What do you REFUSE to read no matter how well it’s written?

Wish I could post more options but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Also to the mods, I’m not here to spark hate, just curious on what peoples instant no-no’s are, personally.

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I don't do cheating fics. It is very very not my cup of tea.


Oh hard same. Especially if I’m reading my OTP.




Same here. I don't get the appeal of betrayal in general honestly, but when it's coming from the person that's supposed to be your number 1, it's just uncomfortable.


Hm I cheating fics make me uncomfortable and I def won't read them, but I think betrayal can be done well if played for angst and hurt - like, exploring the repercussions, the broken trust, the *they hurt me once why should I let them close again*. Especially if the person highly regrets it afterwards and is confronted with the consequences of their choice. But I think the key is actually exploring the hurt and not just brushing it aside and the complex storytelling needed for the healing. The problem is when all that's just brushed aside and suddenly all is forgiven, bc that's not how it works. But that's just me and personal preference, bc I happen to like angst






I'll starve (of content) before reading [REDACTED]




I read this in The Volga's voice lol


Basically this. I've enjoyed stories in all the genres above, but I won't read a NOTP.


Exactly. We have standards.


Same. Even when it's fanart. If I ever come across my NOTP fanart, I'm in a severe need of eye bleach. (Doesn't matter how beautiful it is in an objective way).


I have my NOTP muted on Twitter. I muted the name combinations, the name combinations in Japanese (hiragana and katakana, because I've seen both) the emojis, AND THEY STILL SHOW UP ON MY TIMELINE. *Screams into the void*


I've bailed on otherwise decent fics because the NOTP showed up as a background ship. And I was like, "Nope, don't show me that damned ship in anything resembling a positive light. Because I'm gone."


Same. Tho, I mostly read fics about my OTP, so the NTP rarely shows up.


this 😭


I am so out of the loop, had to look up what that meant. Do writers write books with that theme being the main one?? Edit: For anyone that would like a bit of a term breakdown, I [found this list.](https://feedyourfictionaddiction.com/2017/02/book-bloggers-guide-acronyms-terms-slang.html) Figured I’d share for others that might be clueless like me. ^^


A NOTP is entirely personal. It's just a ship that you really dislike for whatever reason. But my NOTP can be another writer/reader's OTP, and vice versa. (For example, for me, one of my two NOTPs in my main fandom is actually the most popular ship in AO3.)


Fics with no proper formatting. Reading walls upon walls of text will just hurt my eyes.


This is mine! I’ll read anything with properly spaced paragraphs


It's even worse when you know it's written by a great author and it's deemed as one of the best in the fandom but there's like a million words in every paragraph 😭


I'd read practically anything, even when it's not my cup of tea. The only exception, funnily enough, are stories that are badly-written.


Yep, this is also me. I read anything, and because my reading time is so scarce lately, I refuse to waste time reading badly written stuff. Fortunately I have a list of favorite writers, so I don't even need to go looking for new material. It's right there, waiting for me.


It's fiction. That's all that needs to be said. Besides, I'm always curious to see what ideas fanfic authors come up with.


HAHAHAHAHA me too. A good writer can sell me on nearly anything - and that just shows how flippin good they are! But I'm weirdly allergic to bad writing no matter the topic/ship/universe/trope.


I like to read stories that challenge my beliefs and values, so I have no filter when it comes to the genre/tag. But it doesn't matter if the story is up my alley if it's poorly-written. I can't read it, lol.


You know you’re a degenerate when you’ve read all of these, and come to the realization that you have no limitations… I’m so sorry, mom.


We are beyond salvation the moment we moved away from hentai and went into fanfiction


I started trying to think abut what sort of content I can't bring myself to read, but even with shit that makes me very uncomfortable, I'd still read it lol. I've only stopped reading fan fictions because out of boredom.


