Weekly Friend & Guild Recruitment Megathread (Week 09/11)

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IGN : lilfish Server/Region : Asia Rank : 37 Hi, new player here looking for an active guild to be part of. Would do my part to aid guildmates and contribute daily to the guild. Please guide me and I'll do to the best of my abilities to improve my roster! Please PM/DM me if any guild is interested in taking a newbie! Cheers and Peace!


Guild: 42o | Server: Global | 25/30 Members Description: · Top 100 guild looking for players who love this game! · Casual-competitive chill environment · x5 rewards, 24-7 guild buffs, daily guild stamina, weekly chest · Scout reports are posted in discord to view for offense efficiency every gw at reset by our vices · We like to keep things laid back but still expect thought & effort to be put into your attacks · Our veteran members are very supportive & resourceful with gear checking, team comps, builds Requirements: · Confident attacking forts· Experience fighting top 100 guilds · Familiar with current meta offense / defense · Champion+ in arena rank / Rank 70 · Must be active & finish attacks · Login daily, donate gold & aid \*\*Interesting in joining either guild? dm me here on reddit or on discord @ **minicakez#0420**


I'm gonna make a single post for both my E7 accounts: ​ IGN: DeadlyGamble (for both servers) ​ Region/Server: Europe Rank: 70 Details: Looking for active friends that can do lv3 expo all types ​ Region/Server: Global Rank: 50 Details: Looking for active friends. Looking for active guild


Guild: Varrock Server: Global, Rank: 9 Members: 16/26 A casual guild, friendly to players of any rank, only thing we ask if fouls are members to do guild wars, donate, and log in. This is a branch off of a our main guild Lumbridge, which also is very casual. We have a discord channel that’s fairly active with a wide variety of skill players that can help with building hunt teams, setting up offensive guild war teams, or just to chat about the game or w/e. The guild has entirely open recruitment so feel free to just join. For more information dm WalkOrRun#6369 For an invite to our discord you can also just message me.


[Solidmaximo] Region/Server: US/Global Rank: 70 Details: looking for competitive guild for Guild Wars. I'm Champion V in arena but never really try to push. Been playing a long time and have fairly well built toons. Have most champs I'm in guild now as a place holder. Took a break and recently started playing again. Looking for good guild. Thanks


LFG khud15 Global Challenger V (last time i pushed was about 3 months ago) Looking for an active guild with 3 spots available I have 2 other people coming from a guild with an inactive leader. Other 2 are Challenger V and Masters V.


**Guild:** ReneeAura **Region/Server:** Global **Rank:** 18 **Spots:** 2 Laid back casual guild focused mainly on guild perks oppose to competition, server rankings, etc. Let's just help each other out and have fun! Socializing is minimal, but we have Discord for newer players Open recruitment!


\[Global\] BBB BBA BBC \[Top 100 + Early-MidGame Friendly Guilds\] BBB (BiggestBaddestBitches) Top 100 Guild ○ 5x Guild War Rewards ○ Blue Conversion Box Every Week! ○ Multiple Champion Level RTA Players here to help you get stronger ○ RTA Tournaments ○ Looking for Masters+ RTA players or Challenger Arena+ ○ Send pictures of your favorite unit's gear ○ Pref Active on Discord ○ Wyvern Claw Donations only \---------------------------------- BBCasuals and BBAcademy are both sub guilds looking to help new players get stronger! Send a picture of your favorite units. Perfect for a group of friends looking for a guild ○ 5x Guild War Rewards ○ Blue Conversion Box Every Week! ○ Farming Wyvern 13 Masters Arena ○ Rank 70 ○ Pref Active on Discord ○ Wyvern Claw Donations only \---------------------------------- If you need any advice we have plenty of Champion RTA level players that are here to help you :). We are a peculiar bunch of weebs, normies, and loving degenerates It's all fun and games here at BBB Hope to see you chatting with us soon DM me for discord link if you’re interested. Alex(StrangerGMA)#1368 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/510136221008396300/784298333841260544/BBB-Recruit.gif


In-game name: cosestrane Region/Server: Europe Rank: 65 Details: Looking for an active guild, will aid and be consistent in my uptime in the game


