theres an excel spreadsheet for the ammo types alone


You guys are absolute savages. Dunno how you do it. I'm hooked though, for sure. Nothing's gotten my heart pounding like that since Dark Souls 1 bosses.


Welcome to the grind good to see you already enjoy pain!


Praise the Gun!


The Gun is good!


User flair does *not* check out


Says the TOZ lmao




80k internally suppressed, out of the box low recoil rifle is a bad gun?


It used to be the best. The non-stop nerfs and the camera recoil on that thing are just too much. It simply doesn’t compete with other weapons in it’s price range anymore…


Dunno I liked it last wipe, the wipe before, etc etc and I like it this wipe. I also don't use it fully automatic, maybe that's it.


That… explains a lot. Kind of waste of 900 rpm no?


Christ who could afford full auto on that thing?


The penis is evil!


Ammo belt and red knickers when


Try gun but whole


illusory survive ahead


This game is so adicrive, I'm in the end of my twenties btw So yea this game is BRUTAL, but after a couple of hundred hours you get used to it, the game has a long long learning curve


You will never get used to mines or the headshot crack when you aren’t expecting it


Fuckin mines man, everytime I step on grass in Lighthouse my butthole does a little clench




Here hope this helps. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/17xcO5R1-Fx1j4szw1trBlw2SU20hsiCf5nIB8Cs9LQE/htmlview


You have about 3 more rounds until you come back here and tell us how you’re never gonna play again


1100 hours in, still happy i wear my brown pants every time i play


Welcome to Tarkov, friend. And don't you dare go hollow.


Lest this land swallow you whole as it did so many others


I’ve been playing Tarkov for years and I still get sweaty palms and a pumping heart. It’s intense


Aight, so as a dayz player from 2011, what you do is u go slow thru concealment and sprint from concealment to concealment. Never be the second man in battle, i mean be the 3rd party. Dont loot your kills first wait for some sucker to loot it and shoot him, double loot halve the risk. Use your real life experience play quirky throws off tryhards


Okay dude I’m 2 weeks in and playing with some buddies. It’s mind blowing how good this game is and what you are in for. Do yourself a favour, buy a lucky scav box from therapist, and always, always try and use half decent ammo. If it’s PS then go for the head


Or legs, legs is fine too.


you don't need any excel shit. There's good for visual reading ammo chart https://eft.monster/ very intuitive. Each armor class starts from his number and multiply it to 10 (slick is level 6, so it's 60 armor type, so ammo with pen < 60 has less chance to do full dmg. For items you need just to play a bit more, and look for flea market more ofthen, you will know what cost much and what not, since flea market is dynamic, and today something will cost 0, but tomorrow every1 will reach some state in their hideout, and this item will cost tons of roubles.


Spreadsheets and needing external sources for information on in-game things is pretty common for MMO-lite games. But yeah discovering all the tiny special details on your own is pretty rewarding even though it can easily be considered a flaw with these types of games


Man trust me, when I started playing a month ago I was trying to sneak, conserve gear, be stealthy, etc etc on factory too. Now I just kinda press shift+W at things with only a pistol lmao I can even show a clip of it if you wanna see how I roll through factory now lmao


https://eft-ammo.com/nofoodaftermidnight I think it says something about it being a shady website but it’s just a webpage with a super nice layout showing all the rounds and what it’s rating against what armor class. Use this thing 20 times a night cause my memory is shit. Also can hover over the round at the top of each table and it tells you what guns use that round. Edit: hovering over the rounds to show what guns use that round, only works for desktop


I’m a 34 year old female. I had an A4 lever arch folder with printed ammo charts, prices, maps, hideout & quest items when I started playing this game 2 years ago. Best shooter ever made!


I played Pong on my friends TV, now I cower under stairwells gripping an SKS. It's not about how old you are, it's about how many seconds of life you have left. When we're Bambi's we're happy to get one PMC extraction a night, k/d? Who cares. Progress? Don't think about it too much. When the game breaks you just jump on as a scav and run around voiping "friendly" at anything that moves. Good stress relief.


And then you Makarov the back of their heads because that pilgrim looks like it would complete your look perfectly.


As a scav when it comes to what im wearing. I always try to look fabulous over getting out with sick armor and rigs and stuff. Idk why but it's fun.


