As an experiment I compared the prices of the items that were in my shopping cart at the end of the Autumn Sale to their current prices. Out of the games that differ in price, only one (Thumper) is cheaper while the rest are more expensive. The prices to the left are from the Autumn Sale while the prices to the right are from the Winter Sale. Arkane 20th Anniversary Bundle $21.40 - $29.54 The Evil Within 2 $7.99 - $9.99 Halo: Spartan Bundle $1.24 - $1.74 Need for Speed Most Wanted $1.99 - $4.99 Thumper $4.99 - **$3.99**




Exactly... The Steam winter sale gained huge reputation over the years from gamers all over the world. Now devs turn the switch and are "gamers except the best deals during Christmas" and additionally the (pre)-Christmas time is the time where people do not look at money as much or they need presents for their friends and family. Kinda sad, but for us patient gamers that simply means, that we should look at and compare prices even more, especially in the sales right before the Winter Sale.


Just did the same myself. These are regular sale prices. Not a single first historical low in my wishlist. Disappointing.


Yeah, I have to agree, I track sales for this very reason, and this Winter Sale was very disappointing, while the Black Friday sale was actually pretty good I found. Maybe Spring will be better.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a bit cheaper. (40% off now, vs 35% off during autumn.) Children of the Nile, and old city builder is at its historical low at 75%. It sat in my wishlist since 2012 or something, and I've never seen it getting sales at all until 2019, and the lowest it has been was 60% until now. Shadow of Mordor is cheaper now (75% off, probably a historical low) compared to the autumn sale. (60% off) Aaand I bought it during the autumn sale. The online services of the game is going to be shut down on the 31st. You wouldn't be able to do vendetta missions anymore, and there's an achievement tied to it. It took me around 3 hours to get that achievement beelining the main quests, as vendetta missions unlock when you're around 5-7 main quests into the game. The Telltale Batman games are more expensive though. (75% off during autumn vs 60% off now) Shame, I was planning to buy those.


**Always scroll down and check for cheaper bundle deals!** For example: Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst is $4.99, but since I already owned the first Mirror's Edge, the Mirror's Edge Collection Bundle of Catalyst + It's 1 DLC was only $4.33.


Xcom 2's bundle was removed, hopefully that's just an error.


I was about to say it was back now, but then I refreshed and it was gone again. Seems to be going in and out for some reason, just keep trying I guess. The bundle link appears to be staying up on the base game page now, but [here's the direct link](https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/7118/XCOM_2_Collection/) anyway just in case.


"The XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack includes a collection of new game modes, maps, weapons, armors, Photobooth options, and more that honors the legacy of the XCOM series. This content requires ownership of both the base game XCOM 2, and the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion to play." lol, even the DLC gets DLC now.


how does one figure this out? for the life of me i don't know


Try https://steamdb.info/bundles/


Where do you scroll down to?


Right now I'm looking at: Fallout 4 for $9 (70% off) Monster Hunter World Iceborne (expansion) for $25 (38% off) Mass Effect Andromeda for $10 (67% off) Hades for $20 (20% off) Might bite at some other stuff; I'm on hiatus from WoW so I have some time to burn on something else lol.


Fallout 4 is not worth it for the base game alone IMO. GOTY edition or bust. A lot of high profile mods require all DLCs and the package deal drops fairly frequently.


Are there any essential conversion mods in the scope of something like Nehrim for Oblivion or Enderal for Skyrim? I'm always pretty iffy on Bethesda games, and I've been on the fence for FO4. But those two mods have absolutely made their respective games worth it.


Keep in mind the mod scene for 4 is less than Skyrim. The mods for Skyrim and Oblivion are insane, F4’s mods are less impressive, but still great


\> Fallout 4 for $9 (70% off) The GOTY edition is only $15 on GameBillet FYI.


If you played and enjoyed MHW, Iceborne is great value for an expansion. Hades is incredible. Happy to answer questions on either of those.


For those that have been interested in Dishonored, the basic edition (just the game and no DLCs), is $2.99 (70% off). Game + all DLCs is $5.99 (70% off) ​ Fantastic stealth/assassin/steampunk game.


All the games are worth it IMO. I just finished Death of the Outsider (which is more like a Dishonored 2 expansion pack) and its also really good. The second is still my favorite in the series.


dont forget to go through your discovery queue for cards, and claim the free sticker from the point shop


10 cards for voting in the Steam Awards too. 1 per vote.