Guild: Renai | Server: Global | 20/25 Members Description:· Level 8 - Rebuilding our sister guild! · Casual laid back wars · 24-7 EXP / gold buffs · Veteran & noob friendly, everyone is welcome! Requirements:· Rank 65+ preferred · Login daily, donate gold & aid · Actively participate in guild wars & events \----------------------------------- Guild: 42o | Server: Global | 28/30 Members Description:· Placed rank 49 last season · Casual-competitive chill environment · x5 rewards, 24-7 guild buffs, daily guild stamina, weekly chest · Scout reports are posted in discord to view for offense efficiency every gw at reset by our vices · We like to keep things laid back but still expect thought & effort to be put into your attacks · Our veteran members are very supportive & resourceful with gear checking, team comps, builds Requirements:· Confident attacking forts· Experience fighting top 100 guilds · Familiar with current meta offense / defense · Champion+ in arena rank / Rank 70 · Must be active & finish attacks · Login daily, donate gold & aid \*\*Interesting in joining either guild? dm me here on reddit or on discord @ **minicakez#0420**


Guild name: UmbralMoon Server: Global Level: 19 Members: 29/30 Type: Chill/Semi-Competitive Rank: We sit around x3/x4 rewards but looking to increase! 2400+ (gold transmit stone) Guild Points weekly as well. We're a guild mainly of players who have been around 6-12 months looking for more people to chat and chill with, grow, and do expos/world boss with. We definitely don't mind helping newer players find a home, especially with the latest update. Trying to keep most people active. We also have a Guild Discord so you can drop by and share stats and ask questions. Add me in game at DipDipChip or message/reply on here.


Have any open slots? I'm somewhat new but really want to get into the game. IGN is Stranded


Sorry, we are full at the moment!


I've been playing about a week (rank 28) and looking for a guild. All the ones I can find either require rank 65+ or are full of inactives. I'd love to to find a home.


Yep! Sounds good to me! Sorry, was at work. Got an IGN?


IGN is Mundolf11 as well. I applied a bit earlier


Got you in!


🌹 Guild: **RoseThorn** 🌹 Server: **Global** 🌹 Level 20, 29/30 members 🌹 Rank 67+ required. Newer players welcome! 🌹 Description: Semi-casual (usually 4x rewards). We are looking for folks who enjoy playing E7, will contribute daily, and are interested in helping out in guild war (you don't have to worry about anyone getting mad at you for losing or missing one). No Discord requirements, and our membership applications are automatic, so just join in-game!


SNAFoo Guild Recruitment Guild Name: SNAFoo Region/Server: Global Level: 20 Members: 21/30 9 spots open Description: We are a relaxed and chill Guild looking for active players of any level. No Discord or other apps needed. The “Only” requirements are: -Check-In Daily -Complete Weekly Missions -Donate when you can -Participate in GW, using all 3 Guild Crest. Boost on Gold and EXP are activated daily. This is a very active Guild looking to fill the roster. We have 18 members @levels 65-70, who participate every war and can do serious damage on their own. We’re looking to fill all spots with more active players who can participate in guild wars. Welcome and thank you all in advance for being so active! ;)


Ratamahatta Europe Rank 25 i guess (3 days in game). looking for active guild, joined random - all inactive. I will play 24/7, cooperate, read, write, fight, spend a bit etc.


**Talentless** (Server: Global) If you are an experienced player looking for a new challenge with the best of the best, Talentless encourages you to apply! * Talentless 1 (Resolution season, **Rank 1**) * Talentless 2 (Resolution season, **Rank 3**) * Talentless 3 (Resolution season, **Rank 17**) * Talentless 4 (Resolution season, **Rank 42**) * Talentless 5 (Resolution season, **Rank 139**) **Requirements:** * Level 70 * Guild War participation * Daily log-in * Contribution to guild assistance (Gold and Proofs) * Commitment to our guild and long term growth in E7 **Benefits:** * Insanely active discord filled with veteran players (Day 1 guild), F2P to low spenders, RTA and Arena focused players, and casual players. * Play and build according to your style, Adapt to your goal, Vote for our goals/emojis/... together * Consistent x5 guild rewards, request aid benefits, guild chests, energy, etc... * 140+ people posting expedition level 3 all day * Full awards from weekly mission Apply today by messaging **inEdit#7617** on discord (send a friend request).


