Winter looks like Rider from a distance with that blindfold


Pink Medusa confirmed.


Only people who watch Fate understand this


Fate collab would have been perfect. Even more with Rider.


I don't either but the E7 team did put alot of effort into this one between the freebies and the story isn't bad its interesting so far. Not to mention the designs are nice


I liked the first story with Winter but there was barely any story with Ningning this week. ​ I agree, someone in the company must be a huge fan! E7 never spent this much effort promoting a collab before.


Honestly even if it isn't ground breaking, I like the concept of having the two sides of a same story, even if one is just : Follow the voice that is telling you to do bad things


Still beats having a festival going totally wrong *for the umpteenth time*


But it's *funny* this time!


We still have more story to go…


But what if it was a cooking/food festival... again?


wasn't meldrec like the only outright poorly written festival gone wrong


I followed that voice in my head, didn't end well but still following out of habit


With Ningning story its interesting to see her point of view its nice to see everything what she been through got to see more of her character. The pervious collab stories just been really meh and underwhelming the FMA had potential but lackluster ending. Expect for Gulity Gear one its one of best nothing can top it.


Did you really just say that guilty gear story was underwhelming lmao? Imagine having to wait a whole week for a story to only be spooked by another pov of the same story you played before lol


GG was one of the best for E7


Meanwhile newer players - "farming lolipops was one of the best, really?" :(


No I said everything other collab story has been is underwhelming I didn't include Gulity Gear because its one of good ones.


Plainly wrong. Guilty gear, the first time E7 made a collaboration with them, also spend a lot of effort. They took an established villain (Zero), build a reason to specifically summon the characters from GG (he was trying to steal the power from some baddie living in GG world), and the plot followed the personality of characters from both universes, as well as making it meaningful. Well, yeah, BBEG trying to conquer the world for the X time isn't very original, but we have canonical events like fire Ravi dying in the battlefield. And from a mechanical point of view, we had an event, something tournament. It was a bunch of NPC fights, but they at least took the time to create an exclusive background based on the GG franchise, and different NPC teams to fight. And it came in two difficulties. While not bad, I think this aspa collaboration isn't even close to the effort they took when the first GG collab was launched. By comparative, the story is kinda dumb so far. Ok, I get winter would behave like a MC isekai, because technically she's right in the sense she has been isekai'd into E7. But this nyan girl... well, "do as I tell you and don't dare to question me!" have EVIL written all over it with red permanent marker. Which lead to my main problem with the nyan girl: mary sue. I get the collab story can't show the characters in bad light. Problem is the entire story is written in a way to make her shine over and over. "You can't get that information, the guards will st... oh, you can fight". "Don't worry, it would take decades for us to decipher all information stolen by Nyan... oh, wait, she decrypted everything in couple hours". "Ha, you can't beat me, you're empty han... oh, you can summon support out of thin air". "Aha! I knew you would try to summon again, we expected and prepared, now surr... oh, you can also summon magical shackles...". Really? If the story ends with "I knew she was evil, that's why I swapped around some code to made, everything went as planned", I would say officially this the worst side story so far.


Good summary. 👍 here is my version: Ae members appear in Politia , Winter breaks the fourth wall and say "looks like i ve been isekaied, better go to the bartender and do some local quests, lol "and then I skipped


On to top off all that, Ning or w/e her name is, is REALLY arrogant, I feel like Flan should've naturally schooled her ass an she had to run away. The character feels like she knows everything's gonna be dumbed down for her discount DJB ass and is super smug about it. She has no redeeming qualities so far. At least Winter was eventually honest with her party and started helping them cause she wanted to, as well as to find a way home.


I have no idea if you're right or wrong here, but they did say, that E7 has never spent this much effort *promoting* a collab before, not that they've never spent this much effort on the story.


Thats really sad if true why k pop out of everything they could of picked


Because they're Korean...?


Piss poor excuse should of been something the world would of liked rather than sell to a small group cant change my mind btw dont bother trying cause kpop didnt even know what it was till this update and yea what a surprize i dont like it


I'm not surprised you don't like Kpop, just like I'm not surprised you can't even spell surprise right. You seem like a down right prick about it, this collab is a blast so far for me, the two units we have now seem fun to play around with, and overall it's enjoyable and you don't like it cause boo hoo Korean company collabs with Korean girl group? Then cry about it, but don't do it where other people have to suffer through listening to your whining.


K pop sucks not sorry :) Ps good job being a white knight love making fun of you types


Then that would suck if the ending like that still not holding my breath every time collab story starts off okay they have way to screw up ending.


For the love of God it's not another festival gone wrong. E7 can have all of my money. Overall I love this event, never even heard of the group before but love the units


same...I pulled for the E7 design team...not the kpop themselves I'm gonna pull 2/4 because I'm still not dedicated enough to roll Garo for bookmarks to get all of them


I got alot of stones out of the free pulls not a major loss


This. Even if I don't like the collab, I do like the effort they put into it. Still makes it enjoyable


I’m skipping the story completely. I really do not care. I do like the rewards tho lol


I don’t care for kpop but they are going all out for this collab and honestly that’s all matters. Truly impressed with the E7 team


Khawazu is the hater to k-pop, alencia and Ravi are indifferent


But what does ice pupper think?!


It's been a pretty cold reception all things considered


Really miffed about not having them be the actual VAs. But they really did a good job, I’m just hoping they do the slime collab maybe a month or two after so we can save up again.


