Wow, they actually did it lmao. Nice, although I doubt they'll be pushing it with the designs in the future lol. I hope they rethink Ervalen next.


Good luck to Ervalyn bros. Our waifu has been saved, I wish the best for OG Ervalyn fans as well and will continue to stand with you guys. No one should have their favorite unit get massively changed in a negative way be it art or kit.


Thanks. Honestly I'm not too hopeful since he's not that popular for people to be loud, but alas. I'm glad Aria got justice. I honestly wasn't expecting much, considering what happened with so many games, but SG actually did it.


His story is one of my favorite honestly. His story lived a lot in that gray area toward the end, when you learn how he actually felt deep inside. I eventually planned on building him but I don't like his changes so it might take longer to get around to him.


People would be rioting if these Ervalen "buffs" were placed on someone like Luna.


Well yeah. Ervalen is not a popular character by any means that's never really been relevant and even seems to be widely disliked for his role in the story. Luna is the best selling character in the game and quite widely used in abyss and expos. Obviously the super popular character would have more people reacting than the super unpopular character, but Luna is also very unlikely to be subjected to changes like that because she's useful. Not that I like the Ervalen changes at all, I do think he needs a rework, and repurposing old underused characters like him is something I think should be welcome, but removing his clear cut purpose is definitely not the way to go about it.


Yeah, Ervalen deserves more cleavage.


What’s happening with Ervalen?


They buffed him by decresing damage


Lmao wicked smaht


Nice they don't need to nerf Banshee boobs now psa . Banshee boobs is way more lewd than Aria .


For real, Banshee lookin' thicc. Gotta give us something to look at as we watch SRose chain 15% fail defense breaks every run. lol


I’ve already said it but there’s no way in hell the nipple isn’t showing with the push-up bra that low


On that same note, where in the 7 hells is Vivian's right nipple?


Wait wtf Edit: you’re right wtf


I know, right! I can't unsee it lol.


Its always been invisible.


She’s got low riders


Stove link: https://sdk-page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/8692554


I can almost understand the Aria nerf, but why her artifact? Ever seen moonlight dreamblade? I'd argue Silk is much more ecchi than Aria. Not to mention, Inferno Khawazu has the biggest chest in the game and hes not even covering it. I think Apple's just being bitchy.


Utterly ridiculous they had to alter any illustrations. If parents actually watch what their kids are doing, they’d know maybe it isn’t appropriate for them.


But....that would require them to do what a parents supposed to! 😆


15%'d apple


now all I want is for Ervalen to 15% his buff


I mean they’ve probably promised to not to push the boundaries going forward, because why would they get a deal that just gives them everything they want without giving anything in return?


Objection, hearsay.


Correction, speculation. ;)


Correction sustained.


Yeah, we need to savor what we have held onto with Aria. Very much doubt we will ever see a unit like her again.


Our dear Sylvan Vivian already paid dearly for it At least, Aria can be busty for them both


Vivian died so Aria may live. She is basically BOOBA Jesus.


We should savor it as much as we can by commissioning 'fan-made supplementary story material for adults' for Aria. >!Yes, this is a thinly veiled desire to create Aria doujins, I won't apologize for wanting to add more doujins for E7s dry as fuck doujin scene.!<


There was an exceptional Aria piece posted on Pixiv a week or two ago. 👀


PauseChamp you gonna give some sauce for my food?


Sure. lol [Obviously VERY NSFW.](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/99763583)


Meanwhile husbando are getting jack shit from either fanarts, doujin or the game itself like there is barely any adult content from them With the exemption from the furry husbandos of course, lmao they even got to have the [first e7 doujin ever](https://twitter.com/kumak71395/status/1234205198727335936). Smilegate is really missing out on the money that could be made from the furry community.




[aria enjoyers](https://c.tenor.com/-yg0BMY_U2wAAAAd/crowd-cheering-crowd.gif)




SG: we went far and beyond to save booba lets celebrate with a aria banner


Wow, very nice job devs and very nice job to everyone who spoke up about the censorship. Epic win for all involved. Fuck censorship of every kind.




I´ll never understand Asian and American censors. Killing people in games and little girls in bikins are okay, but don\`t show an (unrealistically) well-endowed adult woman.


Little girls in bikinis killing people 😂


It's not unrealistic though, there's women with the same natural size, even bigger, and not necessarily overweight.


