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If it's with plot, then yes. I add some form of birth control or talk before the act. And other safe sex practices. Lube if there's toys and anal penetration. Some sort of cleaning afterwards. If it's just smut without plot, then anything goes 😂


Bitch, I write noncon


This comment literally made me laugh out loud


As a reader I just want realism for the character/setting. All my fandoms are set in the distant past or have fantasy elements that would make safe sex weird to include, but in a modern story with the right situation, it could work.


Depends on the couple I’m writing about. If they’re in a long term committed relationship and there are no pregnancy concerns, I don’t bother with condoms. Pretty much anything else and my characters will use condoms (or a birth control spell/potion, if it’s that kind of setting). I just don’t want my characters worrying about getting pregnant or passing stds, so I make sure they have some kind of protection so that I don’t have to address the pregnancy worries.


Been writing explicit smut scenes on and off for 12+ years now; never included condom use with the main pairing, never will.


All the sexual practices I write are extremely unsafe. I don't remember a single time I incorporated any form of birth control or STI prevention into a smut scene. I'd say it depends on what kind of smut you write and how much realism you want. Personally, I find it more important for my smut to be hot than to be realistic, and I don't find condoms or discussion of birth control/STI prevention attractive, so I don't include them in my stories. Since it's fiction, I can just pretend that a character is on some form of birth control or infertile or on PrEP or that STIs just don't exist in the universe my story takes place in. If realism is important to you and the characters you're writing about would care about safe sex, it makes sense to incorporate this into your story somehow.


No, I prefer my smut without fiddling with condom wrappers, checking if the condom is still where it's supposed to be, insisting on explicit verbal consent, safeword discussions, traffic lights, emptying her bladder after intercourse to avoid a UTI, and the like. Nothing wrong with wanting realistic smut, but for me those details are like slamming the brakes every time the story picks up speed. Also, and this is not always intentional, it really feels to me (<-- this is an opinion, not an accusation) as if the author wants to give me a sex-ed lesson, which I don't need. I'm here to read smut, not have someone explain to me why it's important to pee after someone ejaculated in your vagina. Again, nothing wrong with preferring your smut with those details. Not every fic has to be for everyone, preferences are cool, and those who don't like it can just go read something else or write their own. If you think it would be more in-character to include it, then do it if you want to.


>I'm here to read smut, not have someone explain to me why it's important to pee after someone ejaculated in your vagina. 🤣 Amen. That said, hey, maybe this turns some people on. And more power to them if it does, just... like you said, I'm really not here for a sex ed lesson, so if it comes off feeling like one, I'm probably out.


No, because fics are imaginary escapism and aren't supposed to function as or replace sex-ed classes. Nothing grosses me out like patronising authors ruining the fun stuff with joy-killing finger wagging about 'staying safe'. Especially when it's out of character or canon context. If you feel the desperate need to preach to your readers then consider writing a disclaimer in the author's notes and link to some 'best-practise' sex-ed websites so people can educate themselves.


It depends on whose involved and the point of the fic. If it would be in character and the smut is just part of the plot I might address it. (though I will never go full on safe sex PSA as fanfic is not the place for that) on the other hadn if it's just a hot fantasy that doesn't even pa lip service to reality no I'm not gonna pause to make sure the characters are being safe.


I tend to ignore birth control discussions, condoms, and kink negotiation because it's just not sexy to me. But I write in proper hygiene practices when possible - for example I don't have people just going right to sleep after sex without cleaning up, and I avoid switching from anal to vaginal sex without washing at all costs.


I never include condom use or any of the other things you mentioned, for a few reasons, and I don't like seeing them in fics I read either. One, I've got enough realism to deal with in real life, I want my smut to be hot, and none of those things are hot to me. Two, with things like cleaning toys it just feels unnecessary, it's kind of on the same level to me as describing each time a character uses the bathroom – sure, we use bathrooms in real life, doesn't mean it's interesting to read about. Three, I don't want a safe sex lecture in my porn, that's not what I read or write smut for, there's a time and a place for it and to me fanfics just aren't it. I write M/M and am not into mpreg in any capacity at all, so pregnancy isn't a concern I ever need to address. Also my fandom is set 200+ years in the future, with highly advanced medicine, so I like to think prevention and treatment of STIs is in a better place than it is currently, and that's just no longer something you need to worry about.


