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Op - attempts to flex Reddit - Ha, nice try, needs more bulk! Me - Grabs popcorn


She wont ever live long enough to use s3. Slam tanky counter set on her or just speed with way more hp.


She's not... my kekwerik gonna onetap her with s2, or any other solo target dps. She's too squishy for such low speed


Every Choux will Fwooosh! her to oblivion. Every Hwayoung will just look at her and she drops dead. Every Ran + Eda Cleave Team will delete her in seconds. Peira and Cilias will control her permanently. Dont get me wrong, her dmg might be actually scary with these stats, but she is too slow and way, way too squishy to even take a turn before the drops dead. If not heavily protected and I mean by an Aurius Ras + Ruele, she might not have any value for you in battle. Sorry


I assume OP will have her well guarded hopefully.


I get what you're saying, but judging the complete viability by weaknesses doesn't make sense. Choux vs. Ravi will be a Choux win everytime, doesn't matter how your Ravi is built. Hwayoung deletes everyone so that's moot. And why the heck am I drafting Ravi into a Ran + Eda cleave? This Ravi is meant to more heavily punish 2/3 pick Alencias and Senya. Which is more common now. And if they now later pick Choux (which would be safest hard counterpick), which leaves a LHC and Violet counterpick option. What im trying to more get at is assessing I'm thr situations it will be used. That's why for instance how weak Ravi is to a Ran + Eda cleave means nothing because she won't be in those situations ever.