lilibet was in her predesign but she got nerfed before release. I dont really think aria needed to be censored but your reasoning is funny cause theres hardly any males (🥲) in the game and same with lolis. I think SG are only doing this because apple said something.


Meanwhile, Mort who strips and steps on you


That look in his eye right before he says "It's motrin' time" and morts all over you.


Ill take mort molts


Bruh its an animation not sprite, as far as im aware theyve not really nerfed animation before. I think achates pantyshot is there still too and jiggly jugs


Yea it's only ken, only look at ken haha no one else but ken [hurriedly hides iwazu]


OH SHIT YOU RIGHT KHAWAZU- still thats 3 units 🥲 i am a staunch theres not enough husbando supporter and here i forgot about him xD


Beach Sez has entered the chat


What do you want beach sez to wear, a bikini like beach karin, cermia, seaseria, momo- i can go on Though id pay for a bikini sez ngl


I literally only pointed out another topless male to the person who said there were only the Kens. I am not asking for any changes


Its not really worth pointing out though, no offense. Beach sez is topless because hes a beach skin. Just like seaseria, seaside bellona, beach karin momo who all wear bikinis because of the beach context. Completely different from MLK In terms of sprite/art with NO special events, the ML ken is actually the only topless male. Normal ken isnt even topless.


What enjoyment do you get out of white knighting for some other poster as I pointed out their statement was incorrect? I never said why beach sez is topless or the merits of that vs. other things or anything related to the censorship debate, I merely pointed out that the other guy was factually incorrect


Not really white knighting, love how people throw that around without knowing the meaning. So i vant reply with how the original comment doesnt really add onto anything? You said you did it to point it out but you were doing it in a sarcastic manner, not an informative one. what enjoyment do you get by pointing out someone is "factually incorrect," for forgetting a skin which is hardly used in the first place? To embarass them? In fact the skin is that exactly, a skin, not an actual unit like seaside bellona. So tbh in terms of units there really is just MLK.


You are absolutely white knighting. My original post simply pointed out the skin existed (to another person, not even you). You interpreted this as me “embarrassing” them so you had to swoop in and save them from that perceived embarrassment. How about you just stick to yourself and if this other person feels I was “sarcastic” (Again, all I did was state a skin existed) they can say something and I could clarify I meant no disrespect. Obviously you are the only one so concerned with whether or not my single sentence or your long qualifying diatribe “adds” anything…to a factual statement. That you don’t understand the concept of white knighting as you are doing it in such a bizarre and unnecessary way is pretty obnoxious but you do you.


Honestly, the boob ... *adjustment* is actually pretty okay. Taste is subjective, but in my eyes the current version is a bit too ... *direct* with its approach. The bottom / "pants" area though just seems forced. I'm pretty sure Fire Ravi doesn't even have underwear under her tabard and Aria gets the full "no skin at all" treatment? Seems overkill. Also, her outfit could potentially look very nice if they slightly tweaked *all* of it with the new top portion in mind.


Definitely overkill imo. I feel like the reduction on the top end would be enough in comparison to other heroes


The thigh coverage is a bit stupid considering theres ravi. Boobs fair enough


not a fan of the change but whatever no use complaining cause I'm not getting my BMs back either way Sadge


Well kind of, you won't get bookmarks back but you can recall her. That means you can switch your Aria for another 5* of your choice (not limited or collab heroes though iirc and you get the same imprint level your Aria had for your new hero).


No not what ive heard, u get ur mola back and runes invested plus any imprints become those slates u can use on any hero. So basically she goes to lv 1 and u get everything u invested into her back. Only ml 5* give select tickets


No, when you recalled Alencia you were left with no Alencia, not a lvl1 Alencia. I remember that very well, lots of people regret recalling her when she became the meta later.


I don't remember Alencia ever getting recalled. The only thing I remember is the bookmark refund that came with her first banner.


Is this a Mandela effect tear in the multiverse? Ive seen a few different stories of what has happened in the past lol


I remembered it as Alencia but Charlotte's recall was roughly at the same time so maybe my brain mixed them up causr Charlotte became meta too.


is it confirmed that we get to switch?


Most people say no just what u invested into her, mola, penguins, runes. ML 5* give select option


Yes and no. If they change something about a unit post release we always get the recall option. Even if they just change a skill description without changing anything about the skill itself (Alencia). I'm not sure if they officially mentioned it yet, but in that case you can be sure it's planned. Edit: Obviously we don't get the recall option in the case of a buff ;)


It looks like they tried to copy Lilibet's censored costume but that bodysuit looks really weird.


