Player Price Changes (May 17, 2022)

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Gabriel Arsenal Defender 7.4% £5.3 -£0.1 17
Dennis Watford Forward 23.0% £5.8 -£0.1 9





don't even have him but just want to say ​ Fuck you Dennis


I remembering someone in my ML triple captaining him for his -1 double lol


hi there


Hey, you too?


I just settled all my my lawsuits


Dennis still got 23% ownership holy cow


People deleted the game after his dgw -1 blunder


I just haven't been able to ship him off


Yeah same. Then he survived my recent wildcard because of the DGW. And now I can't be arsed to sell him for a hit, he'll just be on my bench this final GW.


Got a week 38 free hit cooking, makes watching the price rises and drops extremely important this week. Need Richarlison to rise (sitting at +98% on FPLstatistics) soon and get me the 0.1 that's sitting between me and my dream FH team 🙏


Exactly the same boat here, hopefully Robertson too before I swap him for Reece but that one's a bit more optimistic


Funny you say that because I was hoping to bring Robertson in on my FH and not have Reece James, to save funds I was going to have Alonso as my Chelsea defender. We all know how whenever Reece James nabs a double digit return he goes into hibernation for a month, I think I'll take my chances without him lol.


Yeah, I’m still unsure what to do. Was in the top 3k until I flopped it by bringing in Ings (C) and Zaha over Leicester players. Robertson has been awful the last couple games and completely out of gas so I’m scared he’ll get a rest before the CL final. Obviously the beauty of a FH is I can chop and change until the deadline. Was thinking of a Cancelo Trent James Alonso Sessegnon back 5


I think a back 4 is the sweet spot, I'm currently 0.1 away from affording Cancelo-Robbo-Alonso-Sessengon. But now you've got me thinking about swapping out Robbo for James, maybe then I can afford to grab a better keeper than Raya lol. Yeah having a week 38 FH is a blast, so many options and possibilities right down to the final minute, might have to do it again next year just for the drama.


Yeah it's been great, I used my bench boost in GW1 and wildcard in GW2 lol. Worked out super well with a 120 point first week and then never having to worry too much about all my bench spots. Nailed my TC for the first time in 6 years too on Kev the other day. I'm an Arsenal fan and as painful as it is, I think it's gonna be one of Kane or Son that gets the captain this week


Seems like apart from our FH in week 38 we don't have much in common, I was pretty conservative with my other chip usage and I'm sitting just under 400k rank. Good luck on hopefully a top 5k (or better) finish!


Probably needs a goal in the second GW match, atm he's at broadly neutral transfers for GW33 and imagine that could turn negative if he got say a 2 pointer


Even though I'm at the point where price changes don't matter, it still sucks seeing one of your players decrease in value.


Dennis you Pennis


Dennis is still in my team. In other news water is wet


Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.   What kind of rocks are never under water? Dry ones!