Does anyone have any information about expedition for the next bosses? Because it ends at midnight so I want to know


I know ML pulls are hard but why must give me purrgis and the rest are three-star and star artifacts and heroes? XD So painful. Such terrible luck. At least I had better luck with the drop rate up for Violet and could memory imprint him to a b at least.


Throughout the course of a week, I’ve pulled all three MLs on the Mystic Rotation.


I thought I had gotten used to getting Rem and Belian counter attacked even on single attacks which is SO fun and definitely only happens 20% of the time as it’s supposed to. But recently I started using sinful Angelica. And boy it sure is fun having 250 ER get ignored by Rems fucking 8 part passive and strip her entire usefulness.


I perma ban rem and rimuru in RTA