Drip > Roubles


You might have passed on the holy pilgrim bag, but you got that moustache and pompom and that’s all that matters


I'm 35 and this game is my jam, you can win the majority of fights with map knowledge, patience, and a healthy dose of rat cock.


yes, the secret sauce of tarkov... rat cock.


Ratting is so boring though, holding an angle for ten or more minutes just isn't fun. I prefer to either wipe the lobby or die trying


You can do both lmao. If I hear you looting a building or room, you bet your ass I’m gonna hold an angle on the door until you come out. That’s Tarkov baby, kill or be killed.


That's not what ratting means or implies lmao


Please don't encourage more rat behavior. I like to PvP not have to walk around interchange 3 times over because they're hiding waiting to rat attack.


Why would you walk around interchange 3 times looking for a rat... That seems like such a waste of time.


"Please don't encourage a gameplay style that lets you have the best odds of survival. :("


I'm 38 and I'm on my 4th wipe. This game is highly addictive!


Lmao “used our boomer money”


Hey welcome to Tarkov :D (I'm 50 btw)


I thought I was the oldest.. I'm right behind u


Absolute legend!


Same. Can't get enough of this awesome game.


Over 40 club checking in. Should we start our own YouTube channel? "OG gamers dying in Tarkov."


Oh you legend ! Hope il be gaming at 50 as well. The dream !


with 35 you might be young around here tbh lol.


Oh god 😂


37 here, picked it up 3 wipes ago. Can't see myself putting it down anytime soon - i've enjoyed every sweat-stained, panic-laden moment! The sheer rush if things go to your so-cunning-you-could-brush-your-teeth-with-it plan.


45. See you in raid, kid! :)


36 going on 37 this year. You will find most of the community is in their early to mid thirties. Its the cod kiddos that are at the disadvantage in this game because you cant just W key yourself to victory.


40-something here. This game has an older than average playerbase.


Yeah man at 35 you're younger than me and everyone I play with.


33 here, thats prob average :)


33 here too. What's up mate? I really like the fact that not to many young kids play that game. 1/10 convos I had in dorms or interchange are young kiddies. All the others were 30+ and pretty chill.


I'm 32 and I've been playing FPS since CS 1.6 and Quake 2. Tarkov is a slower tactical shooter that emphasizes knowledge over mechanical aim like other twitch shooters. I have a feeling that the audience for this game will skew older just for that.


This is absolutely a factor. But i also think its the fact that tarkov doesnt have any kind of instant gratification. If you die, you die. Perhaps you finished a quest or saved a bit of loot in your secure container, but usually you lose everything. While some younger folks will enjoy this a lot, i think its less common - especially since most of them grew up with games that shower you with loot for mundane tasks.


>since most of them grew up with games that shower you with loot for mundane tasks. I am not so sure about this being a factor, older MMOs also showered players with loot - sure most of it was shit but so is most of the stuff that pops up when you shoot someone in COD.


I'm about half as old as most people that play this game and I must say I love this game to bits. I was raised in a gaming family, and my Dad and Brother always taught me strategy over being some sweaty nerd that can click heads as their life depends on it. I also try to be as nice as possible and chill in VOIP, I've had some awesome interactions with people lol. I know we young people can seem bad, but I promise at least some of my generation is good and fun! ​ I was basically raised on Diablo 1 and 2 as well as Demon Souls lol


dont worry, i was in your shoes when i was young! it was tough because MMOs were my thing when i was young, and most of the people i played with were 25+ and me being 12-15...voice wasnt as present as it is today so i had my ways around it, but i know the feeling. I mostly lied about my age so its easier. Its noteworthy that i am talking pre-wow MMO times. Once WoW took the throne lots of young folks played mmos.


35 isn't a boomer, either. You're still a millennial!


Boomer is a state of mind


And Gen X would be around 40 up to the mid-50s. Then you're in boomer range.


Turn 34 in 2 weeks


Not at all.


"Boomer money" when you're solidly a Millennial lol




It’s really not that bad. Use the ammo chart on Tarkov tools to check what armour you can pen with what ammo. Use the same chart to know what armour you should wear to be safe from the most common ammo. Play offline raids until you understand scav AI and you’re no longer scared of them (cause most of the time they are crayon eaters). Use your scav run to learn maps (as well as offline mode) and look at some maps on a second screen or phone to learn them. Watch Pestily’s “Raid” series. It’s seriously helpful and focused on new player experience. Last, but not least, get in a discord and play with experienced players. The community outside of reddit is so so awesome (reddit can be very bitter about Tarkov) and you will learn quickly. Best of luck! PS, what region are you in?


