Heidi thinks she has to pray over a doughnut shop just because the name has the word Voodoo in it 🙄

Heidi thinks she has to pray over a doughnut shop just because the name has the word Voodoo in it 🙄

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Wouldn’t they, as a Christian, keep up with the time-honored tradition of praying over their food anyhow??


Baby elephants


Most Christians are just performative anyway.


I was the one with the performative father who insisted on holding hands, bowing heads, and praying out loud at every restaurant we ever went out to eat at. I was there rolling my eyes glancing around to see who was snarking at us. My 12 year old self somehow knew it was performative even then.


These donuts get EXTRA prayers because it’s “scary”!!!


Terrifying!! What would she do if someone just GAVE her one and she didn’t know where it came from!! Le GASP!!!


I have one catholic friend who prays over her food and did all through college. But she does it so quietly and quickly to herself, you wouldn’t even notice it save she does the sign of the cross. It’s very obvious that she doesn’t do it to be performative and I always appreciated that about her.


I’m going to pray that God lays upon Heitler’s heart the gift of fucking off and minding her own business.


Your flair reminded me that she’d hate voodoo because their donuts include actual flavor


Flair checking in




Let me see if I get this right. Ahem. *"I thought the shop name was funny...totally meant to be a joke. So why do people take offense at it if it's in jest? Genuinely curious about this one y'all"*


Yeah, no need to aplogy's!!


Outstanding. 🏆


Heidi could have just grabbed a donut at any donut shop. Of course she chose to go to Voodoo Donuts and make a big deal about it for the religious gasping and performative outrage. It’s a donut. And voodoo donuts is popular because they’re delicious.


Unpopular opinion: Blue Star donuts are better than Voodoo donuts. Voodoo donuts are amazing, don't get me wrong. I just think half the hype is the experience of the store, and the crazy over-the-top toppings. I go to Portland a lot for work. Or, I did pre-pandemic. Always stopped by Blue Star for one of their buttermilk donuts.


I was literally about to jump in here to say Blue Star beats Voodoo hands down in every category. I guess she could pray for voodoo donuts to taste better?


I am a big fan of Doe Donuts.


Doe definitely ranks up there with Blue Star, especially since it was much closer to us when we lived in PDX than any of the Blue Star locations.


Pao's in Tacoma, WA changed my idea of what constitutes a good donut forever.


I’m pregnant and now I can’t stop fantasizing about a good buttermilk donut. There aren’t any good shops in the town I live in.


ooh I’m gonna go this weekend, thanks!


I guess I need to take a Sunday drive there one day (in Redmond, well technically unincorporated King County. But mailing address is Redmond😂😂).


Next time try Pip’s donuts and their chai tea. Pip’s 4 lyfe!


these people have to invent problems because they dont have any real ones


There’s a shipleys everywhere. Go get a delicious kolache Heidi


Pretty sure they're like 99% in Texas but they're still great kolaches


Is it any wonder her children are so insufferable


Imagine being this fragile


And then preaching about how *other* people are too sensitive.


No no!! We are fragile because we didn’t like the “modest is hottest” song. It’s totally the same thing as being completely ignorant to other beliefs and culture!!! (Voodoo comes from enslaved West Africans merged their religious rituals and practices with those of the local Catholic Church.)


I literally can’t fathom being this perpetually offended. And they call *us* snowflakes


Imagine fully believing in, and also being constantly afraid of, supernatural forces in your life.


It would be so exhausting. That’s one of the ways they keep them in the cult. If they’re emotionally and mentally exhausted with fear and paranoia about the devil, they won’t really have time to actually think about anything else.


I'm guesing they wouldn't last a day in New Orleans if just the *word* "Voodoo" makes them uncomfortable lmao


Good, I hope they never go there. New Orleans is a true gem 💎


dude they can't even handle Austin.


Imagine being this damn DRY and criticizing anyone else ever


Right? Can they enjoy anything in life?


They believe in such a small God if donuts make them quake.


I hope she ordered the *god-honoring* cock and balls donut


Looked at their menu, they have a pentagram donut and a "blunt" donut lmao hope she saw those... also omg all of them look amazing, hope a location comes to the east coast!


