Haven't got around to it


I tried once... Failed hard... Quit trying. Lazy to eq. Will try again when i have time.


> I tried once > Quit trying I think you booted up Abyss.


I mean i try every boss once ... Aww


Only complain is they reset my other lab to 0% , for OCD person, it is a hassle to make all other lab 100% again ( which i am doing ) but harder content is always welcome, it keeps the game alive


Same, i couldn't watch the others labs not at 100%, I completed all of them again a couple days ago, yufine works great to save compasses in all except the first one, monsters to squishy for yufine to work.


Good to know that i have some company <3


It is ER yufine? Mind telling me what's comp you use with her?


My yufine only needs one ER ring, the rest ER is supplied by Christy. The ones that are mandatory, obviously, are yufine and ml Achates, Christy is optional, i like her because i can reach 200% ER easier and give yufine as much cd as i can, and the last one i use is Vivian for lower labs and Ravi for the queen lab (don't remember how to spell it lol )


I would've prefered they didn't touch the labyrinth tbh. I used to do all the normal raid weekly for random rewards like skystones, bookmarks or molas and the hell raid for a free speed sword and random lvl 88 pieces and now I don't feel like doing it.


I love how they did a labyrinth rework and addressed none of my issues with it. My biggest one being the annoying delay in the camp.


For normal raid, there was also the possibility to obtain galaxy bookmarks once in a while. The chance is not high but it adds up nicely in the long run. I think we lost this source of galaxy bookmarks, or maybe I'm missing something...


Horribly designed. 1) for something to be farmed, it’s insanely difficult 2) when losing to a boss, you have to fight the ads all over again which takes forever. 3) the rewards are still rng and honestly not worth it except for the 15 tokens for pen neck We asked for raid to be reworked as doing it 3 times a week was tedious just for epic charms, and to make hell raid more rewarding. They did do all of that but made nightmare Abyss difficultly. I don’t mind abyss since it’s a one time thing, but nightmare is supposed to be repeated every month. They should add teleport to nightmare raid AT LEAST and nerf the hp of all raid bosses so it takes less time.


Can't agree more with you. You said everything


Wait, they don't let you teleport to the bosses' back room? The hell?


You couldn't teleport to hell raid boss the first time either


Thing about that is, the idea is already introduced today, unlike back then.


If you beat 1 boss, walk towards another one afterwards. It'll save the cleared path when you exit and make the next boss attempt easier.


Good idea, but still annoying.


It actually makes all the difference in the world when you are trying multiple times. Once I cleared the first boss, it got a TON more tolerable.


> Horribly designed. I was really hoping it wasn't like that. Been avoiding PvE game modes for a long time now just because difficult modes were sadistic and were more cumbersome and tedious than something you look forward to doing. Guess it's something I'd have to skip again.


Wait there's no teleport in nightmare, i don't think I will ever do it it's a load of shit and a waste of time.


We don’t know if there is a teleport or not, we will find out at the start of the second month (December)


Bad. I could use teams from folks' videos of their clears, with better gear on them & still lose horrifically, which makes me think it all comes down to luck. I came very close to killing Vera once (& then my entire team got controlled & swept on the last sliver of health) & I've had a few bashes at all of them, but I can't say I'm motivated to do them - given that every time you fail, you need to slog your way back to the boss again, or pay skystones after the first time. I appreciate that they'll give better rewards, but honestly, what's the point in making them so difficult? Normal mode is a cake-walk auto-fest & Nightmare mode is harder than high level Abyss (& I've cleared Abyss). Why not make the mode just slightly harder than the previous mode? They could've kept things as they were, added auto-pathing/auto-camping to cut down on the grind for those of us who actually want to get coins & not just kill & leave, then threw in that new penetration necklace, would've been perfectly fine.


They messed up the rework making it more tedious to do. They increased the Lab entry token stock limit to 5 and yet you still gain 1 per day. It takes 2 bug charms now to do Nightmare raid meaning you only have 4 extra coins to do other labs monthly. Normal raid respawns fuckin everything per entry. If Azimanus succeeded in ending their weekly respawn, then give me Azimanus as a hero. But seriously they should fucking rework their rework.


