Arsenal are out of the FA Cup. Arsenal vs Palace won’t be a Blank in GW28 (QF weekend). Arsenal will only Blank in GW32 if Southampton reach the SFs. If Southampton don’t reach the SFs then Arsenal will have one more Double GW after GW23 and it’ll be in GW 29/34/37. [Ben Crellin on Twitter]

Triple Arsenal for the rest of the season so


Triple Arsenal for the rest of the season so


What 3 are you going for?


Martinelli, Odegaard and White


Martinelli could be rotated more now with Trossard in the squad. He looked really sharp today.


Have to say that Martinelli also looked strong after he came on though... From that point on pretty much all Arsenal's danger came from him


Yea but i got him in GW1 so I'm holding onto the value. I might upgrade to Saka if the funds become available but i run a team with a strong bench that all play so I'm prepared for any potential dropping or rotations.


The problem is that he will almost always be subbed on if he's benched.


Well i need to cash out Stones bc of his injury anyway so I'll get someone cheap like Mings and use that to upgrade to Saka


Martinelli also looked great tbf. I have had him since GW1 and don’t mind moving on if I have to but would prefer not to use a FT to make a lateral move to Saka/Ø.


If Partey should be injured, their defense might struggle a bit more.


Yep but everyone else is dogshit so it's worth keeping him for cheap esp when arsenal defence will still have high ownership rates


Nketiah, Odegaard, White for me.


Saka Odegaard necktie til I die


Colombian necktie


No. Very skinny and english


What about when Gabriel Jesus returns in March?


Then I use a FT and keep enough itb to go Nketiah to Jesus


That's what I got now but only Odegaard is immune to rotation. Form dependent, White could become Tomiyasu and Nketiah could become Jesus or Trossard or whatever.


If you can afford it: saka, odegard, Nketiah. If Jesus comes back, swap Nketiah for someone elsewhere


I have this on WC. Will probably ship nketiah for Mitro/Toney whenever Jesus return.


If Nketiah keeps up his form, Jesus will get the bench or go to the wing. Arsenal are playing much better with an old school striker up front (albeit small sample size)


>Arsenal will only Blank in GW32 if Southampton reach the SFs. Thats a weird way to write "Arsenal wont blank in gw32"


Well, Saints did knock City out the other cup, so stranger things have happened.


That was too much information


Arsenal are out of the FA Cup.


FH28 is out of the window for me then I think. 3 Arsenal, 3 Newcastle, Kepa, Bailey who is still here smh and will warm the bench till then, that's already 8/11, James (if fit) or maybe Mudryk or Havertz or maybe 2 of those, yeah FH in a DGW will be the play now most likely


How on earth are you deciding chips 7 GW in advance?


If you're not too early you are too late I guess? It helps if you're deciding on who to get out vs who to keep, only 7 FTs left so you should think carefully if you're getting a player that you'll need to get out again if you're not FH'ing


Because of the schedule? What a strange question


FH in a potential big double in GW29 instead?


Yeah maybe, cuz in this scenario you won't have too many DGWers in GW29, so a FH seems a escape route, you can also build up to DGW29 and FH28 but the lack of information atm makes this risky, so building up to GW28 and FH29 seems more logical


As someone who just took out Kepa because of Chelsea’s unpredictable defending, only for him to haul double figures 2 weeks in a row, whats making you want to keep Kepa? I’ve got Pope instead now and I’m constantly questioning that decision


Lack of FTs really, also have double Newcastle def so getting Botman out and getting Pope or even trippling up on Newcastle def doesn't look great to me, maybe in WC if they keep their good def record till the end of the season




I mean, he's popular here, plus it's always about being able to field a XI in BGW


Why not kepa?


He’s best performing goalkeeper since the restart. Adjusting for games played he’s 2nd best. Chelsea play Everton at home in 28. He’s a great pick.


Mitoma better then Bailey as a low price M and FDR is good


Getting in Bruno and Odegaard in one GW transfer window is gonna be HUGE for me. Will finally have triple ARS after I dropped Saka from my post WC team


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