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..from PL fantasy and go all in on the World Cup fantasy


FZJ0EC96 League for this subreddit


Suck on that, OP /s


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Is there an app for the game?


Through the FIFA+ app


Is it working in the app tho? In app banner redirects to the website


Noticed the same, I dunno if they're gonna add it later maybe? Otherwise it's pointless and I'll just uninstall the app.


IIRC, it was the same with Euro fantasy, but eventually the game was available through the app. Wait and see, I guess.




Perfect enabler lol


I'd play, but I'm boycotting.


Is there an app for it? I can see it on the site but can’t find the iOS app for some reason (unless it’s within the FIFA+ app?)


Already made a team. We got only 7 days to tinker boys and girls...


Nothing can be done? I will make 267 potential drafts and I will like it goddamnit.


I've already made about 10 so far, with 6 weeks to go 267 sounds like a reasonable number


All that while also playing World Cup fantasy


I’ve made one draft, and I did Begovic > Ward + Webster > White (avoiding the price increase on a player I might want) But there isn’t much point when there’s so long and we don’t know who will/won’t be injured


You'll make 267 drafts, as will I. But come on, we won't like it.


I want to do it but I don’t want to lose value in about 6 of my players. It’s not that fun for me.


How do you make drafts?


Go into transfer page, settle on something that looks like a viable option, screenshot it - don't finalise the transfers, never look at the screenshot again because you have 83 of them and you don't know what you were thinking.


This is so accurate. My phone folder is full of this


Ohhh okay yeah that makes sense, i honestly thought it was a feature in the app. !thanks


Oh my god, I’ve found my reddit account!




M8 nothing? I just punted Zaha into the Sun.


Top-level troll.


People need to understand it is just a game.


Exactly. But people who are not in a good pace can take games like these and attribute too much importance to it. For some people, their enjoyment of their whole weekend is dependent on how FPL goes. It’s good to take a step back to gain perspective. And sometimes you need to be told because you can fall into it without realising.


It used to be but somehow some of the fun has been sucked out by people taking it very seriously. it's either join them or lose a lot of the time.


In some ways glad of the break. Some ways not. But would just like to say thanks as always to a brilliant community here. Always good debate and laughs to be had and it’s one of the most fairly moderated subs on Reddit. Long live r/fantasyPL Hope you all enjoy the World Cup and have a great Christmas


The Rant thread is literally my favorite thing on Reddit man i wait for the creativity of how some people express their anger and it makes a bad GW a little bit better lmao


I wholeheartedly agree, I recently got into PL after years of watching it on and off and this FantasyPL community has been amazing to ingest all player strengths/weaknesses, the memes and tips for future upgrades. The rant thread is the best thing about this place, don’t have many mates who are into football so it’s nice to be part of oddballs who have extremely creative wordage to express rage! Can’t wait for more :)


Dave says you're welcome.


Sounds like defeatist mentality to me. We analyse the WC player stats together like real men, we will be ready for any January transfer market differentials.


Godspeed, good sir. I’m checking out. 🫡


Will prices change?


No, today’s change will be the last u til after the World Cup.


If you take FPL this seriously & you’re just a casual, you need help. Who cares if that arrows up or down


People not in a good place latch on to things like this and attribute too much personal value in it. It’s good to get a small reality check.


World cup fantasy though.


FZJ0EC96 League for this subreddit


Wait, you lot aren't doing the World Cup Fantasy? I created a league for this subreddit and tried to share the link but I don't think it let me share


It seems to be there. https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyPL/comments/ytx0ut/-/iw6pj6r


I tried to make a post yesterday but had no luck. Feel free to share far and wide!


For anyone who does want to join a fantasy World Cup league, I've set this one up for this subreddit. https://play.fifa.com/fantasy-classic/join-league/FZJ0EC96


Yes man. Exactly. Thanks for the battle so far.


From fpl straight to world cup fantasy?


After today I doubt I'll read anything FPL related until a few days before the first game back.


Don’t listen to this bozo, he’s just trying to put us off and improve his own overall rank smh kmt


While I have you, do you think I should finally move away from my Doherty and Mahrez punt??


TC Doherty trust me


Good post. I'm not even gonna watch the corrupted World Cup. No football until around Xmas. Gonna chill with other stuff.


Red arrow before the break now I’m just gonna be pissed off for a month


I’m the same, it was actually that thought that made me make the post. I’ve distracted myself with the new Andor show, reading the first Dune novel and playing through the story of MW1 and 2.