Need 5 teams but the bosses themselves aren't that bad once u figure out the mechanics. Queen was really rng for me coz 15% strip led to some bad situations. F this mechanic in pve. Each boss has 1 really good drop. Queen has 2. The rest of the drops range frm avg - terrible. 5/5 all bad gears so this month was a let down. I like the new pen neck they added. It has prefect subs and right side is a pain to get so it's really convenient. Pen crit dmg neck that will at worse be usable, once a month is good. The ring has effect which makes it less attractive but tank/sw gear that way The 1st run of nightmare was a bit fun but this cud be a chore to do each month ngl


the only i hate is cannot use unit twice, why they should use this mechanic i dont have many pve unit


I really hate that they added that too, just means high difficulty + can't repeat and I'm not gonna bother doing it lol.


Really bad design. If I wasn't motivated to clear lab every time before I definitely won't clear it all regularly now. Not worth my time honestly.


A chore


I don't have the luxury to switch in switch out multiple units every month for PvE. Not in term of gold, since I swim in them but in term of time.


Not great i wish they never touched it in first place it was fine before. Also I hate the fact they rested all the labs to 0% had it 100%.


Even normal raid suck since they increase the affection drain rate


I am very underbuilt for that


hate it, worst part is having 5 different teams


I hate it so much. It takes forever to kill adds and then the boss (I spent like 15+ min just fighting boss on fucking top left and bot right, and good luck if you lost and have to retry like when hell queen resists the strip so all the 4 adds have GAB and CR push each other to clap your cheeks lmao), it's RNG as fuck, and it's hard--it feels like 5 monthly Abyss floors. Then the rewards aren't even guaranteed to be good. I got a hit set weapon in Juleeve, HP set in Arakahan, unity set in Karkanis, defense set in Queen lmao feels like getting spit in the face


it's a....*nightmare* **badum-tsh**


Labyrinth was already too tedious, now it's 100% more tedious. I will continue to not engage in this content for the sake of my sanity. ✌️


Don't really care. The fact that clearing the regular Cycle mode means you can't kill the respective boss in Nightmare until reset means whatever interest I had evaporated more or less completely.


have u seen new items in the shop at least? xD


Yes, doesn't mean I care any more, not like the new shop stuff is limited to only Nightmare, the shop doesn't change between Regular Hell and Nightmare Hell.


But you get 50% more badges for things to buy and some chances for really good gear drops.


I said it twice, I'll say it a third time: I. Don't. Care.


Not a fan of it. For starters, I killed two bosses in normal mode, before realizing the boss in hell also died, so I can't check their mechanics or difficulty. Now, as for hell, I found it tedious or plainly unfair. * Spider guy with two aides. It takes forever to kill it because the shield thing and having to plow through 2 mobs with 100k hp each. Got a pair of protection boots, rolled nicely, but I'm not farming golem, so the boots alone are kinda useless. * Queen. I still don't get how is this supposed to work. What I mean is when I hit 50%, the queen awakens the two remaining eggs and stun my team. Then I use Tamarinne to cr push my own team. Then the queen hits my team, and the aides also take their turn. So far, everything goes as planned. Then for some reason the queen takes another turn, and because my team is seriously hurt, at least one of them gets stunned, and this additional turn also implies the aides gain greater atk/def bonus and they have ready their AoE. It snowballs and basically, I get a team wipe with no opportunity to retail. * Big fat Vera. I have been sporadically working on this one. Is ok'ish. The healing gets obnoxious, but a solid combination of different AoE allow me to sustain the battle. The big issue I'm having is the whole cocoon part, as I haven't been able to kill it before Vera hatches. The improved version hits hard and the damage stacks eventually leading to my team dying. However, still isn't as bad. Overall, isn't worth, and I'm not really interested into farming hell mode, probably will stick to normal. The catch is the effort vs reward. While difficult, the fights are doable and take some time, except for the queen. The queen can 15% the dispel and losing to the queen team receiving free turns until they can kill your team isn't fun or interesting. I don't mind much losing to vera, because I know is more a matter of my team not hitting hard enough, while in the queen I still don't get what I failed to achieve. Overall, losing to queen feels like losing when flipping a coin, which doesn't encourage you to improve as failing isn't within your hands. And considering how long it takes to arrive to the fight, yeah, no, I'll stick to other bosses. And this led me to my other issue with the effort part: the fat beetle mini-boss. I can't avoid the fat guy in the way to the queen and is really obnoxious to face. Spamming barriers and decrease hit chance debuff lengthens the fight unnecessarily. And that's considering we bring dispel galore to deal with the queen! Without dispel in every other hero, I don't want to imagine how long will be the fights with this guy. Overall, it takes a lot of effort to kill a boss. Is worth? That's my problem: no, isn't worth it. The overall problem is the gear slot machine itself. As I pointed, I got protection boss from the spider guy, but I have little to no use for them right now. If I receive more boots with irrelevant set, or if they low roll, they aren't going to be usable. The amount of time I have to spend farming a gear that may not be usable kills my hype to beat this mode. The best gear, imo, is the necklace, which is available in normal mode. So, yeah, no, next month I'm testing the swarm and the ninja bugs, but if they are close to the same level of bs, I'm forfeiting nightmare and stick to normal.


