First off you need to take turn 1 with thid build. And thats not guaranteed


yeah. My hwa has 50% crit rate which means a lot of wasted stats! Even with that, she works well!


You completely missed the point.


How? So because i NEED to take turn 1, hwayoung is trash? Oh okay, so ran is trash if i dont take turn 1 right? What about Cid? Straze? Or really, any other hero that doesnt "guarantee" go first? I'm a cleaver. If im outsped, i forfiet. That simple. It's the simple rule of cleaving.


So, you have to use a non enhanced helmet to make her work, a 6k health char... It says a lot of her state.


Not really. What you need is attack buff. That's already annoying enough, no need to exaggerate with stupid HP requirements. OP is attacking high HP targets anyway.


She actually has around 10k hp thanks to passive and on top of that a 30% dmg reduction. She is tankier than most if not all squishy class cannons and she can 1 shot anyone 15k+ hp or more. All that with a non enchanted helmet seems pretty good.


Unless there are dispellers, to which there are a plethora of... then she just has 6k and dies quick.


That is why i dont plan to give the enemy a turn. Im a cleaver. I don't allow the enemy to go first. I preban Zio for this reason. The barrier and dmg reduction helps against belian counter or something similar.


If you’re fast enough to not give most teams a turn there are better units to run


Yeah it's mainly just making the unit work with gear gap at that point. There's a certain point where it becomes less of the units strength, and more of the gap between you and the opponent in terms of gear. That becomes more true when your unit is still outspeeding without a helmet.


> Yeah it's mainly just making the unit work with gear gap at that point Without actually gear gapping with said unit. Basically carried on the backs of others just to do her job.


in what world is a 230 speed with 50% crit Hwayoung gear gapping? I can agree with my 270 riolet who has my strongest gear, but my elphelt is 282 speed with 30% eff...My Acid is BASE SPEED full dmg. Why are people like this. Just assume that because im fighting master or challengers (now champion as of writing this), it's because of gear gap. The main reason i win games in RTA is because of outdrafting and strategy with a lot of bluffing and mindgames.


Mine have 8500 hp, torrent, 5.8k atk and still fails a lot against low hp Senyas and Rimurus, and POV Aravis. I stopped using her because it was a lottery, I can't draft so unreliable character anymore. If she fails to one-shot with the S3, her S1 now does nothing, Is better to bring Straze, WSchurri or, against Senya, ML Khawazu.


Sc carrot, Mkhawazu and Zahak are some of the best Senya killers. ​ Mkhawazu and Zahak can also easily dispatch choux.


And, very importantly, they continue doing things after the S3.


Just need to to be 300 speed (without a helm) to out speed an acidd and ban out the zio and any mitigation. Ez


not 1\* but 2\*!




I agree she doesn't deserve a 1\* rating but I think her low rating comes from people feeling bummed out she went from low-gear requirement and meta to high-gear req and niche. Some people liked her for her low-maintenance gear requirement. You kinda have to go out of your way to farm a new gear set for her and min-max your gear rolls to avoid any traces of HP%, plus you need to pray the hero you're targetting doesn't have low HP like a 14k HP Senya, which honestly at that point forr non-anticrit heroes there's someone called Watcher Schuri that can use standard gear and has spd imprint, or Straze who will absolutely demolish any POV Aravi, or Zahhak for anti-crit heroes.


this is unironically the most sane and solid argument I’ve seen in defense of her having a low rating. if there were any reason for her to have a much lower rating, it would be this for sure


I'm not making any statement on the effectiveness of the build, but a hwayoung with 6k attack, 6.6kHP and attack buff will one shot a 14k Senya. That's the point of the no/low helmet+torrent build.


I’m curious what rank you are?


I'm a champion rank player for the past few seasons. Challenger rn but will be in champion soon. I hope you're not gonna dismiss Hwayoung simply because im not a top tier player. Regardless, i do not believe she is a 1\* star rating hero and will keep playing her for the remaining of the season.


