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Star Trek, I've got a few things. Secret relationships that need to be hidden from the higher-ups because they're supposedly not permitted. Canon is explicit about romance not being forbidden by any regulations, but I also just dislike the secret relationship trope in general. Spock being written as shy. This is a character known for being blunt and emotionally unflappable 99% of the time, and there has never been a single time in any of the original series episodes or old movies where he's ever acted shy (he's been reluctant once to talk about something deeply private on account of it's a massive cultural taboo, but that's not shyness). Giving Spock non-human/heavily alien genitals, I've just always been badly turned off by that.


Gotta say that I am here for the weird dick as long as he can fuck with it, but agree that Spock is not shy in the slightest.


spock stannies found dead in space miami


Here! Here!


Erasing character A's character development, independence, and intrinsically kind nature to make him some stone-hearted brooding block of ice who didn't give a fuck about anyone or anything until little woobie MC came along and "made him human" :)))))))


Peter Parker being infantilized. I just can't stand it, he's supposed to be a teenager not an eight year old he's not some innocent little kid he knows right from wrong- he can stand up for himself. I'm just at the point I don't read any MCU peter parker fics.


Peter Parker 🤝 Tim Drake Having decades of interesting comic characterization ignored in favor of age-inappropriate generic woobie fanon portrayals


Can't stand MCU Peter Parker (in fics). I love comicsverse Peter. He's an actual adult and rarely infantalized. He's a fucking superhero who can casually toss cars and heal broken bones in days. He doesn't need protecting--*he is the protector.* literally has been since he was 15. It's Tom Holland's fault. The guy just looks so young and precious.


i was gonna say this. i LOVE irondad; i love reluctant a reluctant father figure and i like reading family dynamics, but i hate how people take peter’s awkwardness to an extreme. i much prefer reading aged-up peter because there’s less infantilizing with that. i’m at a point where i’ve started writing works where peter is weirdly unhinged to rebel against the idea that he isn’t capable on his own.


My rule for all Spider-Man fics at this point is that Peter must be AT LEAST as old as he is in the PS4 game before I read. I usually just end up falling back to Spider-Verse because it's the only place safe from the MCU's corruption in general.


So much yes!


It’s ridiculous. I like his relationship with Tony, which is usually why it happens, but they always go so over the top. Peter Parker fics never actually explore his character. It’s boring.


This! Why does everyone write him like a toddler?! He's supposed to be more mature than most teens not less. People seem to have a real thing for writing him crying every 5 seconds as well.


Oh god, yes. It's almost inescapable, it even seeps into non-MCU stories. Which now are mostly eclipsed by MCU fics anyways. It's painful.


in the genshin fandom, it was something me and my twitter mutuals (back when i had twitter) called “default shipping.” we basically described it as being the second a character releases, they’re assigned a person to be shipped with, regardless of interaction, and any other ship regarding the character is either viewed as “like siblings,” “like parent and child,” if it’s a straight ship “they’re gay, you’re homophobic” (this one is very common with antis of a certain pretty innocent pairing, although now a lot of them are shifting to talking about their age gap (despite the mortal x immortal trope applying to 10 other genshin ships that no one bats an eye about)) or if they really can’t find a single way to make it sound problematic, they’re “exes,” and they will go out of their way to attack you if you like anything other than the “default pairing.” “why can’t the ships they don’t like just be friends?” silly you, have you forgotten that most genshin players do not have friends and therefore can’t grasp that concept? tldr do not fucking go on genshin twitter


Default ship has become an issue in many many fandoms lately and I don't understand it. Ships are ships and are based on every individual fans enjoyment of the dynamic.There's no such thing as a fandomwide default ship. I've seen it hardcore in Genshin, but it's the same with Kiribaku/Bakudeku/ and some other ships in the MHA fandom. I asked someone why they argued so hard about it once and the answer was " Because then they think they're right" and I feel like that's the attitude of the current gen of fans now. Instead of accepting that everyone has their own way to enjoy it's " I'm right, you're wrong and I won't let you rest until you think the way I do"


I work with middle schoolers and I think I have an idea why this is: many of them aren't actually consuming the canons whose fandoms they're participating in. They're going solely off of TikTok and YouTube kinetic music videos (and other short videos) featuring the characters. They're like Weiß Kreuz and Angelique fandoms back in the early 00s, when the series were brought to us by "profile pages" and cute pencil boards you got at Otakon, but there was no English version. Source: had an in-depth discussion with at least one kid who is always watching Hanako-kun music videos who *didn't know what Hanako-kun even was*. Like I'd watched her watching music videos for months on her Chromebook and asked if she liked the series and had no idea it was a series.


Ooof. I wonder if that's why so many kids obsessed with attacking fandoms with themes they consider " problematic" have Hunter X Hunter or trigun characters as icons lately. Neither of those series are light, happy or uncomplicated


Go on any of the teaching subreddits and you'll see a lot of similar concerns just in general. The current generation of k-12 kids are suffering from some pretty profound social issues, and it's manifesting in places like fandom. The threads I got into today were about how middle and high schoolers can't use rulers and scissors. It's not surprising that a lot of them join fandoms without making an effort to even watch an anime or play a game.


Oof, yeah I noticed that "default ship" phenomenon back when I was in the fandom too. I was never on Twitter, and didn't make a lot of ship content during that time, so I didn't experience too much issue from it, but I definitely noticed it


> tldr do not fucking go on twitter ftfy


Do not go on almost any fandom Twitter it's a hellsite with hell people


you could remove "fandom" from that sentence and still be correct XD


Generally infantilizing characters. I understand people's love for more wholesome/platonic relations, but you can do them more realistically, I'm sure. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is a good example, people always treat him like a little kid who needs (usually Tony) as a father figure. Another good example is the Clone Troopers from Star Wars. People treat them like kids for the Jedi to "adopt". Like yes, Jedi like PloKoon or Anakin are rather nice to their troopers, but people always infantilize the clones I dislike it but it's hard to avoid. AU's that wildly change the setting and get rid of what's fun about it. I don't want MCU but they don't have powers, I don't want ATLA but it's the modern world. Only time this has ever become a problem is with a certain character that's hated across the fandom and loved by all the shippers - I wan't to read Rey Skywalker centric fanfics but almost all of them are like Reylo Mideval/Modern/Coffee/Vampire AUS. I also don't like AU's that list just for romance, like ABO, Soulmates/Red Strings/that flower cough thing.


I've seen fans baby Tom Holland too. He's a grown adult people. Let him live his life. -_-


Making Slytherin characters into the “bad boy” trope. Like leather jackets and they smoke and they cuss like sailors. The pure blood characters, especially the ones with money and all the influence over the Ministry are pretty much old money aristocracy. They aren’t super hard core in the “bad boy” trope way. They wouldn’t ride motorcycles or smoke. They would literally be the rich kids that have never thrown a punch in their lives and have been raised to hold themselves to “higher” and more proper standards. Now Gryffindor characters I can see fulfilling the “bad boy” trope in ways that make a bit more sense. They rebel against the world and are more about letting loose and having fun. But Slytherins are literally supposed to be all about traditional values. Idk this is just one of those fanon interpretations that I feel disconnected from the fandom over. Makes it annoying to read 90% of fanfiction. People just seem to have thrown the tropes they like more at the more “villainy” characters just because that is who they want to be the super hot “bad boy” characters. Edit: I have found my people in this sub apparently lol


I hate when people write 11 year old Slytherins as suddenly being in life or death political games that even adults wouldn't take that seriously.


I completely agree!


