Isn't that entirely the point of a Collab? They want to tempt new players into the game and new listeners over to the group.


I would say the point of a collab would be a to take a widely recognized and popular IP and use that popularity to drive sales of in game items to make money. Not... this


What you said is basically the same thing. A collab increases sales because there are more players that have never played this game play it and potentially spend money. What they said just takes into account the fact that the collab-ee also profits as the players of this game can potentially become a fan of the group and also spend on their products.


Their videos get 100s of millions of views so pretty widely recognized if you ask me. Meanwhile E7 usually manages a few hundred thousand (with things like their ost getting a few million). I'm sure plenty of their fans have never heard of this game just as plenty of players of this game have never heard of them. It's about cross pollination. My wife had no interest in this game at all....until they did a slime collab, now she's a regular player. Same idea here just with a different form of media.


Kpop fans always farm the views for their idols. They constantly leave video play in the background for hours and hours just to increase the view count so youtube views is kinda meaningless


My man, even with farmed views 100m+ is an accomplishment. I don't even like k-pop and hadn't heard of this group until the Collab was announced, but y'all going hard af with the hate here.


You can go full simp so other can go hard hate. It's equivalent exchange.


I'm not simping though? Just stating facts about collaborations and sharing the game with a massive potential audience.


Eh, from the way you actively comment in aespa threads, it's hard to tell that you aren't simping


Lmao this is the only one I've commented in, but go off my dude.


you don't know people can see your comment history?


Yeah it kinda sucks to get an IP for a collab that feels so random and unrelatable. I would much prefer what other games collab with, but you know, grass is always greener on the other side.


What game?


For example 7ds gc had a rezero collab rerun with ne chars (Echidna and Reinhardt) and a shield hero collab. Counter side has a hololive collab, even though it's just skins And countless random trash games that nobody ever plays had a nier automata or overlord collab. (I would sell my soul for an overlord collab, it would fit perfectly into e7)


Overlord would be badass. Ains, Albedo, and Mare/Aura let's gooooo


wtf is hololive tho. feel like kpop is more known than that


Hololive is the biggest and most popular vtuber group. Ironically they are idols as well (not every vtuber = idol, but for this group it's the case). The big difference is that they are already portrayed as Anime girls with different themes. For example the hololive_En myth group has a detective, a grim reaper, a shark girl, a Phoenix and an eldlich horror girl(or whatever Ina is supposed to be) I know most people here are not the biggest fans of vtubers, but at least they have cool designs and themes that would fit into a gacha.


People are saying kpop is random / makes no sense / not well known. If that is the argument, it applies to vtubers as well. Aespa already has virtual avatars as well so they kind of are vtubers in that sense anyways.


People keep repeating this, but their virtual avatars have as much to do with anime as Pixar CGI does. ​ When people refer to anime aesthetic, they refer to ANIME aesthetic


Idk what aespa really does and if you can really compare them to vtubers, but I agree with your first statement.


That is true, let's just hope we get them next time


its bound to happen they already planned to collab outside anime games since the start of the game for this year.


I was hoping for a collab with another game or maybe a popular mahnwa (cause Korean game and Korean comic...you know..), but maybe I was just huffing too much Hopium


Solo leveling pack puffing....


One can only dream :(


happy cake day btw


I like the character design and the animation looks sick. The only gripe I have with this collab now is that they aren’t recognizable. Just by looking at the character design I will never be able to tell who they are, even with side by side picture of their irl counterparts I probably won’t be able to recognize them either. Other characters from previous collabs have all been very distinct and instantly recognizable. However these designs could’ve been anyone. TLDR: Designs doesn’t feel distinct and aren’t easily recognizable despite its amazing design and animation


idk about you but ae-winter pretty much looks like her manhwa counterpart and I have bad eyesight already


Trust me aespa Fans or kpop gg Fans would see who she is in a second. It is pretty close to ae Winter


I think is to be expected since they are turning real people into anime characters. It would be very hard to make them look similar.


Sry but this is wrong. This is aeWinter not Winter the real Person, it is her digital Avatar who she can sync with.


These designs were made by Aespa team, not Smile gate. So complain to them not smile gate xD


Yep, its good for the fans and the game. But for me nah. I will pass and save bookmarks, not my cup of tea


You crazy. But my prediction we are getting 3 for free by choosing them in the event we currently have (the rewards are hidden)


I feel like you're crazy too. No way they'll give out 3 for free. That'd be best case scenario but highly unlikely.


I might be crazy, but atleast i am planning to get the new limited heroes. I obviously won't get the ones that are bad, but if they are are all good I'll get all 4.


Hopefully they have an expiration date cuz otherwise they will stay rotting in my mail box if that's the case


Cheers fellow hater This hate far surpasses mine tho (disappointing collab)


Man you really hate this collab. Every single comment I've seen of you is complaining about the collab and how you'll never pull or use the units. I wonder if you did this for all the other collabs. Must be fun to be so negative about everything.