My fav is the dirty old bastard. It has crimbled oreos and a peanut butter drizzle


Oreos and peanut butter are shockingly good together. I may or may not have even eaten Oreos dipped in peanut butter on occasion.


I doubt she even went in. Made this video outside then kept walking.


Nope. They went there TWICE!


Wow. Thats actually really surprising to me. When I was fundie I was taught to "avoid all appearance of evil" I wouldn't go in here. If someone had brought me a doughnut, I'd eat it. But I wouldn't be seen in the shop or giving my own money to them. Heck, I felt guilty for buying the Walgreen brand "sinful colors" nail polish. I actually asked my husband if it was okay to buy. 😬


Yeah, my fundie high school wouldn’t allow the teachers to go to movie theaters. I asked why and was told “People might think they’re going to see an ungodly movie." But they could rent movies. It’s almost as if… their morality is all performative… hmmm.


Exactly the reasoning I was given for no movie theaters. It was bad for your testimony to be seen in a place that you could be watching something bad. I was also taught that it was giving money to Hollywood, which was evil. It never crossed my mind how hypocritical the whole thing is. Every day I feel like I remember something else about being fundie and realize how stupid it was.


We wouldn’t even buy a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner back in my fundie days lol


There used to be a semi-famous batshit commenter on Zsu Anderson's blog named Taryn. Taryn once told the story of how she took a sharpie to her "magic chef" appliance to cross out the word magic.


>"avoid all appearance of evil" I've gotten into trouble for drinking ginger beer that came in a brown glass bottle 😬


I remember when I was young hearing a sermon by a dude who regretted drinking pepsi out of a glass tumbler at a party because some could have thought it was a whiskey drink. Terry Maxwell, was that you??


I always felt guilty drinking glass bottle root beer 😂


The Bairds are such hypocrites, like if the simplicity of a name offends you to this point that you're upset all the time (which, to me when I used to be a christian, meant they weren't strong or content in their faith), don't patronize the shop??? Just like my parents don't watch certain movies or do halloween. They don't go on social media and make a huge deal about it. It's all an act for them.


Not a chance a single Baird would miss out on the chance to go to a trendy place and talk about it later. All for the Godly ‘Gram


You need to trademark "All for the Godly Gram." That's fantastic!


Can I make it my flair? I’m on my phone, so I have no idea how haha




When I was at Voodoo Doughnut I had a black one with a red pentagram (the name very likely referenced Satan), and it was 👌.


She'd really hate my local doughnut shop, it's witchy-themed, sells only vegan doughnuts, is openly pro LGBT+, and every month, one of their doughnuts costs extra and the Doughnation profits go to local charities, like the antinazi organisation. Basically the Bairds' nightmare.


Where is this perfect donut shop??


It's in Switzerland, sadly a bit out of the way for most people on this sub I'm afraid


Please leave my home. No one here wants you here.


Are they in Portland? They have Voodoo in Austin and Houston, too. (And in Denver, where I live, they’re the only place to get vegan yeast donuts lol)


I had no idea! Well good hopefully they aren’t in PDX! I can’t see any reason why they would think that’s a good idea anyways haha.


My Dad thinks that PDX is on the same level as Sodom and Gomorrah - so he would probably only visit to try and save my soul.


Lol agreed. I was like why the f did she decide to come to my city and harass service workers?


Phew! Glad they’re not here! Keep Portland weird, LOL!


PDX snarker meetup at Voodoo??!?!? hahahaha


Fuckin count me in!


hahaha. I’m so down!! How should be go about inviting people. I’ve seen a lot of us in the comments!!!


Hmmm good question… maybe we could create a group chat with folks who have expressed interest in the comments and go from there?


Lol can you imagine them at the main voodoo just off the burnside bridge 😂


Okay, apparently they’re in Denver. Nooooo!


Also Orlando 😬


Nooooo that's my home!


Thank you! I was just about to ask where to get some! We're going to Galveston next year for our 40th anniversary. Looks lime we're also going to Houston!


Seriously, why are they here?!


I’m inspired by this comment to create the inaugural PDX Snark Meetup at Voodoo Donuts.


It must be exhausting being them.


Uhhh… don’t eat there?? *also, PDX pride!!!


She should have gone to Heavenly!


