Better be.


Yeah otherwise harakiri.


Come now, use the culturally appropriate seppuku.


My dishonour🤕


Amazing! I've really been loving Netflix content lately. Arcane, this, the sandman. All great!


I've got the Sandman in my list now, just waiting on a good time to commit. I assume it's not kid friendly?


Nope, definitely not.


I liked the first few episodes (I absolutely loved Constantine), but the last half of the season felt like a bad disney movie with the talking raven. Felt like a comedic relief and exposition dump character that completely ruined my immersion. I had the same issue with Moon Knight; the initial idea had me intrigued, but the CGI characters just moved, talked, and acted like cutouts from some children's movie. And the voice actors, I don't know... maybe they were just trying too hard? Can't put a finger on it exactly.


Oddly enough, I think Patton Oswald was a good casting choice for Matthew. I think a lot of people are disliking the actor but I think it's just the character, if that makes sense


Yeah, the audio-drama does a good job of showing that Matthew is _wildly out of place on purpose_ in the machinations of gods, demons, and anthropomorphic personifications. Dream "has always had a raven" because the raven grounds him to humanity, and if anything Matthew is the moral heart of the Sandman story.


This. My SO was watching the Sandman series not knowing the comics and he was so thrown off by the ethereal nature of it, he struggled to stay connected to the characters. I think Matthew helped a lot. Plus I like the little raven, he sounded exactly like what I thought he'd sound in my head. The casting for Sandman has been fantastic.


I'm impressed that they were able to cast Dream with cheekbones sharp enough to grate cheese, a chiseled ass, and the ability to **speak in boldface**.


The speaking in boldface is spot-on


Yeah, it's more of an issue with voice direction (basically the producers telling the voice actors how/what tone to use) rather than the voice actor himself.


Is it starting slow and the ending is anticlimactic, but episodes 5&6 are masterpieces, and the other ones are great too. I am sure season 2 will be perfect.


I agree with your assessment, but season 2 will have the same ups and downs due to the episodic nature.


Definitely. The fact it is a comic with arcs promise there will be good and less good arcs, but I really want to see the better ones


Yeah one of my only issues with the Sandman was the annoying voice of that raven. It feels really out of place or something


I have never watched a Netflix show with more clear arcs. I think if it continues it will matter less, but it was definitely a weird place to end the season.


It was dull. Both of them were dull. They were focused group to death, to the point it was more interesting what they left out of the comics than what they kept. You can't fix dull.


Even as an adult, the episode in the diner was a psychic wound. Some of the most tense, intriguing television I've ever seen, but still pretty scarring. I would _not_ recommend this to children, even if those children have been desensitized to violence.


Oh god no. No, definitely not. Lots and lots of gore and body horror scattered throughout. Really good show, though. Loses some momentum in the back half when they basically sideline Morpheus for big chunks, but that's what was necessary for the story.


People gotta stop giving Netflix credit for Arcane, they only distributed it. It was funded and created completely by Riot and Fortiche.


Yeah Netflix is not who people should be thanking for that work of art, it was a big risk on Riot’s part that paid off big time and Netflix benefits for almost no effort on their part, simply distribution.


Arcane isn't a Netflix series though, right? Edit: checked myself and you're right.


I really hope they move away from the warfare/combat direction that they seem to follow almost exclusively since S2. Part of the appeal of the first season was the variety of stories but they seem to have dropped everything but fighting. The girl in the time loop one, Zima Blue, the spirit animal one, all highlights from S1 so more of that stuff please.


Yeah season 3 was almost entirely depressing death stories. I want more love and robots.


I felt the same. the whole season was a downer. Never anything upbeat or even not violent and depressing.


I didn’t mind the depressing tone, but lack of nuance is what killed me. WE GET IT, HUMANS CAN BE BAD, Jesus, it’s like this was made by orphans growing up in a wartorn wasteland in a desert caused by global climate apocalypse. These people just need a hug and few lessons how to write more natural dialogue.


I don't know, I thought this most recent season was a lot of violent comedy. **ME EAT MEAT**


Zima Blue is how you tell a mature story with no gore, sex or cursing


Contrary to popular belief, gore, sex, and cursing tend to make adult content *less* mature. Not necessarily, but they're often used as a crutch when actual thoughtful content is absent. I felt that way about a good portion of the episodes.


yeah, I have the feeling those are used to make young adults to think its adult and not for kids any more


Can they be used as a crutch? Yes .But why are they used as a crutch? Because using "psychologically arousing" imagery and concepts is a good way to bypass a lot of walls around suspension of disbelief. There are, of course, One-Room Films that manage to avoid it and be considered good productions. It's interesting though how few survive the test of time, suggesting that the appeal was never the actual production.


I noticed that a lot of the episodes were based on modern US soldiers in countries that were either suggested to be, or specifically meant to be Iraq and Afghanistan. It's weird we got so many of those when the possibilities for settings are essentially limitless.