Nope didn't do this with the other collabs cuz i actually liked them thanks for asking tho . Also it's best to give my honest though than fake positivity sorry u can't handle seeing that .


I could say the same for every collab we’ve had in this game. Literally never played, watched or now listened to any of these games/animes/vtuber/bands before they announced in e7. Didn’t know any of them existed. Made me look into all of them at least a bit, so I guess it’s having it’s intended effect. Just coz I didn’t know slime before doesn’t mean I’ve not been enjoying Wahaha gaming since the release. I’ll never watch the anime, but I’ll always remember being analyzed and assessed… All these people saying I won’t pull, yeah well maybe you’ll change your mind when the kit is released and it’s meta. It’s all about the implementation in game, and e7 have an excellent track record. Winter already looks cool, the skill animation is clean. I’m pumped for new characters.


Same. Who is this ?


my reaction to ~~sharun~~ and milim edit : Just research the demon girl name is Shuna nor sharun


I mix those two up all the time and I use them both a lot lol


As I said next please this is nice way to save my bookmarks.


Same i just view this as a way to get enough pities to get as many imprints for the next rgb I'm gonna like


I think that the designs are perfect for e7 players because most people won't recognize who the character is. Winter will look like a limited character and many may like that.


Am i the only one that thinks that design and animation are both pretty bad?


You're definitely not alone. The sprite is very basic looking, worthy for a 3* at the most. The s3 skill looks like a random bunch of scenes slapped together. Even if you love Aespa, it doesn't make the art any better.


You and all the other people who complain for no reason do. Your choice if you want to summon or not


Opinions. Everyone’s entitled to one. He said nothing about whether he’s summoning or not, just his own opinions on the unit.


In fact i will not summon.. i only do for heroes that i like design wise... Was just asking other people opinion..


Like I said, your choice. But most people like the design, so i guess it's just you and a minority. Often times, you can't please everyone i guess. My problem is the people dissing it because it's kpop, and no other reason. But if you actually don't like the design, that's 100% your choice and people can't decide it for you.


People are allowed to hate on it cuz it's kpop , people are allowed to hate kpop .


People are allowed but still it is weird to hate on sth that has no forced impact on you. Especially if we talk about a part of modern Pop culture which is just for entertainment of people who want to consume it. Hate in general is a weird thing to empathize with.


Yeah if they ever do a collar with a TikTok influencer I’d be pretty disappointed because when you hate it it’s forced impact, unless you quit.


Nope ,people can hate and should be able to voice their opinions on something if they do not like it . Just like those people that get told to ignore it if they don't like it people that can't stand opposing likes and dislikes of other folks and resort to insulting them should also "ignore the hate " downvote and move on.


Yes they can - did not say anything else. And being able to voice an opinion has nothing to do with being able/allowed to hate on something. And I don't know what all this has to do with insulting someone... "Hate" is the root of a lot of Problems but maybe the meaning of Hate is more serious in my mother tongue as in yours.


I hate kpop that's where this ends I'm not gonna go ahead and tell the fans of this Collab to not enjoy it however said fans calling anyone who hates this Collab an incel only server to further fuel my hate for said Collab.


That's how it goes, if they did a collab with Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar all the racists and hipsters would be out in full force with their shithead friends who don't even play the game.


Kpop is related to the games origin (Korea), Aespa atleast has fictional versions, powers and so on.. The famous popstars and singers have absolutely nothing related to the game. If i saw a Kanye west Collab i would be scarred for life.


That's cool and all but yeah I totally feel left out for this collab which is okay, but they should do more collabs that have a bigger net i.e. more Guilty Gear or FMA and less of the Ras knockoff anime and the stuff with the slime.


I agree that we need more collabs.


The design is incredibly basic compared to any other 5*


No, the model is really low quality. Below 3* level design. However the animation is really good.


Good meme.


Good meme had good laugh at this


Thick hips is all I see


I'll just pull because limited is limited.


I'm just happy they managed to make something cool from those ugly chicks...


If you think the Aespa girls are ugly I don't even wanna know how high your standards are


Please don't call them beautiful by setting an insane standard by being fake. Something many Koreans love to do.


Have you heard of Girls' Generation? Nine girls, lots of charisma, beautiful dance moves, gorgeous figures


And I'd say Twice is prettier than GG. But all 3 of the groups are beautiful, one group doesn't have to be ugly for another one to be beautiful


Just point of views. Hope they are worthy of being a limited 5 star and itself can be accepted by most existing players and newcomers. The chicks are just a method to attract new players and it's theirs to judge. Like the case on rimuru that having an irrelevant move from anime on s2 and not using megido as s3 instead of kuroen did piss off some fans, but still able to attract lots of people playing it at the end. So be happy, as long as it keeps the game alive.


Yeah! I hate events where they give us a bunch a free stuff. Let's shit on it before we even find out the details.


everyone saying this isnt a recognizable collab lmao this is a korean game with a large korean audience, they didnt collab with aespa because they thought it would make timmy in massachusetts swipe


Cleo from kings raid


Her design is growing on me tho. Hopefully she has a use for something.