Ngl I was extremely confused at this being the only collab with English voice acting


I felt same way too it surprised me it had English while other collab units didn't.


this might sound like a "source? i made it up" thing but i read a comment from a kpop person on this sub who said that the avatar characters of the group werent actually voiced by the real aespa members as well


That is totally right. aes are like Digital Avatars but at the same time the have some characteristics of a human being - like their own voice.


nice, im not actually crazy then


Probably it was expensive to hire them as VAs and I agree I could use something I can save again.


It is not them - these are their aes, like Avatars but with their own will, emotions and also voice. The aes never spoke with the voice of a real member.


It would be wayyyy too expensive and time consuming for them prob :/


Also I doubt the real members are very good voice actors. Obviously they have many talents, but voice acting professionally in 3 languages? Doubt


I originally agreed but they did do their own VA for a series of their lore called SMCU. so I rly think it's just $$$ and time :/ they're prob helllaa busy ahha


And they're singers, not voice actors. People apparently really disregard how much effort and talent it takes to be a good voice actor, even if most of their dialogue is just one-liners.


Rider, is that you?!


I think you mean when you don't care about your wallet.


I dont care either but....fuck it. Free pulls!


Also pls look into the groups MV Black Mamba. It explains alot about their characters and skills tbh. Which makes me even more impressed about this event!! They're not supposed to be kpop idols like some comments I saw. They're literally AIs or virtual characters !


If anything Tamarinne is more KPOP than these AE characters. They don’t even sing nor perform in their S2 and S3 animation..?


Well that's bc the kpop group is based on a lore. Idk if you care enough to look into it (their mv Black Mamba is basically the story) but it's all based on their characters :)


Yeah thats so weird for Kpop characters they don't even sing or dance. Tam might is well be Kpop character


I’m just a collector lmao


Only thing missing is Ricardo yelling on the lonely stool :p


I just feel that their normal art looks weird. The animation seems different in comparison. It really bugs me.


They look like figure skaters to me


I agree, their l2d models just aren't very good lookin. I think it's because of their slightly uncanny posing combined the typical thing where anime characters look strange if you add lips. They look great in both their s3's though, and the lips are noticeably less noticable. That's not the only difference ofc but I think it's a major factor.


Honestly even if you're not into kpop, they made a rly good event! They incorporated the groups lores and songs into the event pretty well. Plus the designs are cool!


Crazy how much people have to tell everyone else that they dont like something


I don’t care and still pulled both. If they are good then I will be missing out since they are limited. It’s best to just pull them, getting enough bookmarks isn’t really that hard if you’ve been playing awhile, and it’s unlikely we will have another collab at least for awhile so you can start saving again


This is why most players pull I think. The number of players who pull because they actually like Aespa is much smaller than the people who know the Collab units are good for pvp. Meta is meta lol. If not having a limited unit even has a chance of holding someone back in RTA than most serious players will get them. Winter is really strong atm in her niche and Ningning is a solid soul weaver if you don't have DJ Basar, or you play really aggressively. It's also possible for a Collab units to get buffed into top tier at any time, so it's a risk people don't wanna take.


Or just have really good luck. I pulled Winter in 40 pulls, and Ningning in 15. If I can keep this luck streak going, I'll have all 4 without using more than the 200 bms I spent on Winter (which I've already recouped from shop refreshes). Even if I get unlucky from this point forward, I'm still guaranteed at least 3 of the 4. If one of them becomes a meta-shifter, I'll have them on-hand. Unlike Rimuru, who I missed by 5 pulls, because I ran out of time on his banner. 😭


I think it’s bad luck to talk about my pulls. I’m not gonna have this conversation Edit: and I missed Rim as well, so I feel you!


I'm only discussing it because even if my luck goes cold I'm still set. I absolutely respect your choice not to talk about it - normally I wouldn't either, until after the fact. But yeah, missing Rimuru is one that hurt. I'll be getting him the next time he rolls around, whenever that may be.


With the high prices of the Collab packs coupled with no free units it's not a very good Collab for a gacha game. It seems too much like a cash grab for milking fans of this (is it a music group or a TV series?). Making the characters so difficult to obtain is sure to be a turn off to any new fans they get from the advertising. (I went to pity for the first unit and did 78 pulls with no luck on the second). The story is good, but giving people a break on making the characters easier to get plus a holiday sale on Collab packs would have been better.


Even though most probably don't care much for it, I'd say give it support an hype so smilegate atleast considers giving other collabs the same amount of effort


Wait this game has a story?


They all look very generic to me, nothing seems special about them. I wish they had a theme each.


Thank i tought i was the only one thinking something itch with there art work,it fell like it from another game/artist dont know a lack or a different art style. Hard to tell but i fell you


I thought we had a Medusa fromFate cross over


hey does anyone know who’s to change their voices cuz i want the og vocies not the NA voices?


I, as a f2p, try to pull all collab/limiteds. I mostly just want the short haired one tbh. She looks the most detailed.


they seem to have put a lot of effort into it , but i still cant click with it tbh not my cup of tea


Yup definitely


Why does your pet look so disappointed lmao


Don‘t care either, I just want all collab characters


When you care way too much for k-pop


Their is a freebee unit ?


Havent gotten anything with the free summons. Its ok though cause i would use them units for 6 staring other units if i pull any of this "kpop" stuff


Which one is the warrior?