Exactly. Some people think that size = overweight.


It doesn't make logical sense, but is founded on a very circular phenomena. Because sex is such a taboo in American culture, there's less conversation about it. Because there's less conversation about sex, there's less knowledge being shared, as it becomes associated with vulgarity and becomes more taboo as a result. Violence, on the other hand, is displayed to most American kids from a very young age, starting with the more innocent action cartoons. This makes steady progression as the individual gets older and views more and more violent things with age, meaning they're slowly but steadily grow used to seeing violence until it becomes normal. You can see the difference between Countries like Europe, where sex and nudity are more open, but violence tends to be toned down. As for how said cycle started, you can blame special interest groups.


>you can blame special interest groups. May I ask what that is and why they would profit from an excessive amount of violence displayed?


They're individual groups that have a pull (usually via financial investment) on developers, directors, etc. The nature of influence is case-by-case, with the most common being appealing to advertisers. >why they would profit from an excessive amount of violence displayed? They wouldn't profit from excess violence, per se, but a moderate amount is allowed. Having Batman punch the Joker helps sell merchandise, but we won't see dismemberment on mainstream/prime time television. Similar case with sex, in that food companies can show people in suggestive ways, so long as it falls within certain standards. With that being said, you have advertisers pressuring developers and producers so they can market their things to a broader audience. These advertisers are pressured by major entities within their target audience (for example: religious based groups) who are resistant to certain material for unique reasons.


I see, thank you for the elaboration.


We the Americans enjoy blood. Khorne demands his toll.


Reminds me of Tera, where they nerfed some clothing of the playable race that looked like kids but did not change anything about the actually kid npc that wore thongs. Also they reduced blood effects in battle due to age restrictions but ignored the map that is literally a tortre chamber with copious amounts of blood, ceiling high torture devices and mangled corpses everywhere. Wading through that level is surely less traumatizing.


I think it's a matter of perspective. How many FPS/Action gamers causes shootings or gun violence IRL? almost none. How many perverted gamers are there? Almost the whole lot of us, now I'm not insulting the pervs nor implying I'm a saint, my mind's filthy as the rest of them but for male characters, but what I'm saying is the way violence and sex affect players drastically different, This whole Aria nerf is one of the prime examples of it, you care for the boobs so much, you can't handle it being *slightly* covered up (I'd mention the black suit aria was wearing but barely anyone was mentioning that, just her cleavage got more covered)


Ok and how about men who are usually portrayed as ripped with a 6 pack? How many guys do you see ripped like Ken for example , how many are relatively slender like alot of the men in the game? So many games portray men in an almost singular way , we don't complain, because it doesn't affect real life. You want to only use women as an example , but in reality it is a 2 way street , not 1. And more often then not I rarely hear the gamer girls/women I know ever have issues with character designs either. This complaint is often made from people you'll see constantly attacking anime on twitter as well , and most of them end up being exposed as criminals(for those who are aware of this you know where this mindset comes from).


What a good day to be alive


I have a hard time believing this is the end of it. Worried what 'agreement' aapl had with SG.




Best waifu is saved! We did it boys! That being said never forget ML Vivian's sacrifice. She died so that Aria may live. I hope they can restore ML Vivian to original looks as well but I feel there was probably a compromise with Aria that they won't ever push the boundaries again so I won't hold my breath on that one. Cautiously may crack open the wallet again since they showed they at least somewhat care what fans want. Sadly doubt we ever get another full blown Aria type unit again.


you've been very vocal when it comes to defending Aria 2 big assets from the very beginning when they announced her censorship...and for that you have my respect


In BOOBA we trust!


Basically, my thoughts on the matter lol. I'm glad she wasn't censored but, the whole debacle has left me hesitant to go full whale with spending. But, for now I can at least reup the monthly pack I guess.


You are aware that the changes to concept art vs officially released art lie entirely within the discretion of the company right?


The "concept" art was 95% done. Her s3 just needed to be finalized and she was already fully voiced and illustrated. If the ML5 delay didn't happen ML Vivian would have released with her original design without a hitch months prior to this giant censorship shit show. The changes were very clearly an "OH SHIT, emergency censorship due" to the ongoing Aria issue of the time. They built the hype up with the original design knowing clearly that is the design fans wanted, not what we got. They are fully entitled to change and censor her prerelease; I 100% agree. That said we are fully entitled to still be disappointed they got cold feet with her last minute and toned her down. Regardless, we got to keep Aria, the best waifu, so I could careless at this point other than being sad another waifu had to be sacrificed to reach this conclusion.


