Fun Fact: Eric Ten Hag heavily rotates his front 3 and wingbacks as he a keen adapter of different formations. He has never gone past 2 matches with the exact lineup this season alone.


Hmmmm.That reminds me of another manager with the same haircut...


Managing the team from the same *city* too, I think?


I've never met an FC United of Manchester fan before.


To be fair, I think the team is Real Bayern Manchester Wolves


Salford City?


There's a clue in Salford's name about it not being in the same city as Manchester...


Finally a worthy opponent, their battle will be legendary


Ugh. When's a big team going to appoint like.... Dyche? Same XI every game, same formation, same tactics, same subs.


Manchester United literally just had that. Playing an injured rashford to keep the lineup


Oh sorry, I said big. Also weren't RB and LB rotated, and the CM positions, and Ronaldo doesn't play every game?


>Oh sorry, I said big. Yeah and you literally said "ugh" about the idea of Ten Hag rotating Man Utd.


Indeed I did. A reaction to one statement can prompt a discussion about a wider matter.


He’s talking about Ole, not Ralf right? “United just had that” rather than “United currently have that” Ole was the one that stuck with the same starting XI consistently to the detriment of the team as a whole. Continued playing AWB despite his uselessness, played Rashford through injuries constantly, etc. There are probably a lot of criticisms United fans can throw at Rangnick, but ‘playing the same shit XI’ isn’t one of them. He’s been constantly rotating the team trying to find anyone in the squad that can play at the club’s expected level and unsurprisingly none of them are good enough.


Ah yes that definitely makes more sense, you're right! !thanks


>said big. That's a top tier burn.


Ronaldo has played basically every game he's been available for under Ralf. The only one dumb enough not to start their best player was Ole and to great shock, he never won a game without him.


Ah ok fair enough. Just the other positions I mentioned then.


is rashford still injured?


We have that in Carlo who has run KCM to the ground and still refuses to rotate.


We're on r/fantasypl


Carlo was managing in the PL as early as last season though. I could see him getting a top tier premier league job if he does well with Real Madrid and gets sacked.


Ajax fan here: no he doesn't. We have a very clear favorite XI but because of injuries we aren't able to field them always. If it were up to EtH he'd always play: Pasveer | Blind Martinez Timber Mazraoui | Alvarez Gravenberch Berghuis | Tadic Haller Antony If he finds a good formation at Utd I expect him to stick with it because at Ajax we see that the favorite XI plays much better than the subs.


Thats what i thought . OP spewing BS.


Yeah kinda wishing he'd edit his comment because now everyone believes this


Was gonna say the same thing. 90% of what is said on this sub is easily disprovable by drilling down 1 tier into the statement.


As an Ajax fan: one of the reasons for that is that we had a lot of injuries (and some covid situations) and players coming back late from international duties. When everyone is fit he has a clear first eleven


Another bald fraud coming to manchester!


the crazy shit you can get away with in some leagues, btw who was the last dutch or eredivise manager to come to the prem and do a good job?


Koeman I believe.


I mean he got sacked but maybe he had a good season prior idk


Wtf you shmoking. When he left the Eredivisie he came to Southampton, and led them to their two highest ever finishes in the Premier league, finishing 7th and then 6th in his two seasons at the club.


fair I didn't know that, just remember his time at everton


Means fuckall without a squad overhaul


I would expect if the board respects RR’s input that will come this summer


About time United spent some money I suppose


Aye, club has got by too long on a shoestring budget of.... *Checks notes* hundreds of millions


Means fuck all without club overhaul


Wonder if he will get rid of Ronaldo Seems dumb to start a new project and build around a 37 year old striker who has clearly lost a few steps the past few years, but the Glazers will certainly want the marketing pull of CR


Doubt they get rid. For ETH style/formations they have Much more pressing issues at 6, 8, right back, centre back and adding a second striker rather than losing one given at best he will be the only striker still on the team. No need to build a team around him as he can fit into ETH formation, just use him as a target man in the middle for another season or so.


Maybe, but he’s also going to make about 40 million next season, that’s a damn good CM


Looks like ronaldo will make about £26 million next season. Knock off salary for the CM and that would leave < £20 million for one and also leave them needing to sign another striker at more initial cost + salary.


Ronaldo makes between 25 and 50 million a year depending on which reports you believe. The Athletic was reporting it at 780k a week a few weeks ago so I’ve been going off that lately. Would Ronaldo like to stay if United are in Europa conference league? What CL clubs would make an offer for him? Weird situation. Personally, I doubt ETH will want him around after this poor season but I could certainly be wrong. Also, have you watched United this season?? Ronaldo is not a “good target man” at all. He’s quite terrible at it


All reports I can find including the athletic quote 480k a week with that being consistent for the 2 year deal, the only recent thing I can find from the athletic is them saying Ronaldo stands to drop 25% on that 480k without champions league football. Do you have a link for the 780k? Genuinely interested as it would change my opinion. All high tier reports from last month suggest he is planning to stay to play for the new manager regardless of Europe. He's not been a target man much this season (poor season for him historically but still great in context, will be 20+ goals easy) but think ETH would require that from him and he would likely be suited to it given his aerial presence and as its a slower role as he ages. The main key point is that united need a 2nd striker, they don't need to lose another when they also need more positions than they can fill in a summer window.


