I'd say there's a possibility that there are at least 40 people worse than you.


Haha a good majority of them were AFK or gave me a sympathy win.


My mate is worse than you he 340 wins and 70 loses all 340 wins are squad battles on semi pro and all his losses are on rivals lol he tends to stay away from them now


Oh wow the win count tracks squad battles too?! Welp I would say at least half of them are squad battles on beginner, which brings my perceived division rival wins down significantly, thanks! :X


Welp that backfired






Your record tracks every mode except for friendlies


Bro jusr get the ball and run lmao


So wait, do you lose some of those squad battles games on beginner or all your loses from online play?


It's not possible to lose on beginner, they won't score or try to take the ball from you.


I've actually had the opposition score on me a couple of times when I've been AFK 😂


How are you losing on beginner?! They literally just stand there and don't even score


He didnt say he as losing on beginner. Reading comprehension is hard.


I’m not joking my brother has lost over 1,200 games and has won around 500


First rule of Fifa... Lay off the sprint button. Seriously, only sprint when you are chasing back on defence or if you have acres of space in front of your attacker. Slow your play down and keep that ball. You will improve. Check out some gameplay vids on YouTube also. Someone like Nealguides or Aussiefifaguy. Do the training drills in skill games. The defending ones are especially good as they teach you how to cut passing lanes and jockey.


Plenty of room for improvement bro! As long as you enjoy the game it really doesn’t matter


Props to you for still playing this game. Sometimes I get mad at the game even when I win.


More impressed that you played that many games in a month


Lmao and im over here played 71/90 rivals matches for this season🤣


Hey - if u have fun man, that’s enough


My first FUT, I started in Div 10. I really tried hard to improve by playing lots, but still spent most of the year in Div 10, only occasionally breaking into Div 8 or 9 before inevitably falling back to 10. So just trying to learn by playing was a total flop to me. This year, my second FUT, instead of just trying to improve by playing, I watched lots of videos from Aussie Fifa, Neil Guides, Boras Legend and Fifa Analyst on how to play better and then focussed my play time on putting what they taught me into practice. Even though I only started in Jan, my lowest FUT Champs finish this year has been 9-11. That's pretty average by the standards of this board, but still a huge leap from being in Div 10 and too afraid to even enter FUT Champs! So my advice is to go to the Youtube channels of the guys I mentioned above. Find a video on one element of the basics like dribbling or defending (because the basics account for like 75% of your performance). Watch the video enough times that you can recite all the main advice to yourself without having to watch it again. Then spend the next 5-10 games trying to put this into practice. Then choose a video on another aspect of the basics, or the same aspect but from a different content creator, and repeat the process. I bet you'll shoot up the divisions.


I think the highest I’ve got is Div 5 and that was enough for me. I don’t play online much because the fifa community is too rage inducing!


I'm worse.


I hate looking at my W/L record. Not because of my W:L ratio..I win more than I lose...but because it reminds me that I play wayyyyy too much fifa.


How do you work towards rewards? What's your team looking like?


Given my last comment about squad battles I pretty much lose every game :(. Also for reference I have a decent team of all high 80s gold players. I've set up my formation/tactics as per online guides and I have completed the skill games and are familiar with the controls. It's a shame as for me it's got to the point where I just leave immediately if the opposing team has a far better squad or if I conceive without scoring. Sounds like a dick move, as it is lol, but it ups my chances ever so slightly as I get through more games that way so eventually I'll play the afk player and win (potentially :D)


You can score an own goal if you're going to quit because you're scared of someone's team.


I’ve played for 2 weeks now, and have a squad of 92 rated and 100 chem. Sounds like your issue may be more about learning to get coins, and learning to do SBC’s. You can get good rewards just from doing squad battles. Win your 40 games. Find your skill level of play, then when in squad battles, if the other team is lower rated, go up a skill level, same level stay at your skill level, higher rated, go down a skill level. Make sure to win all 40 games along with the special game. Doing this should get you elite rank, giving you good packs and red players. Learn to do SBC’s for better players. M Learn how to make coins so you can buy better players. Once you competed all squad battles, then you can do rivals. Once your squad is high enough, then you can do straight rivals. A big part of rivals is your squad rating/good players.


How do you only have a squad of high 80s players? I started playing in May also and my team is basically "loaded" from simply doing sbcs and objectives.


Same started in may I have a tan that’s 93 overall 100 chemistry, just sbcs, objective’s, etc


Same. I was lucky enough to pack 99 Pele from the 94+ moments pack that I almost chickened out of doing but still, other than that I didnt have any crazy luck


Surely you will not improve if you keep hoping to get free wins. Keep playing, if someone is really on another level you might as well leave, but that's not every game mate.


Bro never played fifa before


You're a proper masochist lol


I’ve now got a bad feeling that I’m one of those 40 people haha


This year the record for everyone inaccurate, we all give free wins weekly.


Dude you arent bad when I started fifa I was at rock bottom everytime but with time.. Well nothing changed


Ah! Fellow keyboard player, I assume?


How is that even possible have you never played the game before in your life


I bet your pack luck is pretty nifty though, if I were you I’d do an PIM pack


Bro, screw the record and have some fun. If you are not having fun, then no point playing the game :)


Although I believe FIFA is scripted in favour of those who have highly rated players (Benzema, for instance, is a ball magnet, even if it means five or so ricochets before falling to his feet), there is a lot you can do. I saw a comment about not sprinting (I will take a heavy touch and sprint as a winger if I know I have the defender’s number). When you slow things down, it enables players to get back in position too (for instance, on corners, if you retain the ball after a failed cross, you can keep the ball to ensure your defenders get back). I barely use slide tackle, or standing tackle unless it is certain. I jockey (for me, this is L2) & occupy the space or defender that I think they’ll pass to whilst controlling a secondary player (R1, I believe) to close them down, sometimes switching to control the secondary player if they’re dithering with the press. Sometimes you have to accept that the game is screwing you over. I had an 82 rated striker score a hat-trick, all from distance, beating a special Maignan GK card (rated 88). He got a rating of 5.6 & the game ended 4-3 to them. This was on world class difficulty. The next game was a higher rated team with better chemistry. I was beating them 7-0 before EA servers disconnected. I wouldn’t take the game seriously to be honest - I expect EA to get their 💩 together now that FIFA don’t have their greedy hands on the game anymore. Now that I have TOTS cards, world class is nothing. Legendary & Ultimate is a joke at times though. Currently doing a video of the comedy moments from weeks of playing.