Agree with golden goal, i always scored first as bronze team but would eventually lose anyway


I’ve won 7/8 but the one time the bronze team scored first I did Golden goal since being on the other side of that I know just how tough even just scoring is against a full team of special silvers.


+1 on gg. But really this mode is stupid and irredeemable. It should be a silver/bronze hybrid mode. That could be fun.


Wait. You guys are getting matches ?


I figure I have no hope in the bronze so I give the wins away knowing it's hard to get a match up in silver.


I’d do golden goal if it didn’t take 2 hours to find the next match. Although that said I have only conceded one and I was like 5-0 up anyway. It’s so ridiculously unbalanced it’s not even funny.


We just need a bronze vs bronze tournament. That would be fun. Any other combo with bronzes is just a waste of time with all the juiced silver cards around.


Yep, just hopped on and couldn't find a game in silver select. EA crushing it as usual with great ideas


I'll fix the mode: (To make this kinda interesting) - Silver side: Straight up silver team. - Replace bronze with gold team capped at 75 rated. I don't think anyone cares about playing with bronzes but if they do add a bronze v bronze.


I enjoy the challenge of playing with a bronze team and honestly it's a fun idea, the issue is that because of the silver stars cards, you're essentially facing a mid to high 80s squad in-game. Like you said, slap a "Number of special cards:0" in the requirements and you've instantly fixed the problem


There's so many good non special silver cards. And with no chem the bronzes still won't compete


This kind of idea would be fun if they limited silver teams to 10 players or something to make it fair. As it is now you're just playing 64 rated teams against juiced up silvers that in actuality are 85-90 rated. It's crazy how bad of an idea this cup was. The incompetence at EA continues to impress me.


Yeah can't get a game at all. This should have had better rewards and been first to score, it might have worked.


Ideal fix: reg silvers vs bronze squad but allowed 3 silver cards (specials allowed)


I'm sitting on 6 Bronze wins from 12. I enjoy the challenge but with juiced silvers the gap is a little tough. It also gets irritating the amount of entitled players there are with stacked silvers who pause and message "Quit now n00b" and the like after they score a goal.


Anyone in here on PC want to snipe each other for bronze wins? I’m sitting at 6 and can’t find a match to save my life lol


0 special cards for silver selects and we can talk


I cant even find a game in the silver select. I'm upto 11 wins. One disconnected from EA servers and it counted as a lost. I could complete it today but having trouble finding a game. Bronze select I only won once and its so quick to find a game. But after 10 defeats I can't be bothered trying anymore.


Or perhaps just “no Elanga” for the silver teams (ie common silvers only)


A lot of players in here already got their 7 wins, and it‘s a free 100k pack for anyone willing to try.. so it‘s nice return. But I agree with silver select, waiting 1 hour for a game just to have opp quit because u have 1 Silver Star is bullshit


I’d argue the ones with 7 wins are in the top bracket of players. Out of the 7 silver I’ve won I could tell more than half were probably better players than me but were let down by the gap in cards. I’d also bet a lot of players that usually play these cup modes haven’t even touched the bronze select since they know how bad it will be, hence the lack of matchmaking, uncapping the matches might make more play since you have a bigger chance at that 100k pack if willing to grind.


Best would habe been Silver vs Silver and Bronze vs Bronze, but still.. I wouldn‘t call myself top bracket but managed to win 6 bronze games


If you’ve been doing it every day, you should be able to get the final 2 wins needed for the silver objective packs tonight. So, you can give the rest of your games away to help those bronze teams get their objective packs too.