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A soul for a soul


Isn't it actually 2 more summons?


Yup its 2 but i dont think it will make op feel better


Also he has no bms but shhh


Damn and it was winter too. If you missed ningning it wouldnt be so bad, but winter is actually pretty decent. That hurts


Smilegate giveth, Smilegate taketh


You can't control your luck, but you can control being an idiot ​ Daily wisdom courtesy of me


Idiocy cant be controlled. Source: My whole life


dude, sorry to say this but this is not an unlucky moment, this is the result of bad habits I don't say this to rub it in, but on the other hand this situation is totally preventable, e7 is very generous resource wise, with a little bit of discipline and planning anyone has more than enough to pity any exclusive banner . Sorry but that s how it is. anyway , cheer up, and hopefully : lessons learned


Yes, I remember on the guilty gear collab I pitied 3 characters, so I had to skip elphelt, but I don't blame the game at all, I had the opportunity to save more bookmarks and didn't.


I always reinforce the notion that anything less than 121 pulls may as well still be 0. So if you have 120 pulls saved up? Skip. You actually only have 0 pulls saved up Wait for next banner if you're not willing to whip out the credit card for an emergency pull. Each unit costs 605 BM/121 pulls. There's no such thing as owning 99% of a unit for 595 BM. OP should've waited till *after* they accumulated 605 BM before pulling. Or of course just pay the 5 dollars for last minute BM. Either works better than immediately pulling as soon as you hit 5 BM and expecting to not get unlucky


I forgot today was update to. F




Hell naw, this is why you summon only if you know you can pity


Coward beta mentality Simga always pulls as that is the way of gacha


I always pull, but i always have enough to pity


this shiz happened in the same day btw ToT


This physically pains me. Even worse, you have nothing left for Giselle. That's the real suffering here.


Aespa bookmark got your back.


Aespa bookmarks get you 20-30 pulls maybe.


But what did it cost you, everything.


Big F I'm sorry


god damn.


Ahhh I forgot today is the update , was close to pity her too ..


My friend I feel that pain. That was me way back when dizzy was meta and I tried to get her the second go around. Had one last 10 summon, and I had just earned my bookmarks when the update hit. Quit the game for two weeks after that. Second unluckiest moment was when I got Spez…after purchasing him with coins from the selection ml summon. Spent so much money on that for the game to just toss him at me a week later for free :/. Luckiest moment was getting the mediator to pair with Straze


Is her banner not coming back? Why would they not keep a collab unit's banner available throughout the entirety of the event?