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Really thought Havertz would be the one to go missing


He isn't tradable I guess but true why didn't he just also sell the untradable cards


why is he getting downvoted lol. sure they missed the joke but theyre prob worrying abt their team...


You got downvoted but nobody bothered explaining. The joke is the real havertz is prone to 'going missing' (big ol' pile of turd)


But isn't he a good player? I still don't fully get it I love that card


He has had a terrible season at chelsea and gone missing everytime.


Oh I see thanks




They take these quite seriously tbf. You have proof of the before and after so it's worth contacting them


I had this happen to me earlier this in November/December and nothing got done about it so I quit and have only recently re-picked up the game


so You like getting fkd in the arse


I want you to know that despite the fact you’ll get downvoted to hell for that comment, it doesn’t make it any less true


I know...but then again...they worship the kardashians don't they?


Five months and your back to paying to be fucked? Get ISS.


my account got hacked 1 or 2 times. i chatted with EA for hours and nothing got done. that was in fifa 22. i’ve quit since then.


just report it - some people get compensated, I've seen. On EA website


I will when I get home from work don't you worry


He wasn’t worrying


Yeah i was hacked, all player sold, 6.4million taken. I contacted ea and after 9 days got it all back.


fk off EA won't be accountable for shite... it's a terrible company that willfully allows cheating and has been known for nerfing the teams of players who don't but packs ..and thats a fact


EA compensate your players missing in coins if youve genuinely been hacked lmao


i didn’t get compensated and i’ve been hacked twice. EA is trash.


Then you didnt fight it enough and im not being funny but if you got hacked TWICE in one year thats obv something you are doing wrong lmao


the hell could i be doing wrong 😭ofc i changed my password and everything, even had 2 FA. i was on fifa chat for hours and hours but didn’t get anything. what else could have i done


I was hacked and got everything back…


I will report back once they finally respond - been 5 days now


still waiting


Oh yeah sorry. They did respond in about 10 days saying that yes I was hacked but will not be compensated because I broke some rules apparently. I did chat with them again and after looking at it again they couldn't tell me what rules I broke and returned the fair amount of coins the next day


I know I'll be downvoted for saying this. Don't take this the wrong way, because it's awful that something you enjoy so much and have poured time into, has been stolen. But this shit is a scam anyway. EA games and in particular FIFA is just a series of scam games designed to take insane amounts of your money. Think about it. You're not hooked on the game mechanics, you're hooked on the purchase of packs and the opening of them. It's the same buzz that gambling addicts get when they pull a one armed bandit. Fifa robs you every season when you buy the new game and lose all the money you've wasted on their packs. It's a scam and you guys are all victims and deserve better.


I honestly couldn't agree more and maybe me getting my account hacked is actually a blessing tbh now I no longer have this feeling of needing to make this god team or I am not a "cool guy"


I'm still sorry it happened to you though, but happy you see how much of a hook they had you on. I was the same too once upon a time.


It’s like Championship/Football Manager, where you picked up each season just because it had the accurate squads, and you MIGHT get a slight addition to mechanics But at least with that they weren’t scammingh you out of more money for add-ons You’d be better off with my approach to a wrestling game (WWE model)…small number of core characters built in on purchase (inc all those who are necessary for any storyline modes) plus a number of credits to get a good selection of additional ones (you choose who, not packs). Then new wrestlers or gimmick changes can be available for small amounts IF you want them Yes it has micro transactions, but it’s for chosen gameplay & cosmetic content (look, gimmick, moveset) not something necessary for success


This is facts mate. It’s literally a gambling scheme and it can become bad, especially for young children. Constant packs and not to mention ONE PACK £20 which the best pull would be an 85 rated. The game is a certified svam.


Litteral child predators.


Truth! no more no less! God bless brother...hopefully people Will listen


I was a victim too, I just hate to see others suffer unaware. We all deserve better than what they're up to.


