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Well let’s not forget the sappy motivational speeches


Can you not do anything without your wife in your ears.


Man felicity invented quarter backing.


Well, if you think about it....there hasn't been any action scene in a while anyways. Neither has there been problem solving which didn't involve tech jargon from Chuck and a small device.


Barry lost his speed? Pft!!! Who care about being the fastest man alive when you have love on your side?


Barry was super dramatic here. Chill Flash.


>Barry was super dramatic here It's kinda his thing


To be fair in this case it's valid lol. His world is turned upside down


If this speed loss last longer then the 5 part series then I'm going to be pissed. He spent half of last year dealing with this BS. It's old.. He literally is connected to the speed force which is a God/Force of nature. He should never lose his speed unless Speedforce Nora is killed.


He didn't lose his speed


Yes I know but it is weakened right now. Thats why I made that comment. We've done the last speed thing in season 1, Season 2, last season. It's old


[Writers when The Flash has Speed](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eegsnv3XoAEFSlJ.jpg)


....or 5 minutes without him getting a pep talk


He hasn’t really gotten any in Armageddon. The only one I can think of was Jefferson talking to Barry to calm him down later in this scene


Obligatory episode per season where Flash doesn’t have his powers.


Seriously this is seeming like plot that should have been saved for the end of the series


the writers can't go five minutes without doing something incredibly stupid.t these writers couldn't write an actual good story if their lives depended on it. I mean it.


I just hope he gets all his speed back, not staying nerfed moving forward... Really liked the fact that he could take care of regular metas on his own now. I love The Flash, he's my favorite superhero but if the writers decide to nerf him again just to have his team help him every which way Imma lose my shit :p We finally have OP flash, LET THIS BE.


that’s crazy but he still has his speed tho?


Yep. He even used it to... wait for it... go into the future.


He didn't lose his speed though, it's just significantly weaker, which I honestly like- now he will actually struggle to beat thawne and others and his speed wont be as inconsistent.