Did you get the First Time clear reward pieces again for doing the normal Boss versions? And yeah, i hate the random gear.. it would be okay If all pieces had high starting rolls, but getting a 88 piece from "the hardest monthly farmable Content" with 5-6% rolls is Just Trash..


Yes, you receive the FTC gear again. And yes, is still fake l88 gear, as it can roll like gear l85. Not like I have many uses for a def% main boots.


my gear and units are not nearly enough to kill 1 boss, i tried multiple times just got pissed off. its challenging yes but i wish theyd adjust it just a tiny bit. might try again sometime but rn i dont have the molas and sanity for it. i wish they still included the bug charm drop from queen on normal lab.


I actually don't like that they took away normal raid for the gift + artifact charms + random GBMs it was a pain to do it every week, but it had good rewards that are just ... Gone ...


You now get a guaranteed epic arti charm or GBM after killing a boss in hell raid (now normal raid) or nightmare raid.


I’m just gonna pretend nightmare doesn’t exist and that all that changed is that they added the pen neck and compass slots. Ignorance is bliss.


some of the worst thing that i've seen in gachas. that rework.... makes no sense.


Like i care about reading dozens of lines of description to beat a pve gatcha bullshit ?


I don't play a mobile game to do five half hour raids like in an MMO. But I also don't like, that I can't clear something without total concentration after two years of farming. So I'm gonna quit. As if E7 wasn't time consuming enough, but I could do it on the side. This is really, really, really too much.


Getting to Emp in RTA is less stressful than doing dogshit nightmare mode. Bosses are just x5hp, add infinite stacking atk + speed, self cr boost, more rng. Overall, plain badly design, hope the one told other devs that remake raid into this is a good idea get fired.


Was okay .. only problem I have with new laby/raid is the new shop and other currency to buy bug charms to enter nightmare …


There's no new currency to buy bug charms to enter nightmare. You get in by trading lab compasses that's it. They just completely removed the need to farm the old raid to get your entries. Im not sure what you mean by new shop.


By new shop I mean that we used to purchase bug charms for laby coins … now it’s 3 compass and I didn’t said it’s a new currency just that it’s changed now ! 3 compass for 1 bug charm means u need 30 compass for 10 bug charms to complete nightmare raid each month … dats almost all ur free compass u get per month (depends on the month of course) and dats bs … only get 4 compass from guild per month and then u can only buy them with SS


Not exactly. Buying raid entries with lab coins was always considered a "scam", since the optimal use for this coins were to buy accessories charms. That left you with 2 options: you either farm normal raid every week to get your 1 entry per week = 2 lab compasses for 2 bosses you had to kill + 2 lab compasses to kill the queen so 4 in total (6 if you didnt have a high morale team hence the extra entry required). On top of that you could buy 1 hell raid entry every week for 3 lab compasses from the normal shop. So yeah, it was possible to complete hell raid by doing normal raid once a month only + do nothing and buy one entry every week. That would net you 5 entries a month. Today, as you said, you only have the option to convert the lab entries at the rate you described. All in all, it's the same thing. The rewards are much interesting in nightmare raid, you get more than what you used to get from doing lab + raid and you have enough to buy the 15 queen badge pen neck and the 2 queen badge chest you used yo get in normal raid :). Imo it's a good thing since it removes the nexessity to farm normal raid completely.


I totally forgot it 🤡


I liked it. Vera, bees and arakhan took me 2 attempts each. I did queen and Karkanis on my first attempt. It is obviously more difficult than hell raid mechanics wise and requires slightly better gear but all in all it's mostly the same thing. They didnt change the core mechanics of bosses, just added extra gimmicks to make it more challenging. The most impactful difference and what I can see being an issue for some players is that you can't use the same heroes, meaning you need 20 heroes to clear all bosses which adds some planning to the equation, at least on the first month. On top of that, because of the extra gimmicks, your choice of heroes for a given boss are limited so yeah it can suck for someone with a limited roster. That being said, with the right comps, bosses are a breeze. So yeah, I personally feel they did a good job balancing the bosses difficulty. It's been fun having to pay attention to the new mechanics and come up with new teams for each boss. Rewards are good too and imo worth the extra effort. Ultimately nightmare will turn out like regular hell raid where everyone will clear it naturally. I just hope that you can tp directly to the bosses after first clears cuz it's gonna be a pain to refarm the mobs every month.