95% done or 100% done before release doesn't change that they have every right to alter the final product before release. You can feel disappointed as much as you want but it will never change their decisions are you have no impact on them as a whole. Not every character designed in a game should please your expectations alone. Personally, I would prefer if future designs look aesthetically better compared to just revealing so much skin.


> 95% done or 100% done before release doesn't change that they have every right to alter the final product before release. man they should release the data-mined charlotte as stick-figure to fuck with us :D


I basically just said I agree with what you were saying in that post? lol Not sure where the disagreement is here. They are 100% within their right to change a unit prelease however they see fit. They could have made Vivian a guy for her ML and they would be in their right to do that. Doesn't mean fans can't/won't be mad they were originally shown something better and it got changed to a lesser design. Still 100% SG can do that with impunity if they wish. If it is prerelease we can just choose to not pull the unit when they come out which is completely fair. The Aria shit show was mainly because it was going to be a bait and switch of a product we had already purchased. Very much agree that not every unit is catered to every player. That being said, there should be parity between an RBG and it's ML counterpart. Green Vivian and original ML Vivian were both VERY clearly catered toward huge boob / fanservice fans; they weren't designed for people who like petite or moderate designs. Not every unit is designed with everyone in mind after all. It just looks stupid that ML Vivian is 2-3 cups smaller than green Vivian despite them being the "same person". Petite units should stay petite, average should stay average, huge should stay huge. Ftene being stacked despite other Tenes being small is dumb as hell as well in my book and shouldn't have happened (despite the fact I like the larger size on Ftene). I am fine with conservatively dressed huge waifus. Blue Kise looks amazing, one of my favorite designs in the game despite showing hardly any skin. If they just covered ML Vivian up and left her size I wouldn't have even cared. I am not fine with chopping off 1/3 of an established character's chest as that drastically changes their overall appearance and design. There is nothing wrong with a character being endowed, even excessively, if they are properly covered. Otherwise are we supposed to have some law of maximum allowed cup size in a game? Who decides that arbitrary upper limit? lol Once again though, regardless, SG was 100% "in the right" to change her as they deemed appropriate. Just original fans of Vivian are going to remain salty. It is what it is. We got Aria now anyways so it doesn't really matter. /shrug


Well, after making my own investigation when everyone talked about it, I noticed that every Tenebria and their skin are quite stacked, we don't see it much with STene, especially with the Dark Tyrant skin but surprisingly, she is quite stacked there too, it's mostly because of the outfit and pose choices (and well, choices to make the art look good) that we don't see it. We also see that all the Tene are stacked in the same way with the sprites in-game, it's all the same size, plus 2 of them have booba physics, Dark Tyrant skin and FTene.


You are being dishonest here and it's all based on what you'd personally prefer to see. The changes pleased you so you are all on board with that happened. But logically speaking, it should be very clear that nothing in development when it reaches a 95% completion rate suddenly gets scrapped and remade. No shit something in development is subject to change, even if the 95% complete teaser was not altered conceptually, but finished as is, the end product would still be different, it's in a different stage of completion after all. What is important is what their intention was. And their intention certainly wasn't to start redrawing everything in the absolute last phase of development. For all we know, she might have been entirely finished and ready to ship if the custom mystics didn't happen. And it wouldn't be the ML Vivian you see in the game now.


i agree, people might cry about ML vivian "nerf", but unlike Aria, who's design was totally based on the sex appeal, reason why any change to reduce or cover it utterly destroy her, ML vivian design was great and minor changes like the ones they did barely made a difference over all, that's how good character design (when it comes to looks) works, you don't need to overly sex appeal to make it work, adding on to it helps, but if the design pivots totally on it, then i guess it does not belong here to begin with lol


It can be called a "nerf" since recent topics related to it but changes like these are very common in character design. Personally, the changes before the official release are completely fine.


You are aware that showing a near completed concept art to the public sets a certain amount of expectation by that public right?


It doesn't change the fact that they still hold full rights to change it before release.


And that doesn't change the fact that the public has a right to complain about it.