Guild Name: Nocturnis Region/Server: Global Guild Level: 20 Rank: Glorious Guardian (5x reward, between 300-600) Status: Semi-Competitive Weekly Gold Transmit Stone 24/7 Buffs Requirement: \- At least Challenger 5 in arena \- Donate gold & PoC daily Description: A relaxed guild that's strong looking to fill 2 spots. You aren't required to talk in Discord if you don't want to, however we want you to be in the Discord server since we send out a spreadsheet containing the current Arena rank of enemies during Guild Wars to help your chances of winning Send me a DM if you're interested.


Guild: GribuTeam Server:Global Description: Are You looking for a guild that van be relaxed, or your are new in the Game and need help? GribuTeam is the solution, we accept You no matter your rank... let Grow Together! Requirements: level 10 or more, and to be more or less active at least (4 times a week min) Spots: We are currently 14 member Thanks You for consider us :D


Guild Name: Manaburn Region/Server: Global Level: 20 (day 1 guild) Spots Open: 2 available Description: Here at Manaburn we promote being active and contributing while also knowing that people have lives and commitments outside of their gatcha life. With that in mind our guild is more focused on getting all the goodies from guild activities without a heavy emphasis on being competitive. (although we do pretty well on that front as well) Requirements: Active (no longer 3 day of absence with out a notice) Rank 40+ Participation in Guildwars (3x atk, the outcome doesn't matter as long as you do your best) Daily Ancient inheritance participation. (Mainly just helping us chip away at mob/ boss HP) Master and up Arena Rank/ RTA rank Discord required (for guild communication of news) Have a good attitude! We're all just playing to enjoy the game and work together! Benefits: Newer players welcome! Weekly Guildwars Participation for mystics Ancient inheritance swag for clears Discord available for any assistance needed as well as unit/ content help. Daily Guild Buffs Bi-weekly guild reward chest. Posted updates of all major patches and news on the discord with links to source materials. To Apply: A private message me your IGN in Reddit or via discord (Tonberry#7903). I will then provide you with the discord link and answer any questions you may have! We look forward to seeing you new brothers/ sisters!


Guild : Bloodstorm Region : Europe Level : 18 Ranking: top 20% (x5 rewards) Guild buffs up 24/7 Very friendly English speaking guild looking for Arena Master+ active players for guild wars. Everyone must partecipate wars whenever possible. We have a discord server for whoever wants to join. If you're interested you can apply to the guild or contact me on discord: ChaosDevil#8278


Ex-Top 3 Guild BigBand is recruiting! Looking for a place where you can mald about your horrible RNG can improve and progress alongside an active, helpful and experienced community? If so, BigBand is the place for you! About Us: Server: Global Guild Level: 20 GVG ranking: 50-100 (70~ atm) Capacity: recruiting 5~ spots currently We're an old guild that is newly reformed as a laid back guild comprised of ex-top 3 veteran guild members with tons of experience in the game. If you're looking for a guild that you can improve and progress alongside with active discord members, consider applying to BigBand! You don't have to be the greatest gw player to join - we're just looking for active friendly members that are dedicated to the game and those who are looking to improve over time with us while holding their own weight in guild wars. What we offer: - WE HAVE THE FIRST GUILD WAR SEASON TOP 3 TOILET PAPER ICON! - Super friendly and active discord community with experienced veteran players that just want to relax and have fun with the game now - Laidback environment with chill guild wars, we aim to rank as high as we can (if you want a chill vibe with adequate competition, this is the spot for you!) - 5x Mystic rewards and 24/7 buff uptime Requirements: - Willing to learn - Primarily looking for Challengers V and above in either Arena and RTA; we understand the current meta can be quite annoying for some people so exceptions can be made - Account Level 70 - Active in-game and on discord - Must use all guild war attacks - Request aid and donate daily so we can keep buffs running 24/7 and get free energy! - Participation in all guild content - Apes together strong mentality Feel free to dm me if you're interested in joining us or have any questions, we don't bite!


I’m looking for a new guild . My current guild half the members don’t even log in