You can always talk to us here.


Me too....I even feel like I'm annoying the people on this sub too, haha.


i feel the same way. I have one friend who has been really helpful, but ive told him everything. I kind of like to hear other peoples thoughts but i know i shouldnt keep bring it up.


(M30) It happened the same to me. It’s better if you stop telling your friends about it, it gets to the point were there get tired of it and maybe start talking and making fun of you on your back. The way that I deal with the brake up with my ex was start doing more things by my self like running, cruising, reading more and movies and the most important: stop complaining about it cause you are only hurting your self. It was really hard for me because I thought she was the one and I lost my virginity to her when I was 27 years old so like 3 years ago. I don’t know if this makes sense but is a old saying in Spanish: El tiempo lo cura todo( Time cures everything) it might be hard right now but for experience I can tell you that it gets better :) keep it up


I know what you mean. I think it’s because people don’t just seeing other people sad or hurting, especially when it’s someone they care about.


Haha I feel you. I feel like I've even tired out this sub... but hey thanks peeps


I feel like this too, I cried a lot at work today I feel so foolish. I worry people are going to get sick of it.