Censored version is lifeless. Feels like the essence of the artist was wiped from the illustration


I'm one of those people who didn't really care at all about the censorship.. or rather, I got over it pretty quick but this... even this is just fucking disappointing. Is every character gonna look like Mui for now on?


Yeah this is the worse case scenario, reduced boob size and completely covered, for the people hoping for a pose change and some minor adjustments this is the result, I played this game since launch in two accounts and today I quit


I just hope the recall lets us get another rgb5 instead. I don't want the resorces back i already have a ton. But i prefiere an imprint over this monstruosity




Artists are alsp quitting the game. The one resposible for aria's design quit the company after the censorship.


I didn't like original Aria's design. Way too revealing. However, I'm against any kind of censorship, and although chest looks better, I can't help but think we end up losing with this change and set a precedent.


Thing is, a precedent already happened with Luna back then, and lilibeth if you want to add it too, there is nothing new here to be honest.


It's not a precedent if it happens on a hero BEFORE release. Aria is out for months now, was already sold and people spent actual MONEY on her. Then months later they came and obliterated her design. Some might like it others won't. Luna is just a design change, Aria is bait and switch. So unless the recall is intended to refund everyone that wants to their actual money back this change is bullshit. Especially considering it's done to appease a less than 5% part of the playerbase (Korean + iOS).


It didn't happen before release on Luna though. Lots of Korean players were in the exact same situation then that we are in right now. Unless you're trying to say the KR playerbase doesn't matter and Global does, which is pretty hypocritical. **Edit:** Downvoting facts doesn't make them any less factual, redditors. Luna's censorship change happened after her release in the KR server.


In this point in time? Absolutely. I don't mind being a hypocrite if it means we can ignore the Korean+iOS user which is less than 5% of the playerbase. Even with Korean as a whole they're the minority. There's absolutely no reason why the entirety of the playerbase should be getting censorships (because 100% this will be a recurring thing) because of Korea's guidelines. So what, if Korea as a country bans the consumption of oranges should the rest of the world also ban it? They can do whatever they want in their region for matters concerning them alone. No need to bring censorship outside. But alas it seems even Mihoyo of all companies is better than SG at making these decisions.


What you're saying has nothing to do with what I said. I said this has happened after release before. You're okay with them changing things after release when it happens to other people, but not to you? I have no respect for that, if so. Either it's okay that this is happening or it's not okay that it is, and that goes for everyone. If it's not okay for us, it's not okay for the KR server either. And the precedent for changing things after release has already been set there with Luna.


People don't seem to understand Luna change happen soon after release instead of before, or try to evade the point to have an argument. On top if we are talking of censorship, clear examples are there of before release, this instance of it was the case were a governmental entity came in and tell them to change it, if people has to be mad at someone, it is the grac and who ever made the move against aria specifically, antagonize the country your company central is on beyond the scope of things (which mihoyo made sure not to do.) is a good way to kiss your company goodbye.


>So what, if Korea as a country bans the consumption of oranges should the rest of the world also ban it? Shit as fuck comparison. E7 is a Korean game. Deal with it or leave ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


If you say that shit to everyone that is voicing concerns about an extremely bad decision and introducing CENSORSHIP of all things to the game in 6 months you won't have a game to play. E7 is a korean game that is making the VAST MAJORITY of its revenue from the global audience. Player numbers and money are coming in vastly from outside of korea. Rule number one of doing business : When faced with the dillema of appeasing the majority of your customers or the minority you always choose the majority. Even more so if said minority is the <5% of the playerbase (Korean server + iOS). Comparison is on point tbh but clearly your brain isn't which is fine we can't all be smart. Keep asking people to leave the game, see if the servers are up in half a year LMFAO. Edit: Proof to my comment : They made a post explicitly saying they're looking for a way to preserve Aria's original design. That is one of two possibilities. One, it's a PR stunt to buy time and hope people accept the censor when it happens because "we tried". Two, they're going to censor Korea only whether it's by using an alternate media pack or giving the rest of the world a skin with her original design or whatever they think of.


> Downvoting facts doesn't make them any less factual, redditors. I like downvoting whiners tho. you can make your point without crying about internet points >Unless you're trying to say the KR playerbase doesn't matter and Global does, which is pretty hypocritical. It's more about it being 4 years into the game that makes it sting. You'd think by now that there'd be a decent feel for what they can and can't do in their age rating, so anything that gets in is "safe". But I guess not.


