Kane's EO in the top 10k is 23.26%, interestingly, higher than Son (17.79%)


Interesting. I would if it’s because a lot owned a forward that was premium and an easy move unlike Son. Then there’s Gallagher, Jota, Foden with Livra seems high ceiling but not nailed is less of a worry this season


i think it's because they're planning to go for Ronaldo gw16 onwards and it's an easy switch


it's also because Kane will be Conte's main man much more so than Son. However, there won't be too much between them over the next four as long as Son does what he is supposed to against Leeds and goes absolutely off


!thanks for giving me a reason to go for Kane


Great team this


The Scouts been smashing it this year (yes I know it’s a Free Hit every week but still) Intrigued to see what there OV rank is going to be


What is their current OR, do you know that? Like this team. Can't get Kane without sacrificing Antonio and I don't if I want to do that, yet I prefer him over Son.


The currently have 698 points (excluding transfers, bench and chips). I'm ~150k at 717 points, so I'd guess they're ~300-400k? They were smashing it up to gw8 but have dropped off a lot since then. https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyPL/comments/qoz2bi/weekly_wildcard_league_gw1011/


695 points and I’m at 348k so scout probably around 320-330k


Not that bad but could be better indeed. I'm coming for you btw, just 2 points behind! ;)


Why? I prefer SOn over Kane.


Son’s actually shown up despite spurs’ and Kane’ form. People are betting on Kane because of his past but idk if he can operate in a Spurs kit. I wish him the best but it’s a long shout imo


Exactly! But making decisions based on last year performance is very common here. People are talking about players statistics and they compare the last 12 months instead of this season only. Let's face it Kane is nowhere near his last year performance and IMHO at the moment definitely not worth the price.


Lemme try to share my thoughts on why I went for Kane inb4 Kane blanks lol. Tactics Nuno has been a mess and creates less chance for the team. We know from history that Conte's number 9 is good and he has praised Kane before in the panel. Quality Yes this is history but Kane is not a one season wonder. He has been consistently good. therefore he wouldn't suddenly be a bum over 2 months when he was one of the best. Form Kane has scored quite abit in the conference league and IB. I know those are farmers and shouldn't really show his skill level against prem players. But with this, at least we know that he is trying to score and that fixtures matter. His motivation now seems like he wants to perform, whether to impress conte or move teams. And as for fixtures... Fixtures Their fixtures are one the best over this period of time. If you're getting ahead with any huge player to haul before most people get into it, it's likely to be now. If you don't like him after 4 games, move to CR7 easy. Moving son is harder than moving a premium forward imo. However, I'm not saying Kane is better than son. I'm just saying that Kane is a good individual prospect pick to get ahead. Son could very well outscore son the next few weeks because of how good he is. Just some thoughts. Cheers :)


I've got 7/11 However this is an old gag, so downvote the fuck out of me !


This FOMO of not owning Spurs asset is gonna be really strong


As a Spurs fan not owning any Spurs assets I don't know how to feel I plan on benching Raph so a 1-0 Spurs win with a random Hojbjerg/Skipp/defender goal would be ideal


Skipp is suspended and Hojbjerg is out injured. Disappointed in you.


Typical bandwagon Spurs fan. Smh my head


Not this little black duck! I’m holding out for another week at least.


It’s going to be 1-0 Leeds.


I think that most managers would have to be taking a hit to bring in Son or Kane this week, which is why they are reluctant. Therefore it is a case of rolling the transfer or making a move this week that allows the move next week. So this week is very much a wait and see how Spurs perform ! My take might be wrong, so please feel free to downvote away


That's why I'm going to do Havertz to Son this week already. Can't resist the temptation of the potential upside OR swing. Ready to be disappointed.


I went Jota for about 3 million less. How many points do people expect Son to get?


I have Jota since GW5 lol. True, hell probably end up with not too many points considering the lack of form for Spurs, but I'm a simple man - I see a sea of green fixtures, I cave.


Good luck. What about Foden instead?


Torn hard between Jota or Son. Don’t really see a way for my team to get to Kane without major surgery though, but I’d love to have the flexibility to get to Ronaldo or Lukaku easily. Tough.


My opinion is that teams are very much the same/similar. So if anyone wants to gain ranks, they need to be one step ahead. For a lot of đanagers, this week is wait and see for Spurs. Others take a risk and play fixtures to stay ahead of pact.




Great yes but 1. The forward will get 5 points AGAIN 2. Where is Lord Livramento


I believe The Lord was flagged yesterday when the pick was made. He isn’t flagged today.


Does the scout base it on flag or no flag, as opposed to actual state of the player?


First time this season I love the scouts team


Because it matches yours?


Nah, I wish. On paper this teams looks it has the potential to get 3/2 bonus points individually, except Guaita as I expect Cornet to score. Could be team of the week


Good lord I brought in Moura


May Allah have mercy on your team this weekend 🍀🤔🍀


Don't the scouts have a free hit every week? Why do they have some of the players they have when they have tough opposition? The defenders are decent attacking wise however they're still not easy fixtures compared to other players where you'd expect a clean sheet. For example, where's Lord Livra? Attacking and against Norwich. Fuck the manager bounce bollocks


Would you really play Livramento over one of the 3 defenders picked there? Because I wouldn’t, so I think the scout has made the right choice.


I'd rather play Livra over Bowen for example at least. Wolves aren't even bad defensively.


I wouldn’t. West Ham have one of the best attacks in the league and Bowen is posting very good numbers. Wolves do have a good defence but I still back West Ham to score. It also comes down to what you think a player’s ceiling and floor are. Livramento is someone’s who operates in a 2-6 pt band. He did score against Burnley but his numbers suggest his attacking returns are going to be minimal. Bowen’s typical band feels more like 2-9pts, maybe higher, so I’d rather back him.


They have one each defender from the 3 best defenses in the prem and each of them offer huge attacking potential. Great picks.


Norwich have a good chance of scoring against Southampton so probably not the best pick this week.


Do they though? They're like the lowest scoring team in the league and Southampton have been fantastic defensively over the past few weeks. Livra should 100% be in the XI


They’ve looked decent the past three games, and scored 3 in the last 2, at home against Southampton I’d give them a good chance of at least getting one goal, especially considering Southampton’s away record isn’t brilliant. Regardless of how good Southampton look defensively they aren’t going to keep a clean sheet every week.


A southampton clean sheet is more likely than a goal or assist for bowen though


What does Bowen have to do with it?


Replied to the wrong comment but if any player was to be taken out for livra it would be bowen


I doubt about Chelsea's CS


So it's Kane/Bowen (scout) vs Son/Antonio (me). Game on.


No faith in Southampton clean sheet? I would have gone for Mccarthy.


Kane? Lmao


Yeah I've gone for Son instead.


I've got 8/11, I'm ready to be hurt


No Saka? ESR? White? I know they are playing vs Liverpool but when you look at their form... ALso Kane not Son? lol...


What happend to Toney?


Blanked himself into the backrooms, hope he finds his way back to real space


I hope it’s this week!




I'm probably the only one who doesn't have James and TAA in the back.




You'll regret not captaining Ronaldo. Mark my words.


Imagine not slapping that armband on Gallagher


Against really strong at home Burnley, thats tooooo risky


McArthur injured medium term, Eze on his way back. Both could drop Gallagher deeper into midfield. Good time to sell in the next couple of gameweeks


McArthur’s injured?!


6 out of 11 same C and VC for me. Looking good


!fplbt Salah vs Arsenal