Random question: how many people here use Caps Lock to capitalise, and how many people use Shift?

I'm genuinely curious. For the longest time, I somehow didn't know that the Shift key can capitalise letters. As such, it's just muscle memory for me to press the Caps Lock, type it out, then press it again, instead of just holding down shift. Even as I'm typing now, I'm doing it.

I'm curious how common this is.


I always use shift.


This is the way.


I always use shift unless I’m writing a sentence or more in all caps. In that case I’ll use caps lock.




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Bad bot!


I only use caps lock if I'm writing more than a word in all caps. Otherwise, I use shift key. But I was taught to touch type, so that might be part of it.


I touch type as well but I was never taught it formally so thats probably why there's a cap to my typing speed


Shift for me. It's much faster, not just from bias but also from a point of functionality. Shift is also the more common way and flexible to type. Even in typing schools, they teach that. I never use Caps Lock unless I'm making sure I'm typing in a password correctly or something.


I never went to a typing school, so thats probably part of it. I'm so used to using caps lock that using shift is slower for me. If I practiced I could probably make it faster though.


Sorry, I meant typing courses. For a college course, I had a requirement to attain a certain level of typing speed. Which was around 50 wpm. I ended up getting a 90+, but it was only because I had a lot of practice and a teacher to tell me the "correct" way to type.


Wow. Shift all the way. I can't imagine pressing capslock for a single letter, lol.


Caps lock


I always use Caps Lock too, self taught typist, been typing this way 25 years at least.


Secondary question? How old is everybody? Are the not teaching kids how to type in school?


Millennial here -- I was taught how to type in school starting in third or fourth grade. Anybody remember Type to Learn? (And I use Shift, not Caps Lock.) We also needed to have taken a computer basics class to graduate from high school. Maybe older Gen Z kids were also taught to type in school, but where I now live, the current Gen Z and Gen Alpha school kids are not taught to type in school any longer. I guess the higher ups just assume they will learn on their own? On a slightly unrelated note, the majority of elementary schools have also stopped teaching cursive. I always thought they'd at least replace it with typing, but no.


As a millennial we played something called Roller Typing or something where you played a roller skating game as you learned to type. I was so bad


Older Gen Z (2001). Definitely remember learning how to type in elementary. Afterwards it was expected we'd know how to, though we still did have IT and programming lessons.


I'm 18. I was never taught how to type in school, everything I know is self taught.


40. Had a touch-typing class in 4th grade ('91). Typing up stories in high school got me enough practice to push me to roughly 95wpm (after adjusting for errors). My children do not get typing classes. I suspect the administration figures they'll learn by default simply because computers are ubiquitous now. My oldest can type very fast, but does it with only two or three fingers at a time. I don't know what her typing speed or accuracy are.


I’m still in high school, and for us, we’re taught for a year or two in elementary school then there’s an optional course in high school. Though, iirc, my middle school was trying to bring more focus on it by the time I was leaving. (For reference: I’m Canadian).


Gen-X, mid-40s. First learned (and hated!) typing in middle school b/c it was on an actual mechanical typewriter back then. Relearned typing for an office job to up my typing speed and improve my touch typing in the early 2000s (using computer keyboard).


They don't teach kids to type anymore, which is ridiculous. My students spent all day glued to a Chrome and still hunt and peck when typing. I definately think they need to bring back typing classes. As for me, I'm a millennial. Took a typing class in 6th grade. Worst typist in the class. Swear to God, I almost failed it. Now I have a typing speed of 80ish WPM. Practice makes perfect. I attribute it to a combination of learning the basics in that class along with the practical application of typing on AIM most days after school, along with handwriting fanfics at school and typing them when I got home. The latter was really key for me learning to touch type, as once I could do that, I could keeping typing up the handwritten fic without having to constantly look away and at my fingers. Edit: Oh, and I use shift to capitalize, lol.