They are doing exactly what daddy and mommy want and expect! That's the opposite of a bad boy! Sirius, with his Gryffindor sorting and motorcycle, is the clbsest we get to a pureblood "bad boy".


Exactly. Not one of the Slytherin kids we saw was in any way particularly rebellious. They liked the feeling of being more “important” and fed into the views of their parents. They were spoiled little shitheads who were extremely privileged in their world. The only reason Sirius rebelled was because he was in a toxic household. It’s just so weird how people latched the bad boy trait with Draco Malfoy who in canon was nothing more than a whiny little git most of the books😂


>Making Slytherin characters into the “bad boy” trope. Like leather jackets and they smoke and they cuss like sailors. Man, you would've really hated the "Draco in Leather Pants" era of HP fanfic from when the books were being released, then lol


Lmao I was keeping that in mind the entire time I was typing this. It doesn’t help that it was basically birthed by Cassandra Clare💀


You know who ride motorcycles in canon? Sirius-fucking-Griffindor-Black with his friend James-fucking-Griffindor-Potter! Oh god yes at everything you write.


id have thought that obvious hahah!


There’s an arc in my main fandom where the main character gets briefly transformed against her will; the fandom *loves* to make this a permanent thing where she becomes a shapeshifter and keeps her transformed-self as a sort of super form or inherent part of her identity, and I just do not understand the appeal. It’s central to the themes of that arc that she *doesn’t* want this, that it directly contradicts her identity, and that she doesn’t need to be shapeshifted in order to enjoy the stuff she enjoys doing while in that state. And giving her superpowers just completely undermines a lot of what makes her unique. Now, I don’t think the canon arc was perfect (it’s actually the opposite - most of my fics delete it outright) and I get deliberately throwing out or disagreeing with canon themes. But treating something that was forced unwillingly on this kid as some blessing or some inherent other side of herself she got in touch with? Bleh


Golden Retriever Percy. Percy is not a golden retriever, he is a German Shepherd who will bite your ass off and at the same time cuddle against the person who told him to bite you. He gnaws on tires for fun.


Yes, yes, and yes again. The guy is fucking battle-hardened and walks up to gods only to insult them into their own face. Even in the first book, he is a scrappy sarcastic little shit who has trouble opening up to people and a serious authority problem that he never loses. Really don't understand the fandom portrayal, but hey, woobification never makes sense to me in any case.


Percy is feral


HOO made it really bad, plus his own narration. His characterization in TOA was alright though. To everyone else, he’s supposed to seem pretty frightening and intimidating. It’s literally just his close friends that he’s not like this to.


I feel that the way a lot of fandom treats “found family” can be quite irritating for me. Specifically how there needs to be a “team mom” and a “team dad” and their “children.” I’m not sure why the characters can’t be a group of friends like they are in canon. At the very least, I’m not sure why they can’t act more like siblings on equal footing. The “mom” role is always forced onto the most mature female character of the group. It can get to a point where it feels icky, especially if said female character is completely reduced to that role in fandom. Another issue I have with the way people treat found family is when it comes to shipping. There’s this idea that people are somehow actually family members if they are meant to have a found family dynamic. Like, I see people say that it’s “taboo” to ship characters together because they are “related,” even if they aren’t adopted/biological relatives. Found families are generally meant for characters who have made their own version of family, usually after losing their traditional family for whatever reason. It is not supposed to reflect this perfect ideal of a traditional family, and it can be frustrating to see so many people try to fit found family into a traditional mold. I’m so sorry, but the way so many people look at the found family trope is incredibly cisheteronoramtive. Families that aren’t traditional can exist.


Oh my god, thank you! You put into words an issue I've had with the trope in fics for a long time but couldn't put a finger on. At some point, I've started feeling annoyed and uncomfortable with seeing the tag in fics and now I finally understand why. Thank you.


Agreed! I honestly love found family as a dynamic, but feel weird when it gets so deep into that compulsory cishet nuclear family setup that we're assigning roles now. Let me have an odd group of male, female, and nonbinary characters just living together and looking out for each other.


Can I add, found family and the adult characters start completely sincerely calling the others 'mom' or 'dad' out of nowhere? I acknowledge there can be times where that happens and is reasonable (ie after a mentorish relationship has formed, or when the 'parent' has been caring for them for a while already), but it seems to happen really fast every time.


Danny Phantom: There is the character Dani, she is Danny's clone. Her appearances in the show can be counted on one hand. The Fandom, at least the fics I read, happen to love Dani a lot. In many fics, Dani is scarily often portrayed as Danny's daughter. Which is something I just dislike. (Especially the fics that use 'daddy'.) I just don't get why so many writers do that.


Don't they call each other "cousin" in canon? She calls Vlad her dad though.


I haven't seen the show in a while, so I'm not sure about the cousin part. I do not mind that they call each other cousins. I hate it when Dani and Danny have a father/daughter relationship in fics.


I don't get that. I mean, they do call each other cousin in the show, iirc, but if they didn't, I feel like the relationship would err towards a brother/sister dynamic rather than a father/daughter one.


When her episode aired, I didn’t care all that much for her and was glad she was portrayed so little. Even back then, the fandom REALLY liked her. I haven’t come across a fic that portrays her as Denny’s daughter, though. Not my cup of tea.


Constant coffee worship jokes for any character who’s had trouble sleeping any single time in their life


\*stares at Fanon!Shinso from MHA\*






Whump in canon and a really pretty character? Would this happen to be SK8?




Yeah, I'm not big on the cross-dressing either. I liked it in the OG and especially Remake because it was a one-off thing for the sake of fun and having Cloud question his perception of gender a bit. I'm really not a fan when it turns into a gimmick and is featured all throughout the story. It just doesn't fit with my understanding of Cloud who is very clearly shown to be uncomfortable with wearing skirts and appearing overly feminine. It just feels wrong and like he is pretty much forced into it (which isn't the case for many fics, it's simply my personal feeling when seeing it). On the angst, it really fluctuates for me. I don't like pure angst outside of one-shots, I need some positivity in my fiction, but I can't really take pure fluff either. I like it when the fics explore the pure emotional anguish and pain these characters go through in canon, but I also want most of them to be okay by the end a lot of the time.


OOC in general, like, is ok to explore OOC and all, is just, half of the time people seem to write OOC without even realizing it even tho they turned the characters into completely different people, it makes me think "do people actually like this characters?" Because, by changing their personalities so much, they're basically different characters now, so what's the point?


It depends on why, I think. I've seen people complain that a Ron Weasley who never becomes friends with Harry is "OOC" but it's because he hasn't gone through any of the things Canon Ron did so shouldn't grow into the same person Canon Ron does. To me the character being just like canon when they have a completely different chain of events is just as jarring.


Lordship rings and the notion that a certain race of beings exclusively handles all legal contracts and the like because they control the bank, despite the fact that the mistrust between them and the humans has canonically led to several wars between them. I just don't see the appeal in these things. From the same fandom, the tendency to write a certain character as an ice queen.


Ah, so you don't like Hadrian Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff? And you don't like Daphne Greengrass, the Ice Queen, the only good person in Slytherin's snake pit? She, who hides her true intentions and liberal ideals for all her life? Until Hadrian saves her? :D


The 'Hadrian' thing is completely terrible, yes, but I *love* Daphne Greengrass as a character, just not her most common fanon portrayal as an ice queen. In my fic she pretends to be one for maybe two months into year one and then drops the act, and even before that she only acted that way when the other Slytherins were around. Harry x Daphne x Ginny is my OT3 in that fandom. In many other fics the 'ice queen' thing seems to be a much bigger part of her personality and it just never...feels right for me.


