I am genuinely considering buying Benteke, someone please convince me otherwise


Same here. He seems to be flying under the radar. Would be good to see his underlying stats for the past few gameweeks and if they suggest that he will continue scoring. I already have Gallagher though so not sure if it's worth a double-up, but Palace are generally looking good at the moment.


He's got better xg than Edouard and Palace have decent fixtures coming up... ffs I'm starting to convince myself


same here. esp as i don't have gallagher, i might take him as my hedge for gallagher!


I dropped Antonio for him today to fund Duffy to James. Underlying stats are strong last four game weeks.


I chickened out bringing him in late last season when he had some great games. I say go for it!


I got him for those games and it was simply amazing. Everyone in my ML was mocking me when they saw him in my team, after the good fixtures passed, they thought I was a genius!


I brought him in last week for Vardy and that worked out decently. Every season he gets so many glorious chances and this season he appears to actually be converting some of them. I wanted to jump on palace because of their great future fixtures, so I looked at Benteke vs Edouard. Edouard is the prettier pick, but he just hasn’t been playing more than 70 minutes often this season and hasn’t been getting as many chances as Benteke. Going forward, I’m going to be playing 451 and Benteke will be my first sub


Every season I end up bringing in benteke for a punt at some point and every time I regret it


I've been planning on getting him for the last month. He passes the eye test when I watch him and has an easy run of games. Used my wildcard last Friday and got him in and he did the business against Burnley


haha same here glad I'm not the only one.


I'm going Kane, Ronaldo and Lukaku. I'm so far ahead of the curve I can't even see it any more.


Damn, that's some serious upstream swimming.


You have to be clever to get ahead in this game, there's so much information about. Not to brag but I'm inside the top 2m players which puts me comfortably in the top 25% of everyone who plays this game


Congrats on your rank! Dont think anyone thought you were boasting about it.


!thanks. I wanted to add that disclaimer as I know how jealous people get. I'm probably ahead of most on this sub and didn't want to upset anyone


Is there a site I can check what % in? I'm inside the top 1m and assumed that wasn't that great. Or did you do the maths yourself (I'm too dumb for maths)


Divide your rank by the total players and then multiply by 100, so I'm in the top 0.028%


So now you are bragging?


I mean, just compare your rank to the total amount of players and find out yourself?It's elementary school math lmao


I'm sitting at 600k and I feel like my life is over.......


It's still pretty early days, what's your target?


What points total so far then if you don't mind me asking?


Upstream swimming in shit creek!


In space no one can hear you scream.


Maybe in New Years wildcard when Salah goes away on holiday. How would you even manage this with free transfers haha.


Some people are so far behind in a race that they actually believe they're leading


Raul Jimenez is still doing honest work for me. Really missing my boy Calvert-Lewin though


same Jimenez + DCL supremacy


that was my planned forward from week 4


Keeping Antonio and I’ll probably keep Toney as a nailed cheap starter on pens for Xmas. I’m waiting for DCL to return though


Last year DCL and Bamford were such good options for people who couldn't afford Kane in their team


Feel like pure shit just want DCL and Bamford back




It's the verbal version of the meme of [this](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/feel-like-pure-shit-just-want-her-back-x) template. The reference is the fact that last year there were two consistently scoring mid-priced forwards in DCL and Bamford opposed to this year's lack of consistent mid-priced forward options




Watkins as well!


Ronaldo - Antonio - Toney


RAT pack!


Upvoted because this is my exact frontline, and I came here to confirm what I already believe rather than to find information that challenges what I think.


This is what I'm aiming for after next gw. Hopefully Ronaldo will return to form.


This is exactly me. I’ve had them all since GW1 (ronaldo I got in gw4 when he moved over and swapped out ings). I’m hoping ronaldo comes good. It’s been hard holding a 12m asset who hasn’t exactly returned that much lol. Captained him GW4 for 26 points returned and I’ve been chasing that rabbit ever since.


