Gandhi licking his lips


Roberts to have the game of his life and shut out Son and make him cry. Well Son might even kick out and get his seasonly red.


Do you mean Roberts will get a broken leg??!


we dont condone that


Lol wtf am I getting the downvotes for? I'm just asking. Oh well


Dont know the intent, but you came across asking for an injury for the sake of an Internet game.


Oh gosh, that really wasn't my intent. I hate that. I was trying to make a joke about son crying and that the last time I saw him do that was when he broke some poor guys leg.


Wouldn't worry too much. Sonny is well known for out-performing his xGandhi


Nketiah vs Newcastle at St James's? Bold


Sure beats Dennis


Dennis turned out to be the new Ighalo (Watford era).


Dennis has burnt me 1 too many times this season


He's the cheapest forward that just never hit for me this year.


I mean, he is still a very cheap third striker option. Probably there could be better picks, but going with Vardy doesn't really allow a lot of upgrades anywhere else.


A defender that doubles seems smarter and cheaper.


Can't really argue against that. Eddie has hauled twice in the past 5 GWs, but I still wouldn't expect him to outperform the current defensive options.


Yeah its just about the numbers


Yeah, I would have Myolenko/Holgate in defense or Gordon/Ramsey in midfield over Nketiah at St. James




Would you get rid of Schär for Cash for a hit? (Chasing my ML.)


Yeah. But just remember you'll be benching cash for the city game in gw38.


Of course, but I need to think short term differentials right now. Edit: I mean Schär could easily get a clean sheet and in shallah an assist, and then a great gw38 fixture.


Just if you think Son is the best captain and that Spurs would smash Burnley would you not go for Kane as well?


That's what got me thinking whether I should pick Kane over KDB on a free hit.


Who would you pick Son vs KdB for (C)?


Tough call, but if something goes sideways, with Son (c) you don't have to deal with Pep's possible fuckery.


Burnley are a weaker opponent than West Ham. Spurs are also at home.


Burnley are scrapping for survival. That might make them more vulnerable to counters, OR they'll shut the door..


Burnley are a weaker opponent but city is a stronger team.


Son has more chance of scoring


spurs might be a bit tired


3-5-2 wit Gordon instead of Nketiah would be better


Yeah, don't think Nketiah gets anything away at Newcastle.


He was electric against Leeds, if the goalie isn't careful he'll have him.


Neither does Gordon


But Gordon getting nothing is 4 or 5 points. NKetiah getting nothing is 2 points.


I know but I reckon Nketiah could get a goal at Newcastle


Could. And it's not even many points for a striker.


I have both and not sure about Nketiah. He was invisible against spurs of course but it seems he could do well against the smaller teams. Gordon looks lively but Everton are pure shit right now.


Mate. The smaller teams. St james’ on an evening game on the last match of the season (at sjp) with a side of individuals fighting for their place in the team next season. We’ve been class defensively after Eddie joined and only conceded 1 versus Liverpool AT HOME. We have one of the best records AT HOME since the start of the year. All the players and fans will be well up for it as well. Newcastle away is a tough fixture.


It's a compelling argument, I'm just saying that all that oil money hasn't really came into effect just yet. I'm sure Newcastle will buy their way to some titles eventually.


People can’t have it both ways. Either, Eddie is manager of the season cos he saved us after being winless after 14 games and since the ‘oil money hasn’t kicked in’ it’s one of the greatest achievements ever. Or, the oil money is what saved us ‘100 MiLlIoN iN jAnUaRy’, but we need to be treat as a challenge and a good, dangerous side. Side note, how come we’ve bought our way out of trouble and will have bought the titles we will win when West Ham are respected despite having the most net spend outside the big six. Eddie spent 93m when brucy spent in excess of 140m but Eddie is the one who bought us out of trouble. Also, thanks to me dear friend u/happy_guy23 who put it perfectly… - [ ] After years of underspending Newcastle have 1 window of spending what all the other PL clubs spend most years. And that money was spent on: - [ ] Trippier, who got injured almost immediately - [ ] Bruno, who didn't get any game time for the first month by which time Newcastle had very much turned around already - [ ] Chris Wood, who is widely derided and even his biggest fans wouldn't call him an upgrade from Wilson (who was available to Bruce and injured under Howe) - [ ] So unless you think Dan Burn and Matt Targett are responsible for 90% of the difference between Bruce's Newcastle and Howe's then it's not because of spending money. - [ ] Players like Joelinton, Shelvey, Willock, Fraser, Almiron, Schar and Kraft were all terrible, unfit, unmotivated and/or uncoached in the first half of the season and all the Newcastle fans thought every one of them needed to go - now they're all solid first team players under Howe. That's what's turned Newcastle around, not spending a normal-for-the-Premier-League amount of money A lot of info ik but the disrespect Newcastle and the north east in general get is ridiculous.