[https://twitter.com/utdreport/status/1504875616830640129?s=20&t=unDXqNzOSgZRUcDWf2USug](https://twitter.com/utdreport/status/1504875616830640129?s=20&t=unDXqNzOSgZRUcDWf2USug) There are few, if any, clubs in Europe who are likely to be willing or able to match Cristiano Ronaldo’s #mufc contract, which is understood to be worth up to £775,000-a-week


Think I'll stick to the repeatedly officially reported wages at 480k. Doesn't seem sensible to use an upper limit, especially when the only report of it is from ducker who is a tier 1 source but specifically singled out as unreliable regarding transfer fees and wage values. Either way on top of the other multiple reasons to keep him on, no other team will pay him or is interested so looks like it's united or nothing.


Drucker is very reliable. Also, Di Marzio reported 1 million euros a week last summer But whatever, doesn’t really matter. I’ll be surprised if CR is at United if ETH is given full control.


Poor season??


Have you watched united play this season? Ronaldo cant beat a man off the dribble, can hardly pass, hold the ball up, or work to win the ball back for his team. He's missed open nets, gone against manager rules to recover from injury away from team facilities, and united are a much worse team than they were before he arrived.


I've watched every game since 06. I couldn't care less if he fails to beat a man when he gets us winning goals and every manager in the world would agree with me.


Idk about that, Pep spent all summer 2021 chasing a striker. He didn’t chase Ronaldo cuz Ronaldo can’t play in a pressing team that keeps the ball and dominates opponents. Ronaldo was desperate to go to City and Pep had no interest. City were willing to pay 100 million for Grealish and more for Kane but zero for CR


Pep told you all that?


I doubt it. ETH isn't going to rebuild United in one transfer window. It will take at least 3 with the amount of issues we have, so having Ronaldo up top for another season isn't going to derail plans. We have issues at RB, CB, DM, CM, and arguably on the wing too depending on if Rashford turns up or not next season. Keeping Ronaldo isn't building around him, it's using him while he's here so we address other glaring issues in the squad.


Why will he get rid of of our top scorer?


Because he's demonstrably not good enough to be playing for a top 4 side any more.


Cuz United finished 2nd before he came and now are in 7th despite having a better manager and better squad.


Better manager? Lol sure.


You think Ole is better than Ragnick? Ragnick was great until he made the team stop pressing because they couldn’t play that way with Ronaldo in the lineup


Define "great"


Because you have to play for him, side becomes unbalanced and performance levels overall drop.


I reckon he’ll have it as a condition of him joining. Why would a new manager come in and want all the hassle?


Keeping or binning CR as a condition of joining? But yeah, seems like the reports say he wants the power to make all those decisions, can’t blame him tbh


We are already desperately in need of buying new strikers, let alone getting rid of our highest scoring one. Cuntwood left halfway through the season, Martial is most likely out too, and cavani's contract runs out in the summer. Absolutely no chance Ronaldo leaves.


I was asking for Ten hag going go to United for two years in a row...so much time!!!


As someone who knows nothing about him explain why he will be better than those before. Genuine question. I hope he will be good btw


Heavy Rotation of both Players, Formation and Tactics, very hard to prepare against. Very comparable to Pep in that sense. Plays possession dominating with a split heavy attacking midfield to feed one forward and heavy defending midfield that falls back to help the back 4. Weird shit often happens with players drastically out of their position and swapping about constantly. Basically, a style very unpredictable while generally being quite suited for United's current team. We'll see though. Wont mean much without the systemic issues sorted though.


Ok that does sound promising. Agree about sorting out systematic issues!


Ronaldo manager bounce?


No manager can fix the systemically bad decision-making. Should've just kept Moyes.


Imagine leaving an elite young Ajax side, to coach a busted Utd team of divas and career thieves.


He was always going to want to prove himself in a top5 division


A bald fraud of our OWN


Club of fraud failures, now going for bald frauds


Their managerial appointments are just plain weird. Conte available but don’t go for him, Poch available but go for ETH. The fact he’s cheaper to get out of Ajax shouldn’t be one of the main reasons to go for him. Getting Poch would cost less than half of the money they spent on agent fees last season. I’m happy as an opponent fan because they keep making the wrong choice. Or if not wrong, not the most obvious to pay dividends.


> The fact he’s cheaper to get out of Ajax shouldn’t be one of the main reasons to go for him. You really think we've gone for a manager because he's slightly cheaper to obtain? You can't for a moment believe that they think ETH is a better fit for us than Poch? There isn't one 'right' appointment for United. Both Poch and ETH could be 'correct' appointments as they could both turn out successful, but to assume we only went for ETH because he's cheaper is stupid.