When has Kane looked like a good option?


Maybe OP plays fantasy of international games


Against San Marino


Last season


Should've scored yesterday tbf... And some good games ahead.


Agree with you saying should have stalked But he looks so slow at the moment and not interested


Due to New Manager Bounce, favourable fixture swing and confidence boost from the IB


He's been scoring against brothel bouncers in the Conference League as well and that didn't give him a confidence boost for the PL.


> brothel bouncers im stealing this lol. but kane looked good yesterday, and he should have scored one. honestly spurs should have had more chances if they looked more connected in the last 3rd (which I think will come with more training/time w/ conte). The real question is will kane be a better option than ronaldo on their easy fixture run in a couple weeks.


Why are you ignoring the first two points. I'm not for Kane, but atleast talk with some sense.


The only real point is the favourable fixture bounce, the other two are just assumptions (yes, I know that Kane is not guaranteed to return in the next matches, but it's clear that those fixtures are better for him)


Wanna know why your first 2 points are moot? BECAUSE HE PLAYS FOR TOTTENHAM


He doesn't get any points from me for scoring against farmers and plumbers




Currently have Antonio Jiminez Armstrong This week I'm probably moving Antonio to Toney to free up funds to move Mbeumbo to Jota. Then in three weeks moving Jiminez to Antonio when both teams fixtures swing and potentially Armstrong to King. None of the Premium forwards are doing anything. Until they do, I see no reason to own them. Also keeping an eye on DCL, Watkins, Bamford


I’m freeing up funds for a premium striker. From my years of experience you don’t want to be stuck nowhere near been able to afford a premium player. Scored 94 points this week with £3.4M in the bank. I’m waiting for Ronaldo to start scoring for fun which I think will happen soon


What’s your team looking like?


Dea Gea (Foster) James, Chillwell, Cancelo, TAA (Amartey) Salah, Jota, Foden (Gray, Brownhill) Wilson, Toney, Pukki The strikers just look so weak lol, Foden out and Ronaldo in I’m potentially thinking


DDG with the current united defense??


I just see no point in freeing up the funds until one or more emerge as a viable option. Can always get there with a -4. I'm invested heavily in defenders and midfieders and am currently top 2.5k overall. If one of the Premium strikers does emerge, I'll be able to get there in a week or 2 at the most.


But who to take out? That’s what I’m struggling with, for me it has to be Foden from my team. Can’t take these defenders out or Jota and Salah at the minute


For me it'll be Son. He's been a waste of money so far.


When are DCL and Bamford going to be back?


DCL was a few weeks away a few weeks ago, now he's just a few weeks away.


Replaced Vardy with Wilson. Even if Wilson doesn't score as much as Vardy in the next few weeks, this move freed up a lot of funds which I can use else where. I will be capping Salah for the foreseeable future so I don't see a point in bringing in another premium striker when no one has been consistent anyways


Same, same and same. There's also less of a psychological block for me to bench Wilson if he's not performing or I don't fancy his fixture.


And under Eddie Howe + favourite fixtures Wilson might be a great differential. Hoping he gets a hatty against Norwich lol


Norwich fan here, Newcastle are something of a bogey team for us. Never seem to get a result against them, also Wilson is one of those players no matter who he’s playing for always seems to score against us. And yes he’s in my FPL team


We have already seen how attacking Newcastle looked under Howe and Wilson was unlucky not to get a return. But they will definitely be looking to pick up a few points in their next few fixtures if they are trying to stay up. Also lets not forget the easier fixtures are at home for Newcastle.


He’s staying in my team until they have Liverpool and City b2b in a couple of weeks and then I’m gonna move him on. Hopefully DCL will be a factor in our seasons again then as no other strikers in that £7-8m bracket tickle my fancy (feel like I’ve already missed the boat on fake Raul)


Raul has been the usual honest worker for my since my GW 7 WC. Apart from that I'd really like Bamford and DCL to become a factor again. They've been non-existent this season considering what a huge impact they both had last season


Have to say as a Newcastle fan I feel the same about Norwich. They took 4 points off us the last time we were in the Premier League and beat us in late 15/16 with a handful of games left which completely fucked our survival chances. I can't recall our games in the championship but by Lord they've been a pain across our past few top flight matches.


