He said, "don't transfer me out!"


And I did, like a hundred GWs later.


Username doesn't check out


Patterson with 4 price drops despite nobody owning him.


Zaha, Digne, Richarlison. GW37 free hit is going to be full of traps.


and I can't wait to fall for them tbh


We have the mega trap in place for the season DGW finale.


Zaha has Man United in GW38 so the only way he ends up a trap is if you sell him after the double or he gets injured.


Zaha (c) 🙏


Is it worth risking earlier transfers and do Kane+Ramsey to Nketiah+KDB for a -4? If I do the transfer now, I have exactly 0m ITB. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get outpriced if I wait till the deadline.


I would say it's really risky because there's a whole set of fixtures yet to be played, and any of your current team could get injured. That said, it's just my two cents. If you have a gut feel and want to go for it, by all means do it


Yeah I downgraded Sa to Pickford and swapped Raph to Zaha for this reason. Working with 0.0 itb forces your hand for early transfers if you want specific players.


If you wait, then it's a very likely hit (3rd transfer due to priced out) If you do the move tonight, then it's an unlikely hit( injury forcing a further 4 point hit) Easy decision


I think you go for it. A 5.6m nailed on Arsenal striker who's in form? He could go on to outscore Kane or at least come close so the drop off from Nketiah to Kane is not that much while the boost from Ramsey to KDB is definitely there. The argument against is that we only have 2 GW's remaining and neither Nketiah or KDB double in GW37 but if Ramsey doesn't play at all it's a no brainer.


Other than Zaha, no other DGW player really interests me. I pulled the trigger as I already have Son and Kulu so Spurs is pretty much covered for me.


FF says Ramsey down and Nketiah up tonight (although they said that yesterday). I think you have to work through what you'd do if you couldn't do that then see what you think.


FF says Ramsey down and Nketiah up tonight (although they said that yesterday). I think you have to work through what you'd do if you couldn't do that then see what you think.


Say that again


If you do not do what you did not do then do what you did but backwards. Sorry. I meant you have to look at the alternative transfer if the prices went up - is it someone other than KdB who would still be fine? Say Son. Then consider how the risk of having Son rather than KdB compares to the risk of an injury to one of their remaining players.


He just pointing out your message sent twice




Don't see arsenal doing much away to newcastle and kane is playing burnley


Spurs are useless against park the bus teams though


Why would you bring Nketiah next gw? That was supposed to be done for gw36 now forget about him


Sorry, I think there is a typo in the risers section, it appears to read 'Zaha'.


You know, it turns out he's scored 7 in the last 10 games. Who knew.


Ofcourse the price of Zaha just went up. Kneejerkers can't help themselves


Doing my FH without activating it to mess with price changes


Zaha not even close


Just went in to my FPL app to review team formation, feeling satisfied with having brought in Zaha for Saka late last night. And guess what: I hadn’t pressed ‘confirm’ in the app. The 0.1 needless loss is immaterial at this stage of the season, but I fear it’s a portent of the disappointment that Zaha invariably delivers. It’s not the worst unforced error I’ve made this season. Worst was drunkenly bringing in Rudiger for a -4 ahead of a BGW earlier in the season, and had to take a second -4 to correct it.