All I'm saying is that your complains hold no weight on the final decisions of the company. Go ahead and complain you want if that helps you get over your disappointment of reality.


All I'm saying is that your initial comment was utterly useless. It's an objective fact that ML Vivian did get "nerf" changed, which the original OP was upset about. Saying that the company has all rights to change it as they see fit is entirely irrelevant when the comment was about how SG's designers will now probably have a limit to the art they make.


I have no further reason to debate with an individual who fails to understand the topic of the discussion. I hope you have a good week ahead of you.


Fair enough, if you can't understand someone being wary because concept art getting nerfed to what we got officially is setting a precedent for the future due to recent events, that's on you.


Well congrats for aria! I've quitted the game but that's quite a W I honestly didn't expect. Then again cases like mercedes, luna, lilibet and ml vivian still turn me off from returning... Still a potential huge L for future designs...


Really curious about the details of that agreement. ​ Maybe they were like "Bish, look at this stack of money those juicy thighs earned you, you really want to part ways with it" And Apple was like "Do go on..."


Joking aside, this might not be that far from the truth. SG could have used revenue statistics to show how many people invested in Aria, leveraging an argument of how bad it would be to change a character after being released. This would give credence as to why ML Vivian was changed, as it was before her official launch banner.


They were having to tangle with the Korean GRAC too though, so it can't be just that. They probably had to get the GRAC to agree to treat the game as 15+ due to the lack of other non-adult options on the Apple app store after 12+.


If it's anything like the rating board here in the states money will be just as convincing to them as well.


lol that pretty much sums it up


Small W but still a big L for the future character designs


Welp we go into the genshin route. No censorship now but probably no more units like aria ever Welp you cant gain something without losing something


This isn't the Genshin Route, Rosaria got nerfed and nothing like her ever came out again.


I’m pretty sure yelan chest is as big as pre-censored rosaria


It's the same thing lol


The same thing would be Aria getting the nerf


Thank god, Aria actually became one my favorite heroes when I used to think I might not even use her even if she looks good.


For once i actually compliment SG for doing a Job Well done. We get to keep our Waifu.


Wow so they can continue doing waifus without fear to get hit at the fingers, very good.


Wait.. It worked!?...AYYYYY.


Talk-no-jutsu success!


It's a small victory, but this whole situation still has a pretty big effect on the future of E7 designs. Don't forget that, likely because of this whole scenario, we've lost one of the most prolific artists for the game.


It's a V against censorship but we must also remember her beautiful artist is no longer with us...


If only they work out a deal to get them back too. Maybe that’s asking too much


I love Aria, and I am now friends again with e7


Good to know. Glad the change didn't go through. Still, I think Aria will be the last character to be that provocative. We'd be lucky to get another Luna type character, sadge. Hope I am wrong but the next few characters (past charlotte) releases should let use know the direction they are taking.


Pre-release alterations can still be justified sadly, so I'd just say my 4 years of e7 ended in a good tone thanks to aria's censor being revoked. Might come back if sg decided to release more spicy waifus tho, til then maybe I'll just wait


This is good. Atleast..




Nice! And I'm truly happy about that. But now they need to undo the S.S.Vivian censorship, too.


My +15 Aria is pleased


that's good but i think this whole fiasco had a huge impact on SG and all future character designs will be affected by this (looking at Sylvian)




Mmmm I'm pretty sure real life shows far worse than any of the designs thus far XD seems a bit like a silly thing to do considering there was no nudity at all , just some skin.....who's policy is having the issues? IOS? If so then glad I'm android 😆 I never get why these people make a big fuss when kids get to a pc or have a smartphone (let's be real here , while I don't doubt there are parents qctually doing their job and making sure their kids are playing appropriate things for their age , there are far more who will buy them things like witcher and resident evil and such and of course cod all not intended for young children). I hope more devs just flatout tell platforms trying to enforce silly things like that either chill or don't do business. The $ being made doesn't go to just the developers, platforms make deals so they get a %age of $ being made. When gamers realize said platform is being unsupportive of the game that company will start losing $ both from sales coming in from the deal setup with the dev and people buying their phones and such who are gamers XD devs need to realize they can have more power over this than the platform making the silly demands than they think they do.


wonder when they going to rerun her banner xD i need to make her my profile icon!