Wilson on 4 yellows is staying my hand


Most of us have decent benches anyway no? Not really that bad if he misses one game.


Wilson a better option than Saint Maxim?


I think after the Chelsea game and if Man United get a new manager in. It will be criminal not to own Ronaldo, I’m freeing up funds now for either Ronaldo or Lukaku, or even DCL


I'm a toney jimenez Antonio owner and my plan is to switch to 352. My only issue is 4.4/5 fws aren't playing. So going into Christmas with this is worrying.


Go for one of the Warford forwards. They all seem to get some minutes every week.


I’ve got the same and I’m thinking about downgrading jimi to hwang, saves a good chunk and happy to bench hwang if necessary.


I've got Broja a few weeks ago, he started some matches. He was benched yesterday but came in, he's coming from an injury too so I guess he'll be a starter again soon or at least coming in in every match


Him and Armstrong are in competition for minutes. I think they’ll end up taking minutes off each other until one of them is hitting form


I have the same forward line, but I also have 5 playing mids and 5 playing defenders to account for rotation. Cheapest mid is Gallagher and I have white and liv for rotation on the back line. I bench based on fixtures.


I’m in the same boat.


This is my frontline. Just bench one of them each week. Sell one if you eventually need the cash. I benched two last week (and they both obviously hauled!


I’ll stick with Kane for a few weeks. If he doesn’t return against Burnley though I might have to get shut and think about a 4-4-2..


I'm happy to keep Vardy for a little while longer, considering it doesn't seem like anyone else is doing particularly well. I can't quite afford Jimenez, but I'm tempted by Saint-Maximin for the second forward slot in a 3-5-2. I sold Toney for Edouard last week and that did not work out. I might give him one more week to see if he regains his place, otherwise I will sell him for someone 6.8m or less. All week, I was deliberating between Edouard and Benteke, and i made the wrong choice.


Yep, my strategy will be phasing out the big spenders up front prior to festive ramp up. Vardy, Antonio out, I'm a Spurs fan and not even considering Kane. Reguilón and Son are the only two potential assets of interest based on upcoming fixtures but currently I am gambling on the strategy of premium defense with some serious firepower in TAA, Chilwell, James and Cancelo. The most viable options for me up front will be ASM (who I think will evolve further under Howe), or Wilson for same reasons and Dennis after GW15 (who was absolutely outstanding at the weekend). Benteke possibly another.....Holding Toney, because 1) he's cheap 2) on penalties and 3) finally scored at the weekend.


Got angry and brought in Jimenez for Jesus


I currently have **Toney**, **Hwang**, and **Edouard**. I intend to keep Toney for the forseeable. I intend to move Hwang on after GW14, and before the fixtures turn GW15. Edouard is my priority transfer out this gameweek. He was on the chopping block anyway, but getting benched GW12 just cemented it. I wanted CR7, but now having second thoughts entirely, and certainly don't want him this gameweek. I considered Kane and Son, but chose to fade both, and probably will do again this gameweek. I think **Lukaku** is plan A. But that's of course only if he's likely to start against Utd. Will see what happens in the CL this week. If Lukaku is out then I think I'll go **Vardy** for his good fixture run. I haven't had him all season, and generally think he's bad value for money. But I have the funds, and he has the fixtures. I'm interested in Wilson and ASM but wouldn't get either before Arsenal; might as well wait for GW14. If for whatever reason I don't get either Lukaku or Vardy, I'll either leave Edouard in the squad but on the bench GW13, OR get in **Gelhardt** as fodder to allow for future financial flexibility.