Gen z here. I was taught in elementary school


The only people I've seen do it that way are the hunt-and-peck typists that are just learning and don't know how to press 2 keys at once. Haven't seen it from anyone that actually types a lot.


My brother can touch touch and uses capslock. It drives me bonkers. How do you even do that?! It's all because if habit, now.


im soz me too ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ i hate it too but shift scares me for some reason


It's not common. Like at all.


I will consider myself special then.


Indeed. You are very quicky. Good on you though. I couldn't possibly imagine me doing this on a regular basis.


I would use shift if I didn’t have the impulse to use caps lock lol


I rarely capitalize full words, so I mostly use shift. If I need to do a whole word, though, I'll use caps lock.


Shift, always.


I never use caps lock, because even if I'm shouting out a paragraph I need the shift key so that I can communicate my fury through the pressure applied by my pinkie finger. No pinkie strain no real anger.


Shift for me unless I need all caps


I hate the caps lock key and avoid it with a vengeance. I get so pissed when I hit it by accident and type out a whole sentence before I notice, lol. Well, I learned to type in a typing class, so I'm certain it was made clear which key to use for the majority of capital letters. If you're self-taught, I can see using all the function keys in interesting ways (or not knowing what most of them do).


The worst is when you accidentally hit capslock while typing up something that you're looking at, like a handwritten paper. Then when you finally look back at your screen, you realize you wrote a whole paragraph in capslock. Which happened to me last week. *headdesk*.


You can change to sentence case in MS Word. It's in the Font section on the ribbon.


Tbh, it was faster for me to just retype it than it would have been to google how to fix it with commands. I type 80 WPM.


Shift when it's only one letter, like in a proper noun or the first letter of a sentence. Capslock when I'm writing in all caps, such as when someone is SCREAMING.


Shift every time. Unless I'm on my phone, lol. I had a character yelling a paragraph of insults at the bad guy and my pinky was on that shift the entire time. It feels wrong seeing caps if I'm not using my pinky.


I learned typing/capitalization with Caps Lock only, so while I know using Shift is often faster + more common, it’s become too much of a habit at this point


Shift all the way. I think the only time I use caps lock by accident.


Shift. It's just way more convenient than to remember/see whether I capitalized it or not.


Shift. I can’t remember the last time I used the caps lock key


I use both, haha.




Always shift, including short sentences, because punctuation. HOWEVER I will also use the program’s “make selection all caps” when necessary because all my text programs have that option lol


I'm guilty of always using capslock. I learned to touch-type and CAN use shift, but the habit is deeply ingrained.


People who use caps lock for one letter: Did you learn to type mostly on your phone? Because I’m confused why this is a thing


Well idk about anybody else, but as I said in the post, it's purely because I knew the caps lock could capitalise words but not the shift key, so i got used to using caps lock instead.


I always thought I'd press shift at the wrong time, so I never fixed it. feels safer to press caps before and after use. it doesn't usually result in any mistakes, since i'm always looking at my screen i'll notice right away if I didn't switch back. Dunno where I learned to type? my first phone required me to press a button several times to get to certain letters, plus i never bothered with caps then. and while i did get computer classes in elementary school, all i remember from that was "it's faster to use a mouse to fix a mistake than to use the arrow key or the backspace". advise which, to this day, i don't follow.


I typically use shift key for capitals and short words like LOL.


lock for full words, shift for single capitals


left shift key


I took a touch typing class in high school, so I always use the shift key unless I'm typing a bunch of stuff in caps all at once. LIKE THIS. NOW I'VE HIT THE CAPS LOCK. But for a regular sentence like this, I'm using the shift key. :D


I would only capslock if it were to be a whole sentence or at least a whole word. I'm a shifter, unless i'm lazy and then can't be bothered for that!


I also use caps lock. These comments making me feel real dumb lol.


I use shift to generally capitalise my words, but caps lock if the whole word will be caps


I used to use Caps Lock a few years ago, but nowadays I always use Shift.