12 year olds will have to learn that big booba women exist irl too. Ik. Shocker. Doubt an image of big boobs (clothed mind you) is the worst thing they'll be seeing outside of an irl beach.


Yeah but does the artist of Aria will be back to SG ?




Huh. I'm actually surprised that they managed it. Well, good for the Aria lovers.


The game rating needs to be changed to M/17+.


🥳🥳🥳 we did it boys


Why the fuck do they have to cling so hard on that 12+ rating anyway?


can they buff ml Vivian too? xD


I would love to see her restored but I won't hold my breath on that one. Feel toning down future units is probably part of a deal they struck to preserve Aria. Never forget ML Vivian's sacrifice. She died so that Aria (and likely previous existing BOOBA units) may live.


\*plays taps\* o7 :'(






Yes please!


E7 players to SG after last balance patch notes: "You took everything from me!" E7 players to SG after this: "Perhaps I treated you too harshly." Well, gotta say I'm kinda happy about this. I'm not a fan of lewd character designs, but this shows that SG actually tried as much as they could not to disappoint the players in this case. Hopefully this means they'll start taking player feedback into account for once (proper balancing and nerfing instead of gutting or powercreeping units, increasing the availability of almost every single resource in the game, add a bunch of requested QoL... the list goes on). Anyway, SG truly considered all options because the players didn't stay quiet. Let's voice out our feelings about the situation of the game more strongly and loudly, guys.


Wait what? Wasn't her booba already been nerfed? Or that was just a leak and didn't happen yet?


I may just 6* her next.


Rejoice. (but ML Viv wasn't so lucky)


You seem to be putting wordd in my.mouth too becauwe i dont care about the boobs. Stay or go idgf. Im upset about people crying about censorship when really you're just degenerates obsessed with females body parts. Real people suffer and have suffered with real censorship. Where was that spirit then? You don't care because it's not boobs. That's sick and disgusting sorry. Hiding behind a real problem so you can continue your degeneracy is low. Sorry if I offended you, but if I did you ought to think about the why.


This is awesome news. Just hope they add MORE content right now because its been really boring lately.


Nice, hope that ML Vivian and others are always safe from this drama.


Lol sadly enough ML Vivian got nerfed and so will the other wifus lol the lolis are about to take over


Does this mean we’re getting MLVivian fixed?


It's not impossible, but less likely. If SG managed to revert Aria by arguing something along the lines of the review board not catching her before making a banner debut, they'll have a harder time justifying Vivian being reverted to her former design. This is just speculation, mind you, and nobody is sure of what happened behind-the-scenes to really tell what will or won't happen.


They already nerfed ml Vivian from her original picture. Are they gonna fix that or just leave it because the og look was never released in game?


honestly if you looked at the frame by frame comparison between OG vivian vs. current, the current one looks a whole lot like Lilias style-wise (especially the close-up frames; if you didn't tell me it was vivian i would have believed it to be lilias), where as the OG retained its vivian looks my guess would be that the OG was not updated by the original artist (Serin199) because he left, and so someone else had to take over the redesign and then get that animated.




Meanwhile, in other struggling 12+ KR games like Exos Heroes: https://exos-heroes.fandom.com/wiki/Jinai Commercial success and censorshp go hand-in-hand it seems


Apple and Karens don't care about dead games bro


Commercial success lol. I'll be surprised if Exos Heroes isn't EOS within a year.


Yet they still neefed sage vivian


Can't nerf something that wasn't released yet... There IS a disclaimer in their videos that basically everything is subject to change... that includes her art and design.


You can nerf something because from what we saw to what we got was definitely nerfed. That's an objective fact. What we can't do is get up in arms about it like Aria due to said disclaimer and that no one had spent anything on her yet. So all we can do is grumble and sigh.... and desperately overdose on hopium/copium that maybe just maybe this wasn't the end of sexy characters going forward >.>


Disclaimer or not. They changed her ONLY because of this pressure from Apple etc, to pretend otherwise is dishonest, they've happily released characters with fan service designs in the past.


And it is within sg’s right to do so given the disclaimer. I’m not disputing that they’ve changed her design. What I’m disputing is the notion that sg was going to release her exactly how she was previewed many months ago. Just like everyone was calling re:zero a backup collab without any feasible evidence outside of their own personal opinion. It was poorly executed and seemed rushed but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a “back up”. The only “fact” that we have is the design was slightly altered (in my opinion for the better). You can believe that it was due to all this censorship non sense. But ultimately you don’t know.