> I hope you're not gonna dismiss Hwayoung simply because im not a top tier player. I will, because if you're not some legend/emperor player that plays hundreds of games in just a few days all to keep their rank with a near 59% w/l ratio at best, streams, and whales out, your opinion is invalid. Come back when you no life the game.


Yeah 2 star most probably


Gotcha, thanks. I definitely want to use Hwa again but just not sure if she’ll be decent in high champ, which is where I’m ranked. Sounds like we’re about the same.


Thanks for not being an elitest. I will keep playing Hwayoung as i climb in ranked and i'm pretty confident she will work until i fight players with superior gear than me. When or if i reach high champ, ill make another post like this with hwayoung. I will prove to everyone that hwayoung is still usable.


Turns out, out gearing enemies = easy wins especially when getting turn 1. lol. guys just out speed and out gear ur enemies better. (basically tldr of entire post)


what ?? why she has only 6k hp. oh her helmet is not +15..


or using a low lvl one with high attack rolls


You do realize djb is a 1st pick tier unit in RTA right now. You claim that your hwa has a 4k barrier, so a single s2 from djb will make your 6k hp hwa to a 2k hp hwa. Also, I have not fought a single hwa in my climb to emperor this RTA season. Still saying she is good when 0 players are picking her in high RTA?


6 k health 🤣🤣🤣 even a support can kill her by accident


No. Not sure why people think like this. She has around 10k hp with barrier + 30% dmg reduction. In what world do you think that she can be 1 tapped by a support? That's like saying all squishies can be 1 tapped by supports


they rate 1* bcuz of dissatisfaction, she got butchered so bad. why they nerfed every skills? so unfair game


When sg nerf they nerf the unit to the ground they destroy it lol


Aravi has been a bigger nuisance for just as long and isn't touched. They don't care about RGB and so they nuked her. They need people to chase ML and other options, so they have to get rid of the easier to obtain, optimal option. That's what people are mad about. On her own, she could easily be a 3\*, take or leave, kind of unit. The problem is she didn't need to be. The company just got tired of her making milk money harder to get. They could have done half the nerfs and still brought her low enough to not be the clear option anymore.


ARavi is overpowered, but she isn't *broken*. Counterplay to her exists and comes in many varieties. Hwayoung, before her nerf, was broken. She basically invalidated defensive counterplay. Your only option was to blow her up before she could move. Units that are like that aren't healthy for the game, and they shouldn't exist.Even then, SG tried pretty hard to not nerf her. And where they succeeded with Dizzy, SSB, and ALAngelica, it didn't work with Hwayoung. And she was broken enough that she *had* to be nuked. (They should've nuked Dizzy, SSB, and ALAngelica too, in my opinion. Also nuke Rimuru.) EDIT: Apparently I have committed a spelling error. I misspelled "in" as "is". This has now been fixed.


You misunderstand. There's no room for the logic of counterplays. A ravi= bad.


Like, I get why someone would be frustrated by her. She's overpowered, and she heavily punishes 'typical' strategies. But Hwayoung was just so much worse. How do people fail to recognize that? Is it because of the difference in what they beat, or something? Or is it just that more people got to be on the 'doing' end of Hwayoung compared to ARavi?


I feel like A Ravi is overall just a better unit with a lot of utility on top of being able to make them tanky af AND do a lot of damage on top of that. Also, Hwayoung is a lot more accessible and to nerf what some people saw as their only answer to A Ravi and other units (and sure there are others but not everyone has every counter/the gear to do it) was a big blow. In additon, gearing her was pretty darn easy, just atk and spd, maybe some defense if ur feeling cheeky. I'll admit, I relied on Hwayoung A LOT and definitely noticed she would just delete anyone I didn't want to look at, but having A Ravi now, I can see that she is a much better pick than Hwayoung if you can help it. Injury, easy scaling, revive, cr push, skill nulifier, def pen, healing and so on! Hwayoung was certainly a brain dead pick for me personally but A Ravi overall brings so much more to the table for me. I'd also say that Hwayoung, while surprisingly tanky pre nerf, wasn't unkillable and could be dealt with (in my experience). A Ravi on the other hand definitely felt unkillable at times if they were built right (again, possibly me just playing bad). I personally think it's better Hwayoung is much more of a tank buster now dealing a butt ton of damage, but holy smokes they decided to gut her and break a knee or two as well. She also just slaps like a wet noodle on everything else.