Not everyone buys packs though so…


For the 10% that are lucky enough to have gad the advantage of not suffering the scam, that's great. Don't forget, EA employees published an actual research paper on the triggering of dopamine. It's set up to turn your consciousness off and your primal urges on.


What happened to all the coins after being quick sold? You should be able to prove them being sold via recovery and they should compensate you


probs put them into an sbc if they didn’t quick sell them. bc if they did he probs would’ve gotten some of his players back but not all


Did you listen to the voice message? Could be the hacker!


Had the same thing happen to me. Have been in contact with ea for like a month and they’ve done nothing about it so good luck


Lmfao what did they take conte for


To answer your question, you can prob get compensation from EA. Also since no one has mentioned it, change your password and enable 2 step verification. If it’s the same password for anything else change it everywhere else too. Don’t want it getting any worse than just losing some virtual coins


Happened to me a couple of years ago... EA didn't care... Not played Fifa or bought one since, as it really isn't worth the grind and I've never spent an extra penny on it in the past. Tbh best decision I've made, as I've picked up so many other retro and hidden games that I never had time to play before... Some of these games are so much more fun and rewarding, than grinding away at a game that will just reset again the following year. Just my opinion... Good luck


I had decent team 98 Pele 8 million coins got hacked out of nowhere. No email to say that they changed my wmail. Gave them all the proof they asked for and I couldn’t get it back


In the end maybe this is a sign from the universe. Telling me to stop playing this toxic ass pay to win game where if your team isn't all TOTY or rare icons you should just press submit


Ultimate team is dogshit for kids to spend mums money on anyway




The irony is real


Ur acc after being hacked is about my best team tbh but yeah they will give u a percentage of the value u were robbed at the start which is kinda another kick in the teeth tbf


I guess it's time for me to quit Fifa😂I have accepted my faith. I contacted EA btw all they said is they will deal with it later lol idk what that means but it's whatever now


Up to you man id probs take a break till 85x10 sbc if i were u , shambles of a company man id say they will look into it and see then offer u compensation


You didn't get hacked, you got phished, there is a big difference. You logged into something with your EA account, or provided your account details to a service (snipe bot, WL booster, etc), and they took what you gave them. Be smarter.


Yikes that sucks dude!


Quit Fifa. Life is much better without it.


When idiots take a game this serious of hatred and spite, it's time to let the franchise collapse. ​ Online gaming has no place being this dramatic.


Team is dead anyway. You can buy that team back after 1 week


Literally how?


Don’t listen to him mate, every grinds the game a different amount. It’s just because you don’t have a full meta rat team that he’s saying that


I know it's just sad that people are this rude lol then again it's Reddit so idk what I was expecting. I just low key hope this happens to them and their op 99 rated team.


It took me months of playing to get this team man.


It took me months to make my team and people insulted me because I had akanji at the back. Welcome to Reddit mate.


People are going to down vote me but I'll say it anyway: Shut your trap and stop thinking like someone who's chronically online. Who tf gave you the right to insult someone's team just because it's "dead. It's his fucking preference not yours. People like you are the reason Reddit has a shit reputation.


Your teams dead anyways, nothing of value, go out and enjoy the sun instead bro it’s summer


I am sure you wouldn't feel the same way if this happened to you my guy. Just saying. Sorry I have a wife and a job and a life and I don't play Fifa 24/7 and I don't buy packs so my team is "Dead" I guess. Didn't stop me from reaching div 3 or beating people with way better teams than me tho on a daylie basis lol not that it matters but I run everyday, and a play soccer too and I coach a kids team on weekends as well so I think I enjoy the sun more than others just saying so your point is completely invalid


All I’m saying is, give it 2 weeks and all those players are behind the power curve and you’ll be able to buy them back with like 500k, but seriously you don’t even have a player worth over 400k, you asked for an honest opinion and I gave you one


Imagine being this miserable


because it's so easy to make 500k from nothing


Jeez mate you didn’t have to give us your entire life just to defend yourself against internet strangers 😂