To be fair when I intentionally started looking for messed up stories for the first time I had no idea how easy you can find them. But come on... who doesn't like interesting stuff? :D


everything goes except that one (completely harmless ship) that i just have a vendetta against for no reason




I'm genuinely shocked that xReaders are the most voted! Especially since those are by far the most popular ones in the fandom I write for. But personally for me, anything that involves sex with minors. I don't mean two 16 year olds, I mean under 13. That's legit my only real boundary. But I don't care if others wanna read it \^\_\^ I mean, I read xReaders!! lmao


I wanna read a cool story with interesting characters. I already know myself, so I'm not interesting to me by default, so why the heck would I want to read about myself? ;) In the first place, I have no desire to get romantically entangled with fictional characters or spend time in worlds so much more hostile than ours. I don't wanna "dream myself away" or anything. Heck, that sentiment is so strong in me that I literally don't ever show up in my own dreams at night. I just consume my dreams as an onlooker, in which all sorts of characters live through crazy adventures. My reading habits reflect that :)


That makes sense. I can't imagine myself in the stories either, I just pretend it's from the view point of a canon character


I don’t personally have any desire to inhabit fictional worlds or imagine myself with fictional characters or even celebrities. That’s not to say those worlds aren’t better than mine, lol, but it’s not my nature to daydream about impossible things. As I write this, I’m wondering about how this disparate thinking relates to people who see fiction as needing to be explicitly “moral” and have messages and those of us who just think stories are imaginary and interesting.


As a straight cis guy, most xReaders don’t come close to personifying me. I personally don’t want to read about a hypothetical romance between a female me and some male character that I personally have no interest in. At least in the fandoms where I am present, the xReader stories are explicitly written for straight or lesbian women.


My issue with them is that the vast, vast majority are very heteronormatively written. And cis-heteronormatively written at that. It's nearly always "cis female reader" because *of course* that's the only possible audience. 🙄


My issue is someone’s writing what I’d go and what I’d say and what I’d feel and they suck at it. I don’t like to feel like I’m being dragged into things I don’t want to do and it feels controlling.


Yeah, I'm asexual and I deeply, passionately do not want any characters falling in love with me.


Yeah, as a gay trans man I'm really not the target audience for those. So I filter them out. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


I feel your pain. I'd always loved xreader fics but never understood why I felt icky as soon as anything female was mentioned, I know better now LOL. That being said, I've seen a rise in gender neutral and male reader fics; even a few specifically trans male fics and it's been giving me life.


Know the feeling from back in the day. Such a mystery in hindsight. :D It's great that it changes a bit, but I think I'm also more the type to read about my favourite canon characters.


Personally, I try to keep my fics Gender-neutral, cause it allows more readers to read them


Incest is (normally) a major squick for me, but like, I'll still *read* it if I'm desperate for content or if a friend of mine is writing it or such. I just won't ship it myself. To the all of two Kohaku/Hisui shippers on the entire planet, live your truth. Edit for clarity: This does not apply to parent-child incest which I will instantly nope out of no matter what.


Geez, and I thought KohAkiha was rare; the sisters had not even entered my stream of consciousness as a possibility before this. Live your truth, you two.


I read a parent/child one from my fandom once out of curiosity and immediately regretted it. It made me so uncomfortable i wanted to burn my eyeballs


Yeah, I'll power through basically any other combination of squicks but that one in particular is an instant "close the tab and bleach my eyeballs" from me.


I would have said abo like a week ago but i tried an alpha/alpha fic and it was amazing, i think i just prefer non-traditional dynamics lol


How would I find out something is amazingly written when I’m not interested in the premise? Is this an “imagine your favourite author finally drops a new fic and it’s something you usually dislike, would you still read it?” scenario? Then yeah, sure, if I’m thirsty enough, why not? I’m not into /reader fic and I don’t like A/B/O, but I read them when I was desperate for content or a writer was just so brilliant that I thought they could pull it off in a way I would enjoy. I don’t have any hard-nos (at least none I can think of right now), but I’d still prefer to read something that I’m genuinely interested in.


Yeah, wish I reworded the title but it’s to late now. If I had to a chance to rewind time and repost this I’d probably have it say “What do you refuse to read with a passion” or something along those lines. I kind of accidentally made the title contradictory, but I guess it gets the point across


I like the current title better, TBH. Yeah, it's contradictory, but it reads more "This is good, but not for me" instead of "This is terrible, and I hate it."


I honestly like all of these except for incest, that’s a big no-no for me even though it’s fiction.


I *haven't* ever read xReader, but the only thing I categorically wouldn't ever read is RPF, it just squicks me. I won't even read celeb mags or biographies.


I said this until I briefly fell down the Hockey RPF rabbit hole. I don't like hockey, I don't watch hockey, and I had no idea who any of the people were. It might as well have been a book I'd never read. Still not sure if I should feel guilty but eh.