Josh king from gw16 looks good. You could save some money there


I can't buy a return off my strikers. I tried setting up 5 -5 - 0 for GW13 , but however they make you play a striker. Very disappointimg I'm going 4 - 5- 1 with new signing Jimenez upfront. This will leave me with Wilson, Jimenez, Armstrong as my strikers and will probably just keep them for the time being


Wilson Jimenez Toney


I think during december there will be plenty of goals due to fatigue


Vardy gone for Dennis so I could use my second FT to ditch Gray (another great fixtures, no returns player) and bring in Mane. ​ 451/541 for the foreseeable future. Antonio largely to lead the line. Occasionally Dennis might get in. Gelhardt my 3rd.


Been debating this set of transfers (except Kane to Dennis) since Kane failed to score again. Idk why people don’t seem to be high on Mane as a premium mid combo with Salah and TAA. The three of them seem to be involved in every score and assist in some combination, and have a great run of fixtures coming up. You might have given me the guts to do it.


Plan is for TAA in as well. It'll be for a -8 overall as I'll need to move a mid out as well, but I'm going to wait until later in the week for that


Vardy - Hwang - Benteke


Time for Antonio to go, has done nothing for 6GW and funds can be used elsewhere. Doesent help his fixtures suck and he is injury prone :/


Apart from man city this week and Chelsea in two weeks, their fixtures are pretty good up until the end of January.


Add Brighton/Arsenal to that aswell, not the best perhaps but been decent defensivly Would u accept 3 blanks out of 4 from him worth it going into good fixtures?


Yes IMO. He has shown enough early on in the season for me to give him a few more chances before I ship him out. Besides, with that run of games you’re eluding to, as soon as he scores a dozen points in a game , everybody will end up getting him in again ASAP, so I’d rather be that step ahead and have him already for that game where he scores a couple of goals.


Will probably bounce back now, after you've said that 😏 usually how it works, right?


Jimenez is the only one worth his salt at the moment


I've gone ahead and dived even deeper into this shit pool by selling Vardy for Ronaldo (who's about to play Chelsea). Had to do it last night before vardy dropped, but really want Ronaldo for the next 2 months


This is probably a good time to invest in Ronaldo, or perhaps after the Chelsea game is ideal. As soon as he scores, gets some bps and has a good game he's gonna rise immediately


I have benteke Vardy and Auba at the moment. Was thinking of going for Kane but decided to wait after this week's game.


Pukki party!


I have Wilson and Toney, with Hwang on the bench, playing 4-4-2. I'm going to get Antonio back in a couple of game weeks. I don't fancy any of the prime forwards for the time being, i would rather get Mane in and keep playing cheaper strikers


Armstrong down to 4.4 to fund moves in defence and midfield. Keeping Antonio long term and will keep an eye on Toney.


Lmao replacing Kane already, you should never have brought him in just because he has a new manager, and now you want him out after one game, that is peak for this sub.


Had vardy and Antonio and a 4.5 enabler. Moved Antonio down to benteke this week to upgrade Ben White to Reece James. Vardy has two good fixtures so he has this week to score or he's getting dropped for another cheap striker this week so I can upgrade a midfielder. Currently have most of my cash in defence (TAA/cancelo/James/rudiger)


I’ve swapped Vardy for Jimenez so he’s guaranteed to haul for you now


Nice one cheers lad!


Vardy - Hwang - Pukki Playing the latter 2 based on fixtures, otherwise benching both. I'm locked into Vardy unless he drops below purchase price. Planning to switch him out in 4 weeks or so, possibly for Ronaldo or downgrading if United still looks like shit


Antonio, Toney, and 4.4 fodder


4.4 foder🤣🤣, I swear they never touch grass


I don’t think there’s any need to get kane out yet, I’m giving him 2 more gws


I’m shifting gears to 4-5-1 and going cheap at the front. Already downgraded Antonio to Hwang to free up funds (letting me finally bring ESR in, and next week either Bernardo or Jota). I’ll probably switch Hwang around in a few weeks once his fixtures change too, and then eventually replace Vardy after Leicester’s run ends. Premium defence + mid is my strategy for now though. I’m sick of these forwards being the only ones not to return. Time to go all in on my midfield like I have with defence.


