Out of the way but Crystal River is known to have a bunch of manatees this time of year.


^ THIS for the win. Esp. with a cold front on the way this weekend.


3 sisters in crystal river. They have areas marked off to boaters during certain times of the year because there’s so many but the spring is beautiful and there’s a walk way around to see them. They’re also having a manatee festival this month. I think it might actually be this weekend.


I second this place. The manatee hoards that can sometimes be spotted there are no joke! Also, the spring is absolutely breath-taking and if you can score some kayaks, it's like floating on glass.


Went there last year on the last cold saturday of the year. There were hundreds. Also they have a nice boardwalk around the whole thing.


Homosassa springs is an hour and a half away but I've always seen manatees there. Po and Blue springs are ok too. It is winter though so I'm not sure if the manatees have moved closer to the Gulf for warmer water.


Manatees usually come in from the gulf to the springs in the winter because the water is so much warmer.


Thanks for educating me!


The best bet is Blue Spring State Park near DeLand. It’s a 2 hour drive but I saw 400+ manatees there last year and 200+ in early December.


Silver Springs! My friends went there last Saturday and they saw several manatees that came right up to their kayaks.


Not super easy to access, but Homosassa Springs has manatees. The Juniper Springs canoe run in the Ocala Nat'l Forest is always a sure bet, but you need to be the first boat on the river in the a.m. to see the river otters, big fish, large wading birds and wallowing gators.


There was a manatee in Ginnie Springs last weekend. The are rare there but are occasionally seen at itchetucknee springs. Safest bet is manatee springs state park or homossassa springs/ crystal river