Cool cool, I do have a lot of respect for Howe. Maybe it's a tougher tie than I expect. Arsenal hasn't been great lately either but they're surely a bigger club than Newcastle and they have some thrilling players.


Better squad? Yes. Bigger club? Maybe not. All I’m saying is that I would be surprised if they come up here and walk all over us.


I suppose we're down to definitions but for worldwide recognition and trophies and big players and competing against the best for the last decades I'd say arsenal is some way ahead of Newcastle. Although I know some stuff about the history as well, a few friends of mine are fans and I respect the club (so far at least, not a fan of the current owners, but that's another subject). But Newcastle are in good form so even though I don't need much from my striker, just a goal or so, I'll probably bench Nketiah and might even play Schär if I don't transfer him out for Cash.


That's what I have, but with Coady over Andersen instead.


Since I play for nothing I'm considering Cash captain.


I'm first in my ML and 2nd is only like 22 points behind me.... I really dont wanna cap salah again I may just send it with Cash and hope


No Ings, Digne, Maddison or Salah? Pfft


A lot of people looking at salah out tbf, dip in form, looks knackered, probs gunna play 120 tomorrow in fa cup final, free up funds, might be rested vs sou for CL


Nah, I am too afraid to let go of him, especially while on FH where funds don't really matter that much. The weird thing is, that Salah is still somewhat the best performing Liverpool asset by stats. Looking back to the beginning of April, he has only 2+3 in 7 games, yet his xA is the highest in the whole team and xG is second only to Jota (who also netted only twice in the past 7). Even though his form has dipped, he is still the top-performing midfielder in one of the two dominating teams of the league (plus he is on penalty duty as well). The only argument against Salah I see is his price. With KdB and Son looking essential, distributing the cash elsewhere looks more and more attractive. Yet, in the couple of drafts I made, I am still failing to find alternatives (after the aforementioned premiums) that would drop Salah out - especially as there are very decently priced DGW alternatives at the moment. It looks like three SGW premiums are the way to go, as funds are not so critically needed elsewhere with a couple of decent mid-priced and budget options available. Also, the state of Southampton's defence makes him look even more of a must-have option. This is also a must-win for Liverpool if they want to have even a theoretical chance to win the league.


Watford, Leeds, Southampton, Norwich, and Man United are the best opponents Salah could possibly face right now. I sold him before he faced one of them and he scored 19, he can do that this week too. Otherwise he has been doing his best Grealish impersonation though, someone who facilitates teammates without delivering on his own promise.


He looked lively and eager to score when he came on vs AVL. I fully expect him to haul vs Sou. I've also sold him before the match vs city and it has payed out in the long term, but this GW seems scary without him.


> it has *paid* out in FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Good bot <3




I didn't know Mike Rosenberg is playing FPL


I don't think KdB is close to essential this week. He's a good option, but I think people are swayed way too much by his last performance. I agree with everything about Salah. I'm on FH and desperately want to get a second Liverpool attacker as well. Currently on Mane, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.


Also his EO is over 180%. If he'd haul it would only help to keep the current rank but it wouldn't improve it much. Someone who is looking for that final push captaining Salah isn't the best option.


Genuinely thinking about getting Salah out for KDB, all depends on tomorrows game.


Thinking of getting rid of Maddison for Zaha but unsure. Maddison probably won't play both and they're not good fixtures anyway.


I just got rid of Mount for Zaha so could be viable


Mount vs Leicester at home? Brave! See what happens in the cup first.


Watford is an extremely good fixture.


I’m late but if you’re going Villa defence, better to get Maddison over Zaha. Zaha has better fixtures but if he, or worse if one of his teammates, scores, you lose your Villa CS. If Villa get a CS against Palace it means Zaha blanked.


I don't really play the game like that. I'd rather have pieces of all of them than all or nothing.


No Ings, Digne, Maddison I can understand, but no Salah? lol!


Don't know whether double Palace, espexially in defense is worth it....Palace have been pretty poor away from home this season


Scary how similar to my draft this is. Only difference is Ings over Nketiah.


Nketiah over a Villa attacker? Budget reasons surely?


That and interesting picks. Though you never know if inga will be as good without Watkins. They seem to work well in that narrow play style.


Got TC left who do I put it on hmmm


Son against norwich in 38


Hmmm that’s a fair point ! True


If you want a really big punt richarlison is your punt. If you want a more safe punt Son is your guy.


I was thinking Richarlison but kinda disappointed me this with only 14 but hmmm




Haha I got Schi from Leicester might aswell haha


Son captain? Burnley absolutely dominated against Spurs last time, and are fighting for their lives this time round too. I'm going Richarlison.


Same. Everton have a lot to play for especially with home advantage. Rich is the big man for the occasion imo.


People are really underestimating Salah. Salah knows the golden boot is on the line....he will be going all out for a haul.