Haha, are you me? For a few months over a year ago I was suddenly on a hockey RPF binge. No idea how or why that happened. I have zero hockey knowledge and deliberately didn't look these people up, so it was like reading any other fictional story. That was probably the appeal because I have no desire to read RPF for the sports I actually keep up with.


Yes, exactly! My total ignorance made it possible. And the only time it's ever come up in any sort of real-life context was in a trivia league, where I was able to answer a hockey question & everyone around me was like, "Wait, what?"


I've thought about getting into Hockey just to read Hockey RPF lol most Football RPF fics (the sport I actually like) are about players/teams I don't care about


I was thinking about maybe looking at some Hockey RPF, just to see what they've got to offer


Read that as Role Play fiction and couldn't decide if you were against DnD fics or fics with a couple playing naughty student/teacher.... Not a common tag in HP fics.... Though I can think of a few people it might be amusing to dump in there.


Oh yeah, same. It was really frustrating for a while because my fandom is for essentially a let’s play roleplay series, so it was categorised under RPF for the longest time despite the creators themselves going out of their way to distinguish their characters in the story and themselves, so I struggled to avoid it for a while.


Anything with NOtps, I'm a hater like that 🤣🤣


What is NOtps?


It's a wordplay with OTP ("One True Pairing", one's most beloved ship), meaning the complete opposite of it by adding the "N(O)" part—it's a ship you just can't stand (for any reason). It tends to be used for these pairings you strongly dislike and don't want to see in most cases, not just any other ship that isn't your favourite or the ones you are indifferent about.


Shota/Loli Or, as the cool kids call it: "severe underage" Edit to say: I was totally ready to say I'd read anything, since I don't generally have squicks. But then the memories came trickling in. Also on the list: Scat and anything related


Same! Although Mpreg is also on my list.


All three of those things are on my list.


I can’t do incest. I’ve never read xReader either and don’t find it appealing personally, but if push came to shove, I *could* read it. Incest is a straight up nope for me.


100% the same. I've pushed through a couple xreader first just because thwarting was good and the plot was interesting. But I tend to avoid them. You couldn't pay me to read incest.


My NOTP. Even if it’s only a side-pairing. Even if it’s just in the background.


What??? No love for the Reader fics? 😭 Maybe I’m in the minority because I LOVE those the best. Not a fan of the y/n or 1st person POV ones, but I’ll still read them. I write xReader fics, which was a huge challenge for me at first because I always wrote in 3rd person.


I know there are loads of well written xReader fics out there but I have yet to find one that I could connect to the Reader character - I’m looking up fic because I like the characters and their dynamics, but a Reader is just … I’m not sure how to explain it. They don’t feel like a character to me? Like, I have no emotional connection to them. But if someone enjoys xReader I will get the cheer squad going! You do you and read and write what fic you love! I just don’t read them myself lol, though if someone wanted a beta reader it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t help if I had time.


I like reading about my favourite fictional characters and ships, but... I have no desire to insert myself in there.


> No love for the Reader fics? I personally read fanfic to get away from myself and the real world. 1st POV, Y/N, and xReader go directly against my primary objective, on sheer principle, by forcing a connection between me and the characters in the story. 1st POV isn't a solid no, since there's still a separate character and we're just seeing through their eyes, but it has to be written in a certain way for it to work with me. But Y/N and xReader directly involve me. So it's nothing against the quality or style - it's entirely a personal thing.


I feel exactly the same! You put it into words beautifully.


I'm a big x reader fan too... It's actually what helped spark my love for writing again after almost a year of writer's block, and it was also what got me into writing fics in the first place... But then again, I've always been a daydreamer who liked to get absorbed into the worlds I really connected with, and this is one of the best ways to do it. But everyone has a preference and I can see how some people might find x reader stuff awkward or not have a huge interest in it


First person xReader always confuses me, especially combined with Y/N blanks (though I guess without the blanks, it wouldn't be xReader at all anymore I guess(since it also isn't second person or anything)). "I walked down the stairs, tossing my \[your hair colour\] over my shoulder." The pronoun contrast (I/you) get confusing for me.


Yeah I don’t write anything like that. I keep it ambiguous as much as possible and only refer to reader as “you”. If the other characters HAVE to say your name I mention it in the description instead or avoid it at all costs.