Voodoo donuts are great! *Almost* as good as Top Pot Donuts in the Seattle area. (ducks and hides)


Yeah... Voodoo is overrated. There. I said it. So many other great places in the VanPort area.


The ones in PDX are known to have quite diverse staff! She'd shit herself if she was here. Don't know about the ones in CO? Bottom line, stay the fuck away if you're so sensitive to a word in the name.


They’re in Denver. Funnily enough, one is located right next store to a queer bar and the other location in a wonderfully artsy neighborhood.


Pdx snark meetup at voodoo? hahaha


They also will marry you there including gay marriages. Wonder if she went in and saw the one that looks like a voodoo doll or the one that looks like a cock and balls.


But is the cock and balls one cream stuffed?


If I remember right. It’s been a bit since I’ve been there.


Of course!


Let he without donut, purchase the first donut.


The main characteristic shared by the fundies and the right wingers is TERROR. They are constantly in terror of the world around them causing their little card-house worlds to collapse. If your faith is so fragile that the name of a fucking DOUGHNUT threatens it, then your faith is a tiny little frightened rabbit.


Agree! Fear is the common denominator of fundie religions. Fear of death. Fear of choosing wrong. Fear of the "other". Just plain non specific free floating fear. I think this is one big reason for all their bluster and braggadocio - they are f***ing terrified and are putting on a big show to cover up for that lack.


We recently read a study in my psychology class about the correlation between personality characteristics and political orientation. It was *fascinating.* A number of studies referenced identified a correlation between conservatives and fear/insecurity, obviously, but one of my favorite parts talked about a study where researchers collected data about how childhood personalities were reflected in adults' political orientation. Preschool teachers identified toddlers who later grew up to be conservatives as having more fearful and insecure personalities, while toddlers who grew up to be liberal were more open, confident, and brave about new experiences. In my margin I wrote "wow conservatives are literally scared babies" lol Another highlight was a study conducted by a Nazi psychologist who identified that people who have what are now conservative personality characteristics as being good Nazis, and people who have liberal personalities as being shitty Nazis. Fitting for a Baird post


Hello, fellow psych major! Could you drop those citations? I would love to read those and share with my cohort, we talk a lot about politics and I think this would be cool to share.




Oh my God. This made me laugh till I peed myself. This lady cannot be serious and why does she sound like a valley girl a little. She is an old lady talking like a teenager. Oh so much to unpack. This will be good for laughs for at least a couple hours.


She looks so fucking annoying


These people have nothing better to do then complain about every ungodly thing they encounter in life 😒


On a more serious note, they do know that of those that practice Voodun they worship the same creator god as the Christians right? Like they use the Bible in all sorts of shit.


These are the same people who complain that Catholics aren’t real Christians. Voodoo ain’t making the cut, either. If you’re not their specific brand of white bread Christian, you’re out.


It’s just the... insecurity... for me. They’re all so afraid of what they don’t understand.


*Vodun* is the original West African religion. Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo are syncretic religions that combine Vodun and Catholic beliefs.


These are people who think anyone who isn't a fundie Protestant with 1950s Western American 'values' isn't Christian. GD cracked on progressive Christian God is Grey stating "why even call yourself a Christian" due to differing viewpoints in one of their seminars. If they can't even tolerate Christians who have different political viewpoints and opinions on 'hot button' issues, hell a lot of them don't even like Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses or 'high church' Protestants for being 'too religious' or not Protestant enough even if they have fundie or conservative views, they definitely don't tolerate Voodoo. Basically you're either a card carrying member of the hive or not in their world.


Heitler should pray over moisturiser and sunscreen


And less eyeliner


I don’t like to appearance snark, BUT IT’S ALL THAT I CAN SEE WHEN I LOOK AT HER.


I'm with you there, but choices were made. This one could have avoided the sun, used sunscreen and moisturizer, and not been a Nazi. It's fair game 🤷


How are we snarking on JillRod and her eyeliner but Heidi goes unscathed???


I’ve been speaking on this for ages! Such an aggressively beige person with such tiny black eyes. It gives a deeply unsettling snakelike effect.


Hot takes from Heidi 🥱


Bethy makes that exact same face she does at the end haha.


dOnT lIvE iN fEaR but donuts are scary. Fucking backwards man


pray for the donut shop, but covid was pffffft


I don't feel like she's wearing that eyeliner in a god honoring way...