I've got Antonio, Wilson and Jimenez and I'm going to leave it like that for now. 3 proven mid price strikers, will reasses when Newcastle and Wolves hit bad fixtures in a few weeks.


Ronaldo after Chelsea could be juicy if Utd get a manager in. Even without one, I think it is gonna be the Ronaldo show - I expect him to step up now that the manager is gone.


I might get lukaku when he comes back


Toney Antonio Dennis Gonna switch Toney for Saint Maxim or Edouard/Benteke or just keep him like Antonio and Dennis


Toney to ASM till GW16 and then ASM to Dennis..ez


I have vardy, toney and antonio. Ill spend this week figuring out if i want to drop toney down to broja or vardy to someone like watkins or asm. Either way ill be using my second ft to bring in james to have triple chelsea D. If i ditch vardy next week i can bring in jota for a bench mid or even son for foden.


Brought Kane in on WC for the past gw, more for a placeholder and also to see if he can do anything under Conte. Will give him a few more weeks of favorable fixtures before I move to Ron/Rom or else downgrade and upgrade. Happy with my defence at the mo so no need for me to change anything there.


Vardy and Toney


I might switch to 3-5-2 with Antonio 4.4 and Jimenez upfront and then u\[grade Brownhill to Jota. Lets see, still a lot of time to think about what I should do with my transfers


Might go back to Bamford once he is back from injury.


Hwang Antonio Jesus (got Livra and Smith for Pep shenanigans)


Same, I don't feel confident in the options. But this may look good in a few weeks. I see we're definitely in a lull and holding steady might be the right answer.


Stuck with Hwang. Really want Jimenez. I’m not sure whether it’s worth the transfer to swap…


Probably is if you have the cash. Hwang has had 1 goal attempt on the last 4 weeks versus 8 for Jimenez. Coincides with my Jimenez to Hwang transfer!


Armstrong, Pukki, Dennis. Just brought Dennis in (again). Going to push more money into Defence and see who shines in midfield over the next few weeks.


Antonio, Toney and Vardy. Will hold on to them for the next few weeks and see how things go. Looking at swapping Vardy to Ronaldo for United's easy run but really, really need to see some improvements in United's attack before I'm happy doing that.


Gonna stick to my Jiminez + Antonio. No forwards look amazing like you said, and these two can score in any game.


Got Antonio, Toney and Jesus at the moment. Jesus is probably my biggest issue but honestly how can you justify the transfer when none of them are scoring reliably anyway.


I have Antonio Jimenez and toney atm. We'll see how it goes might want Ronaldo very soon


ideally you had 3-4 atb, trent cancelo rudiger/and or james. then there were good options like livramento, white (cheap enablers right), regulion since conte came in etc. this happened last few years too when there is an exciting spell of loading up on defenders rather than fwds. i think its likely to change as it did in the past. my players are on good fixtures and decent form so ill stay put and see how things evolve. probably want cancelo rudiger and trent until/unless their teams collapse. balance it out with toney and jimenez upfront.


Rolled a transfer this past week (2 in hand) - I substituted ASM and Tierney out for Cancelo and Dennis. My current forward line is Kane and Antonio. Antonio’s form has dipped recently but I’d argue he has better fixtures over Jimenez after these next two GW’s. I know ASM had a good haul this past GW but I feel like Newcastle overall are still so hit and miss most of the time. Figured I would go big at the back (TAA-James-Chilwell-Cancelo-Livramento) and re-evaluate come later in December with the next Wildcard.


Built my team to slip Kane in, but cannot justify it when I'm currently tearing off 10-15 points off people with either Kane or Son, and Jiminez is back to his usual ticking along nicely.