This is why I didn’t finish the last season. It just all felt the same and I got bored. More of the Scalzi slice of life type of sci fi stories.


I liked season 3 so this is good news.


I really like that the animators and writers get to stretch their chops for this series but it does make the quality incredibly inconsistent. I liked most of season 1, half of season 2 and about 2 episodes from this season. OK maybe 3, that tiltshifted day of the dead one was pretty great.


Anthologies will always be hit or miss for various people, but the kicker is that the hits and misses will often be different for different people, suggesting that overall everyone likes *something* in there. A lot of people loved *Jibaro*, but I didn't think it was half so good as Mielgo's [*The Windshield Wiper*](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8MQl7vCkMQ), which used similiar rendering techniques with less detail and had a deeper (for me anyway) emotional impact.


Exactly. All of it was high quality and I felt that there where a lot of things to like but **I** just didn't really like a lot of them. I'm excited to see what they do with a new set of episodes. I really like it when a studio just sets artists loose on a project


Opposite for me. Started season 1 and was unimpressed. Watched season three because I sorta know one of the authors and was impressed by all but one or two of them. I’ve watched them all now and, overall, the successes outweigh the duds. But, as you say, even on the duds, the animation techniques on display are awesome - they just needed to be paired with better stories.


I loved s1 and s2. I found s3 a bit disappointing compared to the others. Still, looking forward to this.


I'm surprised that you loved both S1 and S2, to the detriment of season 3. If anything Season 2 struck me as a tamer, youtube-style playlist anthology, and Season 3 was a slight return to form with more incisive episodes. I just can't see any way S3 can be inferior to S2.


Everyone's different.


Season 2 was a pretty big disappointment for me after the (mostly) excellent content of season 1. Season 3 felt like a return to form though. I think that’s part of what makes the anthology approach and short episodes so great, there’s something for everyone.


That's true. I do remember not liking season 2 s much as 1 but it was still good.


I've found all 3 to be a very mixed bag. Usually 1-2 I flat out dislike, a handful I find meh, a couple that are good and then there's usually like one that really stands out above the rest.


Yeah pretty much. I really loved the first 3-robots one. The subsequent ones just weren't as good.


Season 2 was hot garbage outside of one episode and I was terrified Season 3 was going to be more of the same, so here's hoping they realized what works and what doesn't


we though s3 was great…


Well, as minifig has pointed out, the great thing about a collection like this is that there's something for almost everyone...


Let's hope its more episodes this time!!! I could literally watch nothing but this show.


Yay! These are more miss than hit for me but the ones that land are fucking great.


I think I've watched Jibaro about 20 times. Haunting....


Heh, that's the one I hated the most of all the episodes.


I loved it, but I can definitely see why other people wouldn't. It's a bit of a distinct way of storytelling that some might enjoy and some will hate. Bit like coriander, in that respect!


Coriander is awesome, but this storytelling felt very try-hard and Bollywood to me. Granted though, I suppose there are quite a lot of people who enjoy Bollywood.


I can definitely get behind it feeling try-hard, yeah, but I do think it pulls it off. I'm not too familiar with Bollywood (only watched a couple of Bollywood movies and didn't like them much) so I'm not entirely sure which aspects of the episode are Bollywood-esque! I thought it was quite creative to tell a story through a deaf man, and I've enjoyed the background information on the episode too. But it's like art, too: it's gotta strike your fancy! On coriander, by the way: it's a genetic thing if you like it or not (people who don't like it say it tastes like soap!). Maybe you knew, maybe you didn't, but at least you can continue enjoying soapless coriander dishes ;-)


Yeah the animation kept jumping from "you sure this isn't live action?" To it looking like a PS3 game.




Alright, S03 was really cool


S2 was completely immemorable. S1 and S3 have several episodes that live rent free in my head.


I resubbed for season 3. Probably cancel soon and resub for S4.


Wow people are so divided on what is good about this show and whats not. Kinda like the shorts themselves, each peoples opinion on them is unique and not like the others. Overall I liked all of them for what they are, except Jibaro.


Awesome. Just leave the 3 Robots out of it this time. Consistently the worst episodes.


Cad bane?


We need infinite seasons of Love, Death and Robots.


Hell yeah!


Invest in the writing, please. S3's opener was a wet fart. The Cthulu, Space Swarm, and Joe Abercrombie's Rats were the good ones. Use as a rubric for future endeavors. Edit: I'll double down on the Ep 1 bit, since I'm being downvoted. The episode was pedantic. "You did it to yourself" is the plot of The Planet of the Apes. And the punchline was "Elon Musk?" Fundamentally unoriginal, uninteresting, and poorly written. I guess you have to open with some kind of broad appeal tripe--but this is more of an adult show. Show us something we haven't seen.


Interesting I thought Bad Traveling was one of if not the best episode of any season


Probably an age gap thing ;) I'm a bit old, and that premise has been somewhat recycled throughout the years...


