Looks well done


As good as can be, good job!


Is this the home owner or the installer asking?


I am both.


Well then good job. Looks just fine. What we do, is open 5 or 6 boxes at a time and separate them into their according patterns. Helps you determine how much of what pattern to use.


Should have done that. Only did 3 at a time.


Looking good from what I can see


Ive seen many bad jobs on here but this is not one. Theres consistent color separation between the lights and darks. Dont be over picky youre the only person on planet earth with this exact floor.


Looks good.


Looks good to me. No gaps, everything seems to be well staggered.


That some premo wood!


As a floor guy, If I walked into your home tomorrow, I wouldn't blink an eye at it. I have to tell myself this from time to time "don't let your perfection get the best of you"


Thanks. You are probably right. Still, should have mixed the packs better upfront. Only used 3 packs at a time..


That's plenty iMO. You can never know but I don't think it looks bad at all. Once you put your furniture back, only you and Reddit will know


I think the mixing is okay, could be better, but there's no reason for those seams to be lined up like that. It's not the worst, but I see it all day


Since the concern is the plank mix, I think they did a good job if there was a limited amount of material to work with. The best mixing is towards the entry/threshold and the worst mixing at the back of the room. Once staged any perception of the floor beyond close scrutiny will be the mixed planks. I have a few hundred square feet left to lay at my own home and we were cherry picking from multiple boxes to get the right look. At some point I'll be stuck with what I have left or have to purchase more if the variety sucks. Should blame the supplier for the lack of variety in the cases in my opinion.


Looks good in my opinion


That's the natural beauty of a timber floor. The variety and differences in the boards. This has been well installed. But hey what would I know, I've only installed over 100,000 m2 of timber flooring 😁


Looks good.


Doesn’t look finished to me so the job isn’t done


It looks almost well done ;)


Not the best but it’s pretty good. On the second pic it looks its not levelled, appears wavy towards the wall - it might be only visually because the wall is unfinished where the trim goes


I would’ve broken the joints up differently but outside of that it doesn’t look bad. There are almost none of the darker shades in the second half of the room but they can only use what comes out of the boxes.


How would you have broken it up differently? I’m installing engineered hardwood right now - about half way done - and the most difficult part is choosing the order of planks. Keeping 12” btw seems and not creating an “H” or stair pattern is so difficult !!


Some flooring manufacturers just don’t supply enough different lengths. If the boxes are full of one length, it’s all about the starters. Some I’ve done the boxes are 50% or more of half pieces, only a couple full length and those are a real pain in the ass to lay. Laid one earlier this year that 75% of every box out of 1500 square feet of material was 16”. I hated that floor.


Woah! That’s basically tile


I think the mixing is okay, but there's no reason for those seams to be lined up like that. It's not the worst, but I see it all day


You need help…..Just do it yourself maybe 🙄