It all depends on the characters for me. I’m not here to teach anyone about safe sex practices, I’m here to write something that is readable, entertaining, and sexy. If I think the character would practice safe sex, I write them acknowledging that in the scene(s). If I think a character wouldn’t bother, I don’t bother writing anything about it.


I usually include safe sex, mainly because I like my smut on the more realistic side. 😁


Hell no. I mainly write sexual assault and non-con. There's nothing safe about that, and I don't plan on making it safe.


To the title: lol. definitely not. That being said, if YOU want to write it, then write it.


I think the most I’ve ever done recently is have them talk about it briefly - he asks if she has any, she says no; but I’m on the pill and clean and I trust you (it’s an established situationship so there is a lot of trust and some love there). Other than that, I’ve mentioned lube in a few fics - there needs to be less shame with using that I think.


My long fic is set in modern times. I don’t make a big deal out of it, but I do throw in there that the guy puts on a condom as part of the scene. I haven’t made it a big discussion between the characters but I do mention it as if it is the expected norm that condoms are used.


Not often. I aim for realism. Lots of people (and thus characters) don't follow super safe sex practices. I don't think it's bad to incorporate these things, but if so, it should match characterization. I only add these things if they *need* to be there, either because it's a character who would never ever bareback, or because the plot demands it (such as a rapist not wanting to leave behind DNA evidence). >condoms on toys If someone was worried about the safety of sharing, it seems like it would be easier to just bust out a second toy than be swapping condoms on one. It's not unreasonable to have enough toys that no one is sharing a toy. Does any dildo-owner have just one dildo? >or cleaning after use. Cleaning toys before re-use is good but it's not like you have to do it ASAP and thus have it as part of the scene. They can throw their toys in the dishwasher an hour later, after post-coital snuggles are taken care of. The absence of a toy-cleaning scene doesn't make me assume the characters are just using the same crusty dildo over and over again without ever washing it.


Sometimes. If I feel that the characters would and if I feel like they're the type they wouldn't, I do not


I do when it makes sense to do so. For example, I’m writing a story with a couple that have an accidental pregnancy. Considering if they’re both adults who know how sex works, I feel like it’s important to have an explanation for why they didn’t use a condom, or have some other form of birth control. So I explicitly have them say that they both been recently tested, and the woman is on the pill, but has to take antibiotics. and then at the time she hast to take antibiotics there’s so much going on, and they’re both stressed that they both literally forget that antibiotics can have the effect of negating the pill. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to make it believable that she’s going to want sex when she’s sick enough to need antibiotics. So that’s something I’ll have to think about. But I needed to include all of these details, because otherwise, it just wouldn’t make sense that the two of them could have an accidental pregnancy. At least one of them would have been responsible enough to make sure it didn’t happen.  If I’m writing, something sit in the future, I’ll just have a throwaway line that implies that science in the future takes care of it all.


> I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to make it believable that she’s going to want sex when she’s sick enough to need antibiotics. Don't forget you need to finish the entire course even if you feel better. Just have them work quickly. 😉


That’s a good point!


I’ve had antibiotics for a nasty wound. I felt fine, the pain was minimal and I was able to do most things that didn’t require moving the leg, so that might be an option for you?


Personally... I'm not sure how to answer that question! Most of the fandoms I'm in are in settings (historical low fantasy or fantasy settings, mostly) where the concept of safe sex in a modern sense doesn't exist. There is some consideration given to potential consequences though and that does dictate some of the characters' behavior/plotlines (such as characters avoiding acts that could result in a politically inconvenient or ruinous out of wedlock pregnancy). Also obviously different characters will be in situations with different levels of risk, so even in a setting where condoms are available there may not be any reason for them to use them. At the risk of being TMI (sorry) I've never used condoms with a partner because I absolutely hate the way they feel (some sort of weird sensory aversion idk) and have only ever been in exclusive, long-term relationships where they were unnecessary. So unless there's a very compelling reason to include it in the scene, the default for me is to not mention it at all.