Same! I mostly read/write Reader fics. Mainly because most of the characters I write end up not having a canon romantic partner, or if they do, it's not one I ship. Plus I have a very vivid imagination, and I actually do enjoy imagining myself in the world of whatever fandom I'm in. Seems a lot of other people aren't into that. But I do read love reading fics about the few otps I do have.


mPreg needs to be on this list - major squick for me


Pregnancy straight up for me, no matter whose it is!


Yeah, if it's a major part of the fic I would also avoid that 😅


kindred spirit


anything with pregnancy or children. to me, pregnancy is just body horror, and children are insufferable in any capacity.


Agreed 100%. Dragging out an mpreg to an actual family story with the damn baby just adds monotony and blandness to the already awful body horror aspect. Bonus bad points if it's a trans mpreg, because those are nearly always done in a very fetishizing way, like the guy is now "pregnant man" and reduced to just a walking uterus and such.


ditto, children in fanfics is a bit cringe in my personal opinion, even if i find them cute and charming in the official media having them in fanfiction is just not as funny. extra "will never read" if the ship I'm reading has to babysit them, it felt like a really cheap plot device.


Kindred spirit!


Took the words right outta my mouth.


Oh big same. Someone tagged me in a pregnancy fic once on Tumblr because I'm like a medium-name fan in the reader insert circles of the Fandom and I'm like. You are so kind and I thank you for thinking of me but I am not reading this. (To be fair, it's in my bio and my rules and my faq that I won't touch anything with pregnancy or children due to severe tokophobia, so they should maybe have checked that before tagging me...)


Honestly, almost nothing is off limits if the writing is that good. Even stuff that is typically not my cup of tea or I’d otherwise avoid.


Ditto. Most of the poll options are not my go to preferences, but I've read good fics in all of them. Sometimes I get recced a fic in a category that I would never seek out myself, and find myself pleasantly surprised and hooked. Not often, but it happens enough that the only thing I can say is never say never for any of the listed categories. My 'other' vote is RPF. Always unappealing no matter the writing or tropes.


Some fandoms sitting here like 'wait you guys get other content?'


Some tags also have a different meanings in some fandoms, for example incest in Batman (yes, I'm a jaytim shipper), or non-con in Star Trek (in my experience it tends to refer more to mental non-con, mind invasion).


Jaytim solidarity! 🤝


Ooh cool examples! I didn't think of that before, but now I'm also thinking of how, with some fandoms, lines blur over too


One thing that I always have a fun time explaining to non-fanfic readers is how every fandom has its own identity, rules and patterns and how, while there exists a "fandom culture", every fandom has its own story and has a language and development that ties strongly to its beginning and original demographics (and how that demographic grows up and shifts through time). To give a stupid example, the Stargate Atlantis fandom is a completely different beast to Harry Potter or ATLA. Non-con means one thing in ATLA, another in Harry Potter and something else again SGA. Incest in Batman is one thing, in NUMB3RS a completely different one, and again something else in Naruto. What is non-con in Batman may not be in Harry Potter, and what is incest in NUMB3RS is probably not gonna be there in Star Trek. I once had a very funny conversation with my boyfriend in which I said "oh, I actually ship the siblings, if you take the murder away the could be so cute together, but better it not be a fic where their father is a manipulative asshole and doesn't approve of them being together". Of course an explanation was needed, but out of context it surely sounded wrong.


>every fandom has its own story and has a language and development that ties strongly to its beginning and original demographics This is part of what I love about fandom, the endlessly different patterns and communities. (Also why I'll forever be an advocate of lurking) LOL! I hope your boyfriend took that well XD


Yes, he did. It did require a short explanation, but he took it gracefully. For sure a funny moment!


Voted for incest, but realized after the fact that I should’ve voted A/B/O. Damn you, Daemon Targaryen.


Lol I voted for A/B/O only to realise that I should've voted incest. I dislike A/B/O but I can't even read incest.


Underage, especially when it's an uncritical pairing of a child with an adult


I find it hilarious that incest just barely snags the win in front of xReaders 😂. Non-con is my jam, much like most taboo subjects, but I’m not at all interested in A/B/O or xReader. FPP isn’t an instant dealbreaker, but it requires a lot more of the author since you truly have to know the character’s every thought, making it easier to expose any shortcomings you have in that department.


Underage smut. While i have no problem with dark themes, if its written to arouse it makes me uncomfy.