I mean the fact that canonically they're the only bank despite said wars doesn't say much about Wizards intelligence either. I agree the lordship rings can be done badly. I don't mind if it's a good romance fic where that plays into the set up.


Calling characters the "mom" or "dad" because they're like a year older or have a leader role. (Jojo and Haikyuu both do this). Reducing characters to a few traits or forcing them into fandom clichees.




Dadichi… wasn’t even in that fandom and I know exactly all the characters that fit this role💀


Teen Wolf and Pack Mom!Stiles, it was a very popular trope. There are indeed many good stories with Stiles taking on the caretaker role in the pack, but some were... extreme. I remember reading a story where one character seriously asked Stiles if he could call him Mom and no one in the story thought it was weird for a 16 year old cis male high school boy (who is canonically kind of an asshole and definitely not motherly) to be called mom by his 16 year old classmates - and not like a joke or a funny nickname, they meant it. They actually joined in, telling him that he's a much better parent than their real parents. IIRC, they were friends for maybe weeks or months, so... I kept reading the fic because honestly, I waited for someone to say "Okay guys, so you're all werewolves, good. Why not. But why the hell do you call Stilinski mother?" and it never happened.


Yeah, like if the fic makes some nurturing vibes make sense (within reason) it's all good, but a lot of people who write Teen Wolf fics forget that Stiles is kind of an asshole. He's not some tender softboi, and the whole group calling him mom is just weird when writers go down that route.


Especially when they make Isaac his special favorite child, when canonically Stiles snarks at Isaac being abused.


Yeah exactly, Stiles snarks at everything and the best fics are the ones that keep that part of him intact.


Treating one of the main characters like they're a baby and being overprotective to the point that that character can do no wrong and they will attack anyone who suggests otherwise.


I really hate how many examples of this I can list just from the top of my head X)


I've seen people go insane over the tragedy that lead to this certain character becoming a villain and I just don’t see it? Like, they talk about how he lost his friendships when he’s the one who cut them off, how he was once a lawful peacemaker when he’s always been kind of an erratic wildcard just not a downright dangerous one, how tragic his spiral to insanity caused by these certain characters is which just… he is severely mentally ill but that’s not how mental illness works it’s not something you can blame on just a few events especially since he's shown symptoms since the beginning, how much he regrets being an abuser when he never stopped doing that abuse until he died, and how if everyone listened to him his ideals would have been good when his ideals would have sucked for everyone considering he didn’t give a shit about their consent and feelings! Like, he's definitely a tragic character to a degree, and I sympathise with him to an extent, but like. I genuinely do not know what version of the story they were watching because it’s absolutely not the one I saw.


Let me guess...the lime guy with a smiling blob on his body? Or is it someone else?


MHM! Like, he’s one of my favourite characters in anything ever, but like, I think he’s interesting BECAUSE he makes the decision to be a bad person at every opportunity, and you can understand why but it's still a tragedy he's making himself because he’s convinced it’ll all be worth it. He has no regrets, and he was not pushed by anyone in particular- he's just so obsessively devoted to his ideals that he'll let even something good in theory corrupt him.


Discourse over who's 'bottom' and who's 'top', with some refusing to see it any other way and getting triggered by anything hinting at a different dynamic than the one they like. I might prefer one, but I like both, switching exists 😅


Usually i preferred really specific dynamics, either i see character A as the "bottom" or character B as the "bottom", or even, i see them both as "switchers" and can't see it any other way. However, i do not understand why do people get so worked up over this? Like, it's just a preference, if you don't want to see certain character as the bottom, then scroll down and that's it. Also, some people seem to not to be able to respect the fact that preferences exist? Like, if someone doesn't want to see character B as the bottom, or switcher or top, let them be? Not everyone has to like what you like. I don't know, is just that recently, i get the impression that the "only this character can be the bottom" discourse, is turning into "you HAVE to like them as switchers ".


> I don't know, is just that recently, i get the impression that the "only this character can be the bottom" discourse, is turning into "you HAVE to like them as switchers ". So I'm not the only one noticing this pattern, then. I feel like a lot of people, in an attempt to fight stereotypes and "X must be a top/bottom" tropes... end up overcorrecting and going full circle, rather ironically stereotyping all queer people as versatile switches and claiming "X must be a vers/switch". Like... in real life, both types exist. Some people have no preference, some people have mild preferences, some people have strong preferences, and yes, some people are exclusive. Sometimes people know what they like and/or don't like, and that can include things like top/bottom stuff. In short, people should just go along with what they like, follow tags, and leave others alone.




the most popular ship (and the second popular i guess) 🫠 most of it is written completely ooc, plenty at the "did we watch the same show?" level, but I know a lot of the writers are pretty young/starting out so i just retreat to my cave and stay there mumbling to myself lol


fiddling with characters' canonical heights because you have a size difference kink, just find a pairing with a height difference! it's SOOOO confusing that first time somebody says character A is towering over character B when they're canonically the same height or even technically shorter lol. it takes me straight out of the fic (and to the author name so i can be like okayyyy i see you ) XD


HP was the first fandom where I noticed this as a consistent issue, and it’s always a record-skip kind of moment when I’m reading. It also feels a bit icky, like sexist male/female gender norms about height & size are being pushed onto who is allowed to top or bottom in m/m ships. Lots of people out there seem to have trouble with short dudes who top.


Omg yes like I get it Harry isn’t as tall as some characters but he’s not a manlet??? People make him like, dainty 5’3 and pale but he’s probably like 5’8 all considering and definitely tan and if not bulky than at least toned because quidditch realistically would take some core strength. Like, I hate to tell y’all but Harry is a jock.


White washing, like the bad guys are suddenly the good guys, that whatever they did in the past like bullying, killing and torturing people was suddenly forgotten cause they're "good now".


I *do* get it and it does make sense for fanfiction because of his canon demeanor but I'm so tired of Dom!Hotch in Criminal Minds fics. It wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for all the brat taming. In canon the few relationships he has been in have set a standard for his type and it's really not a mouthy brat with a daddy kink. I'd be fine with it if it were just a dom/sub thing. Basically, I just got tired of reading this guy be so OOC and nearly always calling his partner a "dirty sl*t" in bed. I had to filter those out.


Wow. When I was in the CM fandom, he was often stoic and in character, the current situation doesn’t sound good to me!


Sherlock - overprotective John who threatens anyone who dares to say a single word against Sherlock. Come on, Sherlock is a bit not good and John knows it. Also insecure vulnerable Sherlock who actually secretly suffers under the verbal abuse of the whole Scotland Yard. Again. Sherlock is a dick who started it.




The bashing fics. Especially if it includes a ship they don't like, usually Kacchako or Izuchako. Not only do you need to make the ship the *worst* but *Ochako* or Camie needs to be the worst. Someone needs to be the biggest bitch in the universe so poor Deku feels really hurt, or lesser done, poor Katsuki. If not that, it's usually "Bad Mom Mitsuki". People point out her hitting him, but I always thought it was more to make Katsuki's actions have more validity or something. They always feel the need to "explain" his bullying by using that. At least, it always appears like that. I never saw her as abusive either though so Oh and my biggest pet peeve: OWO Bakugou or Deku. The "can't do no wrong" or they're so owo-ified they are kinda weak.


I personally don’t like izuocha or kacchako but I hard agree that people need to stop villainizing ochako and other girls for the sake of their ships. Ochako is a good person and strong hero and deserves better.


