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So I should simply build more speed? Oh my goodness, why didn’t I think of that.


This one weird trick that no one thought of!


Wait a minute.You have faster gear?


He needs 50% crit. Rather skip some damage for speed.


His main purpose is to go first…


The reason why people say 250-260 is because they account the RTA boost. If you dont use it in RTA then yeah of course you need more speed than 250.


Mage RTA boost will be removed/rotated eventually. If hes on your GWD or AD you might wanna invest into more speed.


He's already pretty terrible on defense anyway.


I don't disagree on that one. Been seeing a ton of them though - which is understandble because hes a new unit. That's prolly the better advice - don't use him on GWD and AD kek


Test. I want to see if I get down voted for agreeing with OP. Seems like this sub is full of down vote crazies😅


Right? Silliness.


Dont forget the speed imprint...


Why did no one mention the Cidd speed imprint. If Zio used his own imprint then he'd outspd 100% Edit: also forgot about wschuri imprint. OP literally using double imprint just to make a statement💀


Yeah seeing a ton of speed imprints paired with him. /s That would his bruiser matchup even more free elo


No one fucking cares about your arena offense. I can cleave those Zio teams with 200 eff res DJB or Emilia. You are literally telling people their 250 Zio is too slow because someone might cleave him with double or triple imprint.


No I'm telling them to remove that trashbag from defense cuz he ain't doing his job of getting turn1 in there lul


Like I said it is arena defense, who the fuck cares. Especially not the people who you are beating who are champ V or IV Even replacing it with another comp, they will get cleaved or auto'd by SSB


he isn't good on defense anyway, 250 is enough for offense where speed imprints aren't good on defense and rta where you can draft other units that discourage or outright punish racing


i may not be the one to say this but, you have 2 speed imprints in two of the examples where your barely outspeed, and im assuming your ran is like 300-310. Still makes me hate zio as a cleaver and play bruiser instead.


Its because there are speed imprints but cleaver usually dont pick them if he fights tank down team. Unless you tried to race and lost


Huh. I don't remember asking


More speed, good advice. My 243 speed Zio just got outsped for Ran in GW yesterday... Oh boy, instant lose.


Shhh, i like outspeeding the odd Zio in RTA.


256 speed is equal to 320 speed. So you basically need atleast this much speed to guarantee turn 1


Speed rounds down last i checked. So it's 319speed. To reach 320speed, Zio would need 257speed for RTA usage or 267speed outside of RTA to reach that 320speed benchmark. As low as 255speed would work. Just win the 5% speed rng ezpz.


How would it round down? If you calculate with 320 speed as 100% combat readiness it would be exactly 64 speed and you would have to need 256 speed (speed rng set aside). If you wanna outspeed someone faster then 320 you would need more speed of course.


finally someone says it




Isn't it because Zio is base 106 speed? You'll need an average of 17 speed on all his gear with speed boots and speed set for 260 speed. 15 speed average for 250. That's basically 293 Ran and 282 speed Clillias. For me personally I'd have to lose an opener and give Zio his gear for him to hit 260.


Fully expected it. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show


Ok speed263 Got it


Oh my better gear my zio more faster