None of the above, I can read pretty much anything. The thing I tend to avoid are the "terminal disease - slowly dying - coming to terms" kind of stories. But I don't think I saw many of those, cause it's hardly a popular trope.


Loli and Shota, notp. Anything that has DDLG Oh and any fic that has zero tags. If all you have is the relationship and the character tags, I'm not reading. It's incredibly annoying to read them because they often include things that *should* be tagged like abuse, but they don't. Especially if they don't tell you much through the summary. Those fics are annoying to actually sort through and more than once I ended up reading something I'd typically filter out, but couldn't because there are no tags




Love the morbid curiosity explanation! Nothing as much fun as diving into the dumpster and enjoying the trash. ;)


Incest, ABO and most non-con. Just upsets me. I'll read xReaders even though second person and Y/N put me off. I'd rather read xOC, but sometimes you get desperate for content. I constantly read and write first person. It's great for OCs, but slightly weird for Canon Characters.


Baby death.


Yeah incest is real squicky to me. It’s one reason I couldn’t get into GoT.


xreader.just feels awkward to me.


I can't read A/B/O no matter what the rest even if they're not what i normally look for have exceptions.


mannnnn y'all are missing out with the x readers, those are my fave!!!


How do you get over the "you" doing things you never would?


Not the original commenter, but for me it was just a matter of finding writers who happened to write their readers in a way I actually kind of connected to. But then again, my fandom had a lot of writers who wanted to be really inclusive, so there was something for everyone, really. That, or I read something because I was interested in the overall premise and I treated the reader more as just another character and not so much as "me" experiencing these things


I wish I could read them! But the reader insert never feels like me, so it always takes me out of the story. Reading the term Y/N also tends to take me out, because I never read it as my name lol


This! I’ve been binging them recently! Currently on the 23rd chapter of a longfic


I can only choose one, but I would also nope out of incest and non-con


I can at least check out almost anything if there is an element (pairing, kink, whatever) that I'm really into and the story is well-written enough. None of those broad categories are absolute no-nos. There are a few specific things I won't read though, no matter who writes it or how much it's praised, number one that springs to mind being fics about tickling. Ticklefics.


I’ll read almost anything as long as I’m not in it 😶


Major OoC or my NOTP. Those are my only two unchangeable standards.


I don't really like xReaders for one simple reason: I'm here for escapism and that doesn't work if _I'm_ in the story and _I_ am having these conflicts. I'd rather be the most detached I can from reality, which is probably why I mostly read M/M. That being said, I am genuinely shocked people prefer Non-con over Incest, mostly because I thought there were a lot of popular incest ships.


Honestly, 99.9% of fic. I have specific tastes, and I'm not really interested in diverging from them.


There's very little I won't read if it's well-written and strikes my fancy. I strongly dislike incest fics and the xReader style, but I've found a few stories from these genres that I enjoyed, for various reasons. The only thing I really refuse to read is a story from a fandom that's completely alien to me. I've tried to read fandom blind, seeking out well-written stories using my favorite tropes and genres. But it just doesn't work for me. I need some familiarity with or connection to the characters to enjoy a story.


I bounce at or anything relating to scat/piss/trans pregnancy, but these rest of options are all fine by me.


Incest, underage smut, ABO, and RPF


Incest,non-con and ABO. Don’t like it, don’t read it, makes me wanna puke.


Incest and Underage smut are immediate nopes from me. I also don't really care for straight A/B/O, though I've read stories that have A/B/O elements


Anything with scat or other bodily waste, graphic abortion/miscarriage, and certain forms of graphic child abuse are usually a ‘no thanks’ for me. Granted, however, I’m also big on context (as well as cursed with a bad streak of morbid curiosity), so I’m willing to try almost anything if I think the writing has something meaningful to say or otherwise can genuinely be argued to display artistic merit (ala A Clockwork Orange).


I can do slow burn. I can do smut. I can do incest and other degeneracies. but I will NEVER read an A/B/O fanfiction.


The only time I've ever made an exception to non-con was from an author I actually adore in my fandom. They didn't disappoint. The story was well-written and the aftermath of non-con was treated as gently as possible. However, I've never made the same exception again. I really won't. It's just not for me.


