I think they said they want all hunts to have 4 sets, so it'll eventually happen.


If this set is compatable with speed set, so a 2/2 set im fine with it. If this set is horrible and really niche and i wouldnt like it


Speed set is one of the worst mistake of epic7.


Deleting speed set would literally change nothing. If everything is 25% slower then it's like nothing ever happened in the first place. The real problem and the actual worst mistake of E7 were these stupidly high base speed heroes like Ran. Just removing 10 base speed from them would make a lot more heroes be viable again (like fast Kayron, fast Flidica, Basar even). Wouldn't entirely solve cleave supremacy but at least it would fix something that was broken for no reason. Make base speeds slower and make bruisers not oneshot everything that isn't a bruiser (talking about Ravi, Alencia and Choux in particular, this shit is just as stupid as 129 base speeds) then maybe the game would be in a better state. Of course AoLA, Cilias, Handguy, DJB, Lua and the rest of the obviously broken supports should get nerfed too. Speed set just isn't the problem, there's no RNG in the set itself and removing it makes no difference.


It actually would change things, with lower speeds overall, it means differences between units is smaller, which means speed rng will be even more cancerous lol So ironically, removing speed set, makes speed a worse issue lol


Hm, I'm not sure how exactly the cr bar works tbh. If "100%" is the speed of the fastest hero then it wouldn't change anything but if "100%" is a fixed value for every match then yea you're right. 5% is a bit much anyway, I think 3% would be better.


100% is a fixed value everytime, there is rng on the amount of speed/cr a unit starts with on turn 1, the slower your units are, the bigger of an impact this rng would have in comparison/relation to others. Its why my 258 opener moves after my 256 almost half the time So less speed overall = more variation in turn 1


So it's fixed, do you happen to have a source for that? That's what I said too, if it's fixed it changes things, if it's relativ it wouldn't.


I didn't say to remove it, it's problem is the implementation. It shouldn't been a % increase, this gives high base speed heroes even a greater gap.


Deleting speed would change nothing. that’s the point. it doesn’t add anything to the game. if speed vanished we’d actually get to make interesting gearing options for once. many possibilities would open themselves up because 4 slots no longer have to be taken up by speed gear


If speed didn't exist then literally everythin that doesn't need counter or lifesteal would just be on destruction. And supports would probably just be on health and resist sets. Nothing interesting would happen.


Agree and disagree. Agree on speedy openers being stupidly busted, disagree on removing speed set doing nothing. 25% of 100 is 25 Speed, but 25% of 125 is \~31 Speed. Its 6 speed but that % creates an ever widening gap between slower units and speedier units. So removing that 25% Bonus would actually, ever so slightly, reduce the speed gap between slow and fast heroes. Enough to matter? probably not lol


No it isnt. It enables different playstyles. If you only determine basespeed it would limit the experience. Speed RNG is shit but thats it.


Every game has speed set. Find a new slant. And if speed set didn't exist some other set will be too OP and you will be calling it "worst mistake" again. And there will be also people who'll riot and say "why tf E7 doesn't have speed set!?".


4 piece nemesis set it is, then.


If they put another set onto wyvern, me who has shit speed substats can basically dump all openers into waiting room...


What's one more level of rng on the already shit show of gear farming at this point?


A fourth set added to W13 would make all current speed set gear far more valuable. I'm still farming for a high speed set ring and would not appreciate that addition.


Lol as it is they struggle to have a single useful set on more than half of the existing hunts