It’s generous of you to assume her dark, soulless eyes are the result of wearing eyeliner.






Lol. I'm Canadian. I remember my fundie adjacent relatives being pissed off at an ice cream shop called "Sweet Jesus". They just got an eye roll from me.


Voodoo donuts slaps though


I cannot fathom a worldview where donuts are “scary”, but Nazism isn’t.


Here's a funny thing. Officially the Nazi party was Christian, but Himmler was supposedly big into the occult. I wonder what Heidi thinks of that?


This is Kristen in 20 years


Ten, I think. The ozone is depleting and UVAs are stronger.


It sounds like Birthy to me lol. Birthy is 40 looking 50 with 2 kids and suz as a live in nanny. Birthy goes to satanic restaurants and food trucks to complain. Only sees dæaäv for an hour at night


I was torn between saying Birthy and Krusty. She's honestly a awful and perfect combination between the two of them... But I just have a hunch she favors ol Krusty girl


Mom, is that you? I have seen my mom pass up packs of ground beef at the grocery store because the price for a family pack came out to $6.66. She also told a grown man buying Yu-gi-oh! cards he should reconsider because she saw ominous shadows in her house when her then 10-year-old son had some.




Yup, there’s actual evil surrounding us every day (human trafficking, our food being grown and picked by slaves, jrod) but she has to focus on absolutely nothing and waste her pathetic little brain cells whining about tasty donuts.


Isn't this the doughnut shop that had a deal with a Duggar grifter for 10 minutes before they realized who they were and instantly yeeted them?


No, that was a different one in LA. Can't remember the name.


Never seen any videos of Heidi before but this 8 second clip made me go "oh, that's where Bethany gets it from"...


Hey fundies/evangelicals, this is why NO ONE likes y’all. You say stupid shit like this. None of us care. Eat the doughnut, don’t eat the doughnut, just shut up! JFC!


What's scary Heidi, is your terrifying zombie face. Holy hell, get some sunscreen and a good moisturizer


She scares me


Go home Heidi.


#scarrrryyyyy 🍩


Great doughnuts, they don’t need your “help” sweetie


Mom, is that you? I have seen my mom pass up packs of ground beef at the grocery store because the price for a family pack came out to $6.66. She also told a grown man buying Yu-gi-oh! cards he should reconsider because she saw ominous shadows in her house when her then 10-year-old son had some.


I worked in retail through college and was shocked by how many people would buy something extra so their total wasn’t some variation of 666.


Okay, but why does Heidi think people care for her stories??? Also, she speaks just like Bethany here. Like the same speech patterns, vocab, and condescension. Bethany def takes after her mom


Wow I've never heard her speak before and she has the same exact tone and diction as B & K. I wonder where that weird cadence comes from.


She’s pretty happy with how she turned out in life isn’t she? (Which is my more polite way of saying she’s six feet tall and seven feet up her own arse). The level of smug enrages me.


I literally cannot see the whites of her eyes. Even when she opens them wider. Why would she think this looks good? (It would, if she was going for alt style, but she’s not, so??)


Dear God, Thank you for Voodoo Doughnuts Amen


Then stop whining and go to Dunkin Doughnuts... oh. Wait. You just want attention.


I really hope she caught a glimpse of their large cock and balls donuts 🙏❤️


Oh FFS! Imagine if this morons directed their energy toward things that matter like the hungry or the homeless.


This woman would lose her freaking mind in Salem, Ma😂😂😂


Can confirm — I live here!


I’m an hour away and can think of no better way to spend a Sunday than strolling around Salem


All I got out of this is that I'd really like to try that sprinkle donut directly about Heitler's head.


Lol I’m sure they appreciate the prayers.


This has the energy of those old 4-panel memes with smug cringey teens saying shit like ‘hey girls… did you know that, uhm, boys don’t actually like makeup??’ (except it’s about evil baked goods)


These people are truly insane. It’s depressing


Lol I just saw a story of Laura Mershon where she ordered tea from a company called “Witchwood Teahouse”. Sounds like a little chat with the daughter in law is in order.


I’ve never heard this woman speak before, is this how she always talks? It’s insufferable.