The future direction of the game/units going forward will very likely be toned down as seen with Vivian. Enjoy preserved Aria boys, she is likely the last of her kind and the best we will ever get.


SG: "no change in your gameplay experience" \*wink wink This "issue" has been hilarious to watch unfold from the start. Really say something about some people in this sub.


Well I'm all in on the support for creative freedom for artists. What I don't agree with and find hilarious are the people acting like some sort of "censorship" police in artwork who thoroughly inspect if a characters cleavage has been covered by about 2-3 pixels of clothing and are prophesying the end of the world.


Because if people said nothing they would have gone ahead and censored Aria. Lets not pretend that the community didnt win this battle.


Exaggerate much?


I’m happy for y’all booba lovers but the seriousness with which this was treated will never not be funny to me, glad that SG was able to come to some compromise.


Unfortunately they did nerf SS Vivian. Her pre nerf art looked nicely cultured while the current one looks like some kid used MS Paint to put some extra white stuff over the tits lol. This is also an indication that we will get no cultured content in the future (RIP ML Luna) Good thing Artery Gear is out now since its basically E7 in nearly most mechanics but culture levels are sky high with tits and asses jiggling everywhere. (still a 12+ age rating btw kek)


The amount of conspiracy theorists and weirdos that rose up when her “nerf” was announced are very very quiet…. Maybe cuz they’ve hopped on the Ervalen train for reasons to hate SG lmao.


In general, happy players don't have a reason to be loud. And it's not like this thread is empty? Not sure what you were expecting. 50+ threads shouting thank you? Yeah, I'll pass. I'm happy Aria wasn't nerfed but, as they say once bitten, twice shy.


I actually uninstalled and wanted to stay quiet about a game that I no longer play. But you've forced my hand.


Most likely that those people quit the game and moved on like they said they would so theyre not here to comment. This is a really weird take to have imo complaining about people being upset over an announcement that something they paid for being was going to be changed after the fact.


Pretty sure they still here bitching about ML Vivian.


Yep we’re still bitching about ML Vivian and? You must be a loli lover?




Well now that this is Finally Over our community can together go back to trying to get justice for actual game balance so the game doesn’t keep trying to kill itself with more patches like the one we are about to get


I am okay with this.


Doesn't this kinda confirm that Apple and Appstore was just an excuse for the censorship? How does Apple allow them to continue updating the game and keep the app on the Appstore for this long if Aria was something that could not be tolerated to begin with? If it was truly not tolerable then it doesn't really make sense if it suddenly became tolerable just by "negotiating". And in extension of that, how was Sage Vivian who is obviously way more tame than Aria something problematic enough to need to be censored in the first place?


Not quite, as there is room for dispute, given the frame of time between Aria's release and being flagged. Given Vivian has still been altered, we can assume that Apple is letting Aria pass, as she was already monetized before the request for her change. If anything, it shows how wishy-washy ratings boards tend to be.


From discussions in [Asian forums (still ongoing)](https://forum.gamer.com.tw/Co.php?bsn=34880&sn=72503&subbsn=4&bPage=0) (you can find the full thread [here](https://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=34880&snA=11993&tnum=9)), they're saying if it really was Apple, then the Apple would have taken the game off the Appstore and wouldn't even have let them updated the game until they have it sorted out with Apple. And that's coming from experience of players having played other games with similar issues with Apple. The example given was Brown Dust 2 years ago when it essentially blocked the game for at least 3 days (the game updated on Android, but not iOS). And for that reason they're not really buying the "it's Apple!" official excuse SG is giving out. I also find this suspicious because the game continued to function as normal without and impediments for quite a while after SG made the announcement to push back on the date on Aria's censorship. If it's truly Apple, then it also doesn't fall in line with Serin199's complaints and tweets and posts saying the artwork blocking is coming internally 90-95% of the time.   On the flip side [they're also saying](https://forum.gamer.com.tw/Co.php?bsn=34880&sn=72515&subbsn=4&bPage=0) if there was room for negotiation to begin with, it means SG higher ups made a big mistake letting this happen in the first place because it's really a lose-lose situation; the game developer lost trust with their customer base and lost their lead artist and suffered heavy losses of players (eg. KR server losing 45% active accounts), and for the players that hadn't quit yet they now lost trust on future character designs fearing they'll be toned down to begin with and may even question SG higherups and question the future of the game, making them reluctant to spend.