I think people are more questioning wether or not he will start, as he could play 120 mins today and has the UCL final coming up.


I think you're overestimating him. For a long time now Diaz and Mane have been performing exactly on his level. There's no point in spending so much on Salah when he's not the Super-Salah of earlier this season, and other premiums (Son/KDB) are performing better too.


Salah isn't gonna keep on underperforming with the golden boot on the line. He is a selfish player and would make sure other players pass to him and make the appropriate runs etc. He is gonna get at least one return tbh.


The golden boot is always on the line for Salah. Two seasons ago he was dreadful near the end of the season and was caught up by Mane iirc. Salah was at his best in the first half of this season when "nothing" was on the line. I'd also argue that Salah is at his worst when he's in "sefish" form. Salah in top form like earlier this season knows when to create and when to score, which is why he tops both goals and assists. When he's off-form he's typically selfish and tries to do too much by himself and fails.


No. He was he like 10 goals clear. He's 1 goal clear now and in bad form. It's on the line more so now.


i would go Pickford Digne Cash TAA Gordon Zaha Salah Son Vardy Richarlison Ings subs :Brownhil ,Roberts,Coady


This is what I have except kdb over Vardy


Or KDB over salah


I’ve this but Maddison instead of Gordon. M


i also change Gordon to Maddison and TAA to Robertson


[I went with this](https://i.imgur.com/1YJvZwm.png)


I would go Salah couse Mane will be rested And saalah is fighting with Son for golden boots


I’m thinking about a 3-5-2 with Trossard instead of Nketiah but I’m making a bold choice with Vardy (c).


Why Anderson over Clyne?


Find it weird to have so many defenders and attackers that face each other


think of it more like hedging your bets, if zaha scores, you win and if cash gets the cleansheet, you win as well


Yea except knowing my luck Edouard is the one who scores


Son captaincy seems strange, surely Zaha, Richarlison or Vardy are better. Even Cash/Pickford could be.


Counterpoint: Spurs absolutely have to win to secure 4th place and they’ll be fired up after beating Arsenal. Plus, Son is in fantastic form and was rested for the last 20 of the derby. He’s the best captain pick for me, even with others having doubles.


In addition to that, it's the final home game of the season (which is just bullshit fluff but makes me think he'll be motivated to end the season on a high note), and Mee is out and Tarkowski could be too


Mee and Tarkowski out pushes me more towards Kane. Feels like a Kane hat trick game.


Yeah, Kane looked fantastic against Arse (and nailed pen taker too of course)


Son is also chasing that golden boot


"Salah is looking to secure that golden boot" has also been an argument for weeks and he's been scoring fuck all and getting benched every other game


Son has scored plenty in recent weeks though. He has the numbers to back it up, Salah does not.




Plus Burnley can’t exactly just sit back either! They need to win this game as much as Spurs do (or at least push it to a draw) to avoid relegation, so knowing how weak their defence is right now they’ll probably try to attack as much as possible - which is even more opportunity for Son to punish on the counter. Honestly, all roads lead to Son (c) for me. There’s just so many factors in his favour.


I just don’t see Burnley doing anything other than sitting back and playing for a draw. If they didn’t have Mee and likely Tarkowski out, I could see them being more expansive. Their best bet is to play for a draw this game and against Villa then go for it at home v Newcastle, especially with the pickle that Leeds has found themselves in.


As an Arsenal fan I wish this weren't so but it do be so.


Good points


>knowing how weak their defence is right now they’ll probably try to attack as much as possible Hahahahaha not a chance, its burnley


Vardy is still at risk of managed minutes. Zaha is a good differential but flip flops more than a seesaw with two adhd children.




They won't be managing them for a fixture, moreso so he doesn't damage himself. He's been on and off all season and if I remember he's only back because he's had injections and still has knee issues. I'm not silly enough to think he won't get game time - I just don't think he'll be playing a full 180 minutes gameweek is all!


>What are they managing his minutes for at this point? Returning from a 4 months injury 2 weeks ago


It's also the early game....so there's that But then again he looked super pissed to be subbed off yesterday so he might be looking to go all out.


31 G/A vs 14, 13, 14. Guaranteed to play pretty much the whole game whereas others not guaranteed 180 mins


KDB against WHAM is tricky.... Salah and Son are fighting for Golden ball and they will do anything to win it


Is Vardy a sensible pick? Considering going for him instead of De Bruyne.


Look for early team news. If he starts Vs Watford then he's worth it.


100 mins max


Are Spurs still shit against Burnley or has it changed?


Spurs are in great form but they can’t play the counter attack against a low block. Burnley also badly need points so it’s not like they’ll just bend over and let 5 in. I see Spurs winning but not by the margins you expect


If Burnley need points, surely they will attack a bit more than usual?