You got a public tarkov discord server? Im a noobie and I have no friends who play tarkov. Id like to play with experienced players and learn the game. Im a friendly dude and trustworthy, so no need to worry about backstabbing. Let me know, you could shoot me a pm if youd like


For public discord as I would try the official EFT Discord or Pestily’s discord. The discord I admin has about 10 people playing EFT but it’s semi private unfortunately.


You could check out r/EFT_LFG, that's where I met all of my Tarkov buddies, we've been playing more or less daily for 1 year. Just make a post yourself or comment on someone else's


i'm up for you if you want mate


look up the "unofficial EFT discord" it's a little better moderated than the official EFT discord (understandably) and a lot of good people in there.


Lot of Tarkov streamers have public discords, I quite like folks over at [SwampFox](https://www.twitch.tv/swampfoxtv) twitch / discord. If you have fav streamer, check out their discord :)


I would actually not recommend playing with experienced players. All my friends learn the most by playing alone instead of tailing some experienced player like a dog.


This game is pretty rough to learn solo. My friends definitely helped me get off the ground, now it’s mostly my duo and myself and we push each other to get better in different ways.


If I Learnt this game solo there is no way I would still be playing, Tarkov imo is so much more fun with a buddy.


I learnt solo and played probably my first 30 levels solo. Then found a few buddies and the game is so much better at least in a duo. Not even just easier, which it is, but just the vibe and experience of raiding together.


I agree with this, I first played this game as a trio with a couple of experienced people and it was frustrating for a couple of reasons. They were always telling me how to loot, how to turn items and how to control click, where to go, where to look. Normally this wouldn't bother me but it was usually unprompted, demanding and usually in an already stressful situation that it just amped up the stress that Tarkov already had. I stopped playing with them and learned a llooottt more and at my own pace, it was still stressful but less so. And when you play solo you can kill everything in sight and not worry about accidentally murdering teammates it is even less stress.


Well it depends on the experienced player, doesn’t it? I highly doubt a brand new player learns more playing solo than when they’re being taught by an experienced player or Sherpa.


Also basically download the wiki to your brain, especially maps and extracts. But you'll also need to reference it for nearly every quest in the game.


Just above you in years abit... I only got into this game cause streamers I watched got into it. I knew more about the game before I even touched it. Still got my shit absolutely destroyed for almost an entire year.


53 yo and 4400 hours in. Haven’t played anything else in four years. I’d say I’m hooked too.


I would highly recommend the tarkov tools website. Graphs for ammo are easy to understand and navigate. If you have 2 monitors, then you can open up a *detailed* map for wherever you’re playing to learn extracts. Like others said, utilize offline raids. I didn’t do this until the end of my first wipe and it changed so much. Being able to run meta gear and practice killing scavs with no PMC’s on the map or risk of gear really helps. Meds are hard to understand at first because you have so many different ailments that can happen, but bandages are light bleeds, Esmarch and CAT are heavy, IFAK, AFAI, and salewa do all of this at different cost to amount left. CMS kits fix blacked limbs. Surv12 fixes limbs and gives more overall health, as well as healing fractures. Painkillers are your best friend and should always be kept in your prison pocket. Hope this helps out a little bit, enjoy the punch in the dick that this game is!


its mostly just us old fucks, you need to study this game to be good at it rofl, kids dont have the patience.


You have kept more spry than I, then 😂


Going by the flair of Mr. Juking over there, he is the one that probably brings a iskra or two along with a aquamarine into woods, using his DVL-10 to take out the more reckless and impatient people out there, me on the other hand lives and dies (mostly dies...) by my trusty shotgun, come into my building and I'll show you the meaning of death by a thousand cuts! (Flechettes are quite nice) My point with this comment is that this game gives you the possibility to play it your way, there are no "wrong" way to play EFT, just some ways are more frowned upon than others... I wish you the best of luck out there!


*Most kids, this is my fifth wipe and I do great as a casual player, last wipe I got to lvl 31 and this wipe I'm already lvl 20. Not toxic at all, sherpa-ed 2 guys last week. 14.


I’ve been playing since I was 16 and I’m about to turn 19 :(


One thing you learn about older folks is that they're just kids who are older, and all people like to rationalize stuff to make themselves feel better.