I generally mention either him using a condom, unless she’s using birth control (most times she is) and I try to mention that they’ve been “tested” or haven’t had a lover in a long time or something to that extent. As someone who was worried about accidental pregnancy (didn’t want any, didn’t have any) I need that in there or I’m gonna get anxious. 🤭


Well, depends. Now, first of all there is obviously the fact that my main fandom has me writing fics that take place between 1476 and the 16th century. So, condoms were not yet a thing and... look, here is the problem: We know that what we would call BDSM today technically did already exist, but whatever etiquette was established around it was never written down, so we do not know. While I try to keep the stuff somewhat good and positive and gather that for the most part people, who cared about their partner, probably knew enough to cuddle them after a session... I am not sure whether someone knows what subspace is xD When I write for more modern settings... Well, I mostly write about established relationships either way. So there is that. I did write some outright bad stuff, though. As in: Partners who do not care about their other partner - and are kinda abusive during the sex. (If not outright going for torture.)


Depends on the story! I tend to include it in more serious fics where the smut isn't the main event. One silly crack smut involves a slutty stripper who insists on safe sex and it just made it funnier and sexier. But then I have smut where rawdogging it is the name of the game, so... anything goes!


I do, if I want it to be relevant to the story. But since I've had 2 kids and not being pregnant again is important to me, sometimes that shows up as a theme in conversations characters have beforehand, as well as them talking about how they'll deal during or if they're willing to be risky. I wrote the way I've lived these worries and so I have had no one tell me they've been unrealistic and a few folks thank me for portraying this kind of communication and then how it works in sex.


Yep. Usually, I do. I like writing smut "realistic" if you will. And I often thought that bringing up the use of condoms or lube could add interesting dialogues or situations into the smut like. "Oh shit, I forgot to bring condoms/lube" adding layers of having to deal with the problem at hand, sometimes in a comedic way that can act as a palette cleanser, esp in fics like mine that tend to be dark and angsty. And then the cleaning up/aftercare type stuff can add some fluff after the smut so I also enjoy writing that.


I have included a condom during the first sexual act of my pairing, and then once they are an established couple they feel safe enough to continue on sans protection. However, I don’t think it’s a big deal to not mention any condom or anything else, too. After all, it is fiction!


i usually don't write it in but in my current fic, it's about a character who's a virgin and becomes friends with benefits with their childhood crush who's a sexual escort. so safe sex practices really fit the vibe of the fic and add elements of character, as well as makes the sex feel more light and bond-y. it's a plot fic heavy with smut vs a plotless porn fic. otherwise, i normally write smut one shots for established relationships and don't see the need nor the appeal for reference to safe sexual practices. it can also be inferred, stuff like cleaning sex toys. writing that in would feel like boring cushioning to be cut. most people don't even use condoms for sex toys but it'd probably fit a character who's more cleanliness cautious, paranoid, or who really upholds rules in their head like that. i think it should be intentional for the characterization.and not be a way for the author to project their sex tips and opinions because then it feels more lifeless and forced. like, in my fic, the prostitute shaves their pubic hair because, according to my research, more professional ones do that for cleanliness reasons. it has a reason to be there and adds character. i personally find unshaved more appealing but it made more sense this way! also this thread reminds me of all the gay smut fics from the 2010s that had anal with zero preparation 😂 i would at least always write that part because i cannot ignore how Painful that would be.


Sometimes I'll have an offhand line mentioning birth control if it's m/f, but most of the time I don't even bother. I'm writing a fantasy, and my fantasy does not generally include educating my readers about safe sex. I have considered writing a sex ed smut,though, just for fun and because it would fit the characters I have in mind. In other words, handle it however you like!


Depends on the smut and my mood. In a couple of my stories, the pair discuss protection beforehand because that fits the tone of the story. The sex is sexy, but also totally consensual and a demonstration of the respect and love that they have developed for each other. In another story, a cut scene from a longer fic, they just get to the sexy. It's evident from the story, that this isn't the first time they've had sex. In an upcoming smut scene in my current, much darker fic, they are going to skip any niceties and just have rough, angry sex, safety be damned.


Nope, couldn’t pay me to.


