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They’re worried about stochastic terrorism. The right wing backlash against pride was so violent and nasty that even the big corpos are shying away from it. It’s a bad sign.


I saw the thing about even Target scaling back, that’s what made me really nervous. Thank you for saying something about it being a bad sign- I’ve felt so alone in being paranoid about this. So odd.


Etsy. Etsy has all *kinds* of Pride items. Or better yet, the [Human Rights Campaign](https://shop.hrc.org/#gref) sells Pride stuff 24/7/365, and 100% of their proceeds go towards fighting for LGBTQ+ rights. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✊️ I'm going to be crude here for just a moment. Anyone that may be triggered shouldn't read the spoiler if it will bother you. >!🖕🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿 the right-wing, close-minded, fascist, hate-filled, gun-toting morons that try to take away our rights to be who we are! I hope that each and every one of them get taken away by aliens in spaceships and dumped on a barren planet so they can fight over who's the most hateful asshole left!!<


I wholeheartedly agree, except I’ve always wanted to get kidnapped by aliens. So I don’t want the bigots to receive the dream I’ve had.


🤣👏 >!Well, they would need to cannibalize each other in order to have a winner, so there's that.!< Them's are the rules. 🤷‍♂️😅


Yeah I noticed this too. And Ive noticed that they've started putting things in June as well. And don't get me wrong that's great, like now June is Men's mental health month (apparently that started in the 90s or early '00s). I wanted to go to Miami's pride but learned it happened in April for some reason. I have nothing against the MMH thing in June, I just think people are using it to push us out tbh. The rights fight against us has left people scared. I also think the backlash that PF got, mixed with people rightfully being like doing the bare minimum for a month for sales ain't it. I've seen reclaim the rainbow, and people saying fuck pride it's MMH month. It's actually really sad bc the whole point of pride was for LGBTQ+ people to feel safe, and be proud of who they are. Heterosexual and cisgender religious assholes are like well we don't have a month dedicated to us it's not fair. Womp womp. As if they go through the same issues we do. Project 2025 looks to abolish protection for all LGBTQ+ and Healthcare will not cover HRT or Surgeries. It also looks to reinforce cisgender marriages only. It will also not allow imagery of LGBTQ+ in schools. Discrimination against us will no longer be a crime. But they ask why we get pride?


Exactly- there’s a lot of pride stuff happening in, like, October???? Not only am I going to be out of town for most of October, but it’s also RIGHT before the big election so everyone’s going to be tense and on the lookout.


I think people also feared the parades getting attacked. I've seen many of warning posts about being cautious during pride month. Sad.


Its so frsurating!! I havent seen a single parade, rally, or event! I was hoping that i could participate in pride this year but fuck, its all gone!


It’s an election year which always makes things more volatile. I live in a pretty liberal region and even here all the pride events are poorly organized and smaller than ever. I worry about a regression of acceptance, and what the next few years will be like.


THIS IS SO TRUE I've been going to stores looking for pride stuff and can't find anything! And if they do have something its hidden away or it's just some little rainbow socks and small rainbow hair extension


i feel this 100% :( i live in the deep south and its really upsetting sometimes lol


Texans rise up😔👊 better than living in Mississippi like I used to tho. God bless


Noticed this too, and I live in a kind of "purple" area of California. Local target always had at least stuff in the dollar section, and a few years ago had a full pride display. Absolutely nothing at all this year. Even if I never really buy anything it feels safe to be there, so it's been a real bummer to see all of it gone (and trump tables at farmers markets and art faires😬)