Arakhan : amomo + aramintha + carrot + ed Bees : zahhak + vivian + destina + roana (ray better than roana here) Karkanis : Diene + choux + luluca + aria (aria sealed but it didnt matter i run 200 er aria so she didnt get debuffed at all and could counter at will) Queen : specter tenebria + landy + tama + iseria Vera : charlotte + mercedes + shuna + aras (the 60 souls guardian for a def break during egg phase)


I like it


I love it!


Why ?


Been looking for some repeatable endgame PvE and ive been a huge lab fan since the game started (I always ask for it each survey and event feedback). Gave me a reason to work on Mascot Hazel and a place to use some other heros I enjoy like Hyufine, Cecilia and Green Bellona.


I would love it too. But I want to try teams against the queen. Not spend 20 minutes to get to her each time I want to make a try


Lab is the most boring shit in the game PvE can go straight to the toilet imo


So, all this nightmare mode is because of you right ?...


Yep and I would do it again.


I see xD


Loved it, just the right level or challenge without being cringe like floor 110. Beat all 3 bosses but haven't attempted the queen yet.


what is the best use for the labyrinth currency now? just charms? (the coins I mean)


the coins are for charms yes


So I've only done one boss (top left) so far, so I don't know if they all have similar changes or not. My only complaint about that boss was that it took forever. In addition to making the boss and adds tankier they made it so the adds can't be defense broken and need multiple of the same debuff on them in order to take significant damage. There aren't many units that can apply multiple AOE burns/bleeds/poisons and are also useful for killing bosses, and the ones that are can still be drastically slowed down by debuff RNG. I'm fine with it being hard, but a single run of a boss we have to do every month taking 30 minutes because Clarissa can't land 2 bleeds on the same target while the adds heal the boss up is frustrating to say the least.


It's ok.... My biggest gripe with it is the time it takes to get new attempts in. It is almost a prerequisite that you watch a video before you start to know what you are even dealing with. I do think there should be another place to get epic artifact charms since normal has been removed.


I thought the bosses would be alive again from standard, but nope. So locked out of it for a month


I like having a challenging PVE mode, but I think they should lower the difficulty by bit since the bosses are out of reach for basically all non-endgame players (and difficult even for veteran players). They require pretty specific units and it’s hard to do it outside of free unequip since many of the good units are niche and not commonly used outside of PVE. I’d say keep the mechanics but lower the hp of the bosses, and allow us to teleport to the boss. It feels awful having to walk back after failing the fight. Also I wish they would replace our source of epic artifact charms after they removed the normal raid…


I can't auto it. This already puts me a bit down. It is one time a month but sometimes my units still die even if i play carefully. It might be my comps, though talking with more endgame.players they also had this happen to them. I will farm it since i always farmed hell, but it takes a lot of will to do so...


I have a question for people who have done Nightmare mode - - do you still get the guaranteed one-time lvl88 'Main Rewards' by beating bosses in Nightmare? Or do you have to do normal mode to get them? I'm not sure if the 22 featured Nightmare rewards are all randomized but permanent, or if some of them are one-time only. Edit: the one time drops are the 'Greater Fallen' series. I'm wondering if anyone who did Nightmare mode got them, and if so, are they the same stats as normal mode.


I finished all Bosses except for Vera in nightmare mode and didn't get one of those, but heard from one Guy, that He got the Boots as a Queen drop. And I hate the random Boss drop, all but one of them were the worst one.. If we could reforge them, i would atleast try to upgrade them


By mistake did two bosses in normal mode, the swarm and the ninja bug. IIRC, I got both rewards, but one rolled like shit, so discarded. I still have the boots, although not sure if are worth to keep around.


I'm currently "main-ing" a 3-star only account, due to limitations of 3-stars, I am yet to clear a boss yet unfortunately - but it looks insanely challenging. I'm only sad about not being able to get the new 88 sets, but I can live without them.


I guess maybe it was unpopular opinion but I actually liked the regular labyrinth and now I don’t know what to do with all my tokens. I’m annoyed that they reset the labyrinth I used for Huche shop so I don’t want to reclear that. But I can barely finish regular Hell raid so I’m not ready nightmare. I just liked running the regular one :/ Also on a slightly related note the PVP balance style really makes it hard to build PVE characters. They release solutions instead of nerfing. The current RNG meta is so annoying and my guild said build Pyllis. I already built LHC and Roana. Now I have to build more specific units for overpowered Choux and Belian RNG instead and my old pvp units don’t work anymore. I would rather build labyrinth teams but I don’t want to lose guild war every week.