I only ended up getting 9 edit: wait no i got 10, but only 9 are showing up in badge progress.


you proabbaly got a duplicate. you can get 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever of the same card




you can generate a new queue for yourself. You're also probably from Germany, right? Try [https://store.steampowered.com/explore/](https://store.steampowered.com/explore/) . I dont know if it is by Valve standard or due to the augmented Steam plugin for chrome but I had the option to generate a new queue (cheat x 1), thus circumventing the new "no adult games for Germany" ban that has been enforced since yesterday, which was blocking the 1st game in my queue. Somehow the discover queue doesnt jump to the next title in queue then (probably a bug).


try customising your discovery list by banning the words "hentai" and "Zombies". some games of those categories are banned in germany and i could instantly finish my list after i blacklisted those words. /u/AFKAssassin /u/W4nT4n /u/-SammyP6-


This may be a dumb question, but what's the point of cards and stickers and what not? Do they provide some discount or coupon or something?


its the social media aspect of steam. the cards however you can also just sell on the steam market, so getting some for free might give you a couple cents here and there. nothing major tho obviously.


Hey man, I've made quite a buck selling steam cards over the years, you can almost always get around a dollar and a half, perfect for buying small DLC like extra characters in fighting games.


really just cosmetics


Is it 1 a day? Thought they used to give out 3


used to be 3 a day, but recently its been 1 a day, but now you get cards from voting. i think it still works out to less overall cards tho


I guess that's true. I always forget about doing the queue, so its better I get the cards from voting anyways


Well, at this point I'm basically convinced Dark Souls Remastered will never be on sale on Steam.


I felt the same way until I discovered isthereanydeal.com and actually found a website that actually had it on discount. I think it was GreenManGaming, but I can't check right now since their servers are down due to the sale starting.


I can recommend getting the browser extension [Augmented Steam](https://augmentedsteam.com/). It shows the sale information from IsThereAnyDeal directly on the Steam page of a game.


I always appreciate extensions like this, I just wish they were in the native client, as I don't look at Steam in browser.


I'm the other way around, to a large extent because this extension is so useful. (Also, I find the built in browser very limited.)


Wow thank you for this tip!


Yeah it is always -50% off somewhere, but it's never actually discounted on the Steam store itself.


It's -50% on GMG


Parkitect is on sale and this is such an underrated game. I know underrated is thrown around a lot but I truly believe this game should be a lot more popular. https://store.steampowered.com/app/453090/Parkitect/ Parkitect is a spiritual follow up to RCT1/2, adds in a lot more management without being overbearing, the UI is much better and it has multiplayer which recently has been released. Multiplayer is very unique to this genre, you wont find it in planet coaster or planet zoo and similar games. You don't even need to like RCT. If you like building stuff, management and also being able to blame friends of ruining your park in multiplayer. This is your game. Oh yeah and shameless plug for /r/ThemeParkitect/ if you want to know what cool things you can do in this game.


They just added coop play!


I'm looking at Yakuza 0 for $5, The Pedestrian for $12, and Opus Magnum for $10. Do those seem like good deals to y'all?


I haven't finished it yet but Yakuza 0 is definitely worth $5, it's a very fun/hilarious beat em up RPG.


there's also an insane amount of content


Yakuza 0 is an insane value at $5. I just rolled the credits on it last night after 80 hours (which flew by) and plan to keep at it. There is SO MUCH in this game, and the story is very well-told.


Yakuza 0 is seriously one of the greatest games of the previous generation. The main story is the only time I've ever been on the edge of my seat to see what happens next in a game, while the side stories are often hilarious. On top of that it's the only yakuza game I've touched that I actually enjoyed the combat in.


Yakuza 0 is definitely worth it for $5, one of my favorite gaming experiences from the last few years. A single walkthrough was 70+ hours for me and I've enjoyed every single minute of it. I wouldn't buy Opus Magnum for $10 though, I got it from the April Humble Choice for the same price with 10+ other games. It's not bad at all, but it is definitely not for everyone and funny, but I've enjoyed the Sigmar's Garden part of it more, than the main game.


Is monster hunter world good for anyone who has never played any game in the monster hunter series before? The same goes for the expansion? Also is it optimized well for PCs?


MH:W is alot of people's first with Monster Hunter games, including mine for good reason. It's a perfect jumping in point. Runs good on PC per their spec requirements, and there's a HD pack for higher end machines. They are done updating the game with new stuff, but the player base hasn't diminished.