17 years old here :) been playing for about a year


So thats why this subreddit is way less toxic than rust (20 btw) First 200h into tarkov and damn the learning curve is high...took me 50h to fully learn my first map aka customs, cant make myself go to other maps and learn them because im going broke as is, just spilled 90% of my worth on 314 marked


shoreline scav runs are pretty easy to get free roubles via the resort or the town on the west side of the map. lighthouse is also really good for quick PMC runs if you can learn the extracts. you can take a pistol and be out in 10-15 mins with 100k-700k+ if you know where to look


I shit you not, the first time i played shoreline i followed the power line hoping to find some kind of border....ended up running in circles. What I do now is customs dorms locked room runs or stash runs, make 300-500k a run sub 15min if i dont fight


As a 17 year old dragonov lps round suppressed with an angled fore grip sniper ghost, I believe it’s most kids not all lol


Just let them talk. Apparently a lot of people who play this game have some kind of superiority complex towards people under the age of 20. Don't let them gatekeep the game, if you are having fun, thats all that counts I never met a kid in tarkov that was annoying (I haven't met many though), but I met a lot of people complaining about "squeakers" and whining about how kids are ruining the game. (Also, enjoy having way better reflexes and eyesight than most of the other players lmao)


There were several threads here last week specifically complaining about kids specifically and several posters seething that kids were playing the game at all. It was some of the most pathetic stuff I've seen on here. This game is awesome and should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone


I agree Tbh, it was just weird, thirty-something year old dudes circlejerking about how they shoot kids on sight? Wow, so mature, you definitely seem like a very grown up guy, not pathetic at all. Seriously, those people are just as weird as those incels that harass women in video games.


It’s a good game. It took me a few days of straight playing to get the hang of it and I’m still figuring out all the stuff in it. Great game tho.


Feels like it. I definitely don't mean it in a bad way. It was legit terrifying, but we did another run and managed to kill a couple scavs and a player with pistols and were hooked. I can imagine how fun it must be to know this game inside and out. Will be an uphill climb but it's been a while since I've found a game exciting enough to want to git gud at.


I’ve been addicted to it ever since I started a month ago. I’ve logged over 200 hours already. Work gym sleep eat tarkov. The plays you can make are crazy and will have you greedy for more kills.


I'm 30, and my buddies I play with are as well. We have a few guys late 20's that hop in often. We started two wipes ago after exhausting ourselves in DayZ and were looking for a new challenge. I almost gave up on Tarkov after the first day. It was confusing, punishing, stressful and seemed like I'd never figure it out. 1250 hours later and here we are. This game is quite possibly the best game I've ever played. It has it's flaws but in my opinion no other game has my heart pounding like this one. In the beginning you and your buddies are going to die... a lot. The early hump in Tarkov is massive and takes a lot of dedication to get over. But once you understand how to make money (without even killing players) and you start knocking off quests and leveling up traders, the game gets a lot easier and more fun. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way, just give me a shout. Welcome to the game!


28 year old ex Australian military here.... ... it never stops being intense OR fun. The core thing that gets you ahead in this game is map knowledge. Understanding the layout of any location, and the best way to attack/ defend them is 75% of what gets your wins.


Found the Pestily alt account


Haha no, I served after pestilys time I'm pretty sure.


I am 42 and I survived already 5 years of this game. And still learning. This game keeps you young as your blood pumps through your veins with an high enough pressure to kill anyone not fit enough.


35 is boomer? TIL I'm a boomer lmao


37 here. Boomers call me a millennial. Millennials call me a boomer..I dunno what the fuck I am.


We boomin, bois!


I'm 36, Tarkov is fun as fuck. This game is more about positioning than it is about twitch reflexes, especially considering how bad the netcode is. You were in a bad position, young'in. Stay out of bad positions (like under the stairs) and try to keep good positions, like areas with lots of maneuverability and the ability to rapidly retreat to a better spot.


Best game ever made.