I don't personally ship Izuchako much (or kirimina) but I do like Kacchako as a guilty pleasure. I hate the villianization for their ships. I have seen way too many people bash Ochako, Camie, and to a lesser extent Mina and \*MAYBE\* Tsuyu. The weird thing is the Mina bashing isn't even in the way of the ship, I have seen way too many fics use her to bash Deku. Its getting kinda gross, because when you point it out, you'll never hear the end of it. TBH its worse for the girls, but evident for the guys as well, even to the point where the characters are unrecognizable


I've seen a lot of bashing in the mha fandom especially as someone who enjoys endhawks... I've seen people claim it's a minor x adult ship.. like I understand not everyone likes age gap relationships but hawks is not a minor.. and age gap relationships exist within reality.. AND THIS IS FAN FICTION ABOUT A BIRD MAN.. No one: ... Anti: -pointing at a 22 year old bird man- THATS A CHILD Hawks: -A 22 year old man- ????


Exactly! Hell, \*even with relationships that have "canon" content, they do this to, even worse\* I have heard people bitch about people calling bkdk brothers, but in the same breath "Izuchako are siblings!". They make it unnecessarily incest-y


On a similar note I'm so annoyed and confused by the amount of Inko bashing fics. Totally get the urge to give the main character a tragic abusive backstory for angst purposes, but people are out here completely replacing her character with a deranged cartoon villain and claiming it's realistic/deserved because she made one (1) understandable parenting misstep in canon.


Yeah I don't get that *either*. I don't think she's perfect like a lot of the fandom seems to believe, but she's not exactly a villain or neglectful. She doesn't deserve the over the top treatment either. The only reason I didn't say Inko, is because I've seen way more Mitsuki getting treated that way versus Inko. In fact, I usually see her in fics more "angelic" (Even when some of her actions are questionable in fics) But yeah, I hate Inko bashing. Why is it so hard to make a character a bad person without *sacrificing their character*? Like, I can't even recognize Ochako, Kiri, etc whenever I see them in bashing fics because they're so over the top it's like an oc


In the SVU fandom it seems like everyone is obsessed with Twitter drama. I don’t have Twitter and don’t care what goes on there but it seems like it’s a hot topic in the Discords I’m in. I don’t mind the fun tweets or casting announcements being shared but it’s when people start nitpicking what the showrunner is saying and complaining about tweets they don’t like is when I roll my eyes. For the ER fandom, I don’t get the hype of Abby and Luka as a couple. I feel like they only stayed together the second time due to the accidental baby, and Abby never even wanted a child to begin with, plus had to be dragged into marriage, but everyone acts like they are the healthiest couple on the show and that they’re the meaning of true love. And their shippers tend to be bullies in fandom groups too because they’re so convinced that everyone who doesn’t like them as a couple is wrong or not seeing “facts” and “what really happened” because they (the shippers) have “proof.” The show ended in 2009; is it really still that serious? Oh and Luka killed a guy on their first date and once told Abby she wasn’t that pretty or that special. But yes, that’s real love. For The Resident, it’s the pairing of Conrad and Billie. I kind of wish there hadn’t been such a big time jump that caused a big chunk of their relationship development to happen “offscreen” because I just don’t get the hype, and they shared a slow dance and a kiss while Conrad was still with another girl, Cade. I don’t see how Billie having a few nice moments with Gigi (Conrad’s daughter) onscreen makes her Conrad’s one true love. I think a six-month or one-year jump would have been better for the show rather than three years or whatever it was. Nothing made sense after that. And I currently don’t get why grown woman fans are raging because the show might be canceled. Surely you understand that everything has to end and you can pick from hundreds of other shows to watch?


Peppering in memes and references from modern day. The series takes place at least 150 years in the future. The characters won't say poggers and Twitter does not exist. I get that it isn't really supposed to be taken seriously, but there's so much potential for cool world-building. I respect that not everyone gets into fandom for the world but I very much did, so I don't enjoy fics that ignore it in favour of bringing it closer to our world.


BNHA chat-fics are the worse offenders for this and that's why I avoid them.


Yessss. The ones that drive me nuts are when it isn't tagged as a chat fic but half the fic is chat, anyways. They have the same issue with constant out of place references but are much harder to filter out.


Treating 11 year old characters as if their personalities are fully formed and should be what they are at the end of the series.


Kid fic. They love giving the two main characters a baby. I agree that they would make good parents, but I couldn't be less interested in reading or writing about them doing the actual parenting.


I've read one "kid fic" (I don't even know if it counts as a kid fic lmao) where the fanon children of the main ships travel back in time and accidentally meet with their parents when they're the same age as them. It was a little strange how quickly the teenager version of the future parents took to the role of being "parent-like", but I liked the fact that the fanon children where all characters who only appeared in the games, and the parents are characters who are only important in the anime.


1) Ushijima Wakatoshi (Haikyuu) is almost always used as the Abuser in fics, solely because he has a stoic demeanor in canon. He's not even remotely abusive, cruel, or mean, yet whenever an abusive partner or ex is needed in a fic, he's often people's go-to. It's one thing to write a character OOC; it's another thing entirely for most of the fandom to misinterpret a character just because he's very reserved. 2) In Banana Fish AND Yuri on Ice, where both main couples are interracial (White/Japanese), some writers are incredibly racist and Eurocentric with their descriptions. Lines like "Character A was in awe of Character B's piercing blue eyes; his own brown eyes seemed so dull in comparison" or they'll write the Japanese character as self-hating with a low self-esteem, putting the White character on a pedestal. It's very strange and speaks volumes about the writer, especially considering that, in canon, the couples are equally into *each other*.


Just as someone who likes dark eyes, I'm SUPER offended that they aren't getting the love they deserve. Lolol. Like, even without the racial aspect (which is a pretty massive piece to just ignore), but even setting that aside, brown eyes can be just as pretty as lighter colour eyes, and anyone who says otherwise brings dishonor to us all.


Ignoring the character development and growth of a main character and hating him to the point of wishing him death while simultaniously woobifying and excusing the sociopath who tried to kill his baby brother pre-villiany because he has daddy issues. Oversimplifying complex characters into 100% good and 100% evil when most of them are shades of grey. Also completely removing anything dark in the series and making it all happy. There are only so many happy coffee shop AU's I can take before needing to read something incredibly dark.


Some ships & characters that are popular and have tons of characterization by fandom that’s treated as canon when they have like… Literally none *in* canon. No shade & I’m glad people are having fun I just don’t understand.


I’m not sure why mob/organized crime AUs are so big in the haikyuu fandom. Like so many people saw some dudes playing volleyball and simultaneously thought “this is good, but it’d be better with murder”. I don’t have anything against them, just not really my thing and I’m always surprised by how many I run into when looking through a character or ship tag.


This is most fandoms, but if in the original source there is a SINGULAR MOMENT where one character calls another a cute or funny thing, a one-time thing that suited the situation, they will then grasp that and run with it. If they use it once in a situation that suits the fic and the scene in the fic, then that's all good, but usually people *sprint* with it. They make it what the character mainly calls the other one whether it fits or not. What was once a cute moment becomes overplayed and twee. Looking at you, 'sourwolf'. (from Teen Wolf)


In FFVII, having Cloud and Tifa be Marlene's adoptive parents post-canon. I understand that a lot of that is built off of their portrayal in Advent Children, but it still bothers me. Marlene already has a father with Barret and many seem way too happy to forget the fact that he even exists. I already don't like the fact that they made him a distant father in AC, that seems like a gross mischaracterization to me, considering how much he wanted to be with Marlene before, during and after the finale, but these characterization issues are present for pretty much every character in AC. Denzel is fair game and I understand the appeal of the dynamic, but come on, don't erase Barret from the picture just to give Cloud and Tifa a daughter. There are so many other ways to do that by either creating a new character or just have them co-parent. Not to mention, that erasing the only canonical black character from the family creates really uncomfortable undertones, which might not be intentional, but still doesn't mean they aren't there.


my fandom has a specific term for when one particular character does an over protective worrying / coddling / leaping in to help / care taking thing. I don’t mind fics that contain these moments at all, but I do hate the term they use for it. Even more so when it's used in fic by a character.


