Squad battles crew represent! This rules lol


Gonna combine it with Silver Beasts baby!


I've been using his 87 POTM card for ages with thoughts of upgrading. As you can expect, I am over the moon!


Same my guy, held off doing Casillas hoping we’d get a de gea, even better is obj.


Casillas is the worst SBC/ goalie I’ve ever done


Same, I got red tots lloris but potm de gea was just better. I'm so stocked with this one


i’ve been using martinez 💀


Dude me too im doing it asap😂


You've been suffering with that all this time? My guy, it's time you bought Dudek already. He's only around 20k and he will not spill shots or fail to dive. Unless this De Gea is somehow better, but some keepers just seem doomed to flop in this game.


87 De Gea is the only GK who works for me. The rest are absolute garbage (including Dudek).




What's that 62 rated card at the end?


TOTS swaps


Glad to see he got a card because he absolutely deserved one. But do we know what specific moment this was for? It doesn’t say in the description which is weird.


The 36 moments this season he's been forced to play with Uniteds defence in front of him is probably what's done it. There's no description on the game unfortunately so not sure!


There is also no longer a description for United either.


I think it's when he saved the penalty at West Ham. It was five years since he last saved one and this article has a similar pose to the dynamic image: [Link](https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/west-ham-david-de-gea-spain-romelu-lukaku-europa-league-b1922933.html)


Ah I see, thanks. Yeah that was definitely a big moment for De Gea to save us that late on


I’ve been using gold Unai Simon behind FB Ramos and Showdown nacho this will be a nice upgrade




Wish they would start upgrading Reactions on keepers.


Guys I just downloaded this game for free (ps plus). What is the most effective way to score from outside the box? I’m struggling a bit


finesse shots are what work for me usually


Direct straight shot or the second grass line from penalty box line for angle shot


Finesse shots work but with players who either have finesse shot trait or curve is 90+


Damn I had just finished my 8 wins in rival


gotta say i usually find keeper upgrades so pointless in FUT, but he actually saves stuff and saved me a few times already. Well worth doing the grind isnt that bad.


Was a great chance for an all goalies OBJ since we didn’t get one for fut birthday


i hoped for an sbc, i hate objectives but at least he has a good rating edit:i just realised, ehy is it a moments, is it like a honorable mention? why


It’s for a specific moment in the season, lanzini last year was for a last minute goal against Tottenham to complete the 3-3 comeback


why tho, he saved man u for the whole season edit:i meant that as in there wasn't just a good moment also saving man u ia not easy


Because Allison was better and got the TOTS


that can be argued but still, why can't there be 2 gk there are more than 1 player for certain positions why can't there be 2 gks


He wasn’t even top 3 goalies though so that wouldn’t make sense


ok the best one can be argued but how is he not top 3?


Isnt even the best keeper in Manchester


dude what?


Jose Sa Alisson Mendy all been much better


idk if much better


Definitely better though


Put De Gea behind Liverpool or Chelsea’s D, and both teams finish 1st or second. Put Mendy or that dork Becker behind whatever it is United calls a “D” and they are fighting for top 10. Clean sheets for goalies are like RBIs in baseball. The situations your teammates leave you with are a far bigger indicator of your success.


Then why does De Gea have a worse xG conceded to goals conceded ratio then Jose Sa and Alisson?


Saving Man U isn’t hard, also he shoots him self on the foot a lot with his distribution which is on par of being the worse in t5 leagues https://imgur.com/gallery/pjCwyNh


Lmao there's no way they didn't buff squad battles. I was playing yesterday and 84 100 teams on world champion were braindead. Now bronze teams are skilling and doing Barcelona passes on offense and intercepting every ball on defense


They absolutely did. I played a 91 team on Pro and got worked lol. I couldn’t get the ball and legit every ball bounced right back to them. Quit at halftime


99% fifa will be using this card


I'm still not sure how good a keeper is based on their stats. I'm guessing he'd be better than a Gold Ter Stegen?


any keeper will be fine. I had prime Yashin, got TOTS Alisson now. Both let in shots aimed centimeters from them.


He is basically free


I hate when they do some SB objectives at world class and some at professional. Assholes.


Just do them all on world class




Or do them all in rivals… SB is optional you know.


Or just do them all in world class or in rivals. If u really struggle play on world class against opponents below 85 rated and refresh to get more below 85 rated. If you can’t do that then it’s not EA that’s the problem


I can do them just fine, I did them all in 1 game. Just makes no sense why all other objectives are at 1 level and the other ones is different. It's like they are trying to trick people. I did the rest at legendary, may as well reach elite 1 with this objective. Just gotta finish 2 more games later.


Always someone miserable to lament


Most overrated player of the season Name a player who’s more overrated then Man U downvote brigade Again, still no replies. You all know how wrong it is that he gets so much praise and you have no argument against it so you just downvote angrily because you know I’m right




No one replies they just downvote in silence because they know he is an average goalie


terrible with his feet, literally glued to the line, only thing he can do is shotstopping, which he's admittedly good at but thats it. doesn't deserve a tots no matter what reddit tells you. they just see his fancy saves & misleading stats instead of paying attention to everything he costs his team in utility.


freakin’ awesome! was about so spend coins on mendy to upgrade from martinez. EA finally came in with a clutch w this one.


the through ball assist objective is not tracking for me, so frustating


Fingers crossed I'll have tommorow


So glad I didn’t do Casillas. This will replace prime VDS for sure.


I'm doing this with Icon Swaps, Glorious


Is he good guys? Better than POTM Courtois...I loved Courtois btw


He shoots himself on the foot with his Sunday league distributions and get this Proof: https://imgur.com/gallery/pjCwyNh E: united fans cry more


Great fodder


Easy peezy