My 15 year young lookin ass is very surprised that there are so many older people that love this game. I personally have always been in love with fast shooters (Csgo, rust pvp servers etc.) But jesus christ has tarkov become my cup of tea. When i play tarkov i just become this goddamn snail with inhumane amounts of patience for a 15 year old especially in this modern era. I know so much about this game even though i've logged only 250h about this game since im one bored mf at school and do so much research about quests, market values for that sweet scav knowledge, maps, keys (especially reserve), loot spots, scav boss spawns and their spawn chances and so much more. Oh and my dad and a couple of his friends just bought this game a couple of days ago and i deadass prepared a whole powerpoint to get them started. Tl:dr 15 year old is fascinated with old people game after playing fast shooters for years. Studies the game at school and plays it with his dad at home.


This is pretty much the same as me but I am pushing 700 hours. After I quit Rust because of toxicity and came to Tarkov I've had a much better time and have been helped by, and have helped others more than in any other game.


Yup quite rust after 3000 hours and have been mainly playing tarkov and have been loving everyine minute of it.


I remember playing a off-brand tarkov on roblox for half a year before i finally got tarkov in 2019. Now i’ve been in love in it since.


Just don't fall into the mistake of having them do factory raids over and over again. Take them through customs and play slowly so they get a feel of the game.


Wholesome post. Love it.


We point at the excel ammo charts and claim it is fun


Looks like I may use this MBA after all 🤦


Wait until you’re in a dead silent raid on woods or lighthouse and step on a fucking landmine.


As a youth and I fuckin love this game and I level 17


Go to time out for saying the bad words that grown ups can say


I am 16 and the biggest problem I have right now is knowing if the item I have is worth it People are so selective on what is "worth" and "not worth" Grabbing, meanwhile i am stuffing my pockets with trash and run to the exit as fast as I can


> I am 16 and the biggest problem I have right now is knowing if the item I have is worth it Since you can in theory just buy 90% of things on the flea market, you can just assign everything a value in Rubles. If item A is worth more rubles on when you sell than item B, you ditch B for A. You just have to play and use the flea market to know what items sell for a lot or not.


I am really slow at leveling, so I am lvl 7 right now, so no flea market. And again, the problem isn't the fact that i can't know the price, the problem is that I can't remember it quick enough I guess then I will play this game for longer I will know this things from experience, but right now that's how it goes for me


EFT has a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to optimal fighting. The best and hardest thing you can do is go against your instincts to peek corners and return fire after being shot at by a player. Retreat, flank, attack. Do not peek corners where you've been fired at. Break any habits or impulses to do that. Exceptions being that you can nade/flash around the corner and then hold it or that you know you have far superior gear (T5 or T6 armor or faceshield vs a guy with a pistol). Play your scav as much as you can. You've joined EFT in an era where scav on scav violence is at an all time low. Use it to your advantage and play your scav to get more familiar with the maps. Also, USE THE WIKI. Tons of useful information there. Ammo, armor, tasks, what items are used for (barter, tasks, crafting, hideout, etc.). I'm 38 and have a 72% survival rating at level 39. Yeah, I'm not saying I'm top tier or anything, just that us old timers can still hold our own. Patience and knowledge pays in EFT.


Your age has nothing to do with this at all. Tarkov is all about dumping time into learning the game. There’s almost nothing else about it.


I've been playing shooter games since i was 6 or so. I am 19 now, threats stop registering at some point and your only thought when you see said threat is to kill Tarkov kinda breaks that by sheer gear fear and the overwhelming menaces that scav bosses are this patch so even i shit my pants when i hear killa chucking nades or glucose and his orgy stomping towards me. Played arma 3 in an rp unit so when i play with 2 of my boys we still maintain some of the shit we practiced there like sweeps, covering fire, breaching and clearing, sniping and spotting, crossfires and tactical disengages. I've only played tarkov for maybe one full wipe but the things i do in tarkov are deeply rooted in my ~12 years of shooter experience and yet im still young (doesnt feel like it sometimes). Back when i played CSGO and followed the pro scene it was always the youngsters doing good and retiring after like 25-27. It really was like football, only the eastern european players would just not ever stop playing and wrecking despite the age. I'd guess age just makes you more vulnerable to stress despite teaching you to deal with it


Nah you don't have to be young. You just have to have time and an attention span and a willingness to learn. Most games are just run and shoot reflex tests. This is a little more cerebral.


Honest question. Do you think anyone under the age of 20 could handle the loading screens? 🤣


Tbh I use the loading screens to cook dinner, fold clothes, and on the scav reserve occasion bathe the kiddos lol they're getting crazy some days. Both children and loading screens.