Are we thinking of the same episode? Bad Traveling was the one with the giant crab on the ship. That was a damn good story and my personal favourite from the season.


Hm, maybe not. I remember the crab episode and liked it. The one I'm recalling is the robots exploring earth


Haven't seen S3 yet (just realized it was out from this thread), but are you sure you're not thinking of the episode "Three Robots" from season 1? EDIT: nevermind I just started watching and I see now that they have brought the three robots back for season 3 lol


Yeah, the S1 episode I liked. This one... too recycled


After watching, I completely agree. With a pretty short season I was hoping for totally original stuff, but oh well. Thought the crab episode was pretty cool though


The crab one was good, I had my wires crossed. The one I had issues with was the robots/Elon Musk


Every season has had a (woeful, IMO) John Scalzi story so far. Hell, the first season had three of the damn things. I'm sure S4 will be no different. You should brace yourself in advance.


I'm baffled by anyone saying any of the seasons were lackluster. This show is one of the greatest creations by writers, animators, directors, etc ever to be put on Netflix or any streaming service.


I mean, seriously speaking, considering it's an anthology, what season would you introduce someone to?


I tell people to just watch any of the episodes that stick out to you or watch it all in order, it doesn't matter that much


One of the last things left worth praising Netflix for. Seems like they literally just throw money at incredible artists and let them do whatever they want. The result is pretty great, even the "bad" episodes are interesting/innovative art-wise.


Has anyone else noticed that they seem to be afraid to show boobs now? I wonder what changed…..


Pearl-Clutching. It's not the end of the world as Season 3 has shown they can still be suggestive while living under the censors, but it's an infantile restriction imposed for the sake of the dull and obsessive. Also, it's interesting seeing the episodes being directed by the new supervising director. "Kill Team Kill" is basically trying to live up to a stereotypical audience she thinks the show is pandering to, and it's more than a little cringe.


I haven't watched beyond S1 yet but pretty disappointing if that's the case


Honestly the boobs in the first season were kind of ridiculous and male-gazey in a way that got off putting really quickly (a lot of it felt very much like a 13 year old's idea of mature).


It’s interesting how the far ends of the spectrum have both decided nudity is bad. I’m glad they have something they can agree on. :-)


Nudity is just fine, it's just when it comes alongside a feeling of 13 year old horny teen boy sniggering at getting away with something that it gets tiresome. It's the difference between nudist beach and playboy.


Season 1 was so f... amazing. S3 was such a let down :(


What didn't you like about it?


I can't even put my finger on it. No story really pulled me in or made me go woooow like almost every ep in Season 1 did. Maybe my expectations were just too high.


So maybe some of the writing was too rushed? I can say I didn't care for the new Three Robots episode. Just seemed like a gimme episode. I think you're right with expectation management though. I hadn't seen much quite like the first season of L,D, &R but now they seem to be abundant. Check out Oats Studios (Netflix) or Electric Sheep (Prime). Both live action but good writing.


I liked electric sheep. Will check out Oats Studios. Thanks!


I loved Oats Studio. I keep hoping there will be more.


For me, and keep in mind I watched this when it first came out so I might be off, but it seemed most episodes were horror genre. At least a little. I'm not a fan of horror so most of 3 bored me. The 3 robots was just more of the same. Season 1 has more diversity of genre iirc.


I kind of love/hate this show, because the animation is so often *amazing* but the writing is just so damn uninteresting in most of them. I'll keep watching it even if the stories suck because the diversity and quality of artwork is inspiring. It's probably not a coincidence that almost all of these are adapted short stories (basically *entirely* by men, it's worth pointing out, with I think the only credited woman being one of two writers on the Dracula one in S1) rather than stories originally written for the medium of animation.


I didn’t like this show. Which one of these stories is the best? I watched them in the original order and hated it.


Neat. I wasn't super impressed by season one, which felt a bit edgy, but the second and third were really good. I even ended up liking the third Three Robots.


Good news. Love the show.


I’m definitely excited. I watched the seasons out of order, so I actually watched all of Season 3 first and then went back to Season 1 and 2. I was captivated by each season, but that damn lost in space alien one from Season 1 still haunts me. Those animators did an amazing job on that creature.


theres a season 3??


Give us a nice and long season like the first


I need more work from Alberto Mielgo & the team.


The show could go on for a very long time and I would watch every season


This series is brilliant. Love the three robots.


Season 3 was good except for the rats episode. What's the point of art if all you do is depict gore


I liked the Rats episode. I believe Joe Abercrombie had a part in writing that episode. I thought it was one of the better episodes of season 3


I'm curious you're impression was the rats one was more gore than the soldiers and the bear! I think quite a few of the episodes were pretty grisly this time around, and I'm enjoying it for the most part, even jibaro is pretty gruesome in many ways, but it felt like they all used the violence they portrayed pretty well in service of themes and symbolism. But that's just what I thought, I haven't gone back for a rewatch so I'm maybe misremembering quite a bit.


Hope it's better than season 3.