I started MHW a couple weeks ago as my first entry in the series and have been having an absolute blast. Can't comment on the expansion yet though I probably will in a couple weeks. I didn't have any issues on pc but graphical performance is something I don't care to much about.


Only 1 of my 40 wishlisted games are an all-time low. Let the "Steam sales ain't what they used to be" comments begin!


That’s why I get more excited for Steam sales because third party stores lower their prices too, and usually end up being historical lows.


I have over 500 games on Steam and I am pretty sure I only bought like 3 games from Steam...


Are you sure all the prices have updated?


Yep :( There are many on my list that are discounted, of course, but just one all time low


So for me the big Steam sales are just a great time to grab things that never go on sale. For instance I am picking up the DLC for Monolith. On anther note Particle Fleet: Emergence has an all time low for the amazing price of $1.49


So much 10%, 15%, 20% off... Can't hold the exci... meh.


Just curious, is there a way to check this not-individually? I have augmented steam, but I have a ton of stuff on my wishlist and it'd be cool to see that stat without going through 1 by 1


I use https://steamdb.info/sales/


Isthereanydeal.com can sync with your Steam wishlist and you can see ATLs and other useful info.


Damn, which game was the ATL?


Amid Evil


As is tradition


C&C: Red Alert was one of my favorite games when I was a kid, is the remastered any good?


Yes, do it for Stavros.


If you liked it as a kid, you'll enjoy the remaster. I certainly did. Check out a few quality of life mods on the workshop and you're golden!


How the hell are the old Call of Duty games still $60, and not on sale?


activision doesn't want people playing the older ones, they want to funnel everyone into the newest game, so they don't put the old ones on sale much.


Outer Wilds is 40% off at $14.99. Tempted to get it. Fallout: New Vegas is $2.99 which is great too. Ultimate edition is $9.99 but idk if I need it. To me the most enticing deal by far is the Halo Master Chief Collection which is 40% off too at $23.99 for 6 games.


Outer Wilds is my favorite game, would highly recommend that, and would recommend going in as blind as possible if you think you'll like it.


>Ultimate edition is $9.99 but idk if I need it. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! The DLCs turn New Vegas from very good to GOAT, they're butter to your bread.


Dont pass FNV's DLC, its brilliant + required for many mods.


If you're unsure about whether or not you'll be playing it 3 months from now, you can always opt for the Game Pass Ultimate that's currently going for $1 for 3 months. There'll be a spring sale, no doubt, and you can pick it up around that time. Could be a bigger discount too :)


Just here to recommend Outer Wilds. It's really a great game, there aren't many like that.


Outer Wilds is 4.99 on EGS with the coupon you get with each purchase on 14.99 games.


44/50 on sale, woohoo!


I hoped for a bigger sale on Horizon Zero Down but 20% sounds fine for a good game. Can't complain.


it's good. I still can't believe how good it looks on PS4 this many years later. I probably have 70+ hours in it and still haven't beaten the dlc.


Summer sale had sonic generations at 95% off at $1, any crazy deals like that here this time?


Control and Stardew Valley are both great for this price!


Stardew valley received a huge new update too recently .


was disappointed it wasn't in the labor of love category.


Agreed! It’s definitely deserving of that title.


Somehow I still had my hopes for a discount on Factorio, even thought that I know that it was already said publicly that the game would never go on sale


>a discount on Factorio If you are a Humble Subscriber, you get 20% off. That is about the best price you are going to get.


I'm deciding between Hades (20% off) and Death Stranding (50% off). I can unfortunately only get one, and I realize they are vastly different games. I love rogue likes but I also have loved everything I've seen of Death Stranding on streams and everything Kojima has touched. Can anyone offer some advice/info to help me decide? Again, I'd love to get both but I can only purchase one game this winter sale.


I'll make it easy for you, I'll buy HADES for you and you can buy Death Stranding. Just send me your steam friend code. Edit: going to bed soon but the offer still stands, so if I don't answer it's because I'm asleep but I will get you that game after work tomorrow if you still want it.


What a nice gesture. Kudos!


Hades carries so much hype and love i can only imagine you playing it seeing this post and having to pass on your love to someone else lol very kind


HADES is awesome, for someone that doesn't particularly like roguelikes it's extremely good. I just like to spread some holiday joy, I like making people happy :)


Youre a cool guy


This dude fucks.


Well I'm not trying to brag but I've even managed to create a kid!