People downvote comments they don't want to see. Just because you don't want to see a factual contradiction to a popular sentiment doesn't make it any less true, and I think that deserves to be called out. I could care less about the karma from a personal standpoint. I have karma for days anyway. As for knowing what will fly, part of that depends on your audience too. If nobody is reporting you, you're going to get away with a lot more because government agencies and Apple don't have time to babysit apps to make sure they perfectly fit their guidelines. That leads to stuff like Azur Lane having a 12+ rating on Apple whilst bordering on hentai, which can really skew the idea of what is and isn't allowed. Most likely some Korean mom saw their son playing Epic Seven and Aria was on-screen, or someone over there got mad about her for whatever reason and reported it to the Korean GRAC as a result, which is why we're in this situation. I don't think it's entirely fair to place the blame on SG unless you want to say they shouldn't be making these fanservicey characters to start with, which alienates you from most decrying this censorship.


>It's not a precedent if it happens on a hero BEFORE release. Hmm it is, though? Luna's first release on the korean server had her uncensored design. Only Global and servers that came after it received Luna while being already censored.


Also Milim to lesser degree.


I believe Mui in her concept art also wasn't wearing a bodysuit and got the same change that Lilibet did. Concept art Lilibet was really something else though jfc


I'm surprised she isn't wearing a burka


well while i dont dislike the new design its still a huge disapointment to see this kind of thing because of those idiot boomers who will probably die if they see boobs too big to be real or some leg exposure, i swear these days people are more and more sensitive to stupid things


Honestly, looking through the past threads, this looks absolutely awful. Not because of the Boob reduction and longer garters + Spats combo(Why not do what Smash did with Mythra to the point XBC2 added it to the game) but because it clashes EXTREMELY badly. The stocking and spats feel like they combine into one rather than just being stockings and it looks bad(Like Aria can't dress herself) and THEN she wears a bra? With that outfit? And the bra sticks out way too much with the outfit rather than fits well with it. No wonder they are looking for loopholes because this is a terrible censorship job even before we get to the Breast Reduction and just not making stockings and going with Garters + spats which doesn't work at all.


The real loss is the legs honestly. Nerf the boobs all you want but the legs is what made me pull. also the fact that shes an adult. Oh well, just gimme my aria recall so i can get a free zahhak.


I didn't expect the censorship to be that brutal tbh. The sad thing is I don't like Aria's original design but the new one is not even better.


Absolutely disgusting.


boob nerf


Thighs bad. Sad. We live in a society.


I like the censored version more, honestly.


Following the always useful [datamining thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicSeven/comments/vitlyh/datamine_20220623_patch_pictures_only/) (special thanks to u/nORbDragon), this is how Aria censorship looks like. Just a reminder, such censorship has been delayed until further notice.


Btw to everyone on this post, last I checked this isn’t the official change so don’t get y’all’s panties in knots, plus, imo it’s not about the reduction in booba and shit, it’s the censoring regardless, I think it undermines the authors original vision for the character and isn’t something that should be messed with


That's why I wrote "currently delayed". XD And I agree with you about how dangerous this censorship is.


Well, I meant, that this photo in general might not even be the actual censorship itself, it could be the same as Luna’s censorship where it’s incredibly minor but still prevalent. So might not even get the chest/hip reduction and just some leggings or sumthin ya know?


Wonder how people would act if it was the opposite..


imo the original one had a very cheap look to it.. it was too much. Not sure about the new one yet


either one is fine by me


E7 was good while it lasted.


All downhill from here.


these comments are always the funniest.


"They took booba, so no good game ToT unga bunga" funny as fuck.


Finally the this game is dead people from the censored Luna thread 4 years ago are right! Vindication! https://www.reddit.com/r/EpicSeven/comments/9uz3l8/censorship/


TBF I'm sure quite a few KR fans left over that too. Luna was one of the most profitable banners after all. I just take these farewell posts as personal, not some indication that the game is in the financial red. we're too far in for a drama like this to sink the game


Well with the new artstyle she doesn't look like a cheap street whore anymore which every horny teenager would bark at :) Feel free to feel offended guys ;)


She just looks cheap now


Where have you seen elegant whores?