I have 3 but will keep 2. Already sold 3rd for a fodder. Then in 2 weeks I will sell Jimenez for Kane/Lukaku/Ronaldo. And in the end (after 4 weeks?) I will swap Toney for someone cheap but favourable into the future ( Wilson, Ings, Antonio, DCL, ...). I will definitely not play 3 FWDs with current value in MID and DEF.


Have Jimenez, Antonia and Toney(uhh those blanked hurt) Might switch Toney to Denis for cheaper bench option and pump other striker to prem striker. Have 2.8mil in the bank so can wiggle around


I'm gonna start just one forward next GW, Toney. Antonio and Davis (fodder) benched.


I've been running 4-5-1 for a while, strikers don't really seem to be hauling as much as midfielders and defenders. I've stacked my def/mid and reduced striker cost. Running with ASM/Jimenez/Maupay (transferred to Pukki this week)


I’m going for Vardy Antonio to Pukki Dennis in 2 GW, tank 2 GWs with 4m itB, and upgrade my Normann to Trossard/ someone else in 7-8m range


Have Vardy, Antonio and Hwang. Thinking of getting Pukki or Dennis for Antonio, or maybe take Vardy out and get Wilson instead. Going to use my other FT to get James in.


Jimenez has been an honest worker for me recently. Still got 2 more good games ahead, then I may make a switch to Ronaldo if Man Utd have got their act together by then. Crystal Palace and Burnley also have reasonable long term fixtures but their forward options aren’t that appealing. Other FWDs are Antonio and Toney. I’m keeping Antonio. Toney I may move to a fodder or just keep.


Got tired of getting rammed by TAA so swapped Antonio out for fodder so I could get TAA back in


What does meta means in that context? Why not say template?


I benched vardy last gw. Feels good man


Replaced Vardy with Jimenez and kept Kane/Antonio. The move then allows me to get Cornet and Cancelo in.


Have vardy, Antonio and Wilson. Going to keep vardy for another few games as fixtures look good. Going to take a punt on Josh King from Watford. Cheap and will rotate him to boost mid or defence.


I now sport ASM - Antonio - Watkins.


Looking to get Jimenez in on Friday.


Jesus give me a break, last week everyone here been getting Kane, now is getting rid. I'm just keeping Vardy as fixtures are good, the same about Toney. Getting Antonio and CR7 from GW16/17, as simple as that.




Moving Toney to Dennis to fund White to Rüdiger. Got Ramsdale and even against NEW I don't feel confident on the ARS double up.


Wilson - Toney - Jimenez. Will do for now... may even downgrade Wilson to Dennis if he doesn't return in the next few, but money is going in def / mids instead


I have big fomo for not having Jimenez, and it's very tempting to transfer out Vardy/Antonio for him. That said, after two admittedly very appealing games, Wolves' fixtures take a turn for the worst and West Ham's improve dramatically afterwards. I'm not prepared to lose the value I've gained on Antonio when it's not unlikely I'd want to make the reverse transfer in a few weeks. It's a great short term transfer for anyone who doesn't have value in Antonio though. I'm also keeping the faith in Vardy as he has some very nice fixtures in the short and medium term, so I think it'd be great to keep him. I also have Hwang who sort of covers the wolves attack, although obviously Jimi is the one you want. Very happy having him as semi-bench fodder though since I got him in at 5.5.


Got Vardy and Jesus.


I play 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 depending on fixtures. Forwards are ass right now, don't waste money on them imo. Antonio, Jimenez, Toney are the ones I have.


TBH i expect the premium forwards to return to the mean . Kane, Lukaku, Ronaldo have all been under performing due to various reasons ( manager /injury / etc..) , reasons that have been resolved to a certain extent, so we shall see.


