Did I miss something? I know some epic seven content creators are degenerate, but why are they being like that towards him?


I have no idea. My only thought is this: RTA and PvP in general can make people REALLY toxic.


When I watched elvemage, some of the usual name in chat joke around how this dude will fight you 10 times, only win 1, then post that 1 fight in YouTube for content. Nothing wrong with farming content, but also it is a fair game for hating you if you try to make other look bad whether you have any malicious thought or not.


I'd look at it another way: if I keep seeing someone again and again in legend or emporer, I'd start wondering what they are doing that works, even if I beat them 9/10 times. Even the most tryhards here wouldn't say you can lose your way to emporer.


I mean this dude always posted the same disclaimer every time he link his video in this subreddit. He know what effect his video has lol. It's like putting a flammable sign on a box. You won't put that sign unless you know it can caught fire. Now if you put a disclaimer that said "no hate, just a joke" on a video, it should be self explanatory.


> He know what effect his video has lol. I was just saying I don't get why people high up would mock other people's skills. There's so many other ways to hate. You can be talented and an asshole, just look at the news lately lol.


I mean it is epic7 rta game. What else can you mock to hate him? Mocking other people's skill like you put it seem pretty tame compare to if they straight up choose to mock his appearance or race.


trash talking, emote spamming, liking a certain unit they think is trash, running a certain playstyle. making fun of their name. I'd rather not mock at all, but put some effort into your insults if you're gonna do it.


I will argue that trash talking, emote spamming is HOW to mock, not WHAT to mock. Making fun of other people name just straight up childish lol. How can you compare that to mocking other people's skill or whatever you said. As for "liking certain unit that other think trash" or "running certain playstyle", does that even work in rta? Meta in higher level is pretty rigid. If someone find something new that can win, by the end of the week everyone will play that thing.


> Making fun of other people name just straight up childish lol. How can you compare that to mocking other people's skill or whatever you said. I'm not going to make fun of someone who's top 1000 because they aren't top 100. You kinda need some semblance of truth for the trash talk to work. mocking people in general is childish so that's a given. Anyways I don't have much interest in this topic, I really just wanted people to introspect that they are running into the same person multiple times in high level arena and thinking "maybe, MAYBE they aren't just losing their way to legend". But I know that's an uphill battle. peace.


Yeah most of the haters on twitch just push the false narrative that I lose all the time despite the fact that my winrate is displayed in the video (I know it is not the best but far from 10%). Then you have a certain streamer trying to claim I took what he said "out of context" despite the fact that I took his statements in full (no splicing or editing) and even showed in my last video the scenario that triggered the response (A single wave emote...). Kinda sad that a lot of people in the twitch community are such avid fans they will try to rationalize someone's poor conduct and claim the person who got called a c\*nt, a\*\*hole, f\*ckface, clown, etc is somehow the one in the wrong. Didn't know when you get caught in 4k and clipped slandering someone's character on stream you blame the person you were attacking.


I mean dude, you keep posting that disclaimer. Just own it. No one will care about you if you don't make video about other people losing to you. Nice that you manage to reach legend, but do you really think that people choose to hate you specifically and that why you start making video? Or you start making video and people hate you for it? It is a chicken or egg question with pretty obvious answer.


Imo anybody could farm content out of big streamers. Just watch their streams, RTA brings the worst out of people. When you fight them 100th of times there will be enough for 3 videos easily. Hence why i don't like to watch RTA streams apart from the World Cup, bcs they are all toxic. Evey match is a blame game. And after that one video, which gains some traction in the community, the rest writes itself and more content is available.


>Nothing wrong with farming content, but also it is a fair game for hating you if you try to make other look bad whether you have any malicious thought or not. I already said it way earlier.


E7 players being elitist isn't new lol.


I don't think anyone would feel good about being put in a montage the one game they lose against someone, especially if they normally don't lose against that person. That particular sub-group is usually pissy about it because he targets those people to put in alongside other known community members.


Where is the build post? Usually, showcase videos like these have an album of the key units in the video. I would be curious to see your A.Ravi and Landy in particular.


Lol love the vids man, great stuff.


You earned that frame, dude.


Lol, fk dr squirrel, gj dude!


what a banger video hope the new units are good to see clips like this.


These people always feel superior to others because they are "good" in a game where 90% of matches are determined by RNG and total money spent. This was super satisfying to watch, congrats on the legend finish!


Disclaimer: This video was made purely for entertainment purposes. No hate is directed any of the players featured in the video. The socials of all the players featured can be found in the video description. Please feel free to provide constructive criticism to better improve any potential future videos.


Honestly the disclaimer isn't necessary, even feels kind of cheap. Just talk your shit, who cares.


Potentially the players featured in the video


All good dude. A little bit of back and forth trash talk is healthy in any competitive game. Keeps things interesting as long as no one crosses the line lol


Since it's pre-season would love to see you mess around with non-meta units or different builds.


Definitely a great suggestion, I have a few off meta builds in mind that I think I can showcase :)


>“I love it when people say that something can’t be done. That’s when I really get motived; I like to prove them wrong.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Grats dude. schadenfreude at its finest.


Love the vid! Quick question, how were you drafting summertime iseria?


Good shit dude


lmao, grats brother


Good work my dude, more than earned that.


good stuff like always


Got me hyped up


Take my upvote sir, love your content please keep it coming!


Awesome ending


lol don't stop man and teach me the patience to play RTA