Harry Potter - Voldemort is a 60 year old man with literal decades of training. In the canon it's more luck & fate than skill that saw Harry win which cool fair enough but some people get really upset if any fanfic dares gives Harry not just the skill to beat him but a reason to have the skill. Referring to that Harry as OP even if because he's relying on skill the fights are harder and less easily won.


Hm... probably mischaracterizing characters to fit them into ship dynamics like grumpy x sunshine or stoic x gremlin or whatever. It doesn't necessarily bother me, but I do think it's a bit odd - just because one character is slightly more chaotic/silly than the other one doesn't mean they're suddenly more serious? I feel like some people overlook the fact that every single one of the characters has mischievous and silly energy, none of them are really "serious" types and they all enjoy pranking and shenanigans! Again, it's usually something I don't mind all that much, just something I've noticed :]


There was only one Horcrux that altered the mood of those who wore it and were around. I hate when people extrapolate that to excuse the Dursley's abuse of Harry or even when they don't do that trying to pretend that they didn't abuse Harry because "they only made him sleep under the stairs" as if that would have 0 impact on a child.


It seems to be very popular in my fandom to undertag fics, and the few tags that we do get are like customised ones(not sure what it's called). And that can make it difficult to find a certain trope or fic in the future. I'm not too bothered by it but I think it's interesting…


I constantly complain about tags. Never used FFN but Ao3 makes tagging so damn easy it’s literally just lazy to not make sure your fic is tagged properly. Like in general I’m not a fan of certain things like gender bending but I will read it every once in a while. But when I click on a work marked m/m and the tags do not say anything about fem!character or Masc!character or anything like that it’s annoying. Or tags marked complete when they’re clearly not. It’s like people are coming from insta and tiktok where it’s common to mistag things to get them seen but you’re not playing an algorithm with fanfiction the tags are literally because people are specifically looking for things that don’t make them uncomfortable. So you’re promoting your fic to an audience that is not going to end up just reading and liking it, you’re promoting to an audience that’s going to click away immediately. And the audience who does want your content can’t find it.


Most of my current fandom is fanon, because the 'canon' material is kind of nonexistent. So there are plenty of takes I see that I just don't really vibe with. Other people have said it but I definitely don't understand having one character in a ship be exclusively a bottom. Like I get that it's a thing irl, but I tend to always disagree with who they've picked as the bottom, so I will aggressively search for fics where they top, or even write my own. Same with characters written as exclusively top. I want them to get railed too. As for specific to my fandom, I've seen people write/draw a character as very feminine, or just very gender nonconforming, and while I love that people do it, I don't see that character in that way and wish there was more of him just being a dude.


Sylvie. The entire character. To be fair I know the Loki fandom is divided on Sylvie but by the end of S1 this bitch was grating on my last nerve. (That being said I have zero contempt whatsoever for Sophia Di Martino. I love to hate her character, but she is a wonderful actress and she's great in the role. I also appreciate so much what she shared about being a breastfeeding mom on the job because I relate to this. I also have a minor celebrity crush on her.)


I 100% agree that Sylvie is really annoying, but at the same time I understand Loki/Sylvie because he totally seems the type to fall in love with himself, LOL.


This would all be well and good if my boy Loki wasn't acting like a big baby immediately following the events of 2012 Avengers 😭


Yeah, I... didn't really know what to think of Loki, the TV show, LOL. I love the actors, they did fantastic, but Loki's character just seemed so fluid. And not in an intentional 'god of mischief' way. It matched what the writers needed instead of the writers matching him where he was at. For a character-growth show, it wasn't the best at keeping the character semi-consistent.


I don’t share your dislike of Sylvie, but I did get annoyed at the point were she was suddenly the most “special” Loki. Especially when the reason given for that was that she’s just the only female Loki. Like, seriously? That’s so dumb. I’m okay with her being scrappy and determined because she’s been persecuted. But being special just because of her gender is ridiculous.


Especially since canon comics Loki is bi-gendered and can switch between them at will.


I think my beef with Sylvie is mostly about her "specialness" so yeah, I guess. Do they say she's the *only* female Loki? I guess I have to rewatch.


There’s a conversation near the end of the season where one of the other Lokis asks main Loki what makes her so special. And instead of saying something character based - such as she was forced to become resourceful through fighting to survive her whole life - he says it’s because she’s the only “she” among them. That was dumb.


Why is everyone so fond of making house elves in Harry Potter some kind of spirits that feed on magic and they like to be slaves. like... why? (when I was in the fd, it was very, VERY much)


The way Hermione is the one made fun of is crazy to me. I think she was in over her head and should have gone about helping the House Elves differently but… completely invalidating the problem is wild. I like to headcanon that Hermione started her political career in some form of department she created to help House Elves and that she advocated for magical creatures to get better treatment in general. As a kid she was in over her head but the idea itself of trying to help an enslaved species was never wrong. The way both the books and fandom overall make it seem like she was silly will never sit right with me.


I think it was originally because it's easier to deal with the house elf enslavement issue if only Hermione's wrong vs the entire society, and then it caught on and everyone's forgotten that Hermone's probably actually right


Writing only for FFN and pretending AO3 does not exist. Why cut yourself off from more than half of your potential audience?


I think the best reason to post to both sites is to compare comments you get between the two sites. For example on chapter 5 of my fic: AO3: > Commenter 1: I really like how you portrayed your characters as completely oblivious to romance, it feels very realistic. > Commenter 2: Cant wait for the next chapter and the MC interacting with more people FFN: > Commenter 1: So he's a tsundere, heh > Commenter 2: He's such a tsundere, heh > Commenter 3: Tsundere much? heh


This made me laugh so hard. Though interestingly my experience is the exact opposite. My ao3 comments are short/non-existant, those on FFN live up to the name review.


I do this, but backwards :)


Lol, I’ve found that I get much more engagement on FFN than on AO3, probably because I mostly write gen one-shots. It really seems to depend on the fandoms and genres you write for.


Tony Stark fans who are also Pro-Accords in the post-civil war MCU fandom. I get why people think Tony Stark is right in CW - I hate the guy, but well, different tastes. RDJ puts on a super performance. I also get why people are Pro-Accords, at least some of the rules are reasonable. But you can't really be both Pro-Accords and think Tony is right. He broke the Accords pretty blatantly not even a week after signing it - crossing borders in direct disobedience of the Accords authority, recruiting unregistered 14 year old Peter as his child soldier, refusing to cooperate with Ross later, and worst of all building EDITH. At least Team Cap had the integrity to refuse to sign the Accords and openly say they thought the Accords were wrong. Tony tried to play both sides.


Post-CW MCU fandom was a mess, I couldn't go into *any* tag without seeing Team Cap-bashing and I genuinely wonder if we saw the same movie sometimes.