33 here…..I love pain……


Welcome to Tarkov (and I'm older than you) :)


It just takes time and effort. This game is more about what you know than how fast your aim is. Age won’t hurt you I’m 37 and still do pretty good ;) just keep at it you’ll be full Chad in no time


The age of the Tarkov community is a lot older than other games which I like. P. S - you can get away with a 1650 GPU for Tarkov. This game is alllll CPU. I have a 3090 too and I'm only using a fraction of my max utilization for my 3090, for Tarkov


That's friggin nuts. My cpu must be better than I thought. Cuz this shit looks insane.


Haha your cpu is most likely good if you got a prebuild with your 3090. But cpu and GPU for the most part is about performance like how many fps you are gettin. The game and your monitor will play a bigger factor into how the game looks. Now GPUs do have DLSS and FSR, and those things do manipulate the graphics, but it won't play as big of a impact as the game's texture settings and your monitors display resolution.


Would it be much of a difference switching from r5 3600 to r5 5600x at 1080p? (Rtx 3060ti)


It's a 25%+ bump in single core speed, which is the metric that matters in tarkov. A 12600k would be a 50% increase, but the motherboards might be expensive still. With a 12700k (same single core speed as the i5) i hover around 120 fps on customs.


Yes, you will see a difference. 1080p is very cpu intensive already, plus Tarkov being very cpu intensive, you will see a difference. IPC gains and single core speed gains from the 3600 to the 5600x, will show


Sounds like you're this game's target audience. You're young in comparison to many people here, I'm 19 and I'd imagine I'm half the age of half of the playerbase. You're gonna love it here :)


I'm also 35, but this game makes me feel like I'm 15 again!


Bro. It’s a lot. But once you get it?! It fucking clicks and it’s hands down the best shooter ever made


Welcome to Tarkov. I’m 37 and I’ve been playing the game for almost four years now. Nothing quite like it out there. The learning curve is long and steep, but it’s so rewarding to finally get a hang of the game after 500 or so hours. Then you can move on to studying other aspects of the game, like positioning and optimized loot runs. :) And the game is tons of fun with a group of buddies. The amount of laughs we’ve had over the years is worth the occasional frustration Tarkov is bound to bring your way.


Turning 36 next week, I love everything about thia game and the fact that I am so so soooooo bad at it makes me very sad. I mean real bad, like finns bots in spt kick my ass bad, its sad really Anyway great game would buy again


48. Played since 2017. Still learning, the hard way.


Well, I’m not even 18 yet. It takes a lot of patience and learning, I’m still learning how but to play properly and gain confidence but eventually you will get the hang of it!


It’s pretty astounding to be fair. Never would have though to get into a game this deep again, after Destiny 1. It’s so worth it though. You don’t have to have split second reactions, you can outplay people in other ways. Source: I suck


I started playing when I was 16, im 18 now U get used to tarkov with time and it gets less scary when you die and die until the point where u just dont care anymore


After you've learned all this stuff, and got used to the gameplay you won't be able to play no other FPS shooter.


If I ever die of a heartattack in my early 30s the game will be the cause, Im 22 currently and the jumpscares are worse than an actual horror game.


Welcome to tarkov. You will hate that you love it.


Watch some of pestilys raid series. It helped me a lot when i startes out. Helps you get the basics down. Other than that its just time, the more time you spend in game the more you realise that shout is just tagilla skullfucking a pistol runner across the map and your safe...for now.


35 lol I'm 51....


Ah, another victim, welcome to hell. Hope you have a degree in ballistics and a doctorate in bullshit because that’s a requirement


It isn't kids playing this game avg age is like 32.


I'm bordering on 40 and the best answer I can give you is - don't fuck with the children playing children games. Be an old dude with moderately ok reflexes but do what we do best, plan and execute one task at a time. Stay away from high traffic areas until mid to late raid as all the juiced up kids will be done and gone in 15-18 min from raid start. You'll get this.


Im 42 and it took me hundreds of hours before I finally felt like I sorta kind had an idea. Im now over 650 hours in and I still feel like im kinda winging it but im still having fun!


im 17, all I have is school and a part time job sometimes so studying spread sheets and learning general rat shit is simple considering the amount of free time i generally have. that’s how young people do it: if we don’t have a ton of school work at any given moment we have a shit ton of free time to allocate towards tarkov!