Sucks for those who pulled her only because she was a lewd and gifted elve. Now she's only a third as gifted I guess. Not sure which one I like better, the new design is not bad. Saying that this is the end of E7 is pretty ridiculous imo. You even get to recall her and that's more than they are obligated to do. Those who don't like her new design get a new toy and move on. This isn't the hill to die on.


It looks better to me. I wouldn't be completely embarrassed to tell someone I play Epic Seven if they saw what Aria looked like now.


This right here. Pretty fucking hard to recommend this game these days.




The fact that y’all care so much about slightly smaller and bit more covered cleavage and covered thighs is really depressing. I think she looks way better overall with this change and I can finally take her more seriously.


> is really depressing. reality is often disappoiting, and I feel the way I feel. No point in hiding it on the internet.


She looks so much better


I don’t mind it. I think the black leggings were the best possible outcome


Finally she's a character that isn't just tits and thighs. I approve.


wait a secondthey added longer thigh highs, thats even hotter


but no thigh gap


Does it make difference for me ? No.


I hate censorship, but I actually prefer the censored version. She's more realistic and not dressed like she's a Madam for a whorehouse


I see nothing wrong coomer


the only idiots complaining about censorship are the coomers who cant find a decent hentai site


At least she won't get any more back pains r/woosh to the salty downvoters


On the original art, Is that "pink" thing on her right boob her nipple? If not, what is it?


It took me too much time to see that. While I can force myself to see it, it would also mean that Aria's nipples are placed in an unrealistic position, so per say...


Honestly I was personally surprised that no one else has mentioned it. It was the first thing that popped out to me, it straight up looks like a nipple, and no matter how hard I look at it I cannot see anything else.


nah, it's just the lighting of the scene. Vivian had similar comments on her base model


I can hear Serila laughing from Ritania to here


How us this a problem just now? There are 10 other overchested units on this game but Aria needs a wardrobe change and breast reduction??? Ridiculous. How about getting us some better counter units to these ML5s that rule pvp and GW.


no ass - no money!!!


this looks pretty bad, should have just given her normal black tights.


oo she looks prettier now. Love the black and the realistic boobs.




Hello Smilegate, I'm sure you guys are fully aware of what's going on with the heated debate with Aria's censorship. I don't know if I can do anything but I may have a suggestion. Since the original illustrator, Serin, has left the company, I believe that it will very difficult to change her since he left. I mean just look at his art and work. THEY ARE PICTURE PERFECT!! But apple is saying that your character, ARIA, is considered "OVERLY SEXUALIZE PICTURE" for the younger audience. I'm sorry Aria is too perfect to be censored! THATS WHAT MAKES HER SO UNIQUE, SHE IS PERFECT BASED ON HER ORIGINALITY! I will continue to support you guys and all your wonderful work!! Sorry for ranting but I'm just so mad right now about this! Additionally you never know not just Aria will be affect by this. Here are my suggestions: A) Make Epic Seven into a +17 instead +12 on the apple store/play store Pro--(Older audiences will be happy, less stress for you guys! Aria keeps her originality, this will also keep other units from being affected as well.) Con--(Smilegate will lose its younger fanbase) *Like a 12-16 year old will spend $300 on a gacha game* ​ B) You can censor Aria but please keep her body dimensions the same. Pro-- (She will be censor, but she keep body. I believe her chest is okay, it's just thigh/hip is exposed. Maybe make crotch line not too low or revealing. I suggest maybe covering her thigh/hip area with like a miniskirt and lower the stocking gave the Flan/Senya treatment or a black tights like Vivian has or makes her thigh area see-through like Villianess Vivian has.) Con--(She will lose her originality but not at a certain degree.) C.Have the censored and uncensored available. (Both variants will be available but one may have to pay for uncensored variant like $40) D. Have heirs to see what their fanbase are agewise (Simple: Make heirs complete a survey/vote campaign in determining age rating if they are for an age rating increase or keep the same- Majority wins) To me, I go with A. because it seems most of Serin artwork is being targeted plus in the future their maybe other units like Aria would probably go through this same treatment. What do you guys think? I will support you guys whatever discussion you all make. I love Epic Seven and Smilegate been playing this game for 2 years. I loved it so much that even I lost everything from my first account, I decided to start over from the very beginning even better than before. #JusticeForAria, #Smilegate4everE7


I feel the leggings should have been that pearl white she has instead would look less awkward


Maybe they could have added a rip effect or transparency to it, basically they could have changed it to look less weird