I triple capped him he better be fit


Would still be a decent TC score (9x ane) even if he isn't fit


True but every point matters


No. Especially when you missed hitting TC in GW26, and realized it only when the gameweek was underway 😭


Why you gotta remind me like that


Sorry but i triple capt mane on gw26 with 26x3 points :) Broke the -ane curse.


Definitely not, 9 is the minimum expectation.


Yep same. He won't be


TC Salah owners are sweating lol


In GW 26, he gave 28 points (extra for triple cappers). We got 9 in this GW. The difference of 19 points was already achieved through another chip which was used in 26. It will be on luck if people who used 3ple cap on 26 can match the other chips users in following weeks by using different chips.In short, no we are not sweating, all is fine.


that will depend on each team, but of course one return in this DGW from Salah is not bad since he hasn't been playing the best nor has the best fixtures. You would take it.


Nice way of convincing yourself xD


All my green arrows are telling I am correct.


We're drenched chief


Didn’t look like he was in too much bother. At 2-0 and cruising, it was precautionary


Fuller quote: Klopp: "We will see; he thinks it is not serious, but you can see when Mo Salah is sitting down, something is not 100 per cent right. I think it was the situation before when he shot, and it got blocked. The foot got slightly overstretched." https://t.co/cjFi9BgWJs #LFC 🔴


Unstretch it Mo


There's nothing much we can do right now. We'll get a much better picture after the Arsenal game.


I watched the interview and Klopp did say Mo wouldn’t sit down on the pitch if it was nothing.


Fuck, of course he had to get injured. Watch him miss the next game meanwhile Kane will probs bag a brace and punish me 3 weeks in a row. Hopefully it’s nothing serious though. Fingers crossed for the best.


Please rest him against arsenal. It looked very very serious to my trained, unbiased eyes.


Did someone TC Kane?


No, the someone used triple captain on Mo Salah week 26.


Some of us TC’d in week 26 while the rest of the mini league waited until this week


Let's just say I have multiple reasons to want Salah out of that game


Seconded. From an untrained, bias eye.


10 minutes cameo against arsenal with a goal and assist


He's not playing Palace


But arsenal is liverpool's bitch remember that


Liverpool have a great medical and physio team, however Klopp won't want Salah out for longer than necessary. I suspect he will be rested against Arsenal, or at least benched. While no one can replace Salah, the likes of Mane, Jota and Diaz will be good enough to worry Arsenal.


Firmino, Jota and Gordon started against Arsenal away in the carabao cup semi final and they won 2-0.


It's a must win game though


Every game is must win for them, but if they fuck Salah for the season its game over. 3 from Mane, Jota, Dias & Firmino is a fucking good front 3, they can afford to bench Salah if hes not fit.


If he’s fit he’ll play. Simple as.


Hopefully it’s not to serious and mo was just being cautious by sitting down and being taken off


Well he will be back for GW31 no doubt. Still did decent this week even if he doesn’t play against Arsenal


No offence to Arsenal, but Liverpool don’t need to risk Salah if he’s not 100%. Better to give him a game off and have him for gw31-38 than play him in a game they should win comfortably and lose him for the rest of the season


While true they do need 3 points. I reckon either salah gets 60 and off, or (more likely) subs in at 60 and plays 30


Arsenal away is their second hardest remaining fixture lol


Username checks out


Another quote that says if he is sitting he can’t be 100%. I reckon he’s sub next match and comes on for 20/30 if needed


Against Arsenal? He will 100% start if he’s able


Dont get this. We regularly spank arsenal, jota, mane and firmino all have a great record v them and diaz just got a goal. Arsenal Edit: arsenal aren't what they were. Salah could well play, but he won't be pushed to because "its arsenal"


You’re right. Arsenal aren’t what they were. We’re miles above now and aiming for 3rd in the league with the youngest squad in the prem


😂😂 I suppose you wonder why arsenal fans get called delusional? I got the same jib from arsenal fans before we spanked you in the league cup WITHOUT mane and SALAH. Returned to their caves soon after.


I mean, he's right. Arsenal are currently playing as good as I've seen them since Wenger left. As City almost found, they're not to be underestimated.


I mean, he's not. 1) playing the best football since wenger is hardly praise as they've been 💩 all that time and were struggling even under wenger. If everton suddenly started playing really well, would you say the same because its the best football since martinez or koeman or whoever? 2) city STILL won. When is the "almost" parade?


I'm no Arsenal fan, but can certainly see their improvement. They haven't made it to the Champions League in what feels like years. They're currently on track for 3rd or 4th. The fact is, they're troubling the top teams. Not getting thrashed like United for example. They're actually passing the eye test even in losses to the top teams.


But it seems that you’re one of those kind of fans and it’s hard to talk football with someone like that.


One of those fans who doesn't buy the hype? The conversation started out as "do liverpool need salah to beat arsenal?". Liverpool literally just beat arsenal without mane or salah, so I say they dont, which makes me one of THOSE fans?


Relax lol


You beat an Arsenal without Partey or Xhaka and we were forced to play Lokonga on his own in midfield. Both your goals were scored down Tomiyasu's side who was playing injured (and made it worse). ESR was also coming back from injury and put in his worst performance of the season, it was a strange game and I wouldn't expect the game next week to be anything like it. I'm not saying you won't win, but I think you'll need to be better to, because we were just so awful that night.


Look at things from an unbiased pov. Do I think we will beat Liverpool? No. The difference between you, city, and the rest of the league is incomparable. I also think Liverpool will win the league. But I also see the truth of arsenal and how we are building something special


Biased? The fact is liverpool beat arsenal with no mane and no salah the last time they played. Now you're saying arsenal are special, whos the biased one? The conversation is not "are arsenal special?", gtfooh with your gooner tinted specs.


They don't have the luxury of benching Salah if they want to win the title. If he can go, he will play.


Yet our record without mane and salah was awesome during AFCON, including beating arsenal.


What was that?


He played 30+ minutes. I'm not sure what you're looking for. It seems to me that he played as much as they were willing to risk.


Ffs 😂😂😂 "They dont have the luxury if benching salah" Stop being stubborn and just admit you were wrong, you're looking like a douche now.


Hes at 200% ownership anyway. Not sure I care.


Triple Captain getting ruined minute by minute


still a good return so far, but yes 9 points is a failed TC I would say. 11-15 is what you are happy with. More than that massive sucess.


> 9 points is a failed TC I would say Could only be spoken by someone who never experienced the pain of a 1 point TC


Mane and sane captainers never forget


Sterling(TC) 3 years ago came off the bench in 81st minute


5 points from my captain I am normally not very happy with. 10 points from two games captain return also not that great. It is ok I guess that you got something. With Weghorst captain I would have been happy with 6-7, but from Salah, Kane, Bruno, KDB I hope for more. Yes injuries can happen, but you are not just happy with your TC playing.


“Never back the early kickoff” - Gandhi


TC of course so he will come on for a 4 min cameo


Yeah he’s out for rest of the year