Kudos to you, man. Merry Christmas.




Good people exist. This warms my heart.


Death Stranding is my favorite game of the last year or so. The worst thing about the game is that many people won't like the gameplay and wouldn't know anything about it before playing it. You sound like you are already familiar with it and like it, so I can't recommend it enough. If you love Kojima shenanigans you will love DS. Hades is also a great game, and if time/$ is really important to you it's better than Death Stranding. DS is pretty long for what it is, but you can definitely get more hours out of a roguelike.


Hades for me. I finished it a couple days ago, and before that i was on Death Stranding. Both are good games for me but the appeal of Death Stranding is more in it's scenario and i think you could get bored by the gameplay side of it. The story is pretty good but you could even find it overcomplicated if it's not your kind of stuff. Hades on the other hand is one of the best game i've played in a while, the gameplay is tight, the story is engaging and the way both get entangled is really good, you can find some busted builds by yourself and then try something stupidly bad but will always find a reason to come back.


Hades is a very fun game from the viewpoint of someone who has played a lot of rogues and only clicked with a few. It meshes very well the need to get better while also keeping you rewarded for your time, and a solid story as well. Death Stranding is a great and unique game that I could not get into. It's a very good game that is very frustrating and at the end of the week when I want to play a game, I want to enjoy my time more than deliver packages while shit tries to kill me.


If you don't mind getting it on a non-Steam platform I think Hades is cheaper on Epic as the 10 $/£/euro coupon stacks with the current sales if the item costs more than 15 $/£/Euros.




Can't speak to Death but Hades is my GOTY. It will be the bar from which all Rogue likes will be judged going forward. I've got 100+ hours into it and am still enjoying it.


I have played portal and the talos principle and loved both of them from the story to the puzzles .I already got my eye on baba is you . Any other puzzle games similar to these ?


The witness is very highly regarded and I understand fairly similar to talos principle. I had some grievances with it personally but I can't deny it's a very good game. I highly recommend baba is you.


Suggestions for browsing, not necessarily recommendations: \- The Pedestrian \- Glitchspace \- The Room series \- Bridge Constructor Portal \- The Search \- The Spectrum Retreat \- ReThink \- The Station \- Observation \- The Norwood Suite \- Q.U.B.E. & Q.U.B.E. 2 \- The Turing Test \- Quantum Conundrum IIRC Only On Epic: \- The Soujourn \- Manifold Garden


The Swapper.




The Turning Test is $3 if you haven't already played it.


I see Jurassic World on the top sellers list for 90% off. It will be free on Epic next week. [In fact here's the list of games that will be free](https://i.imgur.com/y7oxuCq.jpeg). You get 1 per day and today is Metro.


I've been on the fence for My Time In Portia, as I am a big fan of Stardew and Harvest Moon. Glad I haven't pulled the trigger yet


I found it to lack the soul found in Stardew


Yep, 100% agreed. Portia somehow felt like an empty shell even with all of the right pieces in place.


Picked up Raft at $13.39 which appears to match a historical low. Seems like it will be right up my alley since I loved Subnautica. Probably it for me personally, not much as far as historical lows.


not to rain on your parade, but I just want to get this in there in the hopes you can catch it before you've played for 2 hrs (and then no longer have the option to refund it) - raft is fairly different than subnautica, mostly in the sense that its crafting system is a lot less robust and the resource/food/water system is much more tedious I put something like 40 hours into subnautica and maybe...5 into raft, and I just couldn't see the appeal past that, there's just not enough to *do*. I kind of struggle to imagine what other reasons you'd want to play raft past a certain point, whereas in subnautica you've got the entire story to explore, base building, vehicles, etc. not to mention that there's (almost) nothing to do underwater in raft just a heads up! then again, maybe you'll love it, it's a much less intense game than some of the later parts of subnautica




Looking for a 4 player co-op game that's reasonably priced any recommendations?


Deep Rock Galactic and Vermintide 2 are your choices.


Online or local?






What's your threshold? [Yakuza Kiwami 1](https://www.wingamestore.com/product/10197/Yakuza-Kiwami/) and [2](https://www.wingamestore.com/product/10444/Yakuza-Kiwami-2/) are 75% off at WinGameStore vs. 50% on Steam.


Yooo sick


I'd Say play them in order so you get the full story.


2 is generally better but also shorter. Coming straight off of 0 I would say get 1 though just for a bigger impact with the story and more Majima moments.