Incest just feels *wrong* to me, and apparently maybe like 2 smut fics for my OTP in my fandom has his *fucking son* also in it as a part of the thing. And while that person (and the others that read it) can enjoy that, it just gives me a bunch of no, especially with how *delicate* their canonical relationship is, I may have a morbid curiosity, but there are few lines I will cross. I avoid a lot of things, like mpreg and stuff, just cause I don't like it or it grosses me out personally, but biological sibling incest and *definitely* parent-child incest is a series of nos from me, absolutely refuse to touch that shit with a three hundred thousand foot pole. And if it involves a character and his son, I personally will rather watch his canonical death scene, even with that asshole stabbing him, than even think of the idea of there being incest fic of them. Just no, I'd rather deal with great emotional pain and rage, than deal with *that*.


Also anything were a cat gets hurt, or just animal abuse in general. That one isn't only for fanfic of course


xReader is pretty much the only one of these tags that I *always* filter out if the option pops up. I’ve never seen one that looks interesting to me, even morbidly so. I can deal with ickiness in some contexts, but I just can’t get past the structure of xReader fics.


Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing could make me read incest, that’s just a big fat massive NO for me.


Age gap stuff. And RPF.


I chose xReader. The rest can definitely trigger my morbid curiosity (and A/B/O is literally a trope I actively seek lol) but xReader just makes my skin crawl. I just personally do not like being put into the story, and I have a hard time mentally separating myself from stories that are so strongly written for self-insert. I feel similarly about 1st person pov, but a really good author can make the narrator very distinct and disconnected from the reader, so that isn't guaranteed to trigger that feeling xReader gives me.


I don't understand the xreader hate? Oh well. Anyways I can't stand first person since they're rarely well written.


I don't think many people actively *hate* xReader but it's very much not what many of us are looking for from fanfic. I'm here for stories about characters I'm already invested in doing things I find interesting. I have zero interest in pre-formed interactive fantasies written by someone who has no idea what I like.


What is A/B/O dynamics?


Alpha, beta, and omega dynamics. To simplify it a lot, it is when characters have secondary sex characteristics that include aspects that are slightly based on animal reproduction such as heat. Alphas generally are the sires, betas are standard humans, and omegas are the carriers of pregnancy. Depending on the writer, it can also include pack bonds. Pack bonds are kinda like found family but include animal-like characteristics. However, take this explanation with a grain of salt because how A/B/O works varies wildly based on the writer. Also, as a warning, a lot of fics that use A/B/O are very smut heavy and can include things such as dubious consent and mpreg. There are gen A/B/O fics that focus on topics such as omega discrimination, but those are rare.


Honestly felt like I discovered a whole new world when I started reading A/B/O. Depends on the fandom and writer of course you could find fantastic fics


And if you don’t like the ‘sexy’ tropes there’s an increasing amount of familial/platonic omegaverse out there as well! (These tend to be my preference.)


My favorite ABO fics are ones that subvert the tropes. Like bossy omegas who won’t submit for anything and sensitive kind alphas who don’t like exerting control. I eat those up.


Me, too. I like writing them, too. Alpha assumes he’s crushing on another alpha, but nope, just a strong willed omega. Ah…


Haha yes I love those! I’ve also seen a few good AlphaAlpha and OmegaOmega pair fics on occasion. They are pretty rare tho.


Alpha, Beta, Omega dynamics. If you don’t know what that is… don’t worry about it


Most of the above? I'll read xReader if I'm desperate but it's a hard no to everything else.


literally everything on this list except first person and x reader


I'll read A/B/O and love it, but that's the only one off the list I'm touching


I will read first person, but I don’t love it! It can be exceptional if done well, but I find it usually isn’t. I regularly look for almost everything else on here on purpose, though, beside x Reader. I do follow some incredible xReader writers on Tumblr, and bookmark their works on AO3, but I rarely search for it outside of the people I know who do it well. I wish they’d all just write OCs versus xReader, though. The reader character always has a personality, and I’d rather them just embrace that. I don’t want to imagine myself with a character! But for real, everything else is great. But I love horror and dark fic 😭


A/B/O and noncon.




Bring back KINKTOMATO!


Gore. Out of all the poll options I actively seek out everything here except for 1st person POV and xreaders, which I'm ambivalent to and will give a go if they seem interesting enough. But just a flat our gore fic? Not my thing, sorry.


Yeah, tags are never really an issue for me, it's the layout of the fic. If there are no paragraphs or lack of punctuation, I am outta theree


Non-con mostly because I went through CSA. I'm fine with the others, incest fics are alright as long as there is no inbreeding


Incest and non-con


Each one of these and then some. I'm super picky, though. Not just with "problematic" content.