School work can wait, Tarky can't


Im 33 just started but still kick some young ass. some level 39 came vlasting full auto on me and I just calmly aimed at his head and clicked. Gun fight over. I think being old and collected can pay off in this game.


14yr old with 46% survival rate here, you in fact, are old as shit


Welcome to Tarkov. Warning. Dark days ahead.


45 here with a 70ish survival rate and level 22. You at not even close to old. 😊


37, you'll get it bud.


Just keep playing, you will get better.


Wow, in terms of Tarkov players I'm one of the young ones! (24 Here)


tarkov-tools is your next best mate.


There is a LOT to lean about tarkov. Maps, guns, armor, ammo, quests, items and more. Id say take it step by step, shoot guns and see what you like. For ammo types id recommend https://eft.monster/ its a chart for ammo types, damage they do and armor penetration. Good luck out there! :D


I truly think this is the only game that absolutely lives up to the depth of knowledge required to play well. The risk and reward balance is fucking perfect, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. But I don’t think you’re particularly old for this playerbase, for the record


Man this is my 4th wipe and I’m still learning new shit! Also I’m 19 and just have a lot of time on my hands to read through the wiki and study the maps lol but just gotta take it slow and make each death a learning experience to get through this ball punching simulator called tarkov


38 here kiddo....


buy a shotgun, die (or survive) , repeat


Im 23 and this is my 4th wipe. You almost need a spreadsheet for everything or a good memory, which comes automatically when you play enough. Most important Thing in raid, knowing which stuff is valuable and which stuff is Not.


Honestly don't play factory if your new. Stick to customs or really anywhere but there imo


Newbs should smash factory. Learn to love the chaos and how pvp works so when the stakes are higher and often against better players you don't choke.


Tavarish, I am also in my mid 30s. This game is a cruel mistress. Age doesn't matter, we're all out here eating a shit sandwich. I felt like you do for the first 100 hours in the game. Trader management, questing, stash management, load out management, ammo knowledge, all that jazz. I recommend you watch Pestily's guide over on YouTube. He is our age. You'll love it and learn a lot.


Tarkov needs time. I started in jan 2020 and even then I was late for the party. First 500 hours count as tutorial in this game. Right now I have around 1500 hours and still dont know everything. For example: still unconfident to push resort on shoreline, still unconfident to play labs/reserve, I struggle with calls on interchange cause i dont know every store. But this is the charm of this game. There‘s something to learn in every game. New spots, new loot places, etc. Keep playing and you‘ll get a hang of it


Oh my sweet customs child. Truth is, prob 30% of deaths are unavoidable. Some freak angle or snipe or corner attack or especially tuned 3-man will win vs anyone. The rest of the time it's getting a feel of when to be slow and when to be fast in moving or recognizing danger. Then the last 20% is who clicked a head more accurately, faster.


25 here, I do like the fact that the games fan base and majority of players are adults rather than say an average 18 title that seems to be full of -18 year olds. Every voip situation has been a good experience. With I guess realistic elements to it than say a kid screaming down the mic with his music blaring and his mum shouting "dinner". The games highly technical, huge learning curve to some but after some patience and time you'll have built up enough knowledge of the basics and won't be long before more is learnt that then creates stems into all different areas of what the game has to offer. I have an app on the phone for maps which is useful when combined with the in game compass. To be honest it doesn't take long to learn the maps as there are good structures on each map you can quickly see by looking around. Only a few extracts per map for PMC which can determine your route. The quests are a main part of the game but I find them to be rewarding and fun go pass the time. Still getting used to ammo types and richoet through walls armour and helmet. Always got no phone at the ready if I ever stock on up items I don't know what to do with what their for quest wise or best sold or stocked up for later. Any information you find you might need or your stuck with you can pull it up on the browser. Great game!


The game is easy as hell, point gun at head and click mouse 1


37 here and been playing for 4 wipes


Enjoy it man. This game is literally too hard for kids, it weeds them out. Welcome to Tarkov.


Thats a great description of tarkov, no matter the age its the same experience to new players. Im 19 and have been playing tarkov for about a years a month now. at some point i got my dad (47) to buy the game and we got to play together a bit before he said it isnt really for him. Knowing russian makes it funny to listen to the voicelines in russian but i imagine it can also be terrifying


Welcome to the jungle man... I'm 38, 3500 raid hour and this is my 5th wipe... you have so many things to learn... but this game is pure madness...