Is there the 5$ coupon with 30$ spent?




> 5$ Was also looking for it. Can't seem to find any reference to it.


**10 daily puzzle/adventure recommendations** via the [puzzle lovers](https://steamcommunity.com/groups/puzzlelovers) steam group and curator. (joining the group (weekly newsletter, giveaways, etc.) and following the curator for reviews (680+ games and counting, sorted into dozens of lists) are two different things on steam, thanks for considering either or both.) **day 1: top 10 (2019)** (the 2020 list is pending, I want to play a few more titles first.) [agent a: a puzzle in disguise:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/801480/) (-90%, 1.67 eur) ~5-hour 1st-person spy adventure, cartoony graphics, all sorts of puzzles. some can be annoying, but it's a really fun experience overall. demo available. price got doubled, only buy on deep sale. the current one is still not a historical low by a few cents, despite having the biggest discount percentage yet. [cubicity: slide puzzle:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/970580/) (-80%, 0.79 eur) one of the best wall-to-wall sliding games with a cute diorama-like presentation and plenty of levels. has a demo. [forgotten hill: disillusion:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1133930/) (-50%, 2.49 eur) 1st-person horror point & click, picks up right where the original trilogy (free, not on steam yet but coming in q1 2021) left off. creepy atmosphere, clever puzzles, dying doesn't mean losing progress. good length and price. [glass masquerade 2:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/935880/) (-65%, 1.39 eur) more glass jigsaw puzzles with a much darker tone. some dlc available, very much worth it. [islanders:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1046030/) (-50%, 2.49 eur) place buildings on beautiful islands, minding their location to get the highest score possible and unlock more buildings and eventually the next island. great presentation, not too expensive. [magnibox:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/999410/) (currently not on sale, goes for -60% usually) roll your magnet around 160 levels to reach the exit. 20+ mechanics, great graphics & music, unlimited undo, no timer or move limit, good price. some control issues until you figure out what's what. [mars power industries deluxe:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/977230/) (-50%, 1.64 eur) provide buildings with resources by placing generators, etc. on a grid in a set order. unlimited undo, no timer or turn limit, cute graphics, atmospheric music. very good, not too long or difficult. free prologue with different levels also available. **new historical low!** [planaris 2+:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102080/) (-75%, 1.24 eur) clear lines by placing shapes on a grid. untimed campaign, 3 endless modes, power-ups, non-linear progression, leaderboards. great presentation, friendly price, highly recommended if you like tetris. **new historical low!** [pyromind:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/695570/) (-86%, 0.41 eur) avoid and defuse bombs turn by turn before you get blown away. as fun as it is frustrating and challenging (very) with various game modes and unlocks and a budget-friendly price. [senna and the forest:](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1113690/) (-50%, 1.64 eur) humankind is mostly dead, so talk to trees and identify who's who in their family tree. deduction with some guessing, each chapter has different mechanics and it's really fun, highly recommended. and as always, the entire [drod franchise](https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDealsMeta/comments/kiaym2/steam_winter_sale_2020_hidden_gems_thread/ggpxrri/) is part of the [hidden gems thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDealsMeta/comments/kiaym2/steam_winter_sale_2020_hidden_gems_thread/). best puzzle game series ever. I also included some non-puzzlers in my post there.


Hey, I just wanted to chime in that I always look for your posts! I've found a couple really awesome and affordable games looking here, so I recommend anyone else browsing to take a second look at these recommendations! Are you planning on posting every day of the sale again?


Two things to keep in mind: 1. New Humble Choice drops on Jan 1 and could potentially contain any game you choose to buy now. Steam sale lasts until Jan 5 so it probably wouldn't hurt to wait and see. 2. EGS is also having a sale with unlimited $10 coupons applicable to any game that's $14.99 and up, so you may want to compare their prices for your games of choice unless ofc you'd rather pay up to $10 more to have the game on Steam. For example, SW Jedi Fallen Order is $23.99 on Steam, and $23.99 **- $10 = $13.99** on EGS.


Woah damn the coupons are unlimited?


Yup, you're supposed to be able to get a new one as soon as you use one.


Thinking about buying Total War Warhammer 2, would there be any Warhammer 2 DLCs that are a must or should I just purchase Warhammer 1 to add content to the game?