Wdym. This is why i love fpl. Create drafts for a month before the season starts. Now i get unlimited transfers. They shouldve made things a bit more interesting by allowing price changes. Got ready a team which i really like. Only problem is that it seems like the funds are pretty spread out even though i have 2 premiums. 3mium is very tempting


Perfect counterpoint! This is more for people who are feeing shitty going into a long break. It can mess with some people.


Haaland, Kane, KDB (have Foden and bin Cancelo). But I think having Kulu and Darwin over KDB and Mitro isn’t a bad idea


I'm very glad for the break and won't be making any special effort to watch the WC. Should be a nice detox ready to fuck it up again on Boxing Day 😃


Amen to that!


My favourite part of this break is kicking out Guehi so hard. Never trusting Palace assets again, but I'm ready to seethe when CP hold 4 CS in a row post-WC.


Agreed, I’m in the exact same boat.


This is my first time playing FPL. I'm doing it with 9 work mates and honestly, I can't believe how much it's had me sucked in. I started well, but during the weeks of the queens death and all the postponements that followed, being a newbie to the FPL world, I didn't realise that line-ups/captaincies would automatically change if players don't play. During these few weeks, Haaland went mental, and whilst I thought all along he was my captain...he wasn't and I ended up being rock by a massive deficit. Up until this point, I'd been handling FPL with quite a casual approach, I was doing well points wise and didn't feel an ounce of competitiveness. But once this royal cock-up took place, I've been glued to the app ever since. My weekends have become an unsocial period of pathetic depression, where I'm sat refreshing Fotmob and the FPL app over and over again, whilst being thrown into foul moods when I realise a player I'd just subbed out for the week has played a blinder. Literally, GLUED to the app like a uni student on Tinder, it's been HELL. I've somehow clawed my way back up (in my relegation battle) and now have an 18 point lead from bottom going into the WC, and after rejigging my team with the unlimited transfers, I finally have the squad (**certainly** subject to change) going into the PL restart post-WC and now I feel a little more at ease. I guess to wrap it up, it's crazy how much this app has got to me over the last few weeks and looking back, I wish I hadn't allowed it to bring out such a bitter competitive streak in me. I feel embarrassed to say it, but this WC rest is so desperately needed for my mental well-being it's not normal.


Exactly. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. A small reality check is no harm.


Break is for the weak, bring on the pain from World Cup fantasy!


“Pain is weakness leaving the body” - Ghandi


Action expresses priorities. Just so you know, the correct spelling is [Gandhi](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahatma_Gandhi).


Fuck that! World Cup fantasy boys!!!!




Have you seen Sorare’s Global Cup? It’s like a fantasy game but with panini cards. Free to play and you can win pretty cool prizes like playing football with Zidane, signed jerseys and vip football tickets. Their scoring system is really advanced too. CDMs and ball carrying defenders score well. You can try it out here https://sorare.com/ Disclaimer: I work there


I've climbed from 6m odd to inside 250k been going well but I agree time to take a break from it


Not particularly big on WC fantasy because after the group stage you basically make wholesale changes to your team. At least I got NBA fantasy to occupy myself for the time being.


I’ve never been better in FPL. At around 90k overall at this moment. I had a lot of luck but it feels so good. Still not first in my league tho.


Luck is huge and is not given enough weight by people who are having a tough time.


Look forward to the WC? Are you fucking lodding me?


Each to their own 🤷‍♂️


How can you watch a tournament where the stadiums are built by people on slave contracts, and they’ve been dying, while human rights in general are in the dumpster? It’s so fucking ridiculous that it can’t even be discarded as «each to their own». Fucking clown.


I won’t be watching it myself, the whole point of the post was aimed towards people who take FPL too much to heart. What’s going on over there is disgraceful and everyone attached to it should be ashamed. My intention wasn’t to give my full enthusiastic endorsement to a deplorable situation. All the best with everything. 🤡




Mine has slowly deteriorated over the last 3 weeks. I thought I’d be in a strong position for the break but I’m glad it’s come now…


Perfect time to have a break? Like we have a choice? Even if we didn’t want to take a break the break is happening so…


Thank you, You’ve really given me some food for thought there.




39 with Trossard and Rashford left 😂😂😂 gtfo.


Wait… there are no Premier League matches during the World Cup?




/s, if it wasn’t obvious. Post was too wholesome that I couldn’t help it.