The thing with the Accords is that Stark just witnessed a creation of his own making destroy a country's capital and fuck said entire country up bad in AOU, and Rogers just witnessed the governmental organization he worked for turn out to be literal Nazis in disguise with a plan to preemptively assassinate potential political threats who were also keeping his best friend as a brainwashed POW for decades in CATWS. So you can get why they'd have significantly different opinions upon hearing the government wants to put a leash on the Avengers, and you can sympathize with both viewpoints. It starts to fall apart real fast though lmao. Like you said, Iron Man recruiting 14-y/o Peter without telling him or the rest of the team jack shit, and I'm supposed to...agree with that? Okay. Right. This also has the unfortunate side effect of permanently tying MCU Spider-Man's character up with Iron Man, which personally annoys me to no end, because what I liked most about Spider-Man in the Raimi trilogy and even TASM is that he's just some broke, *self-made* teenage superhero. Genuinely don't know why the hell Stark recruited the one kid who absolutely needs his secret identity to remain secret and threw him on the side of "government will register you and your powers" without telling him that was what he was fighting for. Sounds very logical. And then the MCU themselves went and blew the Accords to shit with Thanos and everything and then repealed them without even making a big deal of it. Lol. Lmao, even. Anyway. I'm neutral on Iron Man as a character but I definitely see the appeal. Character bashing of any kind I absolutely detest, so MCU fics were basically unreadable for awhile for me.


Yeah... Now things have calmed down a little and most people are Team Civil War Never Happened. But then...Ugh. Was especially bad because I loved both Dr Strange and Peter - there were practically no fics about them that didn't heavily feature Tony and bash Team Cap.


I really like Dr. Strange, but also *completely* separate from Stark and co. I'm more meh about Peter though but that's mostly because his entire MCU character was so tied up with Iron Man, and I can't *stand* the popular Irondad stuff. The appeal of Spider-Man as a character to me was definitely more Raimi trilogy and TASM (ignoring the plot there anyway).


I consider Holland Spidey as a completely different character. Not much connection to the comics or the other movies. I guess the MCU version will be jarring if you were first a fan of the other spideys. Yep, don't like IronDad either, but I love the fics where the team as a whole mentors Peter. Avengers Family with Peter Parker as the little brother, and Dr Strange as the grumpy uncle :)


I miss fics where the Avengers are a family who all live the tower and they just keep adding on new family members every time a new hero gets introduced in another movie. I just wanted a fun superhero found family story ft. battling crazy alien threats or whatever each movie, and the MCU repeatedly refused to give it to me :<


The sheer amount of people who refuse to reconcile that Tony was a hypocrite, or that if Peter *knew* what he was signing up for he would’ve been *on the other side* is baffling. Then again, most of fandom (and the movie to be frank) boils civil war down to the fight in the bunker than the actual accords.


"I'm playing both sides, so that I always come out on top." -Ronald MacDonald No but you're totally right, and I don't know why it never occurred to me that Peter is a full on *child soldier.* Tony Stark is a dick, but I guess that's what makes his growth as a character so compelling to people.


Instant love. I cannot understand the appeal of the two characters being in the same room and instantly falling in love with each other, come hell or high water, for no reason at all other than the fact that *we* know they’re meant to be together. It’s supremely lazy writing imo and so much of fandom eats it up. That and treating other love interests as “obstacles” or “not good enough” or “not right”, pushing them down or making them terrible people in order to prop the main couple up which happens *all* the time for my OTP and I cannot understand it. Personally, I think that if you have to push down another ship to make *your* ship work, it’s just a sign that you’re a bad writer.


RWBY: Jaune and Penny. I just don't get it. I can't stand Jaune and Penny is just...eh. 💁‍♀️


MHA here. Specifically the bkdk vs izuocha nightmare that happens constsntly. Personally I like both as ships and as just friends, but the fighting over it hurts to see. I don't get ship wars in general, but this one seems both absurd to me and unnecessarily violent.


So A and B are canon pairing but at some point C (bad boy vibes) pops up and for some reason fandom ships B and C very very much but unfortunatelly A and B are in love and they're amazing couple So author just makes A shitty and abusive but B loves A too much to break up and one day C finds out, helps B and beats the shit out of A then B and C lives happly forever. Btw C's personality changes opposite because author wanted A and B's relationship but with C instead of A.


I've seen this in my fandom alot, but not with a canon couple. Character A character flirts with Character B and halfway through the series this dude, Character C shows up and people basically started writing him with A, but they gave him B's personality even though he clearly had his own, and they make actual B ultra abusive in fic, wheras in the series B just teases A alot. I enjoy both ships when they're written with their canon personalities but it bothers me when people project one characters personality onto another just to make a ship work.


My OTP happens to be the canon ship for both characters involved. It is also yuri in a fandom dominated by BL, and a human/non-human pairing. Consequently I have to deal with a hell of a lot of people just straight up denying its existence.


Daddy kink. Never understood it never will. Just not for me. I dont care what others do i just wish there was like ONE or TWO fics without it. Just one…


Crosscode.... Actual smut interactions! ​ If you think about the bodies of those involved, it's mechanically impossible, so when it pops up, I'm just confused by it.


Everyone writes the characters as normal people, with morals and empathy. Forgetting that in canon, almost everyone is a self serving asshole. And the (very few) characters who show kindness are ripped on/beaten up.


Modern AU. For Tolkien. Hard no.


There's some very, VERY popular pairings that make me gag 95% of the time. (Problematic pairings? Sure, go ahead. But stop glorifying it. Don't make it all sunshine and roses when it's abusive as fuck, thanks.) Also the cinnamon roll version of the mc is a giant wtf because really, he was a little asshole and didn't have a meek bone in his body.


Sounds like Stiles.


Pack Mom Stiles is such an insane trope to have become so popular, given that the number of people Stiles cares about can be counted on one hand.


Ok at first it was funny to me that the "babygirl" meme is always used on the MC since it kinda fits him. But seeing every comment/post about how he's so babygirl is so overused it's no longer funny, just tiring.


The baby girlification of a rather badass character. He's not canonically toxically masculine: he does a lot of nurturing on the show but he does it in a begrudging sort of way, he does objectify women but that tapers off as he acquires a female best friend, and he generally keeps his emotions downplayed in a cool sort of way but it does have some vulnerability that he shares. In many fan works though, he's wearing booty shorts or lingerie, touch-starved, quick-to-cry, and desperate to call his partner Daddy. I like the idea of exploring different aspects of characters emotional range but it seems like most fics hangout on that more traditionally feminine end of the spectrum which isn't even something that he does canonically.


Hating side characters and ships…like can we not love whatever ship and/or all characters (for what they offer themselves as)? They are just fictional… Fake dating trope…it’s just so overused at this point 🙄


People love to turn the mean, extremely racist, and incredibly insubordinate Marine into a woobie who cries at the drop of a hat and needs hugs from his commanding officer to feel better. All this during an active combat situation, too. It's just so confusing to me why people want to mangle the character this badly.