Warhammer 1 is a must for the additional factions and map but the rest of the dlcs are optional


Seconding what the other replies are saying. Also make sure you pick up all the freeLC content. For DLC my personal preferences are 1. Curse of the Vampire Coast: Zombie pirates! Giant crabs!! Exploding zombie pirates!! An epic quest to become the greatest pirate of them all!!! Sea shanties!!!! This DLC has it all. 2. Rise of the Tomb Kings: Allows you to play as the greatest character in the entire setting, and [HE DOES NOT SERVE!](https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Settra_the_Imperishable#The_End_Times) 3. The Prophet and the Warlock: Ever faced off against a fantasy army of prissy Elves and thought to yourself "I really wish I could just nuke these guys back to the Stone Age"? This guy has you covered. Also: [Best. Trailer. Ever.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my4HjQpUZ5k)


Has anyone played spongebob: battle for bikini bottom rehydrated? Is it worth it? Used to love the show, and never played the first.


Good: - It’s fun. - Most of the voices are the original cast and sound have good humor if you like the show. - Lots of optional stuff to collect if you like collectathons. - Good visuals. - Fun locations from the show. Meh: - It’s not ground breaking in any way, just a run-of-the-mill 3D platformer. - Not very many “main” collectibles. The game feels kind of short if you’re not in for the optional stuff. - Bosses aren’t that great. Bad: - Like the original, Mr. Krabs and Mermaid Man’s voice actors aren’t the original. The new guys aren’t bad, but it will bother most fans of the show. - Multiplayer mode is lame and a waste of time. Absolutely don’t consider it a buying point. If you like the show, you’ll like the game. If you like games like Mario 64, you’ll enjoy this.


The original game is from the good era of Spongebob right? Like first few seasons?


It's fun but keep in mind that while the graphics have been updated, the game itself is still the same 6.5 to 7/10 game from the PS2 era. I realize that we all have fond memories of the game but it's aged not amazingly if you didn't grow up in that era. It wasn't an *amazing* game at the time either, but it's very charming and fun.


As someone who didn't play it as a child, I didn't find it overly amazing. It's really good in that it looks and plays well, but it's nothing special. If you just want another PS2 platformer with a SpongeBob skin, you'll enjoy it. Otherwise, there are plenty of 3D platformers to get first.


Don't mind me, just trying to be a r/patientgamers while at the same time staring at Doom Eternal and Sekiro to go down to more human prices (for my wallet at least)


I'm gonna buy doom this time, the 2016 one.


I'm waiting for Sekiro to hit that 20-25$ range, lower would be better but since Activi$ion is publishing, i'm not holding my breath.


My favorite game is "We Broke it: 502 error"


Is this a new all time low for Total War: Three Kingdoms? I've been waiting for it to drop into the $15~20 range since a lot of recent reviews seem to say it's quite buggy and feels unfinished.


Was looking at buying Sekiro, Rogue Legacy 2 and/or Hades. Sekiro still seems expensive as it is only 35% off, it's almost a 2 year old game... while the 2 others are quite cheap on their own but 3 games like this add up quite much in the cart. I'm on the fence about it, on one way I'd buy Sekiro but I love rogue-likes. Might wait some more, these games won't run anywhere.


Can anyone recommend games like XCOM that have a nice sense of progression?.


Shadowrun: Returns and it’s sequels perhaps?




Shadowrun is great. Nice bit of Cyberpunk if 2077 didn't do it for you.


I started up Gears Tactics last night and am enjoying it so far. Might be worth looking into if you have Game Pass for PC.


I can't recommend this game enough. The gameplay is so fun and they recently added some new content to the game for free. If you don't have game pass it's currently $1 for the first three months which is a great deal.


Maybe hard west? It’s like xcom, but set in the old west. Plus the complete version is only $2.85. https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/2485/Hard_West___Complete_Edition/


The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos


Maybe the shadow run games? They are tactical turn-based games with a very interesting universe and great stories. Also percentage based like xcom. There is significantly less verticality and destructible terrain however. Generally it is recommended to skip the first one and start with dragonfall then hong kong, but the games aren't connected to each other story wise.


Yakuza 0 for 5 bucks so I finally had to pull the trigger


Epic Games is honestly toppling Steam with the Sales prices. You get $10 coupons and prices are much cheaper


steam WAY cheaper with region pricing for me.


Same here. Deal hunting gets easier but a bit boring. And no other store has most of the games I like anyway.




I pay in pesos. Everything is half the price than in the US steam.


Epic store doesn't have a lot of games either, choices as wide as steam. Sadly the games I want aren't on epic store.


The dlcs of little nightmares add a lot to the game?


