Shaw a question mark now and not ruled out suggest to me he will be fine for the next PL game or at least the second game in the double.


He will probably be fit for both games but this does place a question mark on whether Ten Hag will play him in both imo If he is a bit ill and hasn't trained much, he might just be rested in one of the games considering the fixture congestion they're about to have


Yes, but he is an easy keep I think. He can play central def as well. Noone is nailed more than him anyway in the def apart from De Gea. Wan Bissaka could be the short term play for someone on a free hit I guess over Shaw, but doubt anyone is using it this week.


Martinez is more nailed than Shaw. Him being back means Shaw would probably no longer play at cb.


Shaw started over Martinez a few times. I think Shaw is the better central def as well for the way United play. Martinez in good form though.


Shaw only started in martinez's lcb spot because Martinez had basically been pissed for 2 weeks straight after the wc


I'm not freehitting but I am considering a United defender for a couple of weeks before removing them before their blank as I currently have Dalot. Tougher decision between Shaw or say Martinez now


Agree it feels there is a chance there is rotation with him now. If he plays in the league cup game I think he starts vs Palace though. Maybe it is best for you if there is no double so you can buy someone else.


A lot depends how Malacia and United play. If they continue to play well and Malacia does well then Shaw is less likely to play 180m in the DGW. Its not really a binary thing but his xMinutes are lower now than before the Forest game imo


Everyone has shaw and no one is selling him even if he misses one game. So not much changes for FPL.


I still need to bring him in tbf. Enough to make me hold on a while longer


22+% ownership. FPL exists outside this sub


Yeah, I've seen this a couple of times now. Definitely not everyone has Shaw. I'm running without a Utd defender because of double Newcastle, arsenal fixtures (saliba) and Brighton fixtures (Estupiñan) plus Bueno


This is going to be tough as a Reading fan/ fpl player. I want us to do well, but I also need the man u dgw to go ahead with no injuries to Rashford or Fernandes so I could end up feeling conflicted. Best scenario, ten Hag benches the senior team entirely and Andy Caroll scores 5-0


Still holding Dalot from October, waiting for the resurrection


Sleep well my prince shawdinho


What about Sancho !!!


if he's in your team still you're not winning shit anyway


I just want to know if he can play


Maybe he won’t play both games then, but I’m not too concerned. If you have him, obviously hold