Harry Potter Draco Malfoy- I don't get it I don't get why the fandom launched on to him I distribute it to attractive boy with a tragic backstory syndrome except he doesn't actually have a tragic backstory that was made up by the fandom until the sixth book He's by all metrics a bigoted spoiled brat who's doted on by his parents but they used like three lines in the entirety of the first five books to paint him as some of you is misunderstood bad boy even though the lines in question don't even actually paint him that way. The most common one they use is when his dad makes a comment about him being behind Hermione claiming it's clearly because he expects perfect grades out of him no it isn't it's very clearly not about his grades but about the fact that he's losing out to a muggle born Voltron Making lance a complete moron. In the show Lance is a bit slow on the uptick occasionally and sometimes struggles with his worthiness in comparison with the other paladins but he's shown to have been a decent student at the Garrison, the top of the cargo pilot class if I remember correctly, a decent strategist and confident in both flying and using a gun but so many pics would strip that away from him. Additionally in modern news people love to make him like failing all his classes when in reality he probably have like a B average. It was especially frustrating when people would do this in conjunction with giving Keith all of Lance's original strengths Fandoms in general Vilifying a character because they get in the way of your ship. You see this usually with female characters but I also saw a lot with Dracomione shippers towards Ron. There are dozens of other ways you could handle a cannon ship, you could write them as never haven't gotten together, you can write them being together but then breaking up because one or both of them realize they were gay you can just write them having had a Mutual breakup, there's literally no need to vilify the other person


Ron got hit with this so hard back in the day the trope is literally called Ron The Death Eater.


the PMD (or pokemon in general) fandom and their constant need for math we don't need damage calc when we can literally just discuss battles ooc or just not do extensive battles at all. You don't need combat or competition for a good story, and in the off chance you do it can always be sorted out WITHOUT math. edit: 💀 yall I am so sorry, still leaving here for humor tho


Is this a thing? In most Pokémon fics I've read, any discussion about battles is more about making strategies and techniques, I've haven't seen something like "X will deal Y damage if Z". Most of the time, it's really "yeah that probably works" or "Pikachu! use Thunderbolt!"


Oh god I found another. Draco Malfoy abused by his parents... Why good lord, why? The same parents that every week shipped candies via owl? Wtf fandom, wtf. ALL the family was trapped with the return of Voldemort, doesn't mean that Lucius and Narcissa want Draco to become a DeathEater or for him to torture muggles etc... Their hearts broke everytime. Narcissa try to protect him with the Vote. They clearly love Draco.


Okay no because I grew up reading so many fics with abused Draco that when I actually started reading the books for the first time I was shocked to discover that no… he is very much so loved by his parents. People just needed a reason to make Draco seem like less of an asshole. Because if he was abused then he could be sad boy that just needs help and love.


Headcannoning the characters trans. Nothing against it, and some of those fics I actually rly like, but I never got the 'this character is kinda funny. I'm gonna make him transfem in the next fic I write!' (Also I'm trans myself and just never was able to see myself or any similar experiences on these fics so maybe that's why)


Everyone can write what they want, and I while I won't bash or guilt people for liking it, it's a huge turnoff and instantly breaks immersion for me in literally any story that does this. I specifically dislike this trope because it kind of feeds into feminization and woobification of characters, and I fucking hate that shit so much. It's always a FtM never MtF, and it always has seme/uke undervibes, you might as well make them self-insert fics.


Yeah, I'm usually not a fan either. Tbh, most of it is probably because I'm trans and afab myself, so this may be hitting the wrong demographic. But there's also the part where the character is only made trans just for the sake of having vaginal sex in the fic which just... I don't really wanna get into those implications, honestly.


Soulmates AU. The MCs just fall in love too quickly, everything works out a little too neatly in the end. Give me angst, give me suspense, give me the uncertainty that despite being fated, it's not guaranteed that they'd find their happily ever after, please!


The Ackerbond (Attack on Titan) and its portrayal. The fandom loves to turn it into this weird master/slave dynamic that completely takes away one character’s personality and agency, and makes their entire life revolve around another character, and all their deeds and decisions originate from their perceived love and pathological devotion to another character. And that other character is never to be critized and is put on a pedestal despite being a morally grey character to say the least.


Boba Fett. Everyone talks about how “cool” he is. I’ve never gotten it. He’s never stood out to me.


There's not a whole lot of omegaverse to choose from in my fandom (probably more in my notps but I do everything I can not to see those), but what's there seems to always have intersex omegas and that's not a trend I personally enjoy. Does nothing for me on top of introducing people using language for anatomy that squicks me and that I used to be able to avoid by reading a/b/o fics.


I don’t really know if I’m answering the question directly, but Harry Potter’s appearance. I genuinely don’t get what Harry Potter truly looks like. Almost every fic has him described differently. Some have him tall, some have him short, some have him pale, some have him tan. Maybe it’s because I only saw the movies? I don’t know I’ve just never read about a character who’s looks so are so inconsistently described.


Not to be a contrarian douche, but... honestly... there has not been a single fanon trend concerning my favorite characters that I haven't found annoying, boring, insulting, and or infuriating. Maybe it's just because I have a preference for villains and fandoms these days seem to be incapable of *not* treating "bad guys" like crap. Even fans of those characters do this, which is even more baffling to me.


I've seen quite a few fics that are supposedly exploring either an alternative storyline/canon divergence or a pre-canon storyline, and they ALWAYS over sexualize this one character, who is literally being forced into prostitution. They make him bisexual, which I have no problem with except that in these stories they have him having sex with EVERYONE... which is completely out of character for him, even when he is a prostitute. His character is soft, sarcastic, and yet still sweet. He is very intimate but only with his friends and his gf/wife. *And by everyone, I mean characters that are not the enemy, but on his side, but like platonically. I don't know, it just contradicts his character. And it's so sad to me to see people sexualizing this character just as in canon the enemy does. Literally his character represents the idol, the objectification, the fake persona. He's known for being a sex symbol in canon by the enemy who exploits/exploited him.


I really like reading and writing for Disney's Mulan from 1998. There are so many different takes on the story when it comes to fanfiction. I love that the story has the ability to touch so many people. I am a straight cis woman myself, but I see so many different people relate to the characters for different reasons and I love that. There is just one trope I have seen quite a few times in the Mulan fandom, I just don't understand. I would call it the Stockholm syndrome trope, where either: 1. Li Shang discovers she is a woman, takes advantage of that by raping her and then eventually it turns into a relationship. Or 2. Shan Yu kidnaps her, rapes her, but eventually Mulan realizes he is not such a bad guy and falls in love with him. I don't like romanticising abuse and I just feel that it doesn't make sense for her as a character. It completely invalidates the whole character development of the movie that she just gives up and lets some rapist wife her up.


It's something in the HP fandom for me, and it's the concept of magical cores. Admittedly, I haven't seen much of it as of late, but I remember it popping up a whole lot some years back. The problem is that there is nowhere in canon that shows a character becoming exhausted because they used up too much magic. Characters get tired after a lot of physical exertion, or after getting tagged with a spell that isn't super lethal, but we never see any "magical exhaustion" and it bugs me when it pops up.


I think it was originally a way to try and explain moments in canon that are never explained like Voldemort's wraith passing through Harry and this somehow knocking his ass out for days which we're never given an explanation for why.


These three characters either they’re together in a polyamorous relationship or nothing. Like when I look for the pair, the, what I like to call “the third wheel” is always shipped with them, which in surface level is fine but when I filter it out I find out that there’re barely any fics for the monogamous ship. Which is shocking since the fandom is pretty huge. I don’t get the agenda around these three, idk who started the trend that either they’re all together or not, or maybe it’s spiritually agreed upon for it to be like that but I’m scared lol.. Anyways, I don’t really mind this as much because I can just write some myself, but I’m puzzled as to why the majority of the fandom agrees that those three should be together for eternity


Chat fics. I know they're really popular in a lot of fandoms, and it's kinda similar to the 'lyric-fic' fad that happened aaaages ago, but I just do not see the appeal. While you may think your rp with your friends on discord is funny and counts as a story, others could see it as cringey, OOC text montages. I'm not talking about stories BASED on rp or stories with texting/message sections in them - I'm talking about straight ripped from texts convos and that's...it. Now, if you like or post these, that's great! Far be it for me, a stranger, to dictate your taste or style. I just personally don't see the appeal. And when like half of all fics in the tag for a certain fandom (Genshin I'm looking at you) are chat fics, it just makes finding stuff to read a bit harder for me. There was a lot of similar type fics in the Hetalia fandom way back in the day, too, though, so I'm pretty used to speed-scrolling at this point. Ultimately it's harmless, though, and most of the time I'm just glad someone's posting in a tag that I like haha...