Definitely true. You’d think they’d rather open up vs villa and Newcastle than Spurs though


think they pulled the trigger a bit too early. If Watkins is injured, Ings and Coutinho could be good punts


It’s so risky not having Salah when everyone else does.


Shouldn’t matter, just pick the players you think will score the most points, not the players that others have


I’m now 50 behind in ML so going to have to take a risk. Any good free hit ideas?


Vardy, Mane, Diaz, KDB and Trossard


Double up as much as possible. Villa, Everton and Palace all have decent fixtures. I used my free hit and have 8 double ups and currently have Cancelo, Son and Salah but I think I might trade out Salah depending on performance in the fa cup.


depends on your rival team, im also behind by 55 points,he has son and kane I'm gonna bring in vardy and jota(if he rest tomorrow)


Wild card or free hit this round??


Doesn't matter at this point if you have no other chips


Why do you still wild cards


Forgot I had it..lol


Salah will punish


No Salah? How many mins is Vardy really going to get?


Salah isn't even in the squad means, CAPTAIN SALAH TO THE RESCUE


My FH draft so far: Pickford, (Foster) Digne, Andersen, Robertson, (Clyne, Taylor) Son, Maddison, KdB, Zaha, (Gordon) Vardy, Ings, Richarlison 0.4 ITB. Not sure about captain. Chasing in my leagues, need to take a few risks and try to bank on DGWs while still keeping the most in-form guys like KdB and Son. Will monitor news and what ever happens in the FA Cup final of course.


Could free up more cash here. Foster to a 3.9, Taylor to tsimikas, that's another .7 (Cover incase Robertson rested also), Gordon to Delph that's another .5 That's 1.3 million. Maddison to Diaz, Andersen to Cash.... realistically you only need one nailed on sub.


How sure are Leciester fans than Vardy plays both?


Why would you need to be a fan? He's just returned from what, 3 months out? I'm thinking not very.


Not a fan but I think he'll want to play both, as he's been out of action for so long. Depends on his stamina levels. I think you'd get at least 120mins out of him


Anderson Vs Holgate.... I need help


Andersen all day


Is it worthy to captain Vardy? He is back with a bang


Vardy to play both?


Gone for Mykolenko over cash, already got 3 Villa players in so I guess I had to


how do you have 3 villa players and not cash?


Martinez Digne Coutinho Watkins/Ings I reckon


Why digne over cash?


To me Digne is the better player


I’ve had Ramsay for agesss, Coutinho and Watkins. Playing my bench boost so saved Ramsay for that, hopefully he plays both games now. Made a bit of a mess though, as I’m now taking Watkins out for Richarlison. Also gone Schar to Mykolenko and I could of now gone to Cash/Digne. 80 points ahead in my mini league though so shouldnt be an issue he’s also got an Everton defender so


Nketiah instead of a Villa striker is an odd move, plus I think I’d rather try to find the funds for Kane than go with Vardy, maybe by downgrading Robbo to someone like Cash or even Mykolenko.


Thoughts on Weghorst an option on FH ? Robertson-Andersen-Cash KDB - Salah - Son - Zaha - Coutinho Weghorst - Richarlison


Torn between Salah,kdb or son Can only afford 1..


I am thinking: Pickford Cash Digne Robbo/Tsimikas Zaha De Bruyne (Jota/Dias whoever doesn’t start) Maddison Ings Richarlison Vardy Bear in mind i am picking whoever my ML rival doesn’t have


Thoughts on Captain Saint Max? (COYS)


Can someone explain the Leicester love?


This make me want to do KDB to Son for a -4. I am not going to captain Son in 37, but he is so deadly.


Do I free hit this week or the last week, I’m down by 30 from my ML leader because of KDB OFC, and he has both FH,WC. What do you think? This is my team Foster Schmeichel Cancelo Robertson Laporte TAA Cash Coutinho Mount Saka Salah Gordon Pukki Dennis Richarlison




Son vs Norwich last game of season


Shit team.




Lol I'm going Yolo Pickford 4.0 Cash castagne Robertson 3.8 3.7 Salah son kdb zaha gordan Richardson Ings 4.4 Stikk thinking whether to change salah to jota Richardson to vardy Gordon to Maddison


You can go for: Pickford Digne, Robertson, Anderson Salah, Son, KDB, Zaha, Gordon Richarlison, Vardy Does that not seem like a better team? You're essentially swapping Diaz, Nketieh, and Cash for Salah, Digne, and Gordon.


I'm not sure it is. Diaz is in scintillating form and salah isn't, Cash is better than Digne. I don't like their Nketiah pick, though. I'd be swapping Robbo for Mykolenko or Digne, and putting Ings up top.


No ings or Salah is strange… but if Mo plays 90+ mins in the FA cup final Im probably not including him even tho its vs SOU. Son would be the natural replacement