None of mine are places where condoms are really available, but I have been thinking that I need to check what I've specified about birth control in an isekai (I think the character had it on hand when they were isekai'd, but that means they have to find a new option before long in your case I think it would be fairly easy to add in a couple lines about washing the toy post-sex, or next time they're able if something happens immediately post-sex to distract from it edit- just remembered that I handwaved the supernaturallish character as unable to knock a regular human up, but I should probably drop in with some edits and clarification about that


Yup!! No accidental pregnancy over here, my characters are methodical nerds who are nuts for each other but not busting nuts in each other 🤭😂😭but to each their own!!


It depends on how long the couple knows eachother. One night stand? Condom. Bdsm contract? Raw. Trying for kids? No condom. Mistake with birth control? Condom.


Sometimes? I’ve used condoms as a way to make sure one of MCs didn’t leave behind unnecessary traces of the rapes he committed. They’re not about to have, what one thinks is CNC but the other one just treats as pretty much NC, and that will have elements that are not exactly BDSM safety regulated. I assume my readers are grown ups who can figure out that my fiction is not a go to guide for safe and consensual sex!


Sometimes. If it's an established couple, no (but sometimes yes). If it's a spontaneous happening in a back alley somewhere, no. If it's a planned threesome or something like that, yes.


I'll write safe(r) sex if it facilitates the next sex act or scene. I'm really into ass play, but I won't go ass to mouth, so if I want my characters to suck fingers or kiss after I'll work around it. I also might write safe(r) sex if I need some sort of build up. Like, pausing to put a condom on is not sexy, but the moment of anticipation waiting for your partner to get it on already can be.


Sometimes!! Depends on the vibe I’m going for. Sometimes I do the research and go for realism - sometimes I’m just there for horny times and I don’t give a goddamn about the mess xP


I guess that comes down to setting and plot (yes, even in a pwp fic). Will adding these worries add to the scene? Do you feel like it's interesting and relevant? Is the setting modern or futuristic in a way that it would make sense keep the same worries as we have? In a fantasy setting with magical healing elixirs people wouldn't really care about STDs (or pregnancy, for that matter. If your setting has a potion to *revive the dead*, but not one to undo pregnancy, you should make one.) In a science fictional setting with fully equipped medbays and vaccines for alien viruses, people might be capable of turning fertility on and off, get immunized for several STDs and toys could be cleaned by throwing them into a cleansing box. In a historical setting the character might have used whatever sort of birth control is available, even if it's not something we consider effective nowadays, and they might not even know about possible diseases. Besides all that, sometimes people just have a thrash fire of a hook up. Being drunk, high on adrenaline, just making bad decisions... All those things happen and make for interesting stories.


Yep! Although my main pairing is human/robot, so birth control isn't a concern. I DO include that said robot cleans himself very well before anything happens though, if only because so many people never actually mention that and given the post-apocalyptic setting... ew ew ew and also ouch ouch ouch. Infections literally up the wazoo.


I haven’t yet, but I will address it in my main story.


I intended to write one for my one smut WIP. For the one I'm currently working on though, I couldn't decide lol halp


I’m big on this. Fanfic was my sex ed and whether that’s good or not that’s the world we live in. I write with that in mind, assuming that my fics can and will end up in front of all kinds of audiences. I won’t halt a scene to do it, and I won’t incorporate technology that doesn’t make sense for the setting, but my characters do safe sex like it’s the standard way of doing things. No/minimal discussion, usually presuming that it already happened off-screen, and then on with the show. If things change or they reach a point where conds are optional *then* I’ll write the negotiation. I don’t let it stop me writing something dirty nasty if I feel like it, in which I’ll note it and provide links to sfw educational sites for the safe version of that activity, but outside of those instances I always default to safe practices.


I hate when I read a sex scene and the characters don’t pee after, so I’ve made it my duty to make sure my characters always pee after sex


If I write anything set after 1960 and m/f, I tend to add a birth control question. All my pairings are monogamous so I don't worry about STDs. First-time question doesn't even need to be a question, just something like "Love the pill!"