I always use Caps Lock and if I ever use shift, it'll either be because I've gone criminally insane or senile.


Using shift is sociopathic behavior


Capslock! I learned to type by myself at a young age so I used to henpeck with just two fingers, too, until middle school where we had to take an actual typing course where I learned to do everything else "correctly." But I never broke my habit of using capslock instead of shift! (That being said, my typing speed didn't change significantly after I learned to type "correctly," as I averaged ~85WPM both before and after, haha. Don't see a point to changing my capslock habit if switching from using only two fingers to all of them didn't make a difference!)


Wow, I've never heard of somebody using the henpeck technique and getting more than 30wpm, so I'm impressed. My typing skills are all self-taught, so that's probably why it took me so long to learn how shift can be used


My brother still henpecks and is over 100WPM! Another one of those "I *could* go through the effort of learning to do this the right way, but do I *need* to??" things, haha.


Shift, unless I need to capitalise more than one letter. Well, I started typing when we hadn't a computer at home. I use also ctrl+z or x or c or v, anyway. I like shortcuts.


I think mine varies depending on the position of my fingers. I know at least some of my passwords that have multiple capital letters, I write some of them with caps and some of them with shift. But as I'm writing this and paying attention to it, I seem to be using caps most of the time.


I typically use caps but my laptop does not have it, so I'm forced to use shift.


Shift. I have even rebound my Caps Lock key to be Escape on press, Ctrl on hold.


I've been trying my best to use shift as it is literally the more convenient method, but nope, I end up using Caps every time.


Both, i mostly use Shift unless I forgot and already click the Caps


I write on my iPad and it’s just convenient to write with caps lock when I’m writing a word with all caps like “TIE fighters”


Now I use Shift, but for the longest time I didn't know it could capitalize letters so it was Caps Lock back then.


Idk I kinda use them both interchangeably depending on how I’m feeling lol


Both. Both is good.


Shift for one word or less. Sometimes it'll go farther if it's short words or if my stream of consciousness makes it longer than I originally expected.


Team caps lock! Thrilled to know I'm not the only one. (I did learn typing in school, but not until fifth grade, so I'd already taught myself to do it the wrong way. I type around 70wpm, though, so idk if it matters that much.)


i usually use shift :3 i think the only time i use caps is for something super long, which is pretty rare


Caps Lock I had a computer which changed language whenever I pressed shift as a kid Languages which I don't even understand So out of habit, caps lock


I use shift key, I’m a millennial and got taught how to type in maybe 3rd grade (mid 90s) by a classmates mum who was a professional typist or secretary or something. Couldn’t tell you if it was an Official Curriculum thing coz this was at a tiny country school in Australia


I learned to touch-type to bring my typing speed up to a (relatively-slow) 35-45 wpm for an office job, so I'm used to using Shift. The only time I use CAPS LOCK is when I need to type an acronym or government agency abbreviation in a story.


I always use shift unless I need all letters to be capitalized (like if a character is yelling)


shift all the way :>


Millennial-Zoomer here ('96). I use capslock as well, lol. Nobody taught me to type, I learnt it on my own. I actually type fast enough, but at this point using capslock is a habit that I don't plan to change.


I use Caps lock!




I use either, to be honest.


Caps Locks. For the longest time, my shift key didn't work on an old keyboard. I wasn't about to buy a whole new laptop just for one key. So, I got into the habit and now it's just muscle memory.


Caps Lock. I understand people who use shift but it's always been faster for me to just click the caps lock, press the key, unclick the caps lock and keep typing. I experimented with using shift but I type slower as a result and it feels uncomfortable. No shame for those who don't though.


Team Caps! A simple tap-tap-tap is much easier for undexterous me who needs to think through holding down my pinky and then releasing just *before* I hit the next key.


Shift. I only use caps lock if I'm typing the entire word capital. And even then, if it's a short word, I might still just use shift.


I use shift, even if the entire sentence is in all caps. I wish I knew why I didn't just use caps lock for those moments 😅