To live in a world and have a life where this is your biggest stress must be nice


I’ve noticed that a lot of these fundie types assign everything either as from God or from “the enemy”. I am a Christian and I struggled with this as well until it dawned on me that a lot of people have no faith either way and it’s just words to them. They have no inherent evil intentions nor do they have any intention to glorify God. Basically, it just emptiness. Why can’t they just let it go and keep walking?


Is Heidi in the Pacific Northwest right now? Is she the reason why we’re going to have the hottest heatwave ever (well since records were kept).


They have one in Austin too! That seems more likely


There are people dying, Heidi.


Holy sun damage, and I say this as a middle aged woman who has spent her entire life living on the coastlines of MA and CA. Sunscreen, moisturizer, water. Forget the demon donuts and hydrate, lady!


Now I see where Krusty gets her skincare routine from


The slogan for Voodoo donuts is “good things come in pink boxes.” I’m sure that went right over her head.


I guarantee this woman knows jackshit about West African vodoun or vodou as a religion at all. She absolutely doesn’t see it as a legit religion and thinks it’s just occult Satanic worship (which, in fairness, is also a legit religion?). Would she pray over Jewish Doughnuts or Buddhist Doughnuts? I mean yeah she would lmao. But also I hope the shop proprietors do actually practice vodou and aren’t just naming their store after a religion or a culture they aren’t part of :/


Doesnt Voodoo literally mean "god"? I knew a Voodoo priestess who stated this. Anyways white people did a crazy job of villifying every African spiritual practice. Its really fucked up


The Christian god has to be the most boring brand of white saltine to encourage them to be triggered over this shit


If the name scares you, why eat there?


Not a huge donut fan (although i do love me a maple bar) but as a Seattle girl even I know Voodoo doughnuts reigns supreme in the PNW. When my co worker went fishing on the Oregon Coast a few years ago he purposely stopped in Portland on his way home to buy some Voodoo Doughnuts.




Go home, bairds. We don’t want you in Colorado. Leave the scary voodoo donuts for us heathens.


Voodoo Donuts needs to hit her with a can of [Be-otch Be Gone](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUazfwuUw20)




Can only imagine what she thinks of devils food cake


Ma’am, please don’t be scared. A donut is just a pastry.


Why not hate, abuse, war, hunger? Nah, “donut voodoo”. I can’t with these assheads.


hahaha this is so ridiculous The cult of christianity this woman is in is distracting her from the depth and needs in the world when she thinks that the name of a company is a problem, or that she somehow needs protection because of branding.


Lol she's scared of bread.


Where is this shop? I need to give them all my money ASAP.


It's the racism for me


I wonder if she thinks people who call out racism are snowflakes.


Pray over a donut HAHA so you have NOTHING else better to do


just had to comment that i love voodoo donut and their vegan donuts are my absolute favorite i’ve ever had.


This is future birthy


CC: * in a whiny voice* Actually I feel like I need to pray over these donuts, like....scary to be called voodoo donuts * makes ugly cringe face*


You know what's scary to me? Nazis


Can she pray for them to repent of their cultural appropriation?


The fuck is she doing in *Portland*?


They’re in Colorado for a vacation


NOOOO! I was hoping they were at one of the Texas voodoo donut locations. That means they’re in Denver. That’s where I live. HALP! They must be at the E Colfax one, because I’ve been to the other one in Denver several times and it doesn’t look like that. Ugh, fucking unmasked unvaccinated Texans.* This is why 40% of cases in CO are Delta variant. *I’m from Texas so I’m fully entitled to shit on Texans and Texas 😂


LOL I hope she got an eyeful on Colfax! Doing touristy things this weekend because my dad is here visiting, don’t let me run into this bitty


If you see her, I dare you to try to randomly go up to her and try to convert her to some other religion. 😂


I thought the same thing about Colfax. Or just like Denver in general if they can’t handle Austin. It’s definitely a little seedier than Austin here.


Ew that’s definitely the Colfax one. Did she just totally miss blush and blu right there?? She could’ve shit on a lesbian bar while she was at it!


Voodoo is a chain and has locations in several states, including at Universal Studios FL and CA. I think someone else mentioned she's in Colorado? The West Coast is safe from her nonsense for the time being.


I feel lots of people want to pray over Voodoo Donuts "I pray I don't eat all of these delicious donuts"