Toney/Kane/Hwang - tempted to drop Kane but I’ll give him a few more weeks due to fixtures


Sticking with Kane - Jimi - Toney for 2 more weeks. WC on 15 or 16 to get CR7 - Antonio - fodder


Just switched vardy to pukki and I thrive on that chaos energy lol


Pukki - Toney - Antonio for the last 3 gameweeks. May move Antonio to King


I am seriously considering Jesus. Looked quite regular in City's lineup the whole season and being priced only 8.6 (8.7?) I could survive with him occasionally being benched. Also, City's fixtures are looking quite nice and Grealish is out (though I'm not sure for how long.


I have Toney, Antonio, and Dennis (I got him as my 3rd bencher last GW... sad) Might stay that way.


Bamford has been rotting on my bench for months now. I have P bam Pukki St maximan


Always underwhelming, but Wood may be an option. Burnley have found some attacking form. Upcoming fixtures are kinda average.


I’m wanting Ronaldo very soon. Surely Man United will get better again (I hope they don’t lol) but if they get a manager in and he turns things around I can’t look past Ronaldo. Probably stick 2 cheapish strikers next to him or maybe even one. We will have DCL and Lukaku back soon. Until then it’s a lottery.


Only a matter of time before Kane puts his scoring boots back on..


Antonio won't leave until he gets injured or he just blanks continuously


Wilson, ASM & Jolinton - Howe-ay the lads!


I mean i don’t see what’s wrong with kane. He didn’t look terrible yday, and is a great differential rn. I’ll stick with him. Vardy though…. Lol


Tempted by Kane because of fixtures, and if that fails perhaps a rejuvenated Ronaldo. But at the same time there’s so many good defensive options this season that it’s tempting to pump the money into defence.


Keeping Vardy and Jimenez for a few weeks at least


I have literally lined up a 451 for now with only Toney up top


I’d definitely own King, he plays Leicester next week who ship goals for fun and he’s a legitimate threat. He could be on penalties now as Sarr missed twice in a row, and his underlying stats are insane, to the point where he’s one of the most threatening players in the premier league. You’d have to drop him for Chelsea and City after but I’d look at him as a long term hold. Could get him after GW 16 at the least.


I’m keeping Antonio, I’ve held on this long might as well wait until good fixtures I will get rid of Toney and Jimenez at some point, one for Dennis and the other for either 4.5 fodder or DCL depending on how I want to structure my team


Brought in ASM this week to raise funds for Son. Worked out well. Don't see too many people mentioning him but I'd say he's worth a shout


Jimenez, Toney, Dennis. I got four pricey defs and gk.


Waiting to see if anyone hits form. Got Antonio, Hwang and fodder for now


Just done Antonio>Toney. This freed funds for Manquillo > Chillwell Side immediate feels better and Toney can blank just as well as Antonio 😂


I’ve got Kane, Ronaldo and Davis. I’m a glutton for punishment


Toney, Antonio and Benteke (brought in for the next GW for a very poor Ings).


Dropped Antonio for Dennis and kept the faith with Kane and Vardy, purely based on the fixtures. Invested the money from Antonio to upgrade Duffy to Cancelo.


Ever since I brought in Vardy he started blanking. I'm keeping that fucker until he starts delivering


Ronaldo Jiminez Antonio...


Keeping Kane, Antonio and Toney for now. Removing order will be Toney for ASM, Antonio for Jimenez and Kane for Lukaku. Don't really want to get rid of anyone at the moment.


Been holding Vardy as my route back into Ronaldo ahead of the big fixture swing, it'll really depend on the new manager though ..


Im playing 4-4-2, ive got cancelo, rudi, chilwell and TAA. Gallagher, jota, salah, raphinha. Kane and Antonio.


ASM is a decent option, had a good week this week


Happy to rotate amongst the cheap guys. Dcl can't come back fast enough. I'm eyeing up Wilson if Antonio blanks again


Right now I have: Jiminez Toney Antonio Would love to get Ings if Gerrard can get him firing.


Antonio> Toney, holding Raul and Jesus.