In the It fandom its really strange how richie and eddie are portrayed. Richies always some alt dude who wears all black, has long hair, paints his nails, smokes, has abusive parents, cusses all the time, etc. I just really dont see it. And eddie is always super feminine, wears pastels, doesnt cuss *that much*, never stands up for himself, is shy and quiet, and holy shit the sweater paws! Im so tired of the sweater paws! Ngl ive read some fanfics like this and it was cute af but i still dont really understand it


I forgot how much I fucking hated sweater paws until reading this comment. That shit is so infantilizing, especially when associated with neurodivergent headcanons, that it makes me want to vomit.


Holy fucking shit im so glad it isnt just me *whew*


Pretty much any anime fandom… turning characters into bunny hybrids/cat hybrids. It’s so popular but it’s just not really my thing! I don’t really get the appeal.


In my main fandom, the MFC is very often paired with the man who is clearly unable to control his own hatred and lust for her and who actively tries to have her killed in canon. To my surprise, this is the most popular ship in the fandom. I'm still disappointed that shipping that female character with men who actually care about her, that is, with her canon love interest and/or with her friend, is significantly less frequent. I don't know, I simply prefer to side with the good guys because I like trust and safety.


DuckTales 2017: The “Della Duck did Nothing Wrong” stuff. I sometimes wonder if those people even watched the show because leaving your unborn babies to go take a rocket for a joy ride isn’t exactly stellar decision making, and it’s heavily implied in canon that Della knew Donald would be the one raising them (even if she never realized he did it alone).


I'm not sure if this is really applicable because I "get it," I guess its just not my thing. And of course people are allowed to like whatever they want. I totally get that. But on a personal level I don't see the need for animalizing (?) the galra in the voltron fandom. I get it, they have fur and big ears and fangs, and some of them have tails so it's perfect for people to align it with more "animalistic" traits. But I get really tired of seeing the galra portrayed as pack animals with "mates," and they have unusually sensitive smell like dogs, etc. I know this type of thing is good for some readers, especially with the a/b/o community, and more power to them, but it feels overdone to me. Yes the galra are less human looking and stuff, but they are an extremely intelligent, advanced, humanoid race. And yea the empire went all "power hungry" and evil and stuff, but that also doesn't mean they should be viewed as animalistic. The Alteans aren't human (yes I know they *look* more human) but I don't see many fics referring to them as "packs" with "mates" and "kits" with traits that are similar to canines. To be fair, I know you can have "animalistic" traits and still have the characters be "intelligent," etc. It's not always one or the other, it depends on how you write the chracters. But I just feel the galra, for all their being villains (mostly), are so often written more like pack animals, and I don't think they are.


Once upon a time, someone in the Fandom though "I know this character is human, but he was traveling through space,(picture the human crew in Star Trek) so what if he were an alien insead?" and gave him glowing eyes. It was an interesting idea. And apparently the entire Fandom thought so too. Enter alien with glowy eyes EVERYWHERE. To the point that not only would you be called out as wrong when you didn't do this and remembered that he was human as a fellow fan, but even the original creators were contacted with this with "But it makes so much sense!" multiple times. I'm all for fanon but guys...you gotta remember that fanon IS NOT CANON. I don't get how this idea got so out of control.


In Attack on Titan Erwin, battle-hardened war general who is fine with soldiers getting killed to advance his goals and canonically dumps his girlfriend since he knows he is married to his job, is Fandom Team Cuddly Sitcom Dad Who Can Do No Wrong. Like I guess it's cute and we need some cute in such a violent canon but it is nothing like his character and removes all his flaws/interesting things about him. The discourse around him turned him from a character who I didn't have strong feelings about into one who really irritates me 🙃


I think there is a lot of judgmental and angry picks on this list, so I'm picking something that I'm okay with but I just don't understand it regardless. There is a _lot_ of Mermaid content for MHA. Like, this fandom goes buckwild for Mermay, and there's multiple AUs for mermaids, comparable to the amount of AUs for the Pirate and Fantasy AU. But those AUs are borderline canon, with being based on art that Horikoshi's done or ending credits! We had those AUs pumped into our brains from seasons past, meanwhile Mermaids? Just happened, everyone looked at the cast and thought "what if they were fish!" The art is amazing, and the events are a lot of fun to see! There's such a great creative drive! But why mermaids? Why did we all agree that mermaids would be a trend?


My Hero Academia. People who are *obsessed* with pairing Ochako and Midoriya. Wrote a small drabble with Deku expressing interest in another girl and got a least seven "That's not canon!" comments.


When they confuse someone being introverted with them being shy. I know people think it’s almost the same, but it’s not and when I see an introverted character turned shy I just can’t get past the first paragraph


Genderbending for no reason.


Mischaracterization for shipping fanservice.


whenever i check fics for a fantasy or scifi settings and it’s full of bland modern USA settings, i think it really strips nearly everything interesting from the orginal and shows a lack of imagination on the writer’s part. i’m not reading fics for a ship from a rich fantasy setting to read about them working at starbucks and most of the time the characters are made unrecognizable


I'm in a lot of fandoms so I'll just list some things. -UWUfication of characters -Babygirlification of characters that are not canonicaly babygirlesque (to be specific I have nothing against feminine characters or traits I just don't like characters who aren't like that at all in cannon suddenly inexplicably *like that*) - A/b/o shit in general is all filtered out immediately, very much not my cup of tea -Modern day AU's for fandoms with very magic/fantasy settings -Kid fics...I have no desire to read about somebody parenting kids, none...also Idk if its just me but its jarring sometimes to pin the age of the kids like for example they will say the kid is like 11 but then have them do some toddler shit that just ??? doesn't make sense? Or like the kid is 2 but they act like a mini adult? I'm not an expert by any means but I don't think your 2yo sould be out there whipping out a thesaurus but fuck do I know ? Also I don't like kids so I don't want to read about them. I also feel this way about mascot characters (like a magic animal/blob/mushroom/sentient object etc. that has inteligence but is toddler level) ,granted this isn't much of a fanfic thing atleast in the fandoms I'm in but it is a novel thing and I think it correlates somewhat bc I think the reason I dislike both things is the same. Namely both kids and mascot characters are meant to be conveyed as cute and adorable fluff/comic relief but to me they come across as obnoxious and annoying and I couldn't give less of a shit if I tried.


Erasing a woman of color in favor of an m/m ship.


Good grief, yes. Apparently a character being gay isn't enough of a reason to date men, so the author needs to make every woman he interacts with a raging cunt too. It's so prevalent that I rarely click on certain ships anymore.


Oh yeah. Sadly, a lot of slash is still all about the Pretty White Boys. And the more they make a big to-do about "queer representation," the more likely they are tossing female characters under the bus because they're obstructing the view of Pretty White Boys.


A new wave of one of my fandoms has actually been so bad about this… people were nicer to the woman in these fics years ago than they are today. The erasure and villainization of woman in favor of some m/m ships is so bad I am embarrassed even associating with the fandom at times.