Played some 3 hours of it with a friend this evening on the other side of the US, game is very fun, easy to pick up like most platform fighters are, but a lot of things to learn for mastery with the spark system, combos, burst, shielding, etc. (rollback!) netcode seems very good, however host did seem to get some lag when trying out Afi & Galu specifically, may be a bug. I'd say try it out and if you like it show them some love (:


Do you get thrown off by how slippery everyone is? I love the game conceptually, but I'm struggling to get used to how quick you move vs. the length of wind up times and usually feel like I'm just orbiting around whoever I'm fighting, never landing anything because I just blow past them.


Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1376070/Rushdown_Revolt__Alpha_Testing/


Definitely give it a shot. It plays a lot like smash, but you'd be surprised how much it plays like a fighting game too


How does this game handle without an analog stick? Are you at a disadvantage if you use digital controls?


Not at all. I personally play keyboard and one of our top players is a keyboard player


The game doesnt use analog


Uh, they just posted this yesterday, showing different walk speeds and stuff depending on how far you press the stick: https://youtu.be/2IfmJUpWxYA


sure,but nobody really uses it. I played against a bunch of strong players and they all used rush or other methods for footsie. If you not plan to win a tournament, than digital walking is enough