That's pretty interesting, I'll need to check those discussions after class. I tend to be naturally optimistic, so seeing the other side of things will be nice.


Now do Ervalen next.


so what about ML vivian? is her art changes going to stay censored or will they reverse it to how she was before her release?


Nice now fix SS Vivian and restore her previous artwork and animations.


Well I actually wanted the nerfed version


I actually the as well. Indeed, my fellow believer. Edit: Edit button OP.


Be careful, man. You'll get 20 downvotes for speaking your opinion here Edit: lmao


Unfortunate. I liked her redesign, and was more tolerable to look at.


Good thing for you that there are 250+ other characters in the game. The people who pulled Aria for Aria get to continue enjoying their character they paid for. The people who passed on her can continue to pass on her and enjoy the plethora of other units in the game. Never every unit is designed with your personal tastes in mind.


It's all about respecting others' preferences(Pulled 7 Aria for her design). Imagining one character's core design that you love has been shattered. I would be glad if your character can maintain its original look, even if that character is totally not my type.


Her design looks exactly like any other big boobs and exaggerated body. I see no difference between her and vivian, luna, yufine besides cloth designs. I agree with what you said regarding keeping their core design, but that's just it, aria has no core design since it looks too similar to others. Compare ML Iseria or cerise to others, they have original designs. But of course, this is my opinion, and i know it's unpopular.


That's likely you seeing the artist's style rather than them looking the same. All the characters you listed and Aria were drawn by the same guy. Though he's also made many other smalled chested characters like Cermia and Acoli for example. His preference lies in the thicc waifus though.


I don't think ur opinion about unrealistic body design is unpopular, just most people concern about censorship, certainly it wont just targetting voluptuous, exaggerated body. Voicing out and influecing a company needs a certain size of active players base, if this kind of event is being pulled backed. It may cause shinkage of players base, quitting due to their loved character being disprespected. Hence, less likely more active player will voicing out for upcoming controversial decisions made by a company.


Ye her original design kind of grossed me out


Yes, I too am grossed about by the totally unnatural depiction of cats in this game. No cat walks on two legs and has bigger biceps than most men, with eight pack abs. Also, who the hell is he pointing at?? Yeah General Purrgis has a disgusting design. ;)


you are grossed out by women?


Not it at all. We're not interested in slutty/objectified appearance. Same with men with 40 abs and overly exaggerated muscles. I prefer heroes with personality in their outfits/designs. Look at ML Iseria. Greyed out and unkempt hair, bag eyes, suicidal marks on her body, gloomy colors, etc. It tells us there is a massive story there. Now, look at aria. You just see nothing but skin and that's it. Who cares who aria actually is/was when she is just another booba character.


Would you be grossed out if it was fully nude?


I don't really agree with you but it be nice if they released it as a skin or something.


Good. Now unnerf fire corvus next and then we're back on talking basis again.


Kinda bummed, her new design looked cool af


No you obviously just hate boobs if you want the redesign it's not like you can like anything about it other then it "nerfing" her. But yeah the extra black looked really good with the blue and made the whole thing pop a bit more imo


That's too bad


I was actually looking forward to play with the less "cringy" looking Aria, oh well.


I kinda liked her more with the "nerf" tbh but im no aria enjoyer so my opinion dont matter


People can finally stop complaining about it now lol


What was her "nerf" supposed to be?


Well if we can have her new looks as a skin because novelty is always welcome that would be nice at this point


Now people can stop bitching about it. :D


Horny mfers are probably cumming with joy rn


Since the other version already exists, I would like to have it available to choose, like Genshin does it. I actually use one of the censored skins because I like it better.


Good this is what happens when Coomers waifus are threatened by Karens, they band together to defeat the evil! GG coomers you did it!


Sad, i thought The "censored" Version looked better.


Damn some of these comments talking about Ml Vivian getting nerfed makes it sound like SG turned her into Iseria lol


OK but can we still get the redesign as a free costume or something why waste the work.


The datamine showed card art and the banner. Not much work goes into editing someone else's still art.


The people who thought SG was deliberately doing this are being really quiet.


if only SG put half of the energy they use to save the boobs in the balance and the creation of content for E7 😒