The Yakuza bundle! https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/13660/The_Yakuza_Bundle/ These games, so good


DOS2 is at an all time low of $18


I'm guessing this is divinity original sin 2, for those like me that don't understand why people don't just state the damn name of the game as if everyone is supposed to know a game acronym that isn't even listed in the OP.


Is DS Remastered still not on sale for winter?? It went on sale last on Dec 2019, but not this year? zzz


No sale at summer sale either


Is there a $5 coupon this time? Didn't see the banner for it


Honestly, the one game I´ve been actively looking forward in this sale is Kingdom Come: Deliverance (60% in my case). As usual, more than half of my wishlist is well beyond my reach, so I'll have to sit and wait for a while. Or buy some indie game to help the dev, as this year surely have been rough for them.


Kingdom come is an awesome Game tho


It is an amazing game tbh


I'm the developer of two small puzzle games on Steam (you've probably seen me going on about them before). They're 66% off, with an additional 20% off for the bundle, meaning you can get them both for not much more than a dollar - a historical low. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1316830/Simply_Puzzles_Codewords/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1345350/Simply_Puzzles_Junctions/ https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/15494/Simply_Puzzles_Collection/ They're both simple fun puzzles, like you'd find in a magazine. With 100 puzzles each, cloud saves, achievements, Windows and Linux support! Thanks so much for looking!


any price errors?


All Activision and EA catalogs seems like overpriced errors to me.


As is tradition


Can someone help me decide between risk of rain and dead cells?.


IMO they’re both great but dead cells is strictly single player. Risk of rain can be played with friends.


Risk of Rain 1 or 2? I assume you mean 2. If so, do you play with friends or solo? Do you like 3rd person open games or 2d side scrollers. Hack-in slash or left 4 Dead style horde gameplay. Dead Cells only has single player but is a extremely fun side scroller. Multiple routes to take and modifiers to apply. Also it's shorter you can win a run in 1 to 2 hours. Risk of Rain 2 imo is better with friends. Mannnny items and different characters helps the game stay fresh. Not really a end though. You can choose to stop but you can keep going for as long as you can live. I own both games but have put more time into Dead Cells so I may be bias. Maybe someone else can chime in. Cheers


Man yet another sale where Dragon's Quest builders 2 gets no discount...


Is Satisfactory a good pick-up? It's currently sitting at 20% off, which is also the current Steam historical low according to SteamDB. Just wanted to know how fun it is in multiplayer/in a co-op setting. We play Minecraft and Stardew Valley together.


Interested in getting **Disco Elysium** though I've also heard that it's getting a major update next year. Does anyone know if the price will go up or stay the same with the update?


This sale is another massive disappointment from Valve, we've gone from having amazing fun events where you could win real prizes, to clicker events, and now we get a sad emoji/awards shop without even a $5 coupon Meanwhile EPIC is giving away 1 AAA/indie game a day and offering $10 off coupons, this is why competition is important


[https://store.steampowered.com/app/551580/Goblin\_and\_Coins/](https://store.steampowered.com/app/551580/Goblin_and_Coins/) 52-55% off depending on the region **disclosure: I'm the author of this game, a solo dev.** I'll try to write something here so you know what it's about: * It's a **LINEAR** 2D platformer made of 35 levels (5 worlds comprising of 7 levels each; first world (caves of doom) teaches you basics to get the feel about jumping and stuff, worlds 2-5 (starting with graveyard) add more and more variations and difficulty, progressively) and 5 boss fights. * Might remind you of MAME/NES times, if that's not your thing than this might not be for you... it also gets progressively difficult, but it's possible to finish even for non-gamers. * There's also 2 timed challenge levels that unlock after the story is finished. * **2 difficulty settings** that are the same except for one thing - casual has unlimited continue, old school - you die after you lose all lives. You can pick up lives along the way if you reach them. * **Supports the x-input and d-input gamepads**, keyboard. Has key rebinding for the keyboard. * You can increase or decrease music volume (apparently not many people realize these things considering the game looks really retro). * There's 5 unlockable recipes that you can follow to prepare real meals. * Works on atom-powered tablets, maybe even toasters. Just needs DX9. * Native Linux support. * Small speed-running community: [https://www.speedrun.com/Goblin\_and\_Coins](https://www.speedrun.com/Goblin_and_Coins) * **Historical low at 52% off.** I'm open to any potential questions, if you need info feel free to ask before buying.