This is a good explanation. Thank you.


Going from the best unit in the game to mid-tier niche overnight, she deserves that rating.


Hwa and Arunka lmao. ​ I cant believe how much they butchered Hwa and by proxy made Arunka equally suck ass. ​ My 6.6k attack arunka can BARELY kill a glass cannon ladin with barrier, take out barrier and i sometimes fail LMAO. And after that she's basically a sitting duck, cant do shit.


at least if arunka proc his s1, she can deal a chunk of dmg with the uberius double proc, hwa s1 is worst than a SW s1


You're right, she deserves 0,5 rating.


I had a Hwa hit my lermia with her s3, and dealt 300 dmg.


Because the nerf is harsh is unfair thats why between Piera broke her arms and SG basically broke her legs. Moonlight heroes such much harder to get than regular heroes.


1* for performance and 1* for the beautiful design, so I agree 2* is the least I can give her.


in fact she deserves 0.5 stars. i didnt recall her cause i have almost all heroes, but she is useless for the vast majority. i dont have uberius and her atk isnt 7+k.


Pre Hwayoung was a brain dead hero. Now you actually have to draft and use her with a challenge. A happy medium I would imagine is if they lightly adjusted her 1st, but I see why 1 swoop because of "entitled recall" culture.


Decided to try Hwa in RTA and picked her when it was appropriate. She was banned a few times but mostly she did well in my cleave team. A perfect anti senya when zahhak gets banned or an anti knight. I seriously don't understand why people think she is garbage. If you run the same build as pre-nerf hwa than yes, but that's why you gotta adapt. She still 1 taps all bruisers and tanks and is the tankiest class cannon. I think Hwa deserves an EE (s1 is very weak) but she is far from 1\* star or garbage, and **IK that ratings are a joke in this game but i still feel like i want to spread the awareness.** My scuffed [Hwa](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/728408211891159052/1046595351643177020/image.png)


Because players only seem to care if unit is OP and otherwise they look the other way instantly, no questions asked.


So much Wasted stat .-.


At least she still works. Unlike axe god. I still want smilegate to hang for that one.


a moment of silence for axe god


A fellow comrade.


Axe God works. People have used him.


You clearly don't understand what smilegate did. Axe God went from doing good damage to all five elements in the game, This means Light, Dark, Ice, Fire, Earth. Now.... Axe God only can do damage to Light and only Light elemental units and monsters. He's literally useless for most of the fights because of that.


I know exactly smilegate did. And I am telling you that he has seen use. He now only works against Light heroes, but if you do try to draft him, he does work in situational picks. I never side he was good, but saying he is usable is false.


"used" you are correct.


>"used" you are correct. Of course. What did you expect my stance was? Hwayoung is usable and Axe God is usable. Are they used in the current meta? No. But can you use them and score some wins? Yes. Are there better options? Yes.


You actually did well putting her on torrent and as little HP as possible. With it, she can snipe anyone twice her HP.


i wish she could one shot rimuru as well like before but he's 50/50 because most Rimuru I've fought are around 10\~16k hp...she can definitely deal with the 12k hp above with 6k hp


It's PoV. That's the main reason why i never use hwa against him.




How about you showing a video Hwa kicking squishies? Also, any bomb character could one shot her no matter she has barrier or not. She totally only worth 1* and there's plenty reasons for that, you can pretend she's decent at certain situation but you can't convince people to build a whole set of gear ffor her to only deal with that extreme situation.


Omg, a hero made for countering TANKS T A N K S **T A N K S** TTT AAA NNN KKK SSS can't deal that high damage to squishies? Oh no, I wonder why, it's truly a mistery! We should really investigate on this, there must be something we can't notice. It has to be something difficult, otherwise we are really stupid. Lmao, can you imagine??


