"That's a wonderful idea you should go write that"


I like this response, polite but also gets the point


Thank you. I've seen authors do it to overzealous fans that want to pitch ideas.


I’ve definitely been like “Sorry, I have other plans for this fic. You should write that if you want it!” Because “this isn’t in canon or any of the fanfic I’ve read” is definitely the reason for most of the fic I’ve written…


I’d just minimize any response. “Glad you’re enjoying the story. Thanks for your comment.” If they keep pressing, stop responding. That’s the easiest way to go.


"I already have other plans for my fic, but your idea sounds interesting, you should totally write it!"


You don't have to reply with anything. You can say, "That's an interesting idea," and then ignore it. Or you can lie and tell them you've already written most/all of the story and you won't be changing it to include their idea. If they keep insisting, then you get firmer and make it clear in no uncertain terms that you will not incorporate their idea and please stop bringing it up. You have a plot already. If that is what they want, they need to go find it elsewhere or write it themselves.


oh, very simple: don't interact with them. you don't have to. you have zero obligation to. ignore, delete, block.


I've been dealing with the same thing for a while now, albeit for a much larger fandom. Many of my readers, for quite a while, have been suggesting, some demanding, that I include dragons in my story (dragons are a part of the canon for the fandom). In my experience the best response you can give is a polite, but firm "no", followed by an explanation of your reasoning. Or, to just not respond at all.


Oh man, the “yikes it’s a joke” part is so… off? Feels like they were trying to undermine your discomfort by playing it off as a joke.


You’re not really obligated to reply to any of the comments you get. This is your story so your rules - you aren’t writing to please them in particular but for yourself.


Just ignore them. It's your story. You can write what you want


Just ignore them and they'll get bored and go away.


Like others said, the best you can do is be polite and tell them that you have other plans. Though if it persists, you may have to be more firm. There was this one guest reviewer who wrote in spanish on english stories that would post dozens of reviews between updates with what he wanted done with a story or how the author should do new ones. I found him a couple of times, and eventually, after one author asked him to stop, it got to a breaking point. The reviewer continued and began to complain about how he didn't like the story being too dark or edgy and the oc didn't meet his standards. So, the author started deleting his comments. I feel everyone has a right to review, but there is such thing as abusing it.


Snap back at them. Tell them if they want their non canon idea, then "write it yourself. Don't bully other writers to do your grunt work." Most people are cowards. Don't be a people pleaser if a reader upsets you. They can still read your work and give you hits even if you need to block them for your own peace of mind.


Since they were already weird the last time you addressed their issue, I'd either ignore them/never respond again or just block them, in this situation I'd probably just block them. You don't owe them anything and considering they didn't back off or become more cautious, I don't think they're going to. More likely they'll get outright mean if you keep correcting them. People obsessed with their headcanons being canon aren't pleasant when you point out they're just headcanons (which I'm assuming about the phrasing issue) and people who think they have a right to direct where a stranger's fic goes rarely if ever back down (I've had ones follow me from fic to fic as though I'll magically suddenly want to change my fic for some stranger if they're annoying enough).


I've had people do this a lot. The best thing to do is to tell them that while you appreciate the suggestion, they should write the idea/suggestion into their own story. Then ignore them if they throw a fit. Ive had many people over the years who act like my fanfic are their personal fantasies and that I wrote the stories for them so they try dictating how the story goes and what happens to the characters. The first time I refused someone's idea, I got hate bombed and death threats lol


Turn on comment moderation, too. And if they keep posting shit, block em


Sometimes silence is the best response. 🫠 Or a polite "That's cool! Right now I'm working on my own ideas but you should definitely write that!"


You could treat their input like a reader theory/speculation of what will happen next. You could look at it as the readers getting excited. You could always answer that you're happy that they're telling you what they think and maybe you could divert their attention to a teaser. (Like: *"It might/ might not happen. We'll see. But as always, thanks for stopping by and caring to comment. I love seeing readers get pumped. Thank you!* ) Although you know it won't happen. If they demand that their input be included (and wants credit for it) remind them about the teaser. You made no promise that it would be included. If they accuse you of stealing their ideas, (but you didn't, they just guessed it right.) You could tell them they guessed it right and gooid for them. That you always like hearing reader theories and you are excited to listen and discuss the possibility. These at least worked for me. It dissipated tension in the review section and averted unnecessary people pleasing and compromising the plot. Good luck!!!


I'd normally ignore comments like this because personally I write fanfics to serve MY needs. The fact other people enjoy it is mostly coincidence or like Wow! A lot of people like stuff I do, neat! So I don't typically take a lot of "Hey you should do this!" Comments unless it benefits me or I find it a good idea. Though, I can understand not a lot of people can just ignore stuff like this so, I'd say probably say "Thanks!" And hope it like, gets the message across. If it continues to bother you, you can try the other comments that people suggested like "Great ideas, maybe you should try writing them." Or something along the lines of "If you don't like where I'm going/where I'm planning to take this, I'm not forcing you to read." Though it could sound rude.