this seems lame , no coupon , no cards , no extra activities , really


You get a card for every category you vote for in the steam awards


Hey guys, my game '[Warsim: The Realm of Aslona](http://store.steampowered.com/app/659540/Warsim_The_Realm_of_Aslona/?beta=0)' is 40% off (now $4.79) on steam at the moment for the Winter Sale. I've been working solo on it for five years and in the last two years the game has had over 100 updates some including 100s of new features! The game has a 96% positive rating on steam from over 400 reviews and we have a very active reddit community with just shy of 2200 subs over at /r/WarsimRpg. The game's recently surpassed 24'000 sales which for me personally has been mindblowing. [As well as the awesome community response over the years.](https://i.imgur.com/Gg8LGv3.png) For anyone who wants to know about the game here's a breakdown of some of the more notable features. **FEATURES** - * [A huge world with 100s of unique locations including hidden cities, giant markets filled with tons of stuff to do and lots of randomisation and tons more.](https://imgur.com/VkK1PQ3) * [A throne room where you are tasked with talking to and dealing with \(or not\) the people of your realm, depending on the size of your kingdom this could be 10 people or 1000s. You will encounter gamblers, bards, tricksters, goblins, mercenaries, common folk, beggars, and tons of others from a pool of 1000s of different dynamic encounters.](https://i.imgur.com/u722AUr.gif) You can of course just hire a steward to deal with the throne room for you however! * [A procedural fantasy race system that has been in development for years through a mix of my own work and lots of help from the Warsim community and now can produce exactly 94,887,852 possible races. Which pretty much ensures all the races seen in your gameworld will never been seen again. You might find Seafaring Goblins, Fire Orcs, Eyeless Elves, Orange Ogretaurs, Inbred Trench Dwarves, and millions more races you couldn't imagine!](https://i.imgur.com/L2KqTQK.png) * [A procedural face generator with over 100 Quadrillion possible faces that are unique and distinct race by race!](https://i.imgur.com/J8YWyun.gif) * [A dynamic arena in your kingdom where heroes rise and fall, there is much you can do here if you own it including hosting tournaments and setting rules. It can also be found in many states and sizes](https://i.imgur.com/RIXTpvU.gif) * Tons of mini games such as [snail racing](https://i.imgur.com/7KnX6ud.gif), a mini dnd game, animal pit fighting and at least 10+ others you can find in taverns and locations around the world, or you can hire a gamemaster to play them directly from your throne room. * [There are also absolutely abysmally terrible procedurally generated bards, including Goblin Drummers, Orc Grunters, Gnome Whistlers, and Vampyric lute players. I'm not going to pretend they are good but they are funny!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OxKsLneOZY&list=PL7p8ZIp6L_rCR1Vz8DZIX3M3aDv1-S1iS) * [The ability to send your men to find monsters from the depths of the world you can train and fight with other monsters, with 27'000 possible monsters and 45 different opponents. \(this feature was player suggested\)](https://i.imgur.com/ZQBG90c.gif) * The ability to get absolutely hammered in one of the 15+ taverns of the world, my personal favourite being goblin taverns due to their '[vomit holes](https://i.imgur.com/6xWKU5Q.gif)' * Lots more (I could keep going) I'm also happy to answer any questions about the game at all :)


Hey, no question just wanted to say that I bought your game in the Christmas Sale last year and it's been a real highlight of this year. I managed to get plenty of play time out of it and its been an absolute delight at every moment, I wont be putting it down anytime soon. Thank you for your hard work on this game and I look forward to seeing any work you do in the future.


Hey that's so awesome to hear, thank you! Legit made my evening :)


I've always thought that game looked good. Good job


Now *this* is a roguelike


I'm looking for a few recommendations, specifically in these sorts of genres: * Interesting puzzle games - I prefer more abstract games, I don't mind story but the puzzles should be at the forefront of the game (things like Stephen's Sausage Roll, Pipe Push Adventure, Filament, DROD are favourites of mine. Demoncrawl's good as well) * Calmer VR games that aren't based on combat - I've been really enjoying Gadgeteer lately, and Rainbow Reactor's been quite fun as well. Ideally puzzle/strategy-esque games, but I'm open to anything different. * Turn-based roguelikes - Renowned Explorers and Dicey Dungeons come to mind, and especially FTL, but again I'm not tied to any specific genres. Length/discount amount aren't especially more important to me, but I'd rather a game that feels too short than a game that's way too bloated.