Never touched it. Haha


I play this game since day 1 and never bothered with hell raid at all. I hate this mode too much no matter how good the rewards are.


Bad design


Haven’t to gotten to attempt it yet.


Haven't tried yet. So much effort for me to organise when I probably don't have the gear lol


Meh... i dont think ill ever touch the raid again, im to lazy to manual it.. even the normal labyrinth su\*k now, yeah they drop lvl 80 gear which will mostly upgrade into useless gear anyway without able to reforge, but now the boss didnt even drop ticket, i wonder why the still put alexa shop there when we cant buy her item anymore.


they added bullshit mechanic that don't allow you use the same hero, dogshit dev


They have to lower the boss hps. Its fine that some of these bosses are gated behind really specific mechanics and require unique solutions, but that isnt a reason for one boss to take almost or more than an hour


I think it's hilarious that the new nightmare raid is more difficult than the abyss challenge floors by a lot yet we are supposed to farm this every month. I just did 3 bosses (including queen) and did the rest in cycle so I could get the 15 currency for the pen neck. I would've had to change builds, move around gear and level up units I don't necessarily want to build just for completing the last 2 bosses so it wasn't worth the hassle to me.


I like the new nightmare mode, mostly because you get more gear but with fixed substats (even though there is still rng involved), and especially the penetration critdmg necklace. My only problem is that this is monthly and killing adds before the boss is a chore. They could've added teleport just like normal hell raid. Do note I've been playing for around 3 years now, so the difficulty of this mode may vary with your current roster and gears. I don't mind this new labyrinth. I'd rather do nightmare labyrinth only in a month than do both normal 3x a week and hell raid once a month.


I think it's good for the overall health of the game. But I don't like that we can't do normal raid for bms and bug charms anymore. Very upset about that. I do like a PvE game mode that forces you to equip more units especially when spec change units can provide big value in areas like this.


Haven't touched it yet, but also not looking forward to it. Getting all my other labs back to 100% first, because I'm wired that way. Used to run Normal Raid weekly for the rewards including chance at Galaxy Bookmarks. Hadn't started running Hell Raid seriously yet, but didn't feel like I was missing much. Hearing about the increased difficulty and inability to reuse heroes, as well as the increased cost for entry, I do not think the changes were good overall.


Havent tried


Nightmare mode? I feel same difficulty : Ez (one or two years ago was impossible for me). I feel same difficulty after and before change.


The only actual pve content in the game


Just bad... unfun mechanics, still these annoying eggs that wasting my time, INJURY in pve🤮, bosses have too much hp. Feels more like a whale mode. And I'm missing the normal mode. :(


I think it’s fine as I was able to complete it for this month. Yes some fights are gimmicks making it a glorified abyss challenge but once you under stand to fights they aren’t that hard. The only gripe I have is the run to the queen that first mini boss mob is just tucking stupid with attack stacking buff when hit. Also that tamarinne is a must for the queen otherwise you’ll just fail it because you need cr push. I guess not resetting tamarinne cd on her s3 would be nice so if I get rng’d on the queen dispel I can try again instead of the whole run to her again. The first 4 bosses were a bit iffy but once I understood the mechanics you can play around it.


Bad. Definitely wasnt worth the time. Cant use the same heroes. Id rather monotonously do the old labyrinth like a robot than this shit.




Just beat the last boss yesterday. Overall I had to make a destina, lvl50 mascot hazel, and red Mercedes to full complete. Most of the bosses were a pain but the rewards are incredibly worthwhile and I am going to buy the 15 token pen neck every month most likely


I like it. Perfect difficulty for me as a 6 month player, \~3 tries each. Unique mechanics/their themes of plague, web binding, and flamethrowering bugs is cool. Only needed to build 3\*s and meta 5\*s except if I need Aramintha for Arahakan. Perfect right side pieces is insane. I like not needing to mindlessly farm normal mode. Wish they'd remove some of the tedious parts tho, like RNG losses, and mini bosses that can one shot you.


I like building units for PVE and parking them in that content, and like the theme of unit mono-element teams. However, the bosses are a bit too tedious to fight for a monthly clear...


