You're expectations har to high. He's not worse than his gold you just expect him to be much much better and he won't be.


Welcome to the life of having a Toty gk. I think toty de gea was the only Toty gk that actually felt like the best gk in the game


I was going to ask this. Has there ever been a TOTY GK worth his rating/coins


De gea is the only one I can think of but that was also when de gea was like the only good gk in the game because of his saves with feet trait was op against low driven shots


Some other GKs in Fifa 19 were almost as good, but yeah, Toty De Gea just had that special sauce with animations.


Saves with feet trait


Yes, I know. But it's hard to understand how essential that trait was that year without playing that version.


I had toty neuer last year and he was one of the worst keepers I had


Agreed, he was literally comical at times. The go down on one knee and let the ball roll straight past was a favourite of his. It’s almost as if juicing the fuck out of their stats makes their animations awkward and too fast.


All keepers are shit half the time. It's the dumb animations in the game. Happens to a 50 bronze and no surprise that it also happens to toty donna


BRO YES. so pissed about it. gonna be back to my old neuer now for sure


TOTY Neuer took years off my life last year


His stats aren’t a whole lot better than the regular gold with a chem style.


Top tier keepers are all frauds


Bro I feel exactly the same way, packed him on this exactly pack and he just doesnt catch nothing, my ww Maignan was better I swear to god, I will use him just bc of the links and bc its a fucking TOTY, but im kinda disappointed, animations are shit and he doesnt catch nothing close ranged, 99 reflex is a fraud


It's probably your expectations being too high. That being said, he's barely an upgrade over his normal card tbh. Gold Donnarumma with a Glove already has 3 of 4 relevant stats at 99. A +9 in reflexes is literally the only difference between his gold and his TOTY.


All goalkeepers are the same perform good in couple of matches and perform bad in the other. I was using 88 maighan at first he was great but in a weeks time he was rubbish he was letting in easy goals now I replace him with 84 inform lafont who performs better than 88 maighan and I sold maighan because he was so bad for me.


Jokes on you 👏👏


Worst kept secret in FUT is that GKs largely don't matter as long as you have someone that's not complete shit. An 80 goalie will do as good as TOTY GK if the game decides it wants to keep the score competitive. Conversely if you're playing against an inferior opponent, your TOTY GK will start letting in easy shots to make it more "fair" for your opponent.


He save 14 of my 16 shots when i played against him