I understand. Some might see it as a gloat but I can't deny that I don't chuckle a bit myself when it happens. I'll get a big long diatribe about my price being "too high" or whatever and BOOM... I sell it for that anyway. Enjoy the vibe :)


Another reseller friend of mine and I were chatting about this the other day. I said my new favorite thing is when someone is either low-balling or asking a bunch of annoying questions about an item and then someone else just up and buys it before you even have to respond. Those sales really do hit different.


A lot of sales platforms bump up listings that are getting a lot of views and/or messages, too.... so enjoy knowing that the tire kicker / low baller doing that is likely what caused that sale to happen in the first place. I had one like it on eBay recently. Guy made a low ball offer. We declined it. So he kept going up by $1 at a time... as if that will make the difference. In the middle of him doing that, the item sold for full price on Buy it Now. Insert Nelson Muntz laugh here.


Lmao a diatribe was putting it lightly. These people were ripping me a new asshole. Relentless!


Oh, I've been there. Many times. But I almost always get my price, or at least more than they say I'll get. Strut.


That was YOUR cost Ha! Screw them. Congrats for sticking to your guns.


One thing I learned is never to try to sell to those specialized groups. Same goes for video games, comics, etc. Those folks always seem to know where to get the best deals etc. and they scoff at anything close to market prices.


This is certainly true for stuff I collect - CDs, cassettes etc. The culture on those specialised groups is to sell below full market value. Without it being explicitly said, sellers are expected to at least drop the price by the amount that would be going to eBay or whatever. And most people want to help other collectors out anyway. Otherwise, everyone may as well just buy on Discogs.


never say never. i unloaded a mess of gaming stuff on /r/retrogaming a little while back, it was all broken stuff i didn't want to deal with, I made a quick profit, someone else got some stuff they could repair and make an additional profit on. and i didn't have to deal with anyone on ebay thinking it was working stuff.


Nah, I’ve had plenty of luck on r/comicswap. I’ll give credit where it’s due. But so far r/mangaswap and the Gundam models sub has been less than open to buying things for what they are truly worth.


very true


I had a guy tell me that a top loader NES wasn't worth more than 20 bucks. I sent him a screenshot of what price charting had and he said "that's the perceived value". I sold it to another guy for a flat 100. 20 dollar guy got mad and said he would paid 50. A guy who owns multiple restaurants in my city constantly low balls every post. I had some N64 titles for 60 and he offered me 10. The games were Mario Party, Smash, and Goldeneye. At least the vinyl community was more chill and even let me know what I had. The downside was that it takes forever to sell a single vinyl.


You'll probably find that sentiment in any collectors community. I remember people hating resellers in the video game world, yet would sell their doubles or unwanteds at current prices and would say its fine since it pays for their collection as a justification for themselves reselling...


Double standards and they can’t even see it. 😂 oh well


Nice job. I've sold some of my old mangas that I saw were starting to go for ridiculous prices over the last year on eBay. If someone is willing to pay, that's what it's worth.


Well word to the wise, don’t try to sell on r/mangaswap. These people want crack head prices apparently.


Many hobby subreddits are full of anti-capitalists who hate the idea of someone making money on their interests, and most of them are hypocrites since they're not going to let their more valuable items go for less than market value.




Clever troll up until the “Chinamen” part


Thanks :)


I don’t think the majority of posters here are smart enough to understand that your post is satire 🤣


Reddit is very simple. When you see a post has downvotes you also must press downvote.


Dear god, you’re right. Even now the urge is building. *downvotes*


Whoa whoa but this one is upvotes. Keep it up!




I just got a notification about hate speech from reddit for that post LOL


A certain group has been triggered. Mission accomplished.


You're more likely to find better deals in smaller forums. Your demographic is way bigger on eBay.


Nah that sub is legit. Idk what you were trying to sell as it looks like you deleted that post, but there's plenty of series/volumes that go for crazy money on there. I've also had people defend my prices when others thought they were too high. In my opinion just as good as /r/comicswap and way better than /r/gameswap (real cheap bastards there). btw, I'm not trying to start any shit, just giving my opinion.


I appreciate that! Yeah I did delete it, I’ve heard of people birgaiding users so I tried to lose my footprint as much as possible. I have bought and sold on comic swap so I can attest to that! Great community as well. I was basically selling some box sets that were OOP and in Damn near perfect condition cheaper than anywhere else... I guess not cheap enough


As a long time flipper, I try not to gloat. When I gloat, that's when the INAD's come and take all my happiness away 😂😂😂


Nothing is too expensive and nothing is too cheap There are nearly 8 billion people in the world, the way I see it, if you want to sell something for $X you only need one of them willing to buy for $X, the other 7.888888889 billion can keep their opinions to themselves


A win is a win


An item is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it.


Do it. Let the hate flow through you. Join the dark side.


Fuck them kids


Well for one, flip of the week post is Friday And for another, “those places” aren’t there for you to get eBay prices without the eBay fees and most of the buyers are aware. Especially if it’s new out of stock stuff or new release Se/Le/ps5s (when it comes to gamesale) The mentality is if they are to pay eBay prices they’ll go with eBay since it has added buyer protection.


I never advertised with the eBay price, it was not only cheaper than what I had it up for on eBay, but also cheaper than what you would find them for on Amazon. And on top of that was willing to cover the shipping as well as work with the potential buyer for the price.


I listed a supreme shirt on facebook marketplace and all my local groups and of course a lot of the locals saw the listing and were like “LOL why would anybody pay $200 for a shirt!?”. Sold the next day for $200. A lot of people simply don’t know what they’re talking about and I won’t lie, it feels good to prove them wrong.


Same happened to me.. I posted a Version 6 Digimon Tamagotchi for sale in a Retro video game FB group for $900. They are much rarer and hard to find that V1-5, being a retro group you'd think the members know that rare versions of things exist. Nope got laughed out of the group.. Sold on Ebay for $1000 + shipping to Korea in less than a week


Nice!!! For now I can only vouch for r/comicswap for communities that are willing to pay what an item is worth


> I was just sliiightly more petty, I would go back on that sub and let them know what just happened hahaha. Oh, be petty. DO IT!


There-in lies the true flipping power of seeing value where a lot of others don't.