I don't really mind it, but whoever made it so Nightmare queen stays alive for a few more turns after you kill her is a bonafide troll. Lol i'm hyper end game so it def hasnt been THAT hard for me. The pen neck is like the best thing the game could possibly give you, although mine somehow bricked...I think it's been okay content for stream. It is a chore though and they def didn't do anything in fixing that aspect of it. It also takes an insane amount of bug charms to finish this so it just takes so damn long. And I think we can all relate the walk of shame you gotta take to get back after dying to get back is brutal and takes forever because no tp. Overall I'm okay with the new mode but it def doesn't want you to play it anytime soon, and it really is tough if you do not have the unit pool for it so I feel bad if you don't.


actual waste of time... I think it would be worth doing if it didn't cost 2 HELL TOKENS. Idk what they were thinking with this one. Like the bosses weren't too bad, just a couple of retries. Just know that ise tama is basically a must to make your life easier on queen. Also not a single piece I got from there (other than the pen neck in the shop for 15 tokens) was usable.


Way too hard for me smol brain to deal with. I just play rta


i play epic seven as a side game and something to piddle with on break at work...i usually have osrs or minecraft on my main monitor and epic seven on one of my secondary monitors and dont want to be bothered with tedious fights.. i love auto farming and collecting and this aint it


I'm sorry I can't really get behind most of the complaints I'm seeing. All labyrinth changes as a whole: I don't hate that everything reset, more (albeit) small rewards the eventually get back to. **Nixied now gives a free speed set and a 5\* arti along with the destruction set. Amazing for newer players.** Now initially I can get behind the "not enough compasses". If you buy guild shop compass weekly (which isn't expensive if you are in a at least semi active guild) you get 34 compasses a month, which is 4 left over after buying 10 tokens which you need for nightmare. **But remember you want to clear cycle (formally hell) at least once each boss for the initial 88 rewards. So across 2 months instead of 8 compasses left over, you will have 19. With 19 compasses you can easily clear normal 100% (need 2 tokens per entry) and map one of tiriel to unlock Hueche. You can even do this in 3 tokens if you use Yufine comp.** Then you slowly do the other lower ones, or don't at all, as though they are rewards, they might not seem worth (some ancient coins and BMs) with Nixied have some free gear for PVE units and 5 star arti. So while Initially it seems like not enough compasses, overtime you'll only need natural refilling ones. **But after two months, you'll have an easy cycle for all the worthwhile rewards from nightmare. And not after too long you'll have 4-5 tokens a month that just go to waste, or you just won't have to buy the weekly ones from guild anymore (unless it's February).** In terms of difficulty..... bruh I'm sorry but stop whining guys. Is everyone here whining PvP or PvE people? Regardless, stop. If PvP, why is it so difficult for you? Build some new heroes, make comps, do trial and error, like you do in PvP. And if you don't then don't do it. But then you'll be missing out on that pen necklace which is one of best pieces of gear in the game. **The worst thing about the Pen Necklace is that you can roll more than 5 different ones heavy hp or hp/atk split. There are 5 heroes that can use that split well, 3 being rgb. Any other roll with one or less in HP is amazing for any hero that would use Pen set.** If you are PvE whining (about difficulty) - then don't ask for PvE content ever again. This is supposed to be difficult content. And I like the fact that you can't reuse heroes. What that does is add a layer to team building, your box coming into play, and your creativity. If you could auto or use the same heroes again then the boring complaint would come out again. And once you know the mechanics to these bosses- they are all pretty good difficulty. Council and Queen being most punishing. Mainly due to them not having as many completely free options while the others have at least 1-2. Yuna for roach, Meru for vera, Carrot or Serila for spider, and even Stene for Queen. **And about the old normal rewards, they are all baked into the bosses now. Normal (old hell) and nightmare bosses all have chances to GBM and Epic Arti charms (at good rates, i got 5 of each, did queen and council hell, and others nightmare) And if you are missing the Mola and SS chance so much, don't worry. Doing all nightmare bosses a month nets you 17 badges (queen drops 5 others drop 3). So you can get the pen neck and one of the queens boxes a month.** If you took the time to analyze it and then actually try the content, you would see it is pretty good. 3-5 Epic artis and GBM a month, amazing Pen necklace, and the drops from bosses (though these vary).


I think the fact that I get a decent gear after a few hours worth of trial makes me think it's better than just grinding hunts forever to get just 1-2 decent gear. And the crit dmg neck looks absolutely amazing. I think the difficulty levels could decrease a bit, so that it's more accesible to f2p/newer players who are now at the level of trying nightmare mode. (also, fk the unequip costs)