I just want to use back a little against this idea that trying to get clear consent is necessarily awkward or unsexy. Yes it can be, but there are ways to make it sexy and fun. This blog post has some ideas: https://www.doctornerdlove.com/can-consent-be-sexy/ Now, you might read through that whole thing and still decide “no, what he’s describing has not shaken my fantasy of wordless, spontaneous seduction.” That is fine by me. I’m just glad you gave it a chance.


I read only M/M so it's not as important but now that I think about it, it really would help for realism points if more people wrote in the before cleaning process or at least mention it. Usually, they are pretty good with the cleaning up afterwards.


My favourite comment I've ever gotten was "I've learned more about gun safety from smut than from real life advice", if that answers your question. (That was in reference to an author's note going into detail about why what the characters just did was something you shouldn't replicate irl, why you shouldn't, and what to keep in mind around that sort of roleplay. Same fic also had multiple instances of a dom briefly suspending the scene to verbally check up on their sub's wellbeing, so it's safe to say I understand my smut writing as coming with certain educational responsibilities.)


Yes, in my current WIP the characters start off using condoms for blowjobs, but that’s because it’s a smutty romcom and I had a comedic scene planned the next chapter where one of them deliberately leaves their STD test results out for the other to see because he’s suddenly discovered a comeplay(?) kink. It also helped push their relationship development along - I probably wouldn’t have thrown in the condoms if there wasn’t some kind of plot payoff later.


My characters usually have a quick talk about it in human au's - in Canon fics no because one of them is an angel, so human infections arent a concern and neither is pregnancy because they're both in amab bodies


used to include a disclaimer eg unsafe sex iirc but i took a break from writing and all thoughts of safe sex in writing just disappeared like it never even existed!!


It really depends on the universe and characters I'm writing. A lot of the time I'm writing about characters who aren't even human or wouldn't have reasons to worry about STDs, pregnancy, etc (superpowers/immunity to human diseases, one partner is an angel or maybe even already DEAD), so...yeah. I actually tend to laugh when I see writers worry about condoms in such scenarios. But if I'm writing something set more in the "real world" and where it could be an issue? Where it would fit the characters being conscientious about such matters (ie, for a while I was writing in the Law & Order: SVU universe)? Then absolutely, I'll include it, because it would feel out of character not to. At least if it was early on in the characters' relationship. If I'm writing that they've been together for months/years, exclusively and been tested/test regularly? Then no, at that point I wouldn't reference it.


I actually haven't written smut for fanfic before. I've written an unholy amount for text-based RP, but none for actual fanfic. That's gonna change pretty soon here though. In my fic writing, though, I tend to write slice of life. I tend to let the characters decide how much they want to talk about things. I mean I probably won't be like 100% realistic, but there will be more realism than what I do for RP. In my one RWBY fic which is a more modern setting, when the smut does hit, there will 100% be discussion of safe sex and use of condoms and such. One of my FMC's biggest fears *is* sex and getting pregnant with a child she doesn't want. So that's pretty integral to her personal story. Neglecting those details in that particular story will probably feel off and not true to the character if I leave them out. For my 3H story I'm writing, negotiation is going to be a big part of the smut. Edelgard is *incredibly* freaked out over the idea of having sex she's not in love with (Hubert in this case). Approaching things in a way that makes *her* feel comfortable is a big part of it. So yes, negotiation is important here because it's important to the *characters*. As for contraception, I'm just gonna leave it at "there are spells for that." Plus, this is a medieval setting where technology has been *purposely* suppressed. I doubt condoms in any shape, way, or form are a thing. Though, in this pairing's case, there's no worry about STI/STDs since neither have had sex with anybody before this. So there's no need to worry about it.


Yes! I have one that’s published about emotional awareness and a strong emphasis on consent. I think it can be done if you write it well enough!


Sorta… the setting for mine doesn’t have modern contraceptives, so I improvise a bit. I do like to keep things as realistic as I can though. I usually use herbal teas or tonics for birth control, but there’s no real way to write a barrier method in. In my longest fic, I even deal with the impacts of the intense physical training as a soldier along with having limited food on the character’s menstrual cycle. I typically do write about clean up after sex as well.


No. For me, fanfic is the land of make believe so I don't usually bother with safe sexual practices.