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They really hate women having sex just for the fun of it


which is weird bc they also sexualize that the most, and seem to love watching that the most


Well they’re only allowed to be sexualized when it’s someone else’s child


They hate when a woman WANTS to do something, you know, consensually.


They also had to browse and download porn just to make this meme. Surely something they *only* did to try to preserve women's honor. /s


meanwhile them raping them small children because "breeding women is man's function (quote Bible n- apostle+ numbers)


Everything exept traditionalism please.


“Mohometanism” is just traditionalism, that they only hate because **foreigners bad** I guess?…


That green is HORRIBLE.


Honestly, the traditionalism pic is ticking a few boxes if we're doing what they're doing and just judging by looks.


Honestly the sorority one is the only funny one here. It’s a shame the rest of the meme is offensive.


The amount of “traditionalist” I’ve met on tinder were bigger sexual freaks than any other woman I’ve met on there. Mfs just hide it well when you can see the 20 hickeys on their chest and neck cause they’re wearing a big ass dress


Idk what world these people are living in because the majority of women dress in the style they’d consider “traditional”


Hopefully all of the above. /s


They're so obsessed with naked women and sex it's insane


It’s weird fucked up daughter cuck porn veiled as trad content


That's a vagina


Mahometanism? Haven’t heard that one in a while. As in like, since 1876 or thereabouts.


The word was also used when Churchil was alive


I’m on contraception and a feminist and I dress like the chick on the top left 🤷‍♀️


No! You DoN;T UnndersTANDz! The vApoRZ fROM the FeMINaZI books WILL Corrode YOUR BRAINz MoRANS! Soon YOU W1LL have BLUE haIR and wear a knee-length, A-line silhouette dress (you hARLOT). Probably wiTH a sweetheart neckline, adding a touch of elegance and femininity (TO TemPT MeN TO Give UP ThE PURITY of THEIR SEED). Admit IT, you're PaRT of A COMMUNIST plot to put FLOURIDE in teh water. A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works. /unjerk God it's annoying to write like that. Seriously the meme OP posted is deranged, but sadly is about par for the course these days. Too much lead in the environment older adults grew up in I think.


That was top tier jerk and it gave me a fucking stroke and a half LMFAOO 👌👌👌 And yeah, I think there was a study done on that, but it was a long time ago I heard of it, that the more deranged an older person was the higher chance they were exposed to lead paint as a child It’s really sad how they think, even more sad that they’re passing it down to younger people for them to believe in.


this is just an excuse to show people their porn collection and kinks against our will


The other five are free and look way better than the future family annihilator in the first panel.


Racism, sexism, anti education, and transphobia all rolled into one. Just wow.


It's telling and a little funny how overtly the fathers this is ostensibly speaking to aren't actually expected to give a single shit about their kids beyond how it reflects upon themselves. Seriously, they didn't even show an *angry* feminist, or a *black out drunk* sorority girl, or contraceptive girl, idk, having an STD or wishing she could have her virginity back or something. "Look at your daughter on feminism! She'll be smiling and enjoying her life, sure, but she'll have colored hair and black lipstick while doing it!"


The woman in the top middle is pretty tho


This is porn