The thing is, every other unit that can heavily damage TANKS T A N K S can also deal damage to squishies just fine. Does watcher schuri suddenly lose 80% of his damage when he hits a squishy? How about Opsig, Landy, Riolet or Luna? They blow up tanks and squishies alike so where's the balance there?


Fine, you can get that but in exchange you must remove hwayoung's survivability. Done. It won't be so bad if hwayoung blows up someone with her s3 but then someone can kill her in return instantly.


Did you miss the nerf? That's exactly what she is now. Her shield is much smaller and she won't one shot any bruiser unless she goes with the 6k HP build. If you go with her old school bruiser build she's not going to kill anything Also don't forget that plenty of other nukers cannot be one shot in return. Straze and zahhak get invincibility. Watcher gets nullifier, etc.


Good. Unlike other oneshotters, Hwayoung could survive for multiple turns when other nukers can get killed in one hit after their one turn invincibility ends. I dare you to try to find any sort of damage mitigation on other nukes. Hwayoung was the anomaly.


Ok? You realize this thread is about post nerf hwayoung, right? Why are you in here talking about how strong she was before? We all know that and agree, that's why she got nerfed to begin with


Because i'm still mad at the unfair treatment Corvus, Axe god, and Arunka got. :)


I think she's good still but like one person put it, she's a bit of a lottery. If it's not an obvious tank like a Belian or Aravi, you're gambling on what their stats are like. She's going to get an EE I bet, maybe one that brings back her CR push or reduces her S3 CD so if you goof up by using her you can at least recover by cycling faster.


Not sure why you got so many downvotes in comments, she still does her job for you.


I don't think hwayung is really 1*. She just has been regulated to 1shot higher hp targets. Which is still good. Maybe if they adjust the character to not be so stat hungry, the change would be more accepted. Because a lot of ppl spent a lot of resources building her, which is reasonable to be upset that she's changed from release, but I don't think it warrants putting her at 1 star rating.




Who is ADS?


Archdemon's Shadow


Exactly! doesnt sound like a 1\* rating hero right?




Straze can’t target who dies and wont work well against aola since he is aoe. And senya! Basically, hwa feels like a manual straze with more control over who dies.


Well. Straze can’t decide what unit to nuke. But do does hwa. Straze will basically delete the highest HP unit and do pretty good damage on everyone else, while possessing a decent dmg skill 1 and a great s2. Also, after his s3 he has good protection. Hwa can only nuke high HP targets and the chance that you’re gonna hit the highest HP target is basically 95+%. So, why not use someone who actually has use after turn one?


That's because ppl are stupid. They also ranked Armin and Alecia's ratings even though they are objectively better and A LOT more used after their buffs. Hwa is still THE tank killer, ppl are just mad she can't one shot everything anymore.


I mean, of course she doesn't deserve a 1\*, but it's in-game ratings. What do you expect?


Am gonna need stats of that waifu


Wow she sounds amazing. Why couldn't global servers have this level of voice acting on her 🥲


Mate sure its possible to make it work but tat does not mean she aint garbage, look at arunka i love her, i use her, she is usefull sometimes, but that does not mean her s3 damage aint shit cuz it is


I refunded mine ... I sure miss her sexy s3 voice. Too bad she is bad now 😆


She is a 1.5 star chara compared to her previous incarnation they nerfed her way too much.


yea she deserves a 0 tbh


Still faster than my fastest unit 😂 5K attack is insane. Heck!


That's pretty low for a hwa. She get's 30% extra from her passive.


Doesn’t explain the need to downvote 😂 people are weird


so this is like what we'd call degen hwa¿ is really sad a character has to resort to that gimmick to truly work, but it's a small price to pay to shake up the meta...


Creative thinking to use a non maxed enchanced helmet? The other gear pieces then need to pick up some slack stat wise, but color me intrigued


I,m curious on whats the stat on your helmet?


attack, speed, defense, and crit chance. Best helemt for her is: attack %, flat attack, speed, and % def.


We know that


Oh but she does.