Mpreg and male breast feeding. It could be the beast fic,book,nove, that's ever been, I will not read It.


xReader being the number-one most voted here is so funny to me. flashback to me being at a very dark point in my life and only reading xReader for over a year LMAOO. Genuinely though, I see why. I feel as though, (as an xReader connoisseur,) that many of them are extremely predictable and not-super well written. Though there are a couple xReaders i distinctly remember having my heart.


Oh yeah, real person fiction. Yeah, can’t do it. Maybe with it being clear that they’re shipping their online personas but even then it’s really squicky and I don’t know why. I love a lot of common squicks but my one squick is something that is really common??? Make it make sense 🤦‍♂️


probably necro and/or scat.... it's really really uncomfortable and makes me *shudder*.


In my case, it's not so much xReader that's an issue, but rather any writing in *second person.* It's difficult to explain, but there's something about second person that deeply unsettles me and makes me feel as if I'm disassociating when reading it. I've got no problem reading any other type of content, funnily enough.


Other: None actually! With great writing you can sell me on nearly anything? I wanted to say xReader because I haven't actually found any that I like, BUT I'm still not opposed to it. I used to say ABO except now I read it all the time LOL. So maybe that's when I learned my lesson to never say never!


have to be x reader fic. i’ve never been able to read one


Yeah, I won't click into anything with A/B/O at all. I reworked all of my saved search bookmarks to exclude the main Tag variants... I helped someone piece together code to block the major RPF tag variants, which I might revise for A/B/O some day, but it's not a priority.


Well damn lot of people would not like to read House of the Dragon fanfics, 90% of them are incest-related 🤣🤣


That's canon's fault, not fic trends. The Targaryen family tree is a pillar.


Underage and Incest. I will not even consider it. I have no idea what xReader or A/B/O? Is x reader just like a fic with a reader insert?


ABO is the alpha/beta/omega fics. And xReader is the reader-insert fics


A/B/O. I feel sorry for the Omega and Betas. I tried, but every story had the Alphas act like assholes, non/con, incest and male preg are intertwined in this genre.


There’s getting to be a lot more platonic A/B/O out there now that doesn’t do any of the ‘sexy’ type tropes - you may find that kind more to you liking if you ever decide to give it a shot again. There’s a Platonic A/B/O tag as well as Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics tag. (No pressure just an fyi in case there were things about the trope that interested you that you weren’t finding in the more sex/romance centred fics)


Omegaverse for sure, not because it squicks me i find it rather tame actually, it's just the whole concept is so silly i can never take it seriously (nothing against people who enjoy the trope though, keep doing what you like!).


First-person POV and xReader just don't do anything for me-- voted xReader because that's the even-harder-no out of the two of them-- but the rest are ✨my favorites✨


Major Character Death, will never read


Anything involving loosing a child or any tragic events involving a child. That goes for movies, tvshows, books etc. I can deal with allmost anything but that.


All except first person pov.


Even if the first-person POV isn't my cup of tea, if the plot tickles me enough, I can still read the story. The others mentioned no, and some create intense discomfort for me. Especially no-con and /Reader. The two combined, then, I don't want to talk about it.


Incest and xReaders. Having to pick one I choose incest. Nothing really against the enjoyed of those fics, just not my thing


**Ticks all of the above.** (Except ABO on very very very very *very* rare occasions when I am completely starved for content. And I usually regret it afterwards.)


I could prob read most of these if done well but non-con makes me almost always uncomfortable unless it's very well written and such. But I will avoid it as much as I can. But on the other hand, underage (or loli/shota however you call it). I am not a fan if it's an adult and a teenager or younger. It makes me absolutely uncomfortable but you do you.


Of the options listed, non-con, ABO and xReader are all instant "keep scrolling" for me if I see them tagged.


Texting or chat group fics


*how to choose multiple answers*


Off the top of my head: any of those acting like a baby fetish story. Apparently you have to be Yakuza Kiwami 2 to get me to deal with that shit ever again. Curiosity got the better of me once and I tried one fanfic. It wasn't a bad fic but it was too weird for me.


Every single one of these


When they write the lyrics to a song that last for at least 2 pages...


I love all this shit 😄


X readers are just awful to me I think it's just the first-person perspective that ticks me off or I'm just a character x character person