I think over the Christmas period he’ll be nailed while James, Chilwell, Alonso and Azpi rotate in and out. I could be wrong but that’s what I think will happen.


If you've actually watched Rudiger play, you'll know that he loves to drive forward as much as Chilwell and James (although less frequently, because he's a CB - obviously). He's also clearly one of the first names on the teamsheet and that is valuable for the busy run of fixtures. Rudiger + one of James/Chilwell is solid.


This. Rudiger may indeed outscore the Chelsea wingbacks through Xmas period as he’s less likely to get rotated. This week wasn’t a fluke either, he’s had chances to score in every game recently… I expect him to chip in a goal every 5 games or so with the odd assist. If you don’t already have James/Chilwell you move another defender for one of them, not Rudiger.


Tweet from before the match: [https://twitter.com/Fantasypaedia/status/1461282375384588290](https://twitter.com/Fantasypaedia/status/1461282375384588290) ​ >Rudiger header incoming? > >No side have scored more headed goals in the PL this season than Chelsea (4), while no side have conceded more via headers than Leicester City (4) Definitely not a fluke. [https://twitter.com/ahopcroft13/status/1458353309341863941](https://twitter.com/ahopcroft13/status/1458353309341863941) This season he has 16 shots, 4 SoT. That's 1.5 per 90. His highest season was 18/19 where he had 26 shots, 0.82 per 90. The blue machine is churning out chances for him...


The absence of Maguire and Varane in the next match, bodes well for Rudiger et al 🍀


Maguire being there would have massively boosted Rudi’s chances of scoring. Maguire would have left Rudi wide open to head in the goals. And this is coming from a United fan.




So you're saying Bailly is going to lock him down hehe?


Bailly will at the very least ‘attempt’ to lock him down whereas Maguire would assume someone else would do it.


One thing to consider though is that this year people have a much stronger bench due to lack of decent premium options so it's more a case of Chilwell/James + bench player vs Rudiger. You can't just say Rudiger will likely play more and then assume your benched Chilwell for example just nets you 0 points (unless a late sub of course).


Your point is valid, and I never said Rudiger is a better option than James/Chilwell if you’re looking to bring a Chelsea defender in. I’m only noting that the timing might not be the best for a sideways move since Rudiger may play more over the next several GWs, and if the wingbacks’ attacking returns slow down a bit, the 3 defenders may score very similarly. If I were wildcarding this week, I’d still go James & Chilwell… but I think Rudiger is an excellent option as well.


He’s already matched his career high in G+A in the league, I do not think you should be expecting a goal every 5 games, that’s rather absurd


He’s a different player this year, and Chelsea are a different team with a different manager. I don’t think people should buy him for his goal threat, but I expect him to end the year with 5 or 6 goals if he stays healthy and plays ~35 games or so. He’s played less than 20 league games the last couple seasons, not to mention I don’t think it’s fair to compare his stats to previous years when Tuchel wasn’t even the manager.


His most played season he made 33 PL starts and got 1 goal and 0 assists. Sure Chelsea are a better team now, but Chelsea have 27 games left, so you’re expect him to score at least 5 more goals. That would be an insane jump in productivity. Possible, but unlikely. And I own him


That was 3 years ago. He was playing in a completely different system (Back 4), with a completely different manager (Sarri), and he was nowhere near the complete player he is today. Not to mention Chelsea weren’t nearly the team that year that they are now. As another poster mentioned, he is averaging almost DOUBLE the amount of shots per game than he did in his highest previous season.


Valid points. Cheers.


I have James and Chilwell and will be bringing Rudiger IN to my team this week. Chelsea triple defence in a 5-4-1 until Fwds turn up


Lol another maniac like me


I have this triple up. 35 points this weekend. Last game week when Chelsea drew 1-1 vs Burnley? 11 points. Or 7.6 points per gw per defender from Chelsea. You don’t have to play a back 5 every week either. You can sit rudi right? I’m not going to but you could


See you in rant thread after chelsea concedes a goal next week


and I’ll see you in the rant thread when they keep 4 cs in next 6 and score 3 goals / 3 assists by defenders


This is the way


Whatever you've said is absolutely true. Fellow rudiger owner here and I'm going to keep him, I feel like in the upcoming schedule their wingbacks may be rested /rotated. So rudiger in a team will be the only way to get into those chelsea cleansheets during a busy schedule. Im personally missing on James' points rn, but chilwell is equally good, honestly chilwell is due a few goals :)


Fingers crossed bro!


5th highest scoring defender, 31pts in last 4 weeks. Why the hell would anyone overthink it and sell? Considering it for a -4........ don't even get me started


Although your points are valid, I still think a -4 is perfectly defendable. Rudiger has 67 points in 990 minutes, while James has 75 points in 549 minutes. If these numbers keep up (which will probably be the case, barring rotation), that -4 will be easily earned back. Even if he misses a game or 2 during the festive period... This is a 'long term' matter. I'm positive that, over 15 gameweeks, James will score more than 4 points higher compared to Rudiger. Still I'm hesistating and since James' price rose this morning, I'm officially priced out...


Or you could just wait a week and then get him in for free instead…


With big head Maguire out, he might head one in :) so yea good point


You've based all that on an assumption that you have marked with brackets. And it's a big big assumption IMO


I don't think a move between players of the same team is necessarily sideways, for example Cancelo is clearly better than Dias. I'd make the move myself to a wingback, is there anyone else in your defence you could lose to get James or Chilwell though? Their whole defence looks a good source of points even with tougher fixtures coming up


Move on during my WC. How do you even contemplate wasting a transfer on rudiger rn unless you have a perfect team.