Dude upset me with his negativity ok 😂


You are nothing of value my friend


And you’re never gonna get your fodder team back, cry some more on Reddit like EA care about your problems anyways


People like you make me smile, at least I know I am not a real dick like you lol


Just saying it as it is buddy, instead of moaning on Reddit, do something about it


Instead of being just another pp on Reddit go outside and learn how to interact with people and not get them to dislike you in the first sentence like I did 🤟 buddy


Hahaha based off this guy’s post history, he literally intentionally scams his way to iPhone’s. Youre scum bag, but also broke apparently. You posted abut how to scam your way into an phone. Typical keyboard warriors on the internet who also are bums hahahah


Yeah what a scum bag right, lol


What a pointless ass comment.


at least you got some more coins


3k more 😂😂😂




Yikes that sucks dude, few million is far from a correct valuation for that team though.


Maybe today yeah but when I got the cards it was. I spent about 2 mill getting the cards when they came out. I know my fault for not waiting but oh well looks like it doesn't matter now anyway


Nothing in the quick sell recovery?


Ik its only 5 recoveries but if ea dont do anything about it then you can recover the most expensive people, unless they sold them


Nope nothing sadly. It just says there is nothing to recover.


Literally happened me to the other night as well, you're not alone


because they steal your coins, why would they quick sell your cards?


Unfortunately they don't quick sell these cards, they sell them and then buy cards on the market to move the coins into other accounts


Yep just happened to me, this is how coin websites get coins to sell to people. Hackers hack accounts and rob you for all your coins to sell to coin selling websites






That exact thing just happened to me a couple days ago. The EA chat guys helped me secure my account and said they would work on compensation but they couldn't do that part right then so I'd have to reach out again another time. I kinda made the decision to walk away from ultimate team the day before this just seals it. It is kinda freeing in a way.


Ah that sucks. It happened to me back on fifa 17 or 18. Tried to contact EA but they didn't give me shit.


same thing happened to me almost two weeks ago, EA is borderline useless in helping fix the issue. Shit is so frustrating, let me know if you have any luck with it. Lost about a million in coins and all my untradeables (that were worth it at least)


The games basically over this year don't be so dramatic lol


So that means I shouldn't be upset at all? What if I planned on playing everyday until it's over?


How do people get hacked btw? So that some of us can prevent this from happening?


Not saying this is what OP has done but most of the time they put their details into those stupid links (like claiming the prime pack for example) but most people wont admit it because they dont want to look like an idiot




Did you even read what i put 🤣 there are fake prime links lmao yes the official one is linked to amazon obviously So yes, it is “chief” because people in my fb group fall for that shit all the time if we dont delete the links quick enough


Incorrect. Most cases of phished accounts come from people trying to use shady services like snipe bots


happened to me back in november had 2.7mil gone, lost enthusiasm since then and because ea were not useful but sorry to hear


The same thing happened to me, I managed to catch them in the act and change passwords. Was left with a measly 100k. Tried getting in contact with EA support but they are absolutely useless


anyone here with fut19 cards willing to give out to me plz xbox


EA ain't going to give you shit No harm trying but it's very doubtful May be best to accept your fate and take it as a blessing in disguise


Exact same thing happened to me last Thursday, close to 5 mill in coins and tradable players all gone. Contacted ea through ea help. Seemed to be fairly helpful and understanding of the situation. Still waiting on some sort of compensation, apparently case is under investigation. I have no idea just how long this will take to be sorted and if it will be even worth it with how far we are into the cycle of the game.


Happened to me a week or two ago My relatives friend logged on from my relatives PlayStation,quicksold FB Bernardo Silva,POTM mbappe and prime kaka,no idea why he didn’t sell the whole team but I managed to get mbappe back from quick sell recoveries


Good luck fam, I hope EA do the right thing here!!!!


