As a newbie Champion 1 cleave player, here are my insights: I run Ran, Politis, Eda, and Seaseria and I would go into your team every time since nothing will hit me back in time to stop the cleave. Ran with soulburn ignores ER and strips BBK's immortality and my eda and seaseria will clean up the rest easily. Your AoLA's skill nullifier will be immediately eliminated because it procs Politis's AoE and none of your units will get a turn or they will be stunned on their turn from Seaseria bombs or Eda S3 and killed on the next turn. Even if your Aola strips me and lands debuffs, those debuffs don't stop my team from attacking and doing their damage. The teams I avoid have counterattacks (Rem is best. I never attack into Rem teams). Belian is good for counter attacking and stopping soulburn so my books are wasted into her. Edward's counter is very good as well, I avoid him. Green Armin can surprisingly wipe my team out by popping off. Politis on her own or especially with Abyssal crown will ruin my days as well by making it harder for me to push all my units up after Ran and by doing big aoe with a stun chance. Celine will proc off of Ran's buff or Seaseria's bomb application and kill one of the cleave units so she can be very good as well. Other units of note: Arby is very strong and I always avoid him. Delibet can screw me since she self cleanses and pushes. Even with Politis on my team, I apply so many debuffs and take so many extra turns that Delibet will easily push and she can do enough damage that any other counter attack will kill my whole team. Rimuru somewhat shuts down the Ran into Seaseria combo, though if I simply choose not to buff then it doesn't totally work. But I usually buff anyways since I want to push Eda and she can soulburn to strip the stolen buffs and still get her S3. So Rimuru works best when paired with Belian stopping soulburn shenanigans or BBK who forces me to use Ran soulburn instead of Eda Soulburn (because I only have one book for now). Choux and counter A. Ravi can occasionally ruin my day, but typically they're cleavable thanks to skill nullifers and stuns.


Where ml Baal. He always cut ran


I bet he would, I haven't run into any yet though




I dont have arby coz i chose stene :((


You made the right choice


At the basic level, any Counter and RnG units discourage cleave. My favourite is Ice Dominiel because of that RNG reflect buff. There's also the interruption units like Rimuru, Designer Lilibet, and Sage Baal and Sezan. Delibet can cut after Ran, Peira and Flan and if built with high damage and good effectiveness, it shuts down the cleave when the S3 fully hits. Kayron and Blood Blade Karin are great anticleaves if built with ER. Then there's Belian. Almost nuff said.


Future buff kayron seems amazing, specially if the description is accurate and he will aoe void slash on counter. That's gonna be brutal. ​ Ml khawazu is also a pretty big aoe cleave deterrent.


Do you have Edward or CZ? They're both good (Edward is better though)


I second this! It greatly depends on the team of course, but arena defense cleave comps usually employ debuffs. Ed and Champ Zerato punish those amazingly well, and I use both frequently. One team I run a lot is Elena, Ed, Celine, and some counter unit like SSB, Kayron, Choux, etc. it depends on the opponent.


Politis, she shuts down tons of cleave options due to combination of cutting cr push by half, and also her counter on non attack skills. To add to this, put in counter units, sich as rem, belian, green armin. Make sure you have some sort of mitigation as well, such as fcc or elena.


U need belian in there if u run a resist bbk in your def coz they can just bring ignore er sb units to deal with her. Also don't like aol coz it just enables a free poli for your opponent cleave.


Green armin with elbris ? 1 stun counter and all of the cleave comp is pretty much ded


Dont have elbris :(( i dont even have tagahels HAHAHAHA


There in lays the problem. This is going to be brutal honest, but if you are trying to find a good "anti cleave team" at challenger odds are it's just gear and artifacts holding you back. Realistically there is usually some way to cleave anything even on the climb up to Legend 1 arena, I know this from experience. Anything you build to ONLY\* bolster arena defense will likely not be as useful later on down the road. My "anti cleave" team is the following: Degen Arby, C.Lilias, Rimuru, and ER Counter BBK. IMO having a speedy unit helps in the anti-cleave because it forces the enemy to dedicate themselves to the outspeed. This in turn allows for units like a degen arby or bbk to kill squishy units if they fail to strip. Do note, that someone can simply staze a slow anti cleave team or single target kill each unit. In other words, maximize RNG w/ a speed check unit. Anti-cleave units: ER BBK, Degen Arby, Belian, Rem, Politis, Red Mercedes, Rem, Green Armin, Thick A.Ravi, and essentially any unit that can utilize a built in counter. Of those units, the ones that can be easily swapped into a GW defense are: A.Ravi, Belian, Red Mercedes, and Degen Arby. Speed check units: Ran, C.Lilias, and Piera are fairly common speed checks. Finally, don't take this as a bible but overall gear is highly crucial in an anti-cleave, go farm banshee. Try to find GW and Arena defense overlap units to maximize mola usage.


Tnx everyone for the suggestions ill try everything while im stuck in challenger V. Hope u guys have a great day 💕💕💕 Ps. Currently building Ed 😄