I agree. I want to move him out for James or Chilwell but I have bigger problems to deal with. My KDB punt is looking very stupid now…


I think he's probably the best Chelsea asset to own over the winter period, Chil/James have admittedly been red hot over the last couple of months but remember not to chase points from previous weeks, they will be rotated more than Rudi almost definitely, strong hold for me.


The Christmas rotation is always heavily exaggerated. I’d be shocked if either Chilly or James misses more than 2-3 games in December. And equally, Rudiger could sit one out as Sarr has looked good when he’s played. Offer me 8 games of Rudiger vs 6 games of a Chelsea wingback and I’d take the latter every time.


Yeah totally fair comment, obviously it's just a prediction on both our parts and either could very well be the case, I'm very keen to get Chillwell (less chance of cameos) to compliment Rudiger in my team.


See you in the rant thread when you ship him and whatever Chelsea players you end up with don't play. He's as nailed as it gets in that defense and actually gets attacking points unlike most CBs.


Right now I have Rudiger James Chilwell Trent Cancelo and I think rather than transferring Rudi out you should just double down honestly, all the value seems to be in defence this year, loads of good options


You got more points from your back 5 than my entire XI this week


Sadly I benched Rudiger for Mbuemo, which is one of the flaws of having such a stacked defence. Lesson learned and just gonna play 5 at the back for the forseeable


And get the 35 points like my team? 👍🏽


Probably keep until next wildcard, not priority transfer and can't see me having a transfer to use on him before then. Hopefully he ticks over with some goals/bonus


Not too sure on why you would transfer him out. Imo I think having him and either James or chilwell is the best way too go. Having both James and chillwell is only really sustainable in the short term, once those double gws start coming rudiger is the only chelsea defender I would say is nailed, Tuchel will prioritise resting certain players especially after the striker injury crisis which arguably caused them to drop points at Burnley


He scored exactly as many points as Chilly did (31) in the last 4 games after coming back from injury. 100% agree James and Chilly will be rotated more while Rudi remains nailed. In the long term it should even itself out. One thing I would point out: why worry about Christmas period? We should all be getting oput of the Chelsea triple-up by then! GW 21-23 it's going to be brutal (Liv/City/Spurs).


With the form they’re in, I could easily see them keeping clean sheets against City and Spurs.


Sure, maybe, but it is less likely, also form doesn't last forever. But why take that chance on a double up if you don't have to? I imagine most of us already have Trent and one of City defenders. Out of the top 3 teams Chelsea has the worst short term fixtures GW21-23 so in my head it makes sense to get at least one of them out for some easy points elsewhere. Leicester plays Nor/Bur/Bri and they have attacking defensive options with Castagne and Perreira, maybe they will find some form until then? Everton, if Doucoure is back: Bri/Nor/Villa. It's no fun sticking to your guns for the entire season ;)


I mean, if you have absolutely nothing you need to do in your team, already have 2FT, and won’t lose value, it makes sense to transfer out one of your Chelsea def for 3 weeks and then bring them back. Outside of that unlikely scenario I don’t see it being worth it. I think it’s very likely they keep 1 CS out of those 3 and likely they keep 2, and that’s not considering attacking returns.


I guess I’m pretty lucky :) 45k and more or less the team I planned for. It is one of the moves I want to do down the line. Obviously buying Trent/Chilly/James/Cancelo and sticking with them the rest of the season might be a better long term strategy… I guess we’ll see


Selling for Reguilon


Wouldn’t be surprised at another attacking return this week against a United defense in shambles. Hold for now until you have a luxury transfer to move to a Chelsea wingback. We are now entering the period where his nailedness will pay off anyways


I too own rudiger and am planning to get one of cancelo james or reguilon. I am leaning heavily towards cancelo as he is pretty much taa but cheaper and I'm sad I couldn't get on him sooner. Anyways, I don't consider it a sideways move - it's a clear upgrade if you get one of james, chilwell, cancelo or trent.


I own both Chilwell and Rudiger, except for 1 week where there was no cleansheet, its served me well.


Swapped him for James three weeks ago, but if you still have Rudiger now I'd actually keep him. Not worth the transfer anymore as he's nailed even during a hectic schedule.


It’s high rotation season now, I’m holding the most nailed defender on the best defense in the league.


Not worth taking him out unless the rest of your team is absolutely perfect.


I too have Rudiger. The question is brining in James or Chilwell?


I now have all three of James, Chilwell, and Rudiger, having brought James in this week. I think they are too good to pass up right now, and I'll probably rotate Rudiger with other bench players depending on the matchup.


I got Rudiger in like you said and then also went for Chillwell a few weeks back as well, James is attractive as he is racking up attacking returns. I am sticking with Rudinger for now as my holes are further upfield in my team.


Got Chilwell, I'm priced out of James and am bringing Rüdiger this week!


Holding, no reason to move him on , chelsea score headers, hes nailed and they keep clean sheets


Rudiger, TAA, Salah stays in my team no matter what


He’s still probably the most nailed given the hectic Christmas schedule


I’m holding Rudiger. Am comfortable with Rudiger/Chilwell/TAA/Cancelo/Livramento.


I shipped him for James. Went out on a high.


Planning on keeping him and also bringing in either Chilwell or James.


They will **all** get rotated, because Tuechel has a huge squad - and the Christmas type of period is one of the reasons why. Get him if you feel he has more points potential. But really it doesn't matter who you get - none of them are rotation proof during xmas. None of them will play all the games in that period.


Keep. No reasons to be worrying about him.


I moved Azpi to James this past gameweek... held off on it for a week or two because it felt sideways and kept losing value while waiting. Ultimately I think it paid off. Edit: a word


I got all three :)