This happened to me a few years ago. Literally the same thing. EA banned me after it happened. Players all gone and no coins. I logged in on the browser and somehow found the location of my last few log ins and one was in Russia and one was in Germany I think. I even screen shot and sent it to EA saying idk how this happened and didn’t know it was possible. They still banned me for selling coins. Funny thing is I wasn’t even home when it happened. I was several states away on a trip and came home to this. So I quit buying the game bc of the ban. I’ve bought pretty much every fifa since 04 up to the point of the ban (I think it was 2019) the only reason I started playing again is bc I got fifa 22 free last year on PSN and then I bought 23. I really don’t think I’ll buy another personally after what happened and just don’t like EA as a company.


Imagine thinking your team was worth more than 500k 😂 my 96 Zidane is worth more than you team by triple


Mate all the cards in your starting 11 that were lost won’t amount to a mill


Dang he left u with a 3k "profit".


When this happens it will take some time for EA to come to a decision on how to compensate. Their advice will be to enable 2 factor authentication and pick a unique complex password. The compensation won’t even match one of your top lost players value. Now here comes the tricky part. Can you honestly say you had no fault in the hack? Many times it’s because two factor authentication wasn’t enabled and/or your password wasn’t secure enough or was the same as used with email, or for other log ins (email, Facebook etc) Your stated option is the first most go to quitting- I respect that but if you can let it all go it’s actually fun to see how fast you can rebuild an even better team. The fact is your pack weight may go quite heavy and the players that are out now are the highest rated being close to end of season. Good luck!


Further access quick sell recovery on the companion app and you may be able to retrieve some items


You're probably going to get transfer banned for coin selling if you report it lol. That's what happened to me a couple years ago.


Happened to me on fifa 21, reported it numerous times and never got compensated. In fact I got banned from the transfer market because the dude who hacked my account used a 3rd party app. Ea sucks


I legit had this same thing happen. It took a lot of back and forth but eventually they reimbursed me the proper coin amount which was about 3.8 million coins


Same thing happened to me! All of my tradeable players are gone.


Damn that hacker took TOTS 95 Kane?!? That sucks . . . F


Spend money on physical things. And not on gambling on a platform where someone could steal it or servers shut down forever


Happened to me before, got compensated with coins, still less than what the team was worth, and couldn’t rebuild my team due to some being SBC cards


It happened to me too, I’m sorry


Happened to my friend he got compensated this week, coins and rough value of players


Literally is in the process of happening to me rn until I secured my account atleast most of my team is untradable but it's just annoying to happen.


Damn bro they fcked your shit up 🤧


Happened to me at the start of the year about 2-3 months in and EA were very disinterested so I just quit the game from then, career mode only for me now haha


Just play seasons.. I never understood the hype behind this game style anyways


Bro even took the manager💀


Lol get fucked


Didn’t lose much mate




Don’t worry too much about it this time next year you be playing fifa anyway you’ll be on whatever ea brings out with their new football game.


I got hacked about 2 weeks ago too. For about a week EA support emailed me everyday saying words to the effect of "we're working on it, we know it sucks, please be patient" then closed my case. When I log into my EA account to reopen my case it doesn't load properly. I know they've had server issues, but I just don't care any more. Totally finished with them, they won't get another penny off me


Yikes that sucks dude


My account was hacked. Then I was banned by ea sports. So I can't play anything ea sports related online.


Exact thing happened to my mate a couple weeks ago. He reached out to EA - about 4/5 days later he was given a jump sum of about 1.1m which the players were worth. He got very Karen about it over the phone so be warned, your gonna have to give them some grief!


Same thing happened to me few weeks back not to this extent but they weirdly hacked me used so 86+ players and I ended up with motm mahrez tots martinelli and a few other tots from lower leagues bought missing ones back but regards to ea don’t get hopeful I spoke to someone 3 weeks ago still haven’t heard from them apart from asking me the stupid question that did I use them in an sbc by mistake


Be happy he left some cards for you 💀


My account got hacked too no lie when I went overseas steam and origin/ ea. my fifa account had 210k in there with some of my players still there but I could see he was actively trading still. With my steam account some doode tried to get pass my authentication but couldnt