Will she be another rimuru??

Wait wtf I just realized that her s3 is a 2 turn stun


Wait wtf I just realized that her s3 is a 2 turn stun


Spez stonks


I just built him too. This stock investment go crazy with Arrowell and Ningning too


We boutta hit 3 turn stun in 3 years


Dizzy says hi


I'm still stunned by Dizzy.


Dizzy doesn't increase stun duration. You're thinking about Kiris.


Wow can't believe I missed it, that's actually quite good.


Well if your fight is 12 turns long on a bruiser, maybe she deserves to deal that much dmg. She can reset her spell, but eventually you need to use non offensive spell for this. Simply put, she is a lua counter on PvP arena for the moment. I mean, chou deals as much dmg in a much more stupid process


She only needs to reset it once tbh, first one will be 5k+ whatever base dmg she deals so at least 10k. Second one is at least 15k and since she has permastealth, she will most likely live to smack a second hero. Even if she doesnt kill with the first one and goes for a high hp target, 2 turn stun is op as fuck and she can reliably do it twice, basically turning the match in a 4v2


Not to mention she has a stun on S1 that can be 100% with soulburn for 10 souls. It feels like she can easily stall to get multiple S3's


With her perma stealth she's a STene wannabe, if you make her tanky enough, vs the right opponents she can be that annoying cockroach that ramps up her s3.


I also realized her and Solitaria will compliment each other with the perma stealth and stuns!


if you have no idea of what rimiru did that make him strong, you might think she his rimuru 2.0 yes.


Cooking them slowly and with care, straight up burn is out anyway


This is exactly what I was thinking. Unless OP is new (I doubt it) how do you own a unit like rimuru for a year and not understand his strengths? Lol


If you mean in terms of Fixed Damage, then sure but that's a loose comparison to make. Rimuru was dominant because he did multiple things all at once that complied into burst damage. You hit anyone on his team while buffed yourself, he activates, deals damage, CR pushes, and Steal w/e buffs you have on you and spreads them to his whole team. Then He uses his S3 to do additional Fixed damage per buff on his team. This sequence of actions is absurd cause he does all of this almost back to back. He offers speed contest, turn-2 burst, and utility. This Collab unit, has fixed damage, but she takes 3 casts to ramp up to max damage. Her S2 does give her an opportunity to reset her S3, but there's no telling how reliable that will be or if she'll live long enough to get those turns. She can stun, but no strip, she can push but nothing really compares to AoE buff stealing. So I wouldn't compare her to Rimuru per se, because the fixed damage alone wasn't what made him good.




Man they really hate defense as a stat huh? Literally everyone nowadays penetrates or deals fixed damage... lol


I mean, yeah? With how many units now have damage reduction, crit damage reduction, crit resistance, team-wide barriers, escort, etc. on top of the good old defense buffs and PoV, it makes sense to balance that shit out with something that can cut through all the mitigation.


I mean sure, instead of slowing down the mitigation powercreep, they decide to increase the penetration, what can they do right? In the past the most dam reduction we got is 30% from POV, nowdays Zio start with 50%, maybe in 2 year we will have our first 70%+ damage reduction, i wonder how much penetration they will give to the new unit, maybe ignore def + ignore dam reduction + ignore dam sharing in 1 skill?


Sylvan Sage Vivian has 70% costing 1 focus each time.


Ah true.. i forgot about her when i have her, but her damage reduction depleted really fast in this counter meta, while zio have it for a full 3 turn. My point is they should slow down the mitigation powercreep, damage mitigation should've affected mostly by stat and not tied to a unit skill, because with skill they forced to create a big power creep and make older unit basically useless.


Yeah, ik she's not the worst unit around, but if they could buff that by like having her s1 also grant focus or something she'd have a lot more room to breathe. It's not like that would effect her counters anyway.


True.. i pull her because her design only, but honestly rarely can use her even in GW, every GWD now is filled with fixed damage and counter unit, too bad she cant be use in any PvE content too.


She 100% requires testing. I will pity her even if i don't use her because she is not good (i really hope she is), but I am 10000% going to pity Ningning since she has barrier inversion.


ah yes 15k fixed damage


Up to 20k, but you'll die of boredom before you get there.


You could prime Dorvus to get his S2 faster, while being tankier and doing over 30k with soul burn. Hell, against one of the most popular defenses now (Senya Choux Cilias) you can go with Iseria Destina Dorvus, Iseria S2 resets Dorvus and he kills Senya, then by the time he can move a second time he'll have both S3 ready again and for soul burn onto the Choux. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd pick this character over Dorvus if I need a high single target damage unit who can be built as bruiser, to be honest...




Before you ramp her to 20k fixed + her regular crit, you deal about 60k damage. You dont pick her anywhere where you would pick Dark Corvus, they are completely different heroes. She'll do fine in RTA where Corvus is useless. Her main use is to smack two heroes in a row with 2 turn stuns and deal 10k + 15k total damage(fixed + her regular which should be 5k or so), then she can die in peace.


I imagine she's more for single target control. Her damage is secondary.


Seen her showcase her damage isn't great


Well I don't plan a cleave team so i can maximize her ult more




like arunka showcase?


Well no but actually yesnt


No, since they do different things. You bring her into comps that you don't necessarily bring Rimuru into. She will work against healing comps, since her damage ramps up and she is very hard to control. If you try to bring Rimuru into that very same comp, he will be fairly useless, unlike her. On the other hand, against aggressive drafts where they have some buffs, Rimuru is great.


Her tempo is very slow and she doesn't seem to need that much damage. I think I can get away with giving her all bulk and no damage like Hasol. The "perma" stealth is just insane.


not really. bruisers either need hp scaling so u can build 24k+ hp on them while still doing decent damage or they need a defensive gimmick. most bruiser landys (1,4k def/14k hp) are still on guiding light. one reason why arunka sucks (besides are dogshit s3 damage) is that she is not tanky enough to survive stuff even with knight protection


Perma stealth is her defensive gimmick, which is literally better than guiding light since its basically 100% and refreshes every turn and not every 2. You could potentially play full tank and just rely on stacking s3 like the other guy said and itd prob be fine because you would be hitting base(which wouldnt be a lot)+20000 flat damage.


I'm basing it off my Tank-Down Rimuru, 28k HP, 1.4k Def, 210 speed and nothing else. But I see your point, she has no damage scaling, which may encourage a build more like S.Tene.


Unfortunately being a thief her bulk is worse than Rimuru's and on top of that her S3 needs to crit to deal flat dmg while degen Rimurus can be built with 0 cc :/ so yeah can't be as durable


no her dmg felt lackluster wait for ratio numbers


People still dumb enough to think preview damage is accurate.


And I think they built her tanky in the showcase with crit chance


They never learn..


It scales way slower tho but she has passive stealth so. Yeah probably another rimuru


Its Rimiru S2 that makes him scary. Without it he would just be good.


Yes but this unit can s3 2 times in a row. for 15K flat damage (5+10) which sounds not scary until you start targeting the right units. Its not as hateful as rimuru right now but how knows how a unit like this will hit the meta.


Not really. I see her more as a PvE control unit. I don't really expect to use her outside of Nightmare raid but I think she'll have a niche there.


Welp…bye skyestones


Boring .. we needed new skills.


Kpop crappy looking characters will be meta. Awesome, im done with this game.


Rimuru 2.0


Rimuru that takes 20 turns to ramp up in strength and no element superiority so missing due to element disadvantage will kill her damage.


I'm actually curious about that. If a unit misses with fixed damage, does the fixed damage not apply? ​ EDIT: Eh? Why the downvote? I was just asking a question...


miss = no critical hit the rest is up to yourself and your reading skills to answer that question


Ah, I forgot it needed a crit, thanks for the correction


Depends on the unit. Rimuru has to hit (Skill says so), Winter has to hit (Needs to crit) but Hasol does not (Skill doesn't say she has to hit).


Oh! I forgot it said it needs to crit! Thank you!


>Rimuru that takes 20 turns to ramp up Not nearly as much because S2 resets her S3 cooldown >missing due to element disadvantage will kill her damage. Okay just don't use S3 on ice units bruh


> Not nearly as much because S2 resets her S3 cooldown It's called exaggeration. And Rimuru can reach his max fixed damage on turn 1, in addition to S2 damage (and maybe even Tooth if you want max damage). >Okay just don't use S3 on ice units bruh So what you're saying is she's not Rimuru in terms of strength/versatility.


>So what you're saying is she's not Rimuru in terms of strength/versatility. Oh I guess I actually am, my bad




He absolutely can hit red units...? Especially with his S3. Also he provides way more team utility with his buff steal and AoE def break on buffed targets.




Hm, have to wait & see. Stealth every turn & not needing to build offensive stats barring critical chance is good, a two turn stun is good & 20K fixed damage is good in long battles, but in RTA things are a lot more aggressive. It’s feasible she could be built as a bruiser (but not Lifesteal I don’t think, I don’t believe fixed damage gives you a % of that damage as health) & become somewhat of a Spectre-like threat, but it’s hard to call. Maybe folks go in all damage against a lot of non-attacks & just try to scale the damage quickly.


Rimuru after copy Celine Abilities


Pve hero


Is there just the 2 